Talk me out of buying these Tires…!…?

Posted on Sunday, November 12th, 2017 at 1:57 am


I’ve read some reviews that these are great tires;
Look awesome (unique);
I haven’t seen one person run them where I live;


Very Expensive;
Heavy tire;

I have stock suspension, getting new 17″ wheels with 4.7 offset, was thinking about 285/70/17, 32.7″ diameter (.6 more than stock if my tire calculator is correct), 11.2″ wide compared to stock 10″. Red Letter Grabber’s, what do you think? Is it doable?

Also in the running are KO2’s, Duratracs, General AT2, etc. I guess I’m very interested as I’ve never seen anyone run these. Maybe it’s because they are expensive or due to being 70 lbs (or is that a misprint)???

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