Review: Dispatch – America, Location 12

Posted on Monday, July 17th, 2017 at 11:34 pm

Dispatch – America, Location 12
Track Listing:
1.) Be Gone
2.) Only the Wild Ones
3.) Curse + Crush
4.) Painted Yellow Lines
5.) Skin The Rabbit
6.) Midnight Lorry
7.) Begin Again
8.) Rice Water
9.) Windylike
10.) Ghost Town
11.) Atticus Cobain

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: June 2nd, 2017
Record Label: Bomber Records, LLC
Official Website: Dispatch Website

Artist Background:
Dispatch is a self-proclaimed “funk and reggae packed rock band” originating from Middlebury, VT. Throughout the past decade, the musical output from Dispatch has been sporadic – aside from having headlined and sold out a three-night reunion run at Madison Square Garden in 2007 and releasing Circles Around The Sun (their first album in over a decade at the time in 2012), things had become relatively quiet out of the Dispatch camp. The indie trio has returned with their latest release America, Location 12 with big shoes to fill, as Circles Around the Sun peaked at #7 on the US Rock Albums chart. The band is comprised of Chadwick Stokes Urmston, Pete Francis and Brad Corrigan.

Album Review:
America, Location 12 is a musical delight. Bolstered by 11 tracks that conclude far too quickly, Dispatch may have crafted their best record yet, and have certainly outdone themselves from recent releases. While it may seem a bit politically charged at times, this record has a steady flow expanding into more noticeable folky accents, but it works marvelously.

The opening track “Be Gone” sets the tone early with progressively emphatic lyrics and instrumentals, alongside a memorable chorus in true Dispatch fashion.

“Only The Wild Ones” enters the fold right after and was the first track Dispatch dropped several months ago leading up to the release of the album. The song is vibrant and lively in nature; acoustically driven and uplifting with a moving chorus picking up speed as the song progresses. “Painted Yellow Lines” sounds almost reminiscent of Blue Oyster Cult for a moment or two, featuring some clean distortion, lighter vocals and nourishing lyrics.

Enter perhaps the greatest track on the album, “Skin The Rabbit” -– hard to not hit the repeat button on this one. The chugging on the groovy, rugged intro is the most addictive of riffs and paves the way for another monumental chorus shortly into the track. The background of the song was revealed by Chadwick Stokes to be a metaphorical depiction of “exposing those who crave power in the name of the people.”

Hard to believe that having the last decade of their musical careers being weighted heavily on the focus of their hiatus and sporadic appearances, Dispatch has washed away all misconception or proceed-with-caution notions as this album blows their most recent work out of the water and finds them stronger than they’ve ever been. America, Location 12 has so much to offer the listener — this album will certainly leave the listener coming back for more, and will absolutely transition beautifully to a live setting.

Written Reviewed By: Brian Glaser

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Listen: Dispatch – “Only the Wild Ones”

Listen: Dispatch – “Painted Yellow Lines”

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