AutoPumpkin 5.1.1 Android with 2 gig RAM

Posted on Saturday, June 24th, 2017 at 2:17 pm
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I had a Pioneer AVH unit for about two years and it died; won’t power up.

Decided to replace it with a low pricepoint Android unit, so I ordered and installed the Volsmart 7″ Lollipop Android unit (Amazon). After a week with no responses from Volsmart support and serious performance issues, I decided to nix that unit (sending back), and replaced it with the Pumpkin 2gig Android 5.1.1 unit:…?ie=UTF8psc=1

What a difference!

Note I simply wired this into the PAC Canbus adapter I installed for the switch from OEM two head units ago. As with the previous two units, the Canbus adapter loses the ability to fade the sound; all speakers and the factory subwoofer do work, so it’s not a deal killer for me. Additionally, I do not have steering wheel controls, so cannot comment on that functionality, although it is supported.

The Pumpkin unit starts very fast, around 10-15 seconds from a cold boot, as compared to the last one which took half a minute to boot, and around ten minutes for the unit to be fully operational/usable.

Google Maps is the default nav app, and it loads quickly and has no issue with voice search. Haven’t tried Waze yet.

Since it’s an Android system, it has all the other functionality I would expect or want from this type of unit. I especially like (needed) the av outputs (for the headrest monitors I installed); as well as tethering, wifi connectivity, a 3g SIM slot, two USBs on the back and a micro usb on the front, and a physical volume knob instead of buttons.

I do have a couple issues, and just sent these to Pumpkin’s support…am curious to see how rapidly they respond and if there are solutions and/or firmware updates needed.

the issues so far are:

-cannot change the widgets preconfigured on the home screen (I want to put app icons of my own choosing; the widgets already there take all available space and cannot seem to be deleted)

-The DVR doesn’t seem to have any settings for length of recordings or storage location. (the Volsmart unit’s DVR had the same app and had these settings)

-I cannot seem to enable the DVR to automatically turn on when the unit starts. I would prefer not to have to start the DVR every time I drive.

Otherwise, for a sub-$300 unit, I am really pleased so far~
will take some pics and vids and add to this thread soon.

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