Control Arm Correction Kits and Cold Air Intake System

Posted on Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017 at 11:36 pm
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Hi guys,

I have some questions regarding the two topics. My jeep is JKU 2014, with 2.5 lift and 35 tires. Previously, I had 33 tires with 2.5 lift and the ride was great. After putting on 35 tires I noticed the ride wasn’t as before (not as good as before but granted the larger tires) and I noticed the jeep was a little slower. I was thinking about getting those 2 things done to get the previous ride feel. And would like your opinions.

Can anyone share their experience with installing the control arm correction bracket kits (whether AEV, JKS, RE ect) and cold air intake system. How did the ride feel after installing the bracket kits on a lifted jeep? and did the cold air intake system really improve gas mileage and add any HP to the Jeep?

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