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Marlin 2017

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Marlin 2017

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Headed To Ouray (Aug 1-3)

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Pick up a copy of the Funtreks trail guide book:…ls-3rd-edition

They sell this book at a lot of tourist gift shops and Jeep rental places, and I think I saw it for sale in the lobby of the Twin Peaks Lodge in Ouray last time I was there. It’s an excellent resource and is what I use to find the trails while I’m in the area.

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Alignment issue on brand new Jeep

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Hi all,

New member here. Just purchased my 4th jeep last night; a 2017 JKU Big Bear . Brand new with 10 miles on it. Bit the bullet and got my first 4 door and first automatic (sacrifices for the finance).

I noticed while driving it, it does pull to the right a little bit. Not majorly, but a noticeable. Is it because of the tires? Or should I worry and have them take a look at it? Thanks

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Freedom top re-install

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Took off the two forward ‘freedom panels’ and went for a drive today – first time with the panels off the new Jeep.

Trying to reinstall them and although I have the forward/side ‘peg’ of the Passenger Side Freedom Top in the roll-bar hole…. I question the positioning because the forward buckle latch at the windshield is such that the ‘rubber pad’ on the buckle contacts the metal windshield frame hoop directly instead of ‘hooking’ underneath the metal windshield frame hook.


Is the rubber buckle supposed to just ‘press against’ the metal windshield loop as I demonstrate in the video, or is it supposed to ‘hook under’ the metal windshield hoop???

ALSO – It seems like the front edge of my two Freedom Panels don’t quite match up at the front/center corners at the windshield…. is there a way to get them to align properly for a ‘straight line’ from the drivers side all the way across to the passenger side?

ALSO – Can you outline the proper INSTALL order for all the latches? Ugh – I should have videotaped myself taking them off.

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Margaritaville Resort Orlando Celebrates Groundbreaking

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From the Orlando Business Journal: “Breaking ground: Construction to start on hotel in $750M Margaritaville Resort Orlando (Video)

Kick off your shoes and get ready to indulge in a tropical oasis being built right off U.S. Highway 192 southwest of Walt Disney World.

The only question now is if you prefer salt or sugar with your margarita in hand …

Project executives and Osceola County officials on July 27 tossed the ceremonial dirt for the next piece of the 300-acre, $750 million Margaritaville Resort Orlando — a 187-room hotel.

The new hotel in Kissimmee near Disney’s Animal Kingdom is expected to create host of new jobs once complete in fall 2018.

“We expect to create 700-1,000 jobs,” said Jim Bagley, managing director of project developer Encore Capital Management, during the ceremony where 250-plus people attended. “So, we think we are a big economic driver.”

Margaritaville Resort Orlando is one of several projects that will help the West 192 area attract more economic activity— an area that suffered severely because of the Great Recession, as previously reported by Orlando Business Journal.

The Margaritaville hotel is just one part of the massive mixed-use development that will have 200,000 square feet of shops and restaurants, vacation homes, and a water park. In all, the resort will create hundreds of jobs and plenty more in economic impact.


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you realize your car is old when……

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….when you cant find a remanufactured a1 cardone caliper bracket for your year !!! ahhh.

apparently 2002 caliper bracket nobody remans them anymore?

I tried like 6 places:

crown automotive
pep boys
advanced auto

blah blah.


but 2007 + they have them.

u know I bought these fancy red calipers and now I feel stupid hahahha because they didn’t come with the bracket.

now I want a red bracket or a new looking bracket.

hmmm this is really funny though.

since when did I care about the aesthetic?

my jeep was always dirty and muddy and over 13k feet on a Colorado mountain.

red brackets stopped me from installing my new calipers?

this is amusing.

when your car is sooo old that u cant get a remanufactured part no more hmmm.

wish I had a sandblaster or something.

maybe I can paint it myself neon green. hmmm

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Targeting Marlin In The Keys Region With Capt. Randy Towe

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Apart from one tournament in Key West in July, we don’t really target marlin in my region, but we do seem to catch a lot of them during the full moons from May through August. More often than not, our marlin come as incidental catches when trolling ballyhoo for dolphin.

Off Key West, there’s an area known as Woods Wall that’s a small atoll where tuna, dolphin and bonito tend to congregate, and they catch a good number of blue marlin in that spot. Throughout the rest of the Keys, the majority of blue marlin are caught in 400 feet of water or more, but I’ve seen them caught as shallow as 120 feet of water.

There are guys who will target blue marlin around the full moon, and they do it by pulling large Kona-head lures with the Halloween and darker blues, blacks and purple combinations the favored colors. They’ll also pull horse ballyhoo or rigged Spanish mackerel, and even large live blue runners or small bonito or blackfin tuna.

You’ll certainly catch more by targeting them, but a marlin can pop up anywhere, and I’m convinced that you stand just as good of a chance catching them in the areas that are holding a lot of dolphin by having a larger bait in the spread. The marlin come in to feed on the smaller dolphin, so anywhere you have a concentration of dolphin, there’s likely to be a blue marlin in the mix.

Our blue marlin vary in size from 100 pounds to 400 pounds or more, so if you want to target them, you’re best served fishing with 50 and 80-pound tackle. When you hook a marlin, it’s going to run, and if it’s a big one, it’ll take 300 to 400 yards of line on the first run, so you want to make sure you have a reel with a lot of line capacity. Two-speed reels are nice in that you can change to a lower gearing when the fish gets difficult to move, and that makes it easier on the angler and doesn’t wear them out.

I’ll beef up the leader to 200-pound test, and use a 12/0 “J” style hook if we’re pulling live or rigged baits. Live baits are bridled through the eye sockets or top of the head using rigging thread. With lures, you want to go with two offset 12/0 to 14/0 hooks and something large and dark that has a lot of action and leaves a good smoke trail in the water.

A lot of times, it seems cyclic. Some years there’s a lot of marlin caught, and other years, it’s just a few. July is a great month for dolphin in my region, so it’s one of the top months where we encounter blue marlin.

We also catch a fair number of white marlin and spearfish, but those also come as incidental catches and aren’t a consistent enough fishery to target. It seems like these two species are found more in the fall and early winter, than in the summer months.

While the Keys are not your typical marlin destination like Hawaii for blue marlin or Maryland for white marlin, if you come down here and specifically target them and put in your time, you are going to catch one. The thing about marlin fishing is that the bite is so spectacular and the leaping runs so memorable that once you catch a blue or white marlin, you absolutely must do it again.

Captain Tips

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replacing 14 dash tweeters with 15 flats

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I’m getting tired of the dash tweeters (Tombstone style) on my 2014 acting as a bank shot for things that slide across the dash right out the open window or when running half doors.
Has anyone replaced their dash with a 2015+ that has the flat tweeters? Assuming it will be a 1:1 fit but wanted to check.

many thanks

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