Removing wax from plastic trim/fenders

Posted on Monday, September 4th, 2017 at 5:08 pm
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I hope this has not been covered as I didn’t fully look they the forums, but I came across this great tip for those of you who have accidentally applied wax to your black trim or textured plastic fenders.

I had tried mineral spirits, brake cleaner, goof off, alcohol all with no luck. Some even said to try peanut butter. They swear it works, just didn’t want my Jeep attracting critters or smelling like a sandwich.

So hear it is, so simple with no muss or fuss.

Use a pink eraser!! An ordinary pink school eraser. Lightly rub on the waxed areas and instantly and permanently GONE! Couldn’t believe it myself. Follow up with a protectant and your good to go. (I used Wipe New a year ago to restore my faded fenders back to black. Worked great. Time to reapply)

I hope this little read can help solve this age old problem some of you!

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