Advise on lifting my 2000 TJ

Posted on Thursday, July 20th, 2017 at 2:39 am
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Take all of this with a grain of salt as I still have stock suspension(it works for me)…….I just do A LOT of reading while at work

I think that Metalcloak may offer a military discount(I assume by the SN you’re ex-military).
When others with a lot more knowledge than I come in here, they’ll suggest you figure out what you want out of your Jeep. That Metalcloak is one of the best from my readings, but if all you’ll do is street/camp out of the TJ…….you may be able to get something like the Zone lift(which gets good reviews for a cheap lift).

Also, you may want to call DPG(I think he’s name is Dirk). I’ve seen multiple posts where he has walked people through the suspensions based on their needs.

From their site:

For technical questions regarding suspension, PLEASE CALL US!!!!

(316) 776-9900

Monday thru Thursday: 9am-5pm (CST)
Suspension discussions are NEVER as simple as most people think. Please don’t e-mail us with those questions, as that process takes forever and we cannot keep up with multiple conversations between multiple customers via E-mail!
We don’t do “cookie cutter” lift kits. Every suspension we sell is tuned for YOUR particular vehicle. Many options upgrades are inexpensive or even FREE, but the entire kit must be built properly for YOUR vehicle to exhibit optimum ride quality, handling and performance. A quick phone call saves us a lot of time over multiple e-mails!
If you need a shipping quote on a specific product to a specific State zip code, e-mail is great.
If you have questions about shock types lengths, spring rates, lift heights, which kit/components would be best for you, etc, etc, please CALL!

We are currently experiencing difficulties with our e-mail service. We get some e-mails, while others are not making it to us.

If you e-mailed us and haven’t heard back within 24-48 hours, please call! (316) 776-9900


Mailing address:
DPG Off-Road
PO Box 190
Rose Hill, KS 67133

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