Steering Stops Don’t Line Up

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I have a TJ with a D30 front, and 33’s. As far as I can tell, the knuckles are original. The tires rub quite a bit on my lower control arms, frame, and sway bar (and the fender wells at full stuff’d). The control arms (I believe they are factory) have a sharp edge that cuts the outer lugs if I’m not careful.

To prevent tire damage, I decided to throw a few washers on the steering stop bolt. I was disappointed and very confused when I realized that the bolt is a couple inches higher than the bump stop on the axle! The two points do not contact…

I’m lost. Anyone know what could be causing this issue? If I can’t resolve the misalignment, is there some other way to prevent tire rub? Not looking to change backspacing.

Thanks in advance.

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