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Kids 2017

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Review: Robert Ledesma

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Robert Ledesma – Any Moment
Track Listing:
1.) Right Now
2.) By My Side
3.) Llego el Dia
4.) Give Me Love
5.) Thank You
6.) A Way
7.) Can’t Hold Me Down
8.) Sunny Daze
9.) Running from Your Love
10.) Un Dia Al Reves
11.) Seek the Truth
12.) You Know We All Relate
13.) Knock Down My Door

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: March 31st, 2017
Record Label: Dangermuffin Music, LLC
Official Website: Dangermuffin Website

Artist Background:
Originating from Berkeley, Robert Ledesma has been mastering his musical craft for years. Originally contributing to the “island feeling” vibes from reggae hip-hop outfit Clear Conscience, Robert Ledesma has recently branched out to release his debut solo effort entitled Any Moment from his self-owned label Reggae Speaks. In addition to his music, Ledesma offers pro audio services and artist development through his label as well.

Album Review:
Any Moment is an ambitious debut effort from Robert Ledesma, clocking in at around 50 minutes featuring 13 tracks. For the most part, this album flows well featuring a few standout tracks. However, after several listens some of the tracks can start to feel redundant and ordinary.

“Right Now” leads things off with some solid instrumentals and almost feels jazzy at certain parts, moving right into “By My Side” which is featured as one of the top tracks on the album. The song portrays imagery of taking you away somewhere to your own personal paradise on the water, without a care in the world coupled with romantic lyrics and more solid instrumentals. “Give Me Love” is another fun track with some prolific horns on the intro for the track and dub accents throughout.

“Can’t Hold Me Down” was featured as a highlight single for the album -– and rightfully so. Distorted guitars set the tone nicely on this one and Ledesma flows with some added notes of hip-hop. Keys and a mixture of stylistic instrumentals piece together “Running from Your Love” which adds itself to the list of highlighted tracks. For the most part, the remainder of the songs felt one-dimensional at times and struggled to separate themselves from one another.

This highlights for Any Moment are spearheaded by the solid instrumentals throughout the album in its entirety. Fire this one up if you’re out on the water for an afternoon and you’ll definitely get some enjoyment from it. The album doesn’t have too many layers however, so if you’re looking for a musical journey you might not leave completely satisfied. But in summary this is a fun record to jam along to and the release date fits perfectly with the summer.

Written Reviewed By: Brian Glaser

[Editors Note: All reviews are reflective of the album in it’s entirety, from start to finish. These reviews are the honest opinion of each writer/reviewer expressing their feedback as a genuine fan of the music. Each star rating reflects their review of the album, NOT the band. Music is subjective. Regardless of the review or star rating, we encourage you to listen to the music yourself form your own opinion. Spread the awareness of all music in its art contribution]

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Super fun, but my god, you better be in shape to tackle the old Willys

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TACTIK Front + Rear Bumper (never installed)

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Front + Rear Bumper – awesome deal for anyone interested.

Installed only the rear last wk and changed my mind. Was only on the vehicle for a day.

Great condition and would say like new, other than a few surface abrasions from the packaging.

$1000- P/U only

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AutoPumpkin 5.1.1 Android with 2 gig RAM

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I had a Pioneer AVH unit for about two years and it died; won’t power up.

Decided to replace it with a low pricepoint Android unit, so I ordered and installed the Volsmart 7″ Lollipop Android unit (Amazon). After a week with no responses from Volsmart support and serious performance issues, I decided to nix that unit (sending back), and replaced it with the Pumpkin 2gig Android 5.1.1 unit:…?ie=UTF8psc=1

What a difference!

Note I simply wired this into the PAC Canbus adapter I installed for the switch from OEM two head units ago. As with the previous two units, the Canbus adapter loses the ability to fade the sound; all speakers and the factory subwoofer do work, so it’s not a deal killer for me. Additionally, I do not have steering wheel controls, so cannot comment on that functionality, although it is supported.

The Pumpkin unit starts very fast, around 10-15 seconds from a cold boot, as compared to the last one which took half a minute to boot, and around ten minutes for the unit to be fully operational/usable.

Google Maps is the default nav app, and it loads quickly and has no issue with voice search. Haven’t tried Waze yet.

Since it’s an Android system, it has all the other functionality I would expect or want from this type of unit. I especially like (needed) the av outputs (for the headrest monitors I installed); as well as tethering, wifi connectivity, a 3g SIM slot, two USBs on the back and a micro usb on the front, and a physical volume knob instead of buttons.

I do have a couple issues, and just sent these to Pumpkin’s support…am curious to see how rapidly they respond and if there are solutions and/or firmware updates needed.

the issues so far are:

-cannot change the widgets preconfigured on the home screen (I want to put app icons of my own choosing; the widgets already there take all available space and cannot seem to be deleted)

-The DVR doesn’t seem to have any settings for length of recordings or storage location. (the Volsmart unit’s DVR had the same app and had these settings)

-I cannot seem to enable the DVR to automatically turn on when the unit starts. I would prefer not to have to start the DVR every time I drive.

Otherwise, for a sub-$300 unit, I am really pleased so far~
will take some pics and vids and add to this thread soon.

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Clunking, grinding and or rattle noise problem…

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Hi, everyone…can someone please help with this noise problem for my automatic 2008 4 door Rubicon. Can someone identify it and please tell me now to fix it. Thank you! Here is a link…

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Taking Kids Fishing In The Southwest Region With Capt. Ron Hueston

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Most adults who are passionate about fishing were first exposed to the sport as kids. Whether it was a parent, a relative or friend, it’s usually someone else who fishes that takes you for the very first time, and that experience is key to whether someone develops a passion for the sport.

Probably the biggest mistake experienced fishermen make when they take kids fishing for the first time is trying to catch them something large or the fish of a lifetime. Kids don’t really have high expectations, and since they have a low skill set, it’s a bit frustrating casting and reeling for the first time, so it’s better to concentrate on teaching those skills, while at the same time targeting small fish that are plentiful so they have a lot of success to reinforce the experience.

If you don’t have a boat, look at going places where they’re comfortable with the surroundings like a dock or pier, or the beach, where they can fish and swim. The Naples Pier is a great spot, since it has a lot of fish like snapper, jacks, ladyfish and Spanish mackerel to keep the kids busy, and the other anglers on the pier are usually willing to help a novice angler out.

Don’t make things too complicated, but try to teach at the same time. Remember that kids have a very short attention span, so if they get distracted or want to do something else, then take a break and come back to fishing later. Be sure to provide a lot of encouragement, telling them they made a great cast or did a great job reeling in a fish. Just make it fun, and they’ll want to do it again, and the more often they go, the more their skills improve.

You can also take kids to fishing club meetings and events like seminars and fishing/outdoor shows where they’ll get a chance to learn how the people who make a living catching fish target them. Seminars are a great way to shorten the learning curve, and kids are really good at paying attention and then implementing what they learned when they get on the water.

A lot of fishing clubs have outings where club members will help kids learn more about targeting specific species, and then there’s also tournaments, most of which have kids divisions so there’s an opportunity there for kids to get some recognition for their catches. In either instance, be sure to make it fun and no pressure to catch fish, so that they’ll want to do it more.

There really isn’t any exception for experience. You have to make a lot of casts to get accurate, and you have to fish a lot to gain the skills and knowledge to catch fish on a regular basis. There are no short cuts, other than learning from someone else where and how to target different species.

The nice thing about taking a kid fishing is that once they get turned on to the sport and feel comfortable enough that they can do it themselves, then they can go out and do it on their own. When that happens, you have a fisherman for life, and they’ll want to share their knowledge and skills with others, which helps expose more anglers to the sport.

Captain Tips

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Coke Zero Daytona 400

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Saturday, July 1, 2017 (All day)

Meet Captain Rick Murphy at the Coke Zero Daytona 400 on Saturday July 1st!

Click Here for More Info.

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Getting a new Big Bear 4×4, rustproofing?

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Looking at a 2012 JK Rubicon, need some help

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I would also examine the wiring for a winch. May give you an idea of a half assed shade tree mechanic.

With 35s on the rear door, it’s only a matter of time before the stock tire carrier peels away.

I believe dealers stick a paint pen on parts and bolts they inspect and install. You could look at one of their showroom “built” Jeeps to see if what color they use.

Crawl under and take a peak at the skid plates. They’ll let you know if it was wheeled or not, while under there check the driveshaft boots.

Automatic Rubicon’s are NOT guaranteed 4.10 it’s possible it has 3.73s

Inspect ball joints for wear, tires for uneven wear.

Make sure he tries that rear wiper. Looks broken to me. In two pictures they left it hanging down.

Inspect the install of those rock sliders and body panels. A crap install on the tub stiffeners is going to cause a MAJoR rust issue. Especially in the salt belt. Not to mention if he decides to go boat sliders, or decides the powdercoating sucks on those and wants a different brand, the damage to the tub is done, and installing a different option may not be possible

In all honesty. Tell your friend to BE patient. There are, and will be much better deals than this thing. Two years ago I scored a 2012 Bone Stock Rubicon 2 door, with a manual transmission, 7k miles on the clock. All the right packages added. For 24k OTD

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