Tropidelic To Release New Album with Law Records

Posted on Tuesday, August 15th, 2017 at 3:47 am
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Tropidelic is a Cleveland, OH based reggae-rock-hip hop-funk group that is the newest addition to the Law Records family as they’ll release their sophomore album, Heavy Is The Head, on Oct. 27th, 2017. Read what Pepper drummer Yesod Williams tells The Pier about the signing along with additional information from vocalist Matthew Roads
Tropidelic has been around since 2008 and released their debut album, All Heads Unite, in 2012 and have since released 3 separate EPs. Heavy Is The Head is the first album for Tropidelic in 5 years and was able to catch the attention of Law Records. In a recent interview with Yesod Williams, he tells The Pier: “We played with them and just remember them from being out on the road… Brett’s the one who brought Tropidelic in. We knew them as a band and Brett had kept in contact with them. He brought it to the table and then we ended up doing a deal with them.” Yesod goes on to say “What I’m really excited about is we have nothing like them on the label. They’re filling a void on Law Records because they’re a little bit more of that hip-hop reggae, in a nutshell.”

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The album title, Heavy Is The Head, alludes to “Heavy is the head that wears the crown” and Roads tells The Pier: “Its a reflection of the sacrifices, struggle, pain endured on route to the top, or when you reach the top.” The artwork, seen below, was designed by Pierce Maratto. The album was recorded at RCR Recording in Cleveland, OH and produced by Roads and co-producer, Cary Crichlow.

Roads continues to tell The Pier that, “The album is the first cohesive writing effort as a band and features song’s written by several members. “Heavy Is The Head” is a culmination of all the styles and personalities of the group, varying from reggae/rock, to hip-hop, funk and more.”

You can find Tropidelic performing live on the road from August 17th – September 24th on tour with Pepper and Tribal Seeds for the summer Nice Dreams tour. Stay tuned for more details on their upcoming album as you can find track-listing, links and videos below.

Tropidelic – Heavy Is The Head Track-list:
TropHeavy_Front1.) Leviathan
2.) Hey Now
3.) Highs Lows
4.) Dollar Saved
5.) Offer It Up
6.) Festival Girl
7.) The Recipe
8.) Church
9.) Lorain Lorain
10.) Heavy Is The Head

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Article By: Mike Patti

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