Front Wiper Issue

Posted on Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 at 11:40 pm
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Hello again. Last week I went for a drive and noticed that the front wipers wouldn’t work. The washer pump works fine and so I’ve read from other posts that means the motor is bad. I tested the connector just to be sure and have 12v at pin 5 or 6 (low and high) and pin 1 (fused ignition) SO, I ordered a reman and installed it today to find that the motor still wont work. I used jumpers to directly connect pin 5/6 and pin 1 to the battery on both the new and old motor and nothing happened.

I’m guessing the re-manufactured is poop by my estimations but perhaps in my newbness I’m missing something. I haven’t done a continuity test on the wiper switch because there is proper voltage at the connector.

1998 Jeep TJ SE 2.5L 5 Speed. Stock

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