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Posted on Sunday, June 11th, 2017 at 1:01 am
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So I’m new to the forum, been reading for a few months though. Household has a ’17 jku winter editing that’ll stay mostly stock for a while and a’ 14 jkur in need of some goodies.

I know I don’t want a BB lift, I want a 2.5″ coil lift that’s reasonably priced and can be built upon. I have a second car but will still drive the jkur primarily. I want mono tube shocks and equal parts on and off road drivablility, some rocks and Flex if I can find them in Upstate NY but thats not priority. I like the rock krawler 2.5 flex but with shocks it’s a little out of my budget at the moment. Is there anything comparable out there that’s closer to 1k instead of 2k?

Going with 1.5″ spacers for the moment, any preferred brands or vendors?

Anyone in Upstate NY have any shops they recommend for regearing? I’m comfortable installing the lift but want a shop to regear to 4.56 from 3.73 for 35s eventually.

Looking forward to the wrangler community support, coming from a wrx and nasioc I could always find answers to my questions and I know you guys are a tight knit group as well!


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