Wiring Diagram for center console

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I’ve got a 2011 JKU Sahara (manual transmission). I’m working on adding the newer (lighted) cup holder to it, but need to find a source for the lighting.

When I opened up the center console I found a wire just hanging loosely in there.

First does anyone know what this is for (automatic transmission maybe?)

I’ve already pinned looked, and the orange wire appears to be the lighting circuit. I assume one of the black lines will be the associated ground (or I can always use a chassis ground.)

Can anyone confirm what the plug is for and the pin-outs?

Also does anyone happen to know what kind of plug that is and where I could buy the male version? That would save me from having to splice into my wiring harness (which I -really- don’t want to do, unless it’s the only option.)


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Article source: http://www.wranglerforum.com/f202/wiring-diagram-for-center-console-2055881.html