Air bag didn’t deploy in accident?

Posted on Monday, October 30th, 2017 at 11:51 pm
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The side airbags are an option, all vehicles must have the front air bags (steering wheel and dash in front of passenger).

Actually, I can verify that a steering wheel is a fairly good stopping item. I was in a head-on collision while driving a six month old TR-4A when it was hit by a wrong way driver on I-10. No air bags, no shoulder harness, just a lap belt. I got 13 stitches and a broken nose.

A direct hit in the front should deploy the air bags. Also if she is short and had he seat well forward, the give in the shoulder harness may have allowed her head to hit the steering wheel, but not all that hard. Trust me, if she really hit it in an accident she would have more than a “not too bad”. As stated, I had 13 stitches and a broken nose from a steering wheel.

Sorry about the Jeep, glad your daughter was not seriously injured.

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