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Tailgate/trunk not opening

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Hi everyone! My trunk suddenly stopped opening today. I tried t open the trunk by pushing in the circular button on the door handle of the trunk but it will not open. I tried to lock and unlock it with the remote and by inserting the key.

Here’s a video of what’s happening:

Any possible fixes or solutions? Did you have to take it to a shop? Around how much is this going to cost?

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Beebs Releases New Single featuring Perro Bravo

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A unique pairing took place when Beebs was announced to be in the studio with Perro Bravo. The result of that connection is seeing its fruition with the release of a new single by Beebs with “Lights Out,” produced by Miguel Happoldt and his band Perro Bravo.

Miguel’s history with Sublime Long Beach Dub Allstars is well documented. Beebs is still early in her musical career and like Miguel, is known for serving a diverse plate of musical genres with her style of soul, ska, jazz, pop and flare. She fronted her own ska band, Beebs Her Money Makers where they released 5 albums over 7 years of touring before going solo last June with her debut 7-track EP release of Eye Shine.
Lights Out
With her new song, “Lights Out,” Beebs happened to be in the studio while Miguel was finishing up a track that he had been working on with his band, Perro Bravo. What started out as a Perro Bravo song featuring Beebs soon turned into Miguel relinquishing the song to her with his band as the guest, making this a new song by Beebs produced by Miguel Happoldt Perro Bravo.

“Lights Out” is a conscious message about today’s society and how we treat crisis with inspiration coming from Beebs’ own experience during this seasons hurricanes that swooped through her home state of Florida. Beebs shares: “These are crazy times we live in. It is crucial to remember what is really important. Going through these last few hurricanes over on the east coast quickly put things back into perspective for me. I was fortunate to come home to a house and that all of my friends and family are safe. Others throughout Florida and the Caribbean did not fair as well.” Beebs continues on, sharing: “Despite the chaos and destruction, I have seen communities uplift each other. There is no class in tragedy. Just us. People. Help each other day to day. Disaster or no disaster. We all need each other now more than ever.”

As we echo Beebs sentiment, if you are looking to help Puerto Rico or The Virgin Islands, you can donate by clicking HERE! You can own Beebs new single “Lights Out” via iTunes or stream it via Spotify. Enjoy the song and video below.

Watch: Beebs – “Lights Out” (Feat. Perro Bravo)

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Exclusive Sublime Blog

Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Beebs – “Sometimes”

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High beams not working

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If your friends jumped off a bridge…

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Would you jump off the bridge too?

I guess the answer is yes. I rappelled off the New River Gorge Bridge last Saturday. Twice.

For those not familiar with the bridge, it’s 3000 feet long, and 876 feet tall. It’s the second longest single arch bridge in the Western Hemisphere. On the third Saturday in October every year, the shut the bridge down to traffic for about 6 hours and have a big street fair type thing on the bridge and allow BASE jumpers and rappellers to legally jump/rappel.

It was a blast, and I can’t wait to do it again next year.

This was my first descent, shot on a helmet mounted GoPro Hero 5.

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Stiff throttle on 2017 Sahara Automatic

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We have a 2017 Wrangler Sahara with automatic and it seems the throttle peddle is just a little stiff. The wife doesn’t drive it very much and has trouble doing a smooth standing start from a stop. With the 3:73 gearing it flat jumps out there from a stop once the peddle moves . I’ve driven it enough to be mostly used to it but would like it if it took a little less foot pressure to get the Jeep moving.

Seems like it’s considerably stiffer than our 2001 Sahara we sold to get the new one. Has anyone else noticed this? Are there any springs or cables that might be able to be adjusted, or maybe the throttle linkage needs lubricating along the line someplace.

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Thunder Body Return With New Album ‘Solstice’

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Thunder Body have returned from hiatus with a brand new album titled Solstice. The Rochester, NY natives dropped their third full-length release on October 13th, 2017 via Rootfire Cooperative. Solstice captures a crisp blend of roots and soul, balancing themes of universal experience and deep personal reflection.

Lead by Rachel Orke (keys) and Matt O’Brian (drums/vocals), Thunder Body is a talented 9-piece band with a wide net of musical influences tied together into a soulful, vintage reggae sound. Orke and O’Brian, who formerly performed with Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, are joined by Jeremiah Pacheco (bass), Dennis Mariano (guitar/vocals), Brian Blatt (sound scientist), Benton Sillick (trumpet), Matt Seiber-Ford (tenor sax), and Abe Nouri (trombone). The Rochester-based group is a regional favorite that has contributed greatly to a thriving Upstate New York reggae scene.

Solstice was recorded in two separate studio sessions at More Sound in Syracuse, NY, alongside producer and former bandmate Jocko Randall. The first session was recorded before Orke and O’Brian gave birth to their son, while the second session took place after, with new inspiration and perspective. After the second session, the band entered a hiatus and the tracks sat dormant, until Thunder Body revisited the recordings and realized they had a full-album on their hands.

The entire album rings out smoothly, but album standouts include the tracks “Moonlight over Mendocino,” “Gong,” and “What’s Sweet About Lemons.” Solstice also features a song with Matt’s brother Chris O’Brian, who is the drummer for GPGDS. The track, titled “Elliot’s Song,” discusses the birth of Chris’ own son.

The artwork for the album was illustrated and designed by local Rochester artist Justyn Lannucci. Lannucci explains the creative process noting, “Matt and I were vibing off of some older psychedelic novel covers. And we were trying to let the viewer come up with their own interpretations of the charged symbols. The figures on the bottom of the image may or may not be the band.”

Thunder Body’s new album Solstice is available now using the purchase link below. The group is in process of putting together tour dates, so stayed tuned for updates. 

Thunder Body – Solstice Track List:
1.) Solstice
2.) What’s Sweet About Lemons
3.) Jasper Sage
4.) Moonlight Over Mendocino
5.) In The Night
6.) Trainyards
7.) Gong
8.) Secrets of the Senzae
9.) Worried Woman
10.) Elliot’s Song

Watch: THUNDER BODY – “Trainyards”

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Article By: Brian Winters

Watch: Thunder Body – “Trainyard”

Listen: Thunder Body – “Radio Active”

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Maximus-3 tire carrier Vs. TF HD hinged carrier

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So because my last post had so much feedback (not) I thought I’d try again with a different angle.

These are the 2 I’m considering.

What are your experiences if you have either/or? Do you have accessory brackets? If so, how do they work? Rattles etc? If not, what’s your opinion on the different type of carrier/mount?

Thanks for your participation!

Go Blue!

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Latitude Margaritaville Sales Center opens Oct 30th

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You’ve been patiently waiting and the time has finally come! The Latitude Margaritaville Daytona Beach Sales Center will open for Preview Tours starting Monday, October 30th! Although we will not accept deposits on home purchases until our sales launch on November 13th, this is an incredible opportunity to learn more about the Latitude Margaritaville lifestyle and explore our interactive Sales Center.

As part of the tour, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the Latitude Margaritaville lifestyle. You will be the first to preview the planned FINtastic amenities including 3D models of the Latitude Town Square, Beach Club and overall community site plan.


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Metalcloak Lift Kits at KrawlOff-Road

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Have you been eyeing that Metalcloak Lift but haven’t pulled the trigger? Well here at KrawlOff-Road we carry the full line of Metalcloak lifts.

From the basic setups

Complete mid level performance

To high end extreme kits

Message us for a quote today! We are here to work for you!!!


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Coyote Lake Trail

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We’re headed to Coyote Lake Thursday evening. Hit the trail Friday. We’ll probably hit Brewer Saturday. Come home Sunday. Thought I’d post up to see if anyone else wanted to join.

Meeting at the Flying J in Gorman Thursday at 530pm.

Difficult Trail!
Need to be on 35s, lifted and locked!

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SUPER Beautiful there..Fresno area.

I’m not in this site a lot and crappy cell reception on base. The Navy has blocked this site on my PC Drop a text if you want to come!


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