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Targeting Grouper In The Northwest Region With Capt. Jeff Hagaman

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Summertime grouper fishing isn’t as good as it is in the winter when the fish come in close to shore to spawn, but it can still be very good. As the water warms up during the summer months the main body of fish will move out to deeper water, which is the Gulf of Mexico is like 85 to 120 or 130 feet.

Grouper are structure oriented, and really like to hold around rocks, particularly those rockpiles that are holding bait. It doesn’t have to be a large area—it can really just be a rocky ledge the size of your boat or some hard bottom structure that has some holes in it for the fish to hide in.

The thing about grouper fishing is that you’re fighting a fish for a very short length of line. You know the fish is going to eat your bait near the bottom, and then immediately try to get into one of those holes or ledges and break you off, so you have to be aggressive and use heavy leader and line to quickly winch them away from the structure before they can cut you off.

Most of the time I’m grouper fishing I’m using 80 pound conventional tackle with a high-speed reel to quickly gain line and a 80 to 120 pound monofilament or fluorocarbon leader. Depending on the size of the fish, I’ll rig up with anywhere from a 4/0 to 7/0 circle hook and just enough weight to get the bait to the bottom and hold it there.

You can catch grouper on dead baits like a grunt plug or large chunk of ladyfish or bonito, but you’ll get a lot more action on live bait. Grouper like baits, so a 4 to 6 inch pinfish, threadfin or pogie are all good options. If you’re marking a lot of fish or are on small structure, you can anchor up, but it on a reef with moving current you can also drift.

Drop the bait down to the bottom and hang on. Make sure you’re drag is locked tight, and be aggressive getting the fish out of the rocks. When the bite slows down, you can either chum to try to light it up again, or move to another spot.

If Goliath grouper are your thing, you’ll find them in the Gulf in anywhere from 40 to 100 feet of water, and also around the larger deep-water structures like bridges and markers—anything that has any relief that the grouper can get under.

While the average Goliath grouper is around 100 pounds, they can get to 600 pounds or more, so don’t bring a knife to a gun fight or you’ll get blasted. Don’t go out there with anything less than a 50 wide reel with the drag locked. I’ll use a 500 pound test wind-on leader and 12/0 to 16/0 4X strong circle hook.

Bait up with a dead ladyfish, jack crevalle, stingray or any other large bait and put it up-current of the structure. They key is to get the Goliath grouper to come as far away from the structure as possible to eat the bait, so you have a better chance of keeping it from reaching a ledge or hole after it’s been hooked. Once the line comes tight, try to retain possession of the rod while the fish works to get back into the structure. With a little luck and a lot of sweat you’ll stop the fish and get it to the surface. Remember that Goliath grouper are a federally protected species that cannot be removed from the water, so take pictures with the fish in the water at the side of the boat, then let it go to fight again on another day.

Captain Tips

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Teraflex Alta Cargo Rack pics?

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Canadian TJ New LED Halo issues

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Only some export TJ like to Canada have the DRLs so not many around here have dealt with that or the aim level headlight adjusters

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Interview: Authority Zero

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Well-respected, well-received and well-reviewed are the boys from Mesa, Arizona formally known as Authority Zero. It’s been 15 years since their debut album, A Passage In Time, hit the masses and there have been almost as many personnel changes as well. However, regardless of the time that passes by or the current lineup of the band, Authority Zero is still producing at the highest level, all while staying true to their original sound and style.

The band consists of Jason Devore (vocals), Mike Spero (bass), Dan Aid (guitar) and Chris Dalley (drums). The Pier was invited to chat with all four of them on the night of their Album Release Show.

Catching up at the Marquee Theater in Tempe, Arizona, we sat down with the guys for a half-an-hour to discuss the new 13-track-album ‘Broadcasting To The Nations,’ their first on Jacksonville’s Bird Attack Records. The album officially dropped on June 2nd, 2017. The spirits were high and so was the energy as we exchanged stories and laughs ahead of the bands performance for their loyal and excited hometown fans.

Interview: Authority Zero

The Pier: First of all, we wanted to say thank you for giving us the opportunity to sit down and chat with you guys. I grew up here in the valley and have been listening to you for years so I’m especially stoked.
Jason: Of course man. The Pier has been super helpful with promotional stuff throughout the years so thank you to The Pier as well.

The Pier: Because of all the member changes in the band, Jason you had mentioned that this album was essentially written twice. One time with Mike (Spero) and the previous drummer and guitarist and then once again when Chris and Dan joined the band. Because of that, almost all of the pre-production was done before stepping into the studio. Do you guys prefer that approach where everything is super structured and organized going over a more extemporaneous, on the fly type of writing and creating?Authority-Zero_Broadcasting_To_The_Nations-635x572
Jason: To me, what was really awesome about this one, as long as it took with the process happening two times over, was that because of that time-frame we were really given the opportunity to think things through and get to the point where we felt comfortable with the songs we were playing and felt strongly about the way the songs were coming out. A lot of times you have different ideas you go to the studio with and then you get in the studio and you really figure out what the songs sound like with the producer and what-not. But this one to me felt like one of the more well thought out and well put together albums in quite some time.

The Pier: Absolutely, it definitely shows on the album. We got to listen to the pre-release and it’s excellent! Did the guys at the Blasting Room have a lot of creative input or did they more so get to kick back and enjoy the ride because so much of the pre-production was already done and the album was already so structured and put together?
Chris: From the get go, they were always giving ideas as far as tempo changes and simple symbol hits or fills or a simple bass drum pattern. And there was four of them working around the clock with us. They were as invested in the project as we were and it made us feel even more close to them and I think it really showed on the record because they put as much love and care into it as we did.

The Pier: That’s awesome! They said some really great things about you. They talked about just hanging out after hours and really creating that family setting throughout the process and not just making it about business.
Jason: Bill was on tour with The Descendants in South America and he basically just got off the plane and cruised in and started bangin’ out vocals. We did thirteen hour sessions each day and at the end of each session, he could have easily just gone home to his wife and family but he was so rad to stick around with us for an hour and tell us stories about his history and experiences. It was a really cool family vibe.

The Pier: I’m sure that makes a big difference for you guys to be even more motivated to get in there and do your best work when you see them putting in that level of care and passion.
Chris: I don’t want to record anywhere else to be honest with you. I’m spoiled now.

The Pier: Jim Lindberg of Pennywise said some really great things about you guys as well.
Jason: Thank you Jim! [Laughs]

The Pier: He said “Authority Zero are a great American band. They bring it every night they play and on every album, and this album is no different. It’s melodic hardcore at its best!” However, you guys are a lot more than that to a lot of people. On the select songs you accent and emphasize the more reggae/ska sound, you also embody that style of music at its best as well. From what you’ve seen in the evolution of that sub-genre of reggae music, are there any bands that you guys have taken notice to or are there any bands that you would consider touring with?
Chris: The Interrupters are a major force right now. We all actually became close with them in Europe. We did three or four shows with them. They’re a band that you’re watching grow and get astronomically huge. It’s been really fun to watch that as time goes on.

Jason: It’s happening on a rad scale for them right now and it’s a super cool thing. Rancid is taking them under their wing, Green Day is as well and its awesome because they’re really such a great group of people and their sound is great. Every song you hear from them you’re like “that’s my favorite song!” “Wait, that’s my favorite song!” “Never mind, that’s my favorite song!” [Laughs]

The Pier: Sticking on the theme of reggae music and that sub-genre of reggae/rock/ska, we were wondering down at The Pier if any of you guys remember the first time you heard a Sublime song and what kind of impact it had on you?
Jason: We’ve been playing for a long time and they were such a strong influence on the entire reggae/ska/punk rock collaboration genre that’s happening right now. I don’t think anyone could deny that. I don’t remember exactly but it could have been “What I Got” on MTV. That introduced a lot of us to their band. After that, their music kind of spread like wildfire.

Chris: I saw them play at the “Weenie Roast” in 95’. I had never heard “Date Rape” even though that was what blew them up and got them on KROQ but the song that blew me away was when Gwen Stefani came out and they did “Saw Red.” I remember thinking, “this song is amazing!” It was everything you would want from a reggae/ska/punk/party band and it had all of the elements of what Authority Zero also does, which is the reggae/ska/punk thing. And Gwen’s voice, which is so unique added with Brad and the two meshed together so well. It was really cool to see.

Jason: Those were two rare vocalists. There was a video I saw, I think it was of No Doubt playing and Bradley came out and did a little cameo, free-styling an impromptu type of deal and the melodies that were going on were super powerful and they sounded so well thought-out without probably having thought it out at all.

The Pier: That is too cool, It’s really great to hear those stories about the early innovators in the genre. This next question is about the track, “Summer Sickness.” It’s an unbelievable song and we’re going to be featuring it as our “MP3 Leak of the Week” coming up here. It’s got a super cool sound starting out with the whistle in the intro…AZ_Couch
Jason: Let’s talk about the whistle! Mikey take the reins!

Mike: I don’t really remember why you started whistling but we were doing pre-production at Underdog Studios here in Mesa. We were all there laying down music and then Jason and I went in for a couple weeks and just kind of worked on vocals and stuff and when we got to that song, Jason was whistling for whatever reason, but I don’t think he knew we were still tracking or that we could hear him in the control room or anything. I heard it and was thinking “well that’s bitchin’” and Kristen (owner/engineer/producer at Underdog) goes, “wait, you should whistle.” So you (Jason) ended up trying some shit and the more and more we heard it we were all thinking – “fuck…. We should whistle on a regular basis” [Laughs]

Jason: We never whistled on any song in the history of all of our songs so we were like “Well, why not?”

The Pier: It fits perfect and brings that Southwestern vibe. Dan, you even hit that acoustic strumming pattern during the intro to further create that Southwest feel and bring it all together.
Chris: Another thing that Dan did was bring in his buddy “Squids” who helped take the song to another level.

Dan: Well Mikey had come up with this melodic part and had heard it played on a horn. So my buddy Squids from Denver drove up to Fort Collins and brought a sax and a trumpet. He’d been laying down some parts on the saxophone and we were like “wait, we thought we talked about doing trumpet.” And he didn’t tell me until after he tracked the trumpet on the song, but he hadn’t played in over a year. He developed a callous on his lip that split and turned into a scar and he couldn’t create the embouchure, so he hadn’t actually picked up his trumpet in over a year. He showed up for the gig like “yeah, I’ll play trumpet but please just let me play sax and we’re like no, play the trumpet.” And he crushed it. [Laughs]

Dan: And that’s what you hear on the record. It was the first time he played the trumpet in over a year.

The Pier: That’s a pretty awesome story about the song! The lyrics seem reminiscent of the early trials and tribulations of the band, all while pushing a positive message of determination and perseverance. Would it be a stretch to say that this is one of the most auto-biographical songs in the catalogue? Does this song more or less chronicle the evolution and story of Authority Zero?
Jason: I think so and intentionally as well. There’s obviously references from “One More Minute,” “Revolution,” “Find Your Way,” “Mexican Radio.” It’s kind of talking about then to present time and what we’ve gone through and been through, while highlighting the situation that we are still really enjoying playing and that we have a lot of fun together. It references those things, kind of saying: “these were all a part of our history and here we are present day still doing a lot of those same things.”

The Pier: This is your guys’ first album on Bird Attack Records out of Jacksonville. Are you guys happy with that relationship? AZ_BW
Dan: We met Garret in Slovenia and then he came out to our show in Vegas with his wife who helps with everything at the label. I remember going and getting dinner with them and the next morning we all sat down in a casino and it was one of the only times in my life being in music where I sat down with someone across the table and had them say “I want to be a part of this project and here’s what I think I can bring to this team.” It was amazing.

Jason: He (Garret) saw the same vision that we were seeing. With the first couple of records it was the major label stuff and it was like “go sign this record label thing! Okay cool, right on. Now go put the records out.” But the way he communicated to us made it clear that we were all on the same page and we were back and forth bouncing ideas on how we wanted and hoped the direction of the record to go.

Chris: Everything we asked him, he didn’t hesitate at all. He just answered it to the point. He was very upfront and forward with us. There were never any question marks going through our heads.

The Pier: That’s certainly hard to find in today’s day and age. That’s pretty exceptional.
Dan: And all the bands that have signed up with them are a testament to what they are doing right now.

Chris: Legendary bands: Guttermouth, 88 Fingers Louie, Belvedere. All across the board these are bands that we respect and we love so it’s pretty awesome.

The Pier: What are the upcoming plans in regards to a tour for this album? Are you guys playing a big multi-city tour or is still in the developmental stage?
Mike: We’re planning for early August through the end of September and we’ll be in the states. Generally, since we’re here in Arizona, we take the 10 (I-10) heading east and start in Texas. We hit Louisiana, and generally spend a lot of time in Florida. Lately we’ve been spending more time on the east coast up north, which is kind of nice. So we’ll be making our way up and then we’ll go through the Midwest on our way back home and hopefully we’ll be able to see everyone. And I think we’re taking a band with us?

Jason: We think so. We’ve been talking about it but nothing is set in stone as far as someone jumping out with us or not.

The Pier: I know you guys get great reception in Japan. Who is the band that you guys play with over there? Did they come to the states to do a cross-promotional type of tour with you guys after you played there?
Dan: Hey-Smith. They’re a Japanese ska band out of Osaka…. Amazing.

Chris: Yeah, that’s the thing about it. When we went out there, I had only seen videos and knew they were really a great band but when we opened up for them I remember saying “I’m glad we’re not following this band, they are amazing.” And then when we set up this thing out here, I was like, “oohhhh… we need to practice!” [Laughs]

Jason: Yeah when they came out with us, we were like “shit, now we have to follow these guys!” They’re just a powerhouse of sound. They’re more than just a ska band… they’re like metal/ska/core… they’re like Metallica met Reel Big Fish and really meshed together. They’re super intense.

Mike: They kind of do what we do, in the sense that they try and not be defined by a specific genre. They just play and it ends up being what it is and it’s fantastic.

The Pier: We really appreciate the opportunity to catch up with you guys today and we’re looking forward to any new developments in the Authority Zero world. Congratulations from all of us on the release of your new record, Broadcasting to the Nations! You can purchase that album on iTunes by clicking HERE!

Listen: Authority Zero – “Summer Sickness”



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Interview by: Jeremy Basha
Photos By: Gabe Contreras

Listen: Authority Zero – “First One In The Pit”

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Central Oklahoma Wheeling TJ/LJ

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This is Big Red Offroad park. It’s ~17 miles south of Shawnee, OK off I-40.

Not a lot of rocks, – some, but a lot of ruts, hill climbs, tight turns and when it is wet, its a disaster. The trails change constantly with the rainfall. They do not look as challenging on camera as they are in real life.

Good camping areas with amenities close. The park owner is a great dude who will go out with you and show you the realm. Night wheeling this place is exceptionally challenging and fun. Did I mention its a disaster when wet? Worth a visit if you are in area or passing through.

Here are some POVs from my Gopro (no I don’t work or endorse Eclipse gum, it was on my dash and didn’t realize it till I compiled footage!)

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Pulls right after lift

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I just solved this problem on my Jeep and wanted to document the fix since it’s been discussed on a lot of threads.

I’ve got a JK with Metalcloak 2.5 game changer and Toyo Open Country 35s. After the lift the Jeep pulled pretty hard to the right. A couple of trips into the alignment shop, some flexing and loosening and re-torqueing, double checking thrust angle and caster, rotating tires, etc. nothing worked…although all of that is probably necessary to eliminate other potential issues.

Yesterday I swapped out the stock steering dampener with a Fox adventure series replacement. It was a pretty cheap and quick upgrade and completely solved the problem.

In my reading on the forums about this problem, this solution did pop up from time to time, but there was also a pretty prevalent opinion that Toyos just pull right and you might as well accept it. There is also the opinion that there’s no reason to upgrade steering stabilizers. In this case at least the upgrade solved a problem. I don’t know if the stock dampener could have been adjusted somehow, perhaps by shifting one of the mount locations to neutralize the pull that was evidently being exerted by the stock dampener, saving the expense of the upgrade.

If you’re dealing with pull after a lift and you’ve exhausted all the other possibilities, you might want to give this a try. My shop was willing to take it back if it didn’t work.

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Daytona Beach Landshark Bar & Grill to break ground soon

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From the Daytona Beach News Journal: “Jimmy Buffett Daytona restaurant project to break ground

Jimmy Buffett fans will soon have more than one reason to flock to the World’s Most Famous Beach.

Along with the Buffett-inspired Latitude Margaritaville active adult community being developed along LPGA Boulevard, just west of Interstate 95, a new oceanfront development set to break ground 10:30 a.m. July 12 will include a Landshark Bar Grill, one of the restaurant concepts owned by Buffett’s Margaritaville Holdings company.

Site work on the oceanfront project, which will include a separately owned Tex-Mex eatery called Cocina 214 Restaurant Bar, is set to begin this week.

The dual-restaurant complex is being built on a 6-acre lot at 451 S. Atlantic Ave., just north of the Volusia County lifeguard headquarters and SunSplash Park, in Daytona Beach.

The developer is Daytona Beach-based Consolidated-Tomoka Land Co., which bought the vacant lot last year from a New York investment fund.

John Albright, Consolidated-Tomoka CEO, said the target date for completing the two restaurants is December. The buildings will then be turned over to the tenants with a goal of having the eateries open before the annual Rolex 24 at Daytona race in late January.

Albright said Margaritaville Holdings committed to opening a Landshark restaurant there at roughly the same time as when it signed on as a partner with developer Minto Communities to create the planned 6,900-home Latitude Margaritaville 55-and-older community along LPGA Boulevard.


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Replacing the hub bearing assembly

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Here is a write-up with pics on replacing the hub bearing assembly. This is a fairly easy job, and takes no time to do.

Note: this is my first write-up, so if Im leaving something out please feel free to chime in. I also didnt know the right way at first, gave up, then tackled it again so this is a mix of pics.

First, jack up the Jeep, remove the tire, place the frame down on jack stands and remove the jack. Then remove the rotor, and hang the brake calipers up and out of the way, I just used a coat hanger.

Next, I removed the cotter pin, cap and compression washer.

This is where I highly recommend spraying some PB Blaster on the axle nut, and the 3 bolts in the back that hold it on. Or else it will start to call you names…..

These are the 3 bolts in the back holding it on (I circled 2 you can see in the picture). They are 12 point, a 6 point will not work if you have any rust erosion. I think it was a 13mm socket.

I jammed a crowbar in between the hub bolts so the hub would not spin (see later pic). You’ll need a 36mm socket to remove the axle nut. I had a hard time finding this at first, but Advance Auto carried it in a separate section from the normal sockets. I also used a 4 foot breaker bar over my wrench to help break it free.

After that if should come right out. If not, give it a lil tap, it may be stuck on. Dont forget how your brake shield goes. At this time, you could also pull the axle shaft out, and replace the U-joint if need be. Before I installed the new hub, I also scraped and cleaned up the mating surface around the area.

Reinstall brake shield. Hub slides right on. Reinstall the 3 bolts in the back, torque to 75lbs. Then slide on the washer and axle nut.

I jammed the hub bolts again with a crowbar, but this time I didnt want to damage the threads, so I put thick plastic tubing over the bolts. You could prolly use rubber too. Torque your axle nut to 175lbs.

Put your compression washer back on, then the cap and cotter pin.

Thats it! Put your rotor and pads back on, jack it up, put the tire back on, remove the stands, lower, and you’re good to go

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Margaritaville set to open in Cleveland Flats

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From “First look: Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville set to open in Cleveland Flats

There was no wasting away in Margaritaville. There were floors to buff, tables to move and, of course, fishing rods to hang and a boat to set sail.

Adding to the urgency of the workers bustling about Jimmy Buffett-themed venue was a deadline. Margaritaville will open to the public on July 3 in the Cleveland Flats. A grand opening will take place on July 11.

The menu echoes that theme with entrées such as beach tacos, jambalaya, fried chicken and steaks with tropical elixirs and, of course, a wide range of margaritas. And, yes, it will also serve the “Cheeseburger in Paradise” – Margaritaville’s signature burger named after Buffett’s 1978 hit.

The 23,000-square-foot Margaritaville boasts seating for 498 (153 outside seats and 345 indoors).


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How many miles on your jeeps

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