Do you leave your jeep naked 24/7 ?

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My JK is my DD and my chocolate lab goes to work with me every day, so leaving the Jeep completely naked just isn’t practical. I typically settle for leaving the front doors off and the soft-top down. That way I’m only ever 10 minutes away from getting her fully dressed if the situation calls for it and I still get to enjoy the open air ride more often than not.

One of these days I hope to have enough garage space to get a third vehicle so we can just leave the Jeep completely naked most of the year. The garage I have now is pretty tight, so tight in fact that I’m a wee bit concerned about my plans for a lift and 35’s on the new ’17. I’m going to do the install in my drive way, just in case, lol.

Salty Soul Jeep Shirts

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