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Posted on Friday, June 2nd, 2017 at 6:42 pm
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Okay, I’m upgrading from my 2012 JKUR to a 2017 JKUR, and plan to put a lift, wheels and tires on right away. The 2017 is on order, I’m expecting late June for delivery. I’m taking the wheels and tires off the new Jeep to put on my clean 1999 XJ.

For tires I plan to go with a 34-35″ all-terrain tire. I’m thinking a 2-3″ lift should be good, at this time I have no plan for 37’s.

I’ve researched everything from BB to Coilovers. This Jeep will be driven 80% of the time on the road (mix of city, rural roads and freeway), 15% Expedition (fire, gravel, seasonal and logging roads) and 5% technical trails/off-road parks with some shallow water crossings, rocky trails (Drummond island), muddy trails, snowy trails, etc.

I’d like something that has near or better than stock road manners, can handle the future weight of bumpers and a winch, and does a good job off-road with good clearance.

I’m a frugal person, but that doesn’t mean I’m cheap. I’d rather spend money doing it right the first time than waste my money “upgrading” it overtime or learning as I go. Budget, idk maybe $2k or $2.5k for a complete lift (control arms, track bars, etc), of course the cheaper the better so I can buy more Jeep parts. I’m also okay with a pieced together system, like brand x springs, brand y control arms, brand z track bars, etc.

Also any recommendation for shocks too would be good.

Thanks in advanced

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