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Posted on Monday, October 9th, 2017 at 4:29 am

so im currently attempting to do the standard daily/mild offroader build

ive got the tires and lift on 2.5 lift on 35s (basic stuff)

but I don’t know what would be the next best build, a flashpaq retune (I don’t remember the official name, but I hope you guys know what I mean)

or save for ever and do the regear that is gonna be needed

i know the regear is pretty much 100% necessary to get any offroad respect
but with my current financial status, it will be a few months away before i could afford it (read as im broke as )

so what do you think, re tune sooner or save forever for regear and scrap the retune.

also im a 100% noob, learning on the fly how to do most work, i will not install the new gearing myself due to fear of blowing up the diffs.

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