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Sorry ment saturday 9/2 cliffs

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Iration Reveals New Single, Announces ‘The Intergalactic Tour’

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Always bringing something new to the table, Iration recently debuted another new track. The Santa Barbara, CA based ensemble dropped their new track “Fly with Me” back in May, and released their new single “Borderlines,” August 11. Pair that with a fall tour announcement alongside Fortunate Youth and Through the Roots, and there is plenty of reason for excitement.

Iration has been climbing up the ladder, cementing themselves into a position at the top of an evolving genre. From their invigorating live show, to their discography of full-length studio albums routinely Borderlines-Cover-Artchiming in at the top of Billboard and reggae-rock charts, Iration never ceases to push forward and reinvent themselves. After dropping an acoustic release as a follow-up to 2015’s Hotting Up, the band has been teasing social media posts of being hard at work in the studio, and have produced the two tracks “Fly With Me” and “Borderlines” to show for it. Well-known as golf enthusiasts with a pretty decent handicap to boot, Iration was also featured on Callaway Golf’s “Callaway Live” series a few months ago. Lead vocalist Micah Pueschel and Micah Brown briefly conducted an interview with a guitar (yes, an actual guitar, worth a few laughs) and the band was joined by LPGA star Michelle Wie during the segment as well – check out the full video below and see for yourself!

On the opposite spectrum from “Fly With Me,” the new single “Borderlines” feels more like an alternative-rock song than the traditional lighter, reggae-centric styles we grown accustomed to hearing from Iration. The song comes at an appropriate time, depicting conflict in a divided country and approaching the issue from a bigger picture of why it even exists in the first place.

Check out the lyric video below and grab the song on iTunes today by clicking HERE!

Iration announced that they’ll be hitting the road in the Fall with support from Fortunate Youth and Through The Roots headlining their own “Intergalactic Tour!” The tour will kickoff in Lawrence, KS with dates from October 24 – November 17. Prior to their autumn run, Iration will be headlining Reggae Rise Up (Utah), X107.5’s End of Summer Luau at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, and several other dates which can be found below. With such an epic lineup for their fall run, circle your calendar when The Intergalactic Tour comes through your town and grab your tickets below before it’s too late!

Iration Tour Dates

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Article By: Brian Glaser

Listen: Iration – Borderlines (official lyric video)

Listen: Iration – Fly With Me (official lyric video)

Watch: Callaway Live (S3, EP4) – Iration + LPGA Star Michelle Wie

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Paver experts please

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I want to add some sand to the joints between the pavers around my pool. The last time I did, a few seasons ago alot of sand wound up in the pool. Not a big deal, just vacuumed it out. Now that its time to add more sand to the joints I’m thinking I wanna add the polymeric sand that locks into place when hit with water. That brings me to my question. With the amount of sand in my pool the last time I’m concerned that this polymeric sand will wind up in there too. Is this a huge issue with the pool? Will it mess anything up when I vacuum it up with my automatic polaris vacuum?



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"Rudy" My CJ build

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This build is named after my Grandfather who passed a few years ago. A real stellar guy who was just an amazing person.

Here’s the story. I had an 02 black TJ that I think is on here somewhere and is my Avatar pic. Well about three years ago I rolled that bitch 6 times down near Mexico and almost died. It was nuts. I only had a stock roll bar and I survived. Luckily I had a ton of my buddies there and they got me out.

Fast forward a six months after that I bought a 77 CJ7. 304AMC with some other goodies. Well the military relocated me to RI from sunny San diego(I’m originally from MA).

Plans for the build
-custom frame
-Sm465 mated to NP205
-very healthy 350ci SBC
-4link rear
-3link front w/panhard
-16″ 2.5 king coilovers all around
-2.0 king bump stops

I’ll post where I’m at later today. Standby

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First American Car in 20 yrs

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Welcome. I had a 03 xterra. One of the best vehicles I ever had. So far the Jeep is great.

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Targeting Snook In The Southwest Region With Capt. Ron Hueston

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Late August and all of September are still summertime in Florida, although the majority of fish have already spawned and are starting to move inshore or out to the wrecks. The largest concentrations of fish will still be along the beaches, around the passes and on the nearshore wrecks.

Since the freeze of 2012 when a lot of our snook died during a 10-day cold snap, the fish have been coming back strong. The largest fish are going to come from the wrecks, passes and bridge—deeper water areas, but there will still be some nice ones coming from the beaches.

There’s still a lot of small pilchards and glass minnows on the beach that time of the year, so the fish won’t move far from the steady supply of food. One of the keys to having success on the beach is to go where there’s not a lot of foot traffic or fishing pressure. Look for sections of beach that aren’t populated, and that’s where the snook will be cruising in tight to shore.

The best time for beach fishing is during the high tide. That’s when the snook move up into the trough right against the shore to feed. If you have a high tide in the early morning, you’ll have low light so the fish can’t see your lure as well, and a good population of snook right up against the shore.

Since the fish are feeding on small baitfish, you want to throw lures that represent what they’re eating in size, shape and color. Lipless crankbaits, shad-tail grubs, bucktails and swimming plugs in chartreuse, white or green and white all work well. You want them to be 3 to 4 inches in length, since most of the baits are small. One of my favorite lures for targeting snook in the surf is a ¼-ounce chrome or silver spoon, which mimics all of the different baitfish species.

On the nearshore reefs you can target them with swimming and diving plugs, or with live baits like a threadfin herring, Spanish sardine or pilchard. And if you’re looking for a trophy fish, put out a mullet head or chunk of ladyfish around the marinas or the mouth of a pass and it’ll get picked up by those big lazy female snook.

For tackle, I like 3000 to 4000 size spinning reels with 10 to 20 pound braided line and a seven foot fast action rod. Snook have great vision, so you want to make the longest cast possible, but still have the power to set the hook and move a fish that is trying to get into structure. On the beach, or anywhere the water is clear, you want to go with a light leader—say 25 to 30 pound fluorocarbon, so the fish don’t see it and shy away from your offering. The same applies to hook size—you want to use the smallest hook possible so that it doesn’t weigh down the bait and make it look unnatural. Because it’s still very warm, the best snook fishing is going to take place at dawn and dusk, the coolest periods of the day, and also when the light levels are low. On rainy or overcast days, the bite will go on all day.

Keep in mind that snook season is still closed in August, and pay attention to the differences in slot sizes between each coast. If you catch an undersized or oversized fish, handle it with care, and if at all possible don’t even take it out of the water when removing the hook. The less stress you put on a fish, the better its chance for survival, and the better the odds that someone else will have the chance to catch it again.

Captain Tips

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2012 Jk sputtered died and won’t start

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2012 Rubicon JK 6 speed manual locks and windows.
I was going about 15 mph it sputtered and died. Pushed the clutch in and it turns over and sounds fine but would not start. The check engine light was on. I turned the key off and back on and after about 8 seconds it started. Was running a bit rough. No smoke but I was about to drive the 3 blocks home. Turned it off and noticed a red lightening bolt and the esc light on. Ran inside got ready for work. Btw it was not cold outside and I have not been in any water.
Got ready for work 20 minutes later went down got it to start after maybe 3 seconds and it run fine it seemed but check engine light was in and no other lights. Let it run about 3 minutes to see if it would die. It didn’t so I turned it off and took other jeep Work.

So it sputtered and died and turns over but hard to start. It has gas. 38k miles on it. Has been 3 days since I got gas still over half tank. Just trying to list everything I can think of.

Any ideas?
I called ship they can’t get it in for 6 days.

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Video: The Simpkin Project – “Hustling” (Live-Acoustic)

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Gearing up for the Sept. 29th release of their new studio album, Beam of Light, Huntington Beach, CA’s The Simpkin Project have a released a live-acoustic video of the albums first song, “Hustling.” The album, coming out on VP Records’ Dub Rockers imprint, includes 12 total tracks and has been one of our Most Anticipated Albums the last few years so we’re excited to finally see a release date we can salivate towards! You can pre-order the album by clicking HERE! Enjoy the song and video…

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Mounting amp under steering column?

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Shark named by Buffett visits Jersey Shore

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From the Asbury Park Press: “Great white shark named by Jimmy Buffett visits Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore saw two new visitors to its waters this week — baby white sharks.

JD, a tagged 75-pound juvenile male white shark that was named by singer Jimmy Buffett — who was on the vessel when the shark was tagged — was only yards from the Barnegat Light beaches Wednesday morning, according to the shark’s satellite tag.

The 5-foot 4-inch long shark was tagged by OCEARCH researchers on Aug. 14 after it was captured off the coast of Montauk, N.Y. during the group’s monthlong Empire State and Garden State expedition to search for great white sharks.

The shark traveled 178 miles from its capture site to Barnegat Light since being tagged.

Chris Fischer, OCEARCH’s founder and expedition leader, explained why the “Margaritaville” singer was on board the vessel at the time JD was tagged.

“Jimmy has been a real big supporter of OCEARCH,” said Fischer. “He named the shark after his dad, James Delaney.”

OCEARCH is researching the life-cycle of white sharks, an apex ocean predator. The sharks are known scientifically as Carcharodon carcharias and can grow up to 21 feet in length and weigh over 4,000 pounds.

Fischer estimates JD, which can be seen being tagged in the video above, is one year old and is feeding on small prey fish such as mackerel, menhaden and squid.


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