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Posted on Friday, September 1st, 2017 at 4:27 pm
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my fault, I always wear eye protection when I’m working in the garage out of habit. About a week ago I undertook to coat the inside of my frame. I read all the threads I could find got the basic low down. I started by drilling 1/2 inch holes close to the rear control arms then flushed with water until it ran clear for a while. By the way there were already holes up at the front control arm mounting brackets, are they factory or did a prior owner drill those???

After flushing I spent a few days forcing air vacuuming as best I could. Also fished a magnet in there on a two foot wire handle but didn’t get much of anything by the way of metal. Then I backed the transfer case bolts out applied the first coat (with eye protection) on Tuesday let it sit until today. For whatever reason I forgot to put on my goggles today the universe sure made me pay, anyone that has used Eastwood knows that the hose that comes coiled up in the box doesn’t really like to go straight as I fished it through one of the large holes near the transfer case the tip found its way out a smaller hole blasted me directly in the eyeball. It sucked. After I flushed it out for about 10 minutes finally got a look in the mirror I looked like a racoon.

I’ll say this, the coverage is fantastic.

Here are some pictures of the process; used someone’s idea to increase the pressure on my shop vac in blow mode also in vacuum mode. I alternated between the two to isolate the sand debris…

Other than the eyeball incident it went well; between this stuff, the drain holes regularly flushing out the frame after each day of wheeling I’m hoping to stave off any rust problems for quite some time. You can see the 4 spots where the coating dripped out of the frame

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Article source: http://www.wranglerforum.com/f282/eastwood-eye-protection-2129793.html

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