Replacing the hub bearing assembly

Posted on Tuesday, June 27th, 2017 at 2:26 pm

Here is a write-up with pics on replacing the hub bearing assembly. This is a fairly easy job, and takes no time to do.

Note: this is my first write-up, so if Im leaving something out please feel free to chime in. I also didnt know the right way at first, gave up, then tackled it again so this is a mix of pics.

First, jack up the Jeep, remove the tire, place the frame down on jack stands and remove the jack. Then remove the rotor, and hang the brake calipers up and out of the way, I just used a coat hanger.

Next, I removed the cotter pin, cap and compression washer.

This is where I highly recommend spraying some PB Blaster on the axle nut, and the 3 bolts in the back that hold it on. Or else it will start to call you names…..

These are the 3 bolts in the back holding it on (I circled 2 you can see in the picture). They are 12 point, a 6 point will not work if you have any rust erosion. I think it was a 13mm socket.

I jammed a crowbar in between the hub bolts so the hub would not spin (see later pic). You’ll need a 36mm socket to remove the axle nut. I had a hard time finding this at first, but Advance Auto carried it in a separate section from the normal sockets. I also used a 4 foot breaker bar over my wrench to help break it free.

After that if should come right out. If not, give it a lil tap, it may be stuck on. Dont forget how your brake shield goes. At this time, you could also pull the axle shaft out, and replace the U-joint if need be. Before I installed the new hub, I also scraped and cleaned up the mating surface around the area.

Reinstall brake shield. Hub slides right on. Reinstall the 3 bolts in the back, torque to 75lbs. Then slide on the washer and axle nut.

I jammed the hub bolts again with a crowbar, but this time I didnt want to damage the threads, so I put thick plastic tubing over the bolts. You could prolly use rubber too. Torque your axle nut to 175lbs.

Put your compression washer back on, then the cap and cotter pin.

Thats it! Put your rotor and pads back on, jack it up, put the tire back on, remove the stands, lower, and you’re good to go

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