need some help, 97 TJ fuel issue.

Posted on Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 at 7:45 pm
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More jeep problems….
So I pulled my fuel tank recently and when I took the pump out I noticed the strainer was missing, bought and replaced, also put a new filter/regulator on. Then the pump was no longer able to hold pressure. I’d have to crank for 5 minutes or more before it would start, immediately shut it off and again, long ass cranks. I figured previous owner removed strainer because of this. So I ordered a new pump assembly. Put it all in last night and this thing won’t start at all and it doesn’t appear to be filling the line up. Now I don’t have a pressure tester, but I took the rubber line off and key on it’ll put out a steady stream same size as the line for about 2 seconds and when cranking it’ll spray it out. However after key on key off several times and then disconnect line, I don’t have a bunch of fuel running out of the hardline like I did the first time I took it off. Very little leaks out in fact.

Thoughts? 1997 TJ. 2.5l

havent tested voltage as of yet, however its pumping fuel, i dont have a pressure gauge to test how much, and i dont have the tool yet to removed the line from the fuel rail to see how far its getting.

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