Buffett tells the TODAY show about his Broadway musical

Posted on Saturday, September 30th, 2017 at 6:13 am
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Singer Jimmy Buffett joins TODAY to talk about his musical “Escape to Magaritaville,” which is going on tour and is planned to open on Broadway next March. “There are portions that come from reality, and other parts are made up,” Buffett says.

What do you do with a wedding ring after divorce? TODAY anchors say…
A woman’s Facebook post asking what she should do with an old wedding ring has the TODAY anchors and Jimmy Buffett talking. “Hock it,” Buffett says firmly of an old wedding ring, but Savannah Guthrie advises: “Stuff it in a drawer with your feelings.” More on this story here.


Article source: http://www.buffettnews.com/2017/09/30/27104/

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