you realize your car is old when……

Posted on Saturday, July 29th, 2017 at 2:11 am
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….when you cant find a remanufactured a1 cardone caliper bracket for your year !!! ahhh.

apparently 2002 caliper bracket nobody remans them anymore?

I tried like 6 places:

crown automotive
pep boys
advanced auto

blah blah.


but 2007 + they have them.

u know I bought these fancy red calipers and now I feel stupid hahahha because they didn’t come with the bracket.

now I want a red bracket or a new looking bracket.

hmmm this is really funny though.

since when did I care about the aesthetic?

my jeep was always dirty and muddy and over 13k feet on a Colorado mountain.

red brackets stopped me from installing my new calipers?

this is amusing.

when your car is sooo old that u cant get a remanufactured part no more hmmm.

wish I had a sandblaster or something.

maybe I can paint it myself neon green. hmmm

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