Thoughts on mounting power inverter under hood?

Posted on Wednesday, May 24th, 2017 at 6:44 pm

My older ’14 Sahara JKU I had previously had a built in power inverter and I kind of liked the feature for being able to hook up a coffee pot and hooking up my air compressor to air the tires back up after going off road. My new JK doesn’t have one so I picked up a cheap ‘portable/modular’ one from Harbor Freight. I could just pull it out and hook it up as needed, but would like to be able to just store it under the hood. It seems to fit perfectly on top of the fuse box cover when the hood closed.

Any concerns with mounting it here as far as heat or other? Keep in mind I would just keep the modular cables for the connection to the battery in my Jeep in my jumper cable bag, and would only connect them as I needed the Inverter.

Also it doesn’t really come with any mounting options, so I was just thinking maybe Velcro to secure it to the mounting spot. Would the heat loosen up the Velcro causing it to move around?

Anyone else had any experience with doing it this way?


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