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Dispatch Reveal Details for New Album ‘America, Location 12’

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Five years have come and gone since the latest release from jam-band funk-reggae sensations Dispatch. With plenty of success and longevity already under their belt, the Middlebury, VT based trio have high expectations to meet on their latest effort America, Location 12 to be released June 2 via Bomber Records LLC featuring 11 new tracks.

Following periods of hiatus, Dispatch released Circles Around the Sun in 2012 -– their first album in over a decade at the time. The album charted at No. 24 on the US Billboard 200 Charts upon its release and featured more of an acoustic, folk-driven feel and less reggae accents but still held up the classic Dispatch sound. The historically independent tripod comprised of Chadwick Stokes Urmston, Pete Francis and Brad Corrigan released their first single from the forthcoming album on February 10 entitled “Only the Wild Ones” -– an acoustically progressive track with a moving and contagious chorus.

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Recently, the group also offered up several more additional tracks that have been made available via online streaming services and iTunes pre-order to support the release of the new album including “Curse + Crush,” “Begin Again” and the rock-driven “Skin the Rabbit” –- an exquisite addition to the Dispatch catalog and perhaps one of their best tracks ever written. The rugged, guitar-driven intro immediately hooks and transitions to the well-built chorus daring the listener not to hit the repeat button upon its conclusion.

Guitarist and vocalist Chadwick Stokes recently provided some additional insight behind the album in its entirety, after having recorded a vast majority of the tracks at Panoramic House, a studio located on the coast in Stinson Beach, CA:
“When the fog permitted, we could watch the sun set into the sea – for two East Coast kids and a mountain boy, this is a spiritual thing… we were able to sonically stretch out in a way we never had before. We saw an opportunity to sing songs about issues that were of a real concern to us socially. Everything feels like it’s coming to a head. If we can be a band in today’s climate that brings these issues up in a non-traditional way, then that’s really fulfilling for us.”

Pre-order your copy of America, Location 12 on iTunes today by clicking HERE!

Dispatch – America, Location 12 Track list:
Dispatch-America-album1.) Be Gone
2.) Only the Wild Ones
3.) Curse + Crush
4.) Painted Yellow Lines
5.) Skin the Rabbit
6.) Midnight Lorry
7.) Begin Again
8.) Rice Water
9.) Windylike
10.) Ghost Town
11.) Atticus Cobain

America, Location 12 Summer Tour:

Dispatch are no strangers to playing in front of large crowds. Their farewell show during their at-the-time-hiatus in 2004 drew 110,000 fans in Boston and was labeled as the largest independent music event in history by Rolling Stone – throughout the years, the band has continued to tour sporadically and also sold out shows at Madison Square Garden in 2015. To keep efforts steady in support of the new album and to the delight of their fans across the world, Dispatch will be hitting the road throughout the summer across 16 states within June and July with support from Guster – also featured on select dates will be Jake Shimabukuro, Esme Patterson and Marco Benevento. The band will then take a quick breather and hit the road again in September with Current Swell for a run of European tour dates.

Check out a full list of tour dates below for Dispatch and snag some tickets if you can — the show promises to be jamtastic and a highlight of your Summer!


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Article By: Brian Glaser

Listen: Dispatch – “Only the Wild Ones”

Listen: Dispatch – “Skin the Rabbit”

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interior floor coveriing

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Thoughts on mounting power inverter under hood?

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My older ’14 Sahara JKU I had previously had a built in power inverter and I kind of liked the feature for being able to hook up a coffee pot and hooking up my air compressor to air the tires back up after going off road. My new JK doesn’t have one so I picked up a cheap ‘portable/modular’ one from Harbor Freight. I could just pull it out and hook it up as needed, but would like to be able to just store it under the hood. It seems to fit perfectly on top of the fuse box cover when the hood closed.

Any concerns with mounting it here as far as heat or other? Keep in mind I would just keep the modular cables for the connection to the battery in my Jeep in my jumper cable bag, and would only connect them as I needed the Inverter.

Also it doesn’t really come with any mounting options, so I was just thinking maybe Velcro to secure it to the mounting spot. Would the heat loosen up the Velcro causing it to move around?

Anyone else had any experience with doing it this way?


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Brand New Bumpin Uglies Single feat. Ted Bowne of Passafire

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Bumpin Uglies are back with a scorching new single called “All In Stride” featuring Ted Bowne of Passafire. The brash reggae rockers out of Annapolis, Maryland also brought in the horns from Tropidelic and production from Howi Spangler of Ballyhoo!, for a brighter, fuller sound on the track. Bumpin Uglies frontman Brandon Hardesty also revealed to The Pier new info regarding the band’s next album.

Less than a year removed from their last full-length, Keep It Together, Bumpin Uglies have expanded from a trio to a quartet, adding Chad Wright on keys. The rest of the band is made up by the aforementioned Brandon Hardesty (vocals/guitar), Dave Wolf (bass), and TJ Haslett (drums). Bumpin Uglies music is a back-and-forth between reggae songs spiked with punk-rock, and acoustic folk ballads. But the songs almost always involve some combination of story-telling, life lessons, and unabashed self-deprecation.Bumpin Uglies New Single

“All In Stride” is about taking the good with the bad. Hardesty explains his mindset for writing the song, saying, “I had in mind this yin and yang idea. In reggae, there’s all of this focus on good vibes and stuff, but I’m a cynic at heart. And shit happens. That’s part of life too.” The song begins with Hardesty’s signature chip-on-the-shoulder bitterness, then shifts moods at Ted Bowne’s featured verse, finishing with a cheerful chorus from Hardesty.

“I wanted to use someone on the East Coast for that verse, because we’ve got a really great, budding scene over here. And who better than Ted to highlight that,” says Hardesty of getting Ted Bowne on the track. “All In Stride” also received contribution from Ballyhoo! frontman Howi Spangler on the production side. According to Hardesty, Spangler has been working hard at producing lately and signed up to co-produce the track with him. The song was recorded at Annapolis Audio Lab with the band’s long time engineer Ryan Cullen.

Speaking of the single, Howi tells The Pier: “I was really happy when Brandon asked me to produce their new album. Producing is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and this was the perfect opportunity to dive right in. For me it’s all about understanding the artist’s vision and meeting their expectations and helping define the overall goal. Ted Bowne did one of the sickest verses I’ve ever heard and the Tropidelic horn section really added a nice layer — I think we made a really great record. ‘All In Stride’ is just the beginning!”

Bumpin Uglies have a bunch of new material on hand, and the band is preparing to release another album in the near future. Brandon says to expect a ton of collaborations with artists from up and down the entire East Coast. Until then, you can catch Bumpin Uglies on the road with Passafire from June 3rd – 18th; hopefully performing “All In Stride” live on stage — You can purchase “All In Stride” on iTunes by clicking HERE!

Listen: Bumpin Uglies – All In Stride (ft. Ted Bowne of Passafire)

Bumpin Uglies Tour Dates

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Article By: Brian Winters

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Jimmy Buffett’s favorite Gulf Coast Bars

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An article in June/July issue of Gun Garden magazine lists Buffett’s favorite Gulf Coast Bars: “Why We Love the Gulf – Jimmy Buffett Drinks Here” (by Elizabeth Hutchison)

The son of a son of a Mississippi sailor, Jimmy Buffett got his start bouncing around Biloxi dive bars and New Orleans drinking dens before finding fame in Key West. “Culturally and historically, the Gulf is a unique stretch of water and land,” he says. “It always feels like home.” We asked the sun-
tanned troubadour to revisit his roots via his favorite coastal watering holes. “A place where you can have a cold beer and look out at the water,” he advises, “is the essence of throttling down.”

The list includes:
1) Bluegill – Spanish Fort, Alabama
2) Island Hotel – Cedar Key, Florida
3) Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar – New Orleans, Louisiana
4) LuLu’s at Homeport Marina – Gulf Shores, Alabama
5) Scranton’s – Pascagoula, Mississippi
6) Trapani’s Eatery – Bay St. Louis, Mississippi


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Hard rock wheels

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Looking for someone with 295/70r17 mounted on their JKU

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in a huge debate over what tire size I want to run on my new JKU. I’m very interested in 295/70R17 but I’d like to see them in person mounted on a jeep before making this large purchase.

so anyone out there with this setup willing to meet up for a little in the Chicagoland area, let talk.

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Kingfish 2017

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New Wheels/Tires….little nervous!

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Without knowing each wheel’s offset, I did a round about guesstimate on using the stats you posted:…cl=50mmsr=0mm…0r17-285-70r17

In my opinion.. it’s going to be tight with some rubbing. So unless you’;re planing a lift.. good luck with this setup. That’s living large for sure.

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Review: Kash’d Out – The Hookup

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Kash’d Out – The Hookup
Kashd OutTrack Listing:
1.) Always Vibin’
2.) Fireproof
3.) Stuck In The Middle
4.) Yes I
5.) One Night Stand
6.) She Gets Around
7.) The Dream
8.) Baby Don’t Go
9.) New Love
10.) So Blessed
11.) Closer
12.) No Time For You
13.) Being Easy (Feat. Howi Spangler)
14.) I’m Gone

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: May 26th, 2017
Record Label: Law Records
Official Website: Kash’d Out Website

Artist Background:
Straight out of Orlando, FL, Kash’d Out was formed by guitarist Jackson Hauserman and producers Greg Shields Josh Saldate of Sound Lounge Studios. Sound Lounge was a recording home to bands such as Ballyhoo!, Tribal Seeds and many more. Once their self-titled debut EP was complete, Kash’d Out recruited Joey Brohawn on Bass, Marshall Hearne on drums and Nick Gudzan on keys. Now, with the line-up complete, the band hit the studio to record tracks for their second record. Fast forward to 2017, Kash’d Out, and their new full-length album aptly named The Hookup drops May 26th on LAW Records.

Album Review:
One of the cliche and obvious things you’ll notice right off the bat with this record is that it’s white-boy, bubblegum reggae, through and through. Anchored by front-man Greg Shields overseeing the production, you also have a quality, fun and enjoyable sounding record, through and through. Greg’s no stranger to producing reggae music, but what struck me the most about the album were the unique, catchy melodies and vocal delivers found on each song.

Most of the songs are poppy, fun and upbeat, but nothing that feels too repetitive. For the poppier tracks, I imagine early 2000’s teen-age pop-punk vocals being placed over modern day reggae-rock. With a smile, that’s what comes to my mind when I hear some of these songs, such as “New Love,” “Closer,” “She Gets Around,” and “I’m Gone.” They bring out those adolescent feelings of enjoying the poppy chick-flick tracks as a guilty pleasure, and in this case, I don’t mind indulging.

Most of the aforementioned songs could easily be re-worked as pop-punk and sound just as fun. Granted there’s very little distortion or anything reminiscent of pop-punk, just the tone I get from the delivery of the vocals over several songs. Makes me want to see what this group can do by incorporating more ska and rock! You will hear the occasional DJ scratching over some tracks as heard on “Being Easy,” and “Closer” — takes me back to the early 2000 reggae-rock days where DJ’s were more present in bands.

The albums stand-out tracks would have to be “The Dream,” “So Blessed.” and “Baby Don’t Go.” The latter has the albums best start-to-finish production in my opinion. I love how they occasionally drop the beat out of the hook before bringing it back to drive home with the spirit of the song’s sentiment in pleading to his love not to go. I really enjoy the finger-plucking bass during pockets of the track when the beat drops out. “So Blessed” is another song that’s a great first impression to hook new listeners and I love the vocal delivery on “The Dream” and the hook reminds me of Iration.

In some ways, their sound is similar to The Holdup, and you’ll hear a bit of Ballyhoo!, but ultimately, Kash’d Out has their own unique sound that is best described as fun. You can put the record on at any party around water or at the park; it’ll help road-trips go by faster and it’s a likable choice for work-outs or doing chores around the house. In the company of those not familiar, I’d be surprised if their music didn’t warrant a “Who’s this?” from the less-informed.

I could see some eye-rolls with a song like “Yes I” as it is funny to hear white-boys shouting Jamaican patois in the whitest possible voice over a poppy reggae track about having weed — That aside, it’s still a fun song and another guilty pleasure I don’t mind indulging in. Depending on your threshold for poppy/upbeat music with an adolescent vocal tone will depend on how much of the record you can tolerate, but you can otherwise get through it with enjoyment. It’s nothing originally ground-breaking or earth-shattering, but again, its a fun a start-to-finish album should you want something positively upbeat for a fun time.

Written Reviewed By: Mike Patti

[Editors Note: All reviews are reflective of the album in it’s entirety, from start to finish. These reviews are the honest opinion of each writer/reviewer expressing their feedback as a genuine fan of the music. Each star rating reflects their review of the album, NOT the band. Music is subjective. Regardless of the review or star rating, we encourage you to listen to the music yourself form your own opinion. Spread the awareness of all music in its art contribution]

Watch: Kash’d Out – “Yes I”

Watch: Kash’d Out – “Always Vibin’”

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