Freedom top re-install

Posted on Saturday, July 29th, 2017 at 8:42 pm
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Took off the two forward ‘freedom panels’ and went for a drive today – first time with the panels off the new Jeep.

Trying to reinstall them and although I have the forward/side ‘peg’ of the Passenger Side Freedom Top in the roll-bar hole…. I question the positioning because the forward buckle latch at the windshield is such that the ‘rubber pad’ on the buckle contacts the metal windshield frame hoop directly instead of ‘hooking’ underneath the metal windshield frame hook.


Is the rubber buckle supposed to just ‘press against’ the metal windshield loop as I demonstrate in the video, or is it supposed to ‘hook under’ the metal windshield hoop???

ALSO – It seems like the front edge of my two Freedom Panels don’t quite match up at the front/center corners at the windshield…. is there a way to get them to align properly for a ‘straight line’ from the drivers side all the way across to the passenger side?

ALSO – Can you outline the proper INSTALL order for all the latches? Ugh – I should have videotaped myself taking them off.

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