2012 Jk sputtered died and won’t start

Posted on Friday, August 25th, 2017 at 3:59 am
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2012 Rubicon JK 6 speed manual locks and windows.
I was going about 15 mph it sputtered and died. Pushed the clutch in and it turns over and sounds fine but would not start. The check engine light was on. I turned the key off and back on and after about 8 seconds it started. Was running a bit rough. No smoke but I was about to drive the 3 blocks home. Turned it off and noticed a red lightening bolt and the esc light on. Ran inside got ready for work. Btw it was not cold outside and I have not been in any water.
Got ready for work 20 minutes later went down got it to start after maybe 3 seconds and it run fine it seemed but check engine light was in and no other lights. Let it run about 3 minutes to see if it would die. It didn’t so I turned it off and took other jeep Work.

So it sputtered and died and turns over but hard to start. It has gas. 38k miles on it. Has been 3 days since I got gas still over half tank. Just trying to list everything I can think of.

Any ideas?
I called ship they can’t get it in for 6 days.

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