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Video: The Green – “All I Need”

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Here is the official music video to The Green’s latest single “All I Need.” The song is from the Oct 20th, 2017 release of Marching Orders via Easy Star Records. The album includes 14 total tracks with guest appearances by Eric Rachmany of Rebelution, Fiji, J Boog, Busy Signal, and The Mana’o Company. The album shows them returning with their signature progressive Hawaiian flavor of RB, Reggae and Roots rhythms around love ballads that is only topped by their 3-4 part vocal harmonies. You can stream the record via Spotify or own it via iTunes by clicking HERE!

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Jimmy Buffett performs in St Barts

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Jimmy Buffett put on a free concert in Gustavia St Barts on December 27 to support the island’s recovery from Hurricane Irma. He was joined by Soley and other great local musicians.

If you attended the show, please send along the set list from the show.

Photos and video courtesy Ed Gudenas.


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Footwerk Releases Single Featuring SOJA’s Trevor Young

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Straight from the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia) comes Footwerk, an up-and-coming “hip-pop” party ensemble that has been starting to make some noise. The band has two releases already under their belt since their musical inception in 2012, and just released their new single “Finer Things” featuring Trevor Young of SOJA.
Footwerk’s music catalog to date has been hard to classify into one genre over another, instead their music incorporates quite the blend of different sounds. Their path that led them to releasing their own music is also exceptionally unique – lead vocalist and rapper Kyle Higginbotham previously mentored at-risk youth in Washington DC in a music program. Kyle taught the art of creating beat instrumentals and writing raps in the program. He then took to Craiglist to form the band and the group hasn’t looked back since after releases of Retrograde and Casual Encounters.

Their new single “Finer Things” featuring SOJA’s Trevor Young comes off as very radio-friendly – but in a good way. Vocals kick the song off, blending into elements of trap and EDM-centric beats to bolster the hip-hop offerings from Kyle before joined by Trevor Young. A worthy addition to your playlist – Find the official video for the track below and see for yourself!

As far as performing their music in a live setting, Footwerk has been hitting the road often across the DC area and is attracting old and new audiences with each show. Perhaps none bigger than their upcoming performance in support of Twiddle and SOJA at the brand new, state-of-the-art venue The Anthem in Washington, DC on December 29. SOJA is hosting their album release party for their latest record “Poetry in Motion” at their new hometown venue, and Footwerk is expected to light things up as the opening act, and perhaps we’ll even see some onstage collaboration at the show. Check out all upcoming tour dates for Footwerk by clicking HERE!

Watch: Footwerk – “Finer Things” (featuring Trevor Young)

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Article By: Brian Glaser

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Coming Soon: The Pier’s 2018 Most Anticipated Albums

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On Thurs., January 4th, 2018, we will publish The Pier’s 2018 Most Anticipated Albums. This is the time of year we get to anticipate and discuss upcoming albums from some of our favorite bands in Reggae-Rock. We’re compiling all of the information from the bands about their new releases for one big convenient read…

First, we want to thank everyone for their 10+ years of support in following The Pier. We’ve been documenting the evolving reggae-rock genre since 2007. As we move forward into 2018 we look forward to bringing you a brand-new website and platform as well as covering a new wave of up and coming artists that we’ve spent the last several months discovering and connecting with. These are artists from New Zealand, Australia, Europe and Canada as well as the US. There’s a shift that’s taking place in the music scene as a new generation of music makers establish their mark on a thriving digital platform of streaming.
One thing that 2017 showed us is how streaming is taking over which may translate to artists and bands being more inclined to release fewer full-length records in light of working with more producers and dishing out more singles and EP’s accompanied by music videos. The reggae community seems to be a niche market which makes it economically viable for some artists to continue putting out full-length records, especially when hitting their crowd-funding goals to pay for said releases if an independent label isn’t already attached to it — We love the stories these artists tell in a full-length record and hope to continue bringinging you this feature for years to come.

Some notable and regular artists that did-not release a full length album in 2017 are: Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, Rebelution, Iration, Stick Figure, The Movement and that’s just scratching the surface. We’re hearing hints that Steel Pulse, Raging Fyah, Hempress Sativa, The Interrupters, Katchafire and The Skints have new records prepped for 2018. Let us not forget about hinted debut records from Kabaka Pyramid, LAW, and The Late Ones.

Out of breath yet? Well there’s more as there are new records from Sublime with Rome, Ethan Tucker, The Hip Abduction, Ballyhoo!, Tunnel Vision, Krooked Treez as we’re also excited about the return of Tomorrows Bad Seeds who have been sitting on their record for a couple of years. Speaking of a return, we may or may not have updated information on a Long Beach Dub Allstars album, which would be their first in 17 years.

On Thursday, January 4th, 2018 we will discuss the aforementioned artists, and many others who are expected to put out new albums in the new year. While some of the information we’ve received is quite detailed and exciting, other groups provided limited and reserved info as some bands are still in the confirming/prepping/planning stages for a new record — Stay tuned for January 4th’s publish of The Pier’s 2018 Most Anticipated Albums.

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The Pier Family

Watch: Iration – “One Way Track” (The Pier’s Live Acoustic Series)

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Katchafire Releases Two Music Videos Ahead of ‘Legacy’ Release

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Katchafire will continue the celebration of their 20th anniversary together with the release of their 5th studio album Legacy. The beloved, all Maori reggae band hailing from Hamilton, New Zealand, plan to drop Legacy in February 2018 via Zojak World Wide and Universal NZ. Ahead of the album’s release, Katchafire has put out two new music videos for Legacy‘s first two singles, “Addicted” and “Way Beyond.”

Katchafire’s music has entrenched itself deep in the hearts of reggae fans from the South Pacific to North America, Europe and beyond. Their patented sweet and smooth reggae has earned them multiple awards, platinum sales, and 4 highly successful studio albums. Katchafire is very much a family affair, consisting of Grenville Bell (lead guitar), his sons Logan Bell (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) and Jordan Bell (vocals / drums), as well as Leon Davey (vocals / percussion), and Tere Ngarua (bass). Katchafire_Live

The creation of “Way Beyond” was led by long-time band member and songwriter Leon Davey. Davey provided lead vocals and co-produced the track. The music video for “Way Beyond,” shot in Sydney, Australia and produced by Polly Snowden, features Davey peacefully strolling down the street with all sorts of shenanigans taking place around him. Explaining Katchafire’s latest single, Davey says, “This song has come about because of all the good, the bad, the people that I have loved and lost, and people who I love today. That my family and friends make my life what it is today, and for this I am blessed and will always be eternally grateful. My life used to be just about me and what I wanted. It is only in my older years that I have come to this realisation… everything else is temporary.”

Prior to “Way Beyond,” Katchafire also released a new music video for “Addicted,” the upcoming album’s first single. The music video for “Addicted,” produced by Damien Nikora, takes us on a smooth ride through the unbelievably scenic roads of New Zealand. Logan Bell hits all the right now notes in this classic Katchafire love song.

Speaking on the forthcoming album Legacy, frontman Logan Bell says, “The boys are really excited about this chapter. We have been working hard to bring y’all some new fire… It’s sounding great to our ears and we can’t wait to share with you!”

We share Logan’s excitement for the new album and can’t wait to dive into the full slate of songs in February. Stay tuned to The Pier for further updates on Legacy, as well as Katchafire tour dates in 2018. For now, enjoy the two new music videos off of the upcoming album.

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Article By: Brian Winters
Photo By: David Norris

Watch: Katchafire – “Way Beyond”

Watch: Katchafire – “Addicted”

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An Alaskan Plan to Tackle Climate Change

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Less than a week after Governor Bill Walker appointed me to the Alaska Climate Action Leadership Team, I attended our first meeting in Anchorage. The participants reflected Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Mallot’s commitment to hearing from a rich diversity of other Alaskan voices from across our nation’s biggest state.

Together, we represented different geographic, cultural and educational backgrounds brought together and united by a common cause—our commitment to helping our state chart a path forward to take action on climate change, one of the biggest challenges of our time. In my view, action is needed urgently especially as President Trump and other national political leaders seek to undermine science and undo progress on addressing global climate change.

In Alaska, we are seeing and experiencing the effects of changing climate first-hand. Our lands and waters are changing and, with those changes, come significant impacts on our communities, economy and very way of life.

Villages are falling into the ocean. Unreliable sea ice is disrupting subsistence hunting practices that have existed for millennia. Unusual weather events are becoming more common. The changes in Utqiaġvik (Barrow) were so rapid that models developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration flagged the relevant data as unreal and excluded it from the associated databases. The recently released 2017 Arctic Report Card calls this the “new normal,” marked by a rapid decline in sea-ice and increasingly warm ocean waters at rate that has not been seen in at least the last 1,500 years.

What can we do and how best can we prepare to adapt to our rapidly changing world? Well, that was part of the discussion at the meeting. We talked about building resilience for our communities, about becoming a world leader in renewable sources of energy, about scientific research to guide sustainable, forward-looking choices, and about the specific actions that can further those goals.

I was particularly inspired by the concept of One Health, which recognizes that the health of the environment and people really is the same—healthy communities are part of healthy ecosystems and vice versa. It is a holistic approach that is very relevant in Alaska and the Arctic. The resilience of communities and ecosystems are interdependent and, really, indistinguishable in many ways.

I am proud to serve on this inclusive team that will strive to guide state action to address climate change from a unified, Alaskan viewpoint, not as a partisan political issue. We will build on previous efforts by former Governor Sarah Palin and the Alaska Arctic Policy Committee. While the task ahead is immensely challenging, I am optimistic that we are taking steps in the right direction.

I’ll be sharing regular updates from our progress so watch this space!

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A Thank You Note to Our Ocean

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As 2017 winds down to a close, and as we all join our families to celebrate a season of togetherness, joy, and appreciation, we can’t help but appreciate the countless gifts our ocean offers us each and every day. Recently, we came across an adorable and quite seasonally-appropriate holiday: National Thank You Note Day. I started to think about what I’m personally most thankful for this year. And the one thing that kept coming back to my mind?

The ocean.


Sure, it seems pretty obvious that people who work for an ocean conservation group would clearly love and adore the sea beyond words. But, as I continued reflecting, I wondered: how often do we truly take the time to mindfully appreciate all our ocean gives us on a regular basis? From promoting relaxation and positive, calming vibes, to providing millions of people with a reliable food source, to the air we breathe and the water we drink, the sea provides both our bodies and minds with innumerable things that our lives would never be the same without.

So this year, we’re ready to acknowledge those gifts, and thank our ocean for so many things…

Public Domain

  • Thank you for your ability to inspire, and for instilling in us a sense of wonder and curiosity that’s beyond what we can put into words. Close to 95% of our ocean remains unexplored by mankind. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that a statistic like that certainly leaves a renewed sense of wonder and curiosity about our great blue planet.

Public Domain

  • Thank you for providing our world with food…if only we show it the respect and treatment it deserves. From fish to oysters to mussels and more, countless coastal communities and indigenous groups rely on healthy oceans for both steady dietary provisions and stable local economies. Without our seas, these communities truly would never be the same. Countless cultures center their livelihood and communities around the sea, making our ocean the foundation of cultures around the world.

Taylor Shellfish in Shelton,, WATaylor Shellfish in Shelton,, WA
© 2013 Barbara Kinney/Ocean Conservancy All Rights Reserved

  • Thank you for seeing us all as equalsfor being being pure-heartedly and gracefully free from the superficial assumptions. Whether sourced from our biases on race, gender, religion, abilities, or otherwise, you show us that the sea is welcoming and willing to show its beauty to all who wish to see and appreciate it, no matter who they are or where they come from.

Public Domain

  • Thank you for bringing communities together with a united cause for a greater good. Across our country and the globe, thousands have come together each year to participate in the International Coastal Cleanup. Even after some of the most catastrophic natural disasters, cleanup efforts have brought people together and illustrated the tie that binds us: a love for each other, and a love for our ocean.

A Joy Asico:Asico PhotoA Joy Asico:Asico Photo
© Joy Asico

Thank you, thank you, thank you…for being beautiful, educational, calming, and awe-inspiring, all at once. Without the influence of our ocean on how so many of us view the world (with a sense of wonder, humility, and limitless curiosity), we would never be the same. So again…

To our ocean, thank you.

While this year has brought quite the number of obstacles and difficulties to those trying to protect you, rest assured, we won’t give up on you.

We see you, and we’re fighting for you. No matter what happens, we’re excited for the start of 2018, symbolizing a fresh start and renewed energy for our work to protect and preserve you.

Public Domain

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The Ocean Expedition You Can Watch from the Comfort of Your Home

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How many nautical vessels does the United States own that are dedicated to exploring the seabed and ocean crust?


Just one!

© NOAA Okeanos

The Okeanos Explorer is operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This high-tech ship travels around the world to map the floor of our ocean and gather data on marine life—and it just completed a key phase of its 2017-2018 expedition. This venture, which took place in the Gulf of Mexico, started on November 29th and ended on December 20th. The expedition will resume in March 2018. NOAA scientists on the ship explored ship wrecks, deep sea corals, chemosynthetic communities and underwater volcanoes—but that’s only a glimpse of Okeanos’ full scientific potential.

okeanos 2okeanos 2
© NOAA Okeanos

Technology like the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), which NOAA scientists have dubbed “Deep Discoverer” (D2), allows scientists to understand the mysteries of our ocean like never before. This is the first time an Okeanos expedition has ever been live streamed, so ocean lovers can now watch D2 plunge into the deep and explore the shadowy depths of the sea floor in real time.

Our ocean is still largely uncharted and unexplored, so the exploration and research that Okeanos and NOAA scientists are conducting will contribute greatly to our understanding of our ocean and the life that inhabits it. The 2017-2018 expedition has been filled with unexpected surprises—some good and some bad. Here are a few of the 2017 Gulf of Mexico expedition highlights:

It’s called a deep clean…

Okeanos 3Okeanos 3
© NOAA Okeanos

During Okeanos’ December 14th dive in the Gulf of Mexico, D2 dove down to the bottom of the sea floor to investigate a mysterious ship wreck known as ‘Wreck 15725’. Upon arrival to the designated location on the sonar, they discovered that there was no ship! Instead, they found a shipping crate and a graveyard of sunken washers, dryers, refrigerators and deep freezers. What a weird find! This discovery shows how pervasive trash and debris are, even at the most remote depths of our ocean.

Is that a shark!?

okeanos 4okeanos 4
© NOAA Okeanos

You silly ocean lovers! That ghost-eyed creature is actually a long nosed chimaera. Although they aren’t sharks, sharks are their distant cousins. These fish are rarely seen by humans because they live close to our ocean floor. Okeanos spotted this rare deep sea creature on its December 12th Gulf of Mexico dive. Even the scientists on the ship were in awe because some of them had never seen a long nosed chimaera in the wild.

(Cue Lion King soundtrack) – ♪It’s the circle of life ♪

okeanos 5okeanos 5
© NOAA Okeanos

On Okeanos’ first ROV dive, which took place on December 2nd, the crew explored the “South Reed,” a site southwest of Florida. NOAA scientists observed multiple schools of squid, including these shortfin squid in the middle of their mating season. While there were an abundance of squids swimming and flirting, the ROV observed dozens of lifeless squids scattered over our ocean floor. Once a squid mates, it dies shortly after the reproduction process is complete. NOAA scientists were certain that a mass mortality event had occurred due to mating. Hence, the circle of life; mass mortality events are no laughing matter, but baby squids are adorable!

Do you wreck-en well make it through the storm?

okeanos 6okeanos 6
© NOAA Okeanos

During Okeanos’ December 9th dive, ROV plunged into the Gulf of Mexico to investigate an unexplored ship wreck, known as ‘wreck 15377’.  A thorough assessment of the ship was conducted. This included 3D mosaic imaging, allowing NOAA scientists to bring the mysteries of the seafloor to an electronic platform. Dating the ship back to the mid-eighteen hundreds, it was determined that this ship was predominantly used for hauling large amounts of cargo across our ocean. The ship contained pots, pans, ceramic containers, hand-blown glass jugs, along with an array of sea life that has made the shipwreck home over the last century and a half.

Creepy Crawlies on our ocean floor

okeanos 7okeanos 7
© NOAA Okeanos

-On December 16th, Okeanos explored the Tunica Mound, off the coast of Louisiana. While observing the diverse marine biology, looming on sea floor, NOAA scientists paused to examine this camouflaged sea creature. Looking like an elongated flounder with centipede legs, this cynoglossid tonguefish uses its individual rays of fins to inch its way across the sea floor. The biodiversity of our ocean seems to have no bounds.

The mission isn’t over yet. Okeanos is going to be doing more Gulf of Mexico deep sea exploration in 2018 from March 23rd-April 5th. Look out for updates, reminders and additional content regarding the March expedition and join us as we tag along with Okeanos in the depths of the Gulf of Mexico.

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MP3 Leak of the Week: Jungle Man Sam

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From Toronto, Canada, Jungle Man Sam (real name Sam Morton) released his new single “Dive Deep.” As we featured the song last week in an article, the feedback warranted a follow up with Sam agreeing to allow us to give the track away for FREE, this week only…

You can download Jungle Man Sam’s new song “Dive Deep,” for FREE, on our home page under the MP3 Leak of the Week on the right hand column! This Download will only be available until Saturday, Dec 23rd, 2017.

Jungle Man Sam – “Dive Deep” — Download HERE (on The Pier homepage)
Jungle Man Sam

Jungle Man Sam – “Dive Deep” Background:

I have actually been covering Jungle Man Sam’s music since he debuted with “CPR” in January of 2017. After that, he released an acoustic version of “Dive Deep” in February with Sugarshack Sessions (that you can view below) and that blew me away. Here’s what Sam had to share about the song back in February when we first asked him about it:
“Dive Deep is a song about loving someone so much that you want to dive right into every aspect of their being. We all have stories of heartache and pain that we bring along with us, and loving someone means loving that story that they carry. Crossing an ocean for someone is easy, but diving into the depths of who they are means a lot more.”

The studio cut of the song has a Tropical, Dance, RB, Pop sound with some mild reggae jazz undertones and Soca influences. You’ll hear that Sam has raw talent with great potential, inspired by his personal adventures throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, engineering a collection of songs that reflected his travels and adventures.

When Sam released the studio version of the song, he further explained: “It was inspired by a new love, more specifically a love of turbulent energy. I’ve found in my journey of partnerships that uncertainty often leads to all the fears that come with committing to a connection, and I really wanted to express how willing I was to go as deep as I possibly could into that love, and how much I believed in it.”

You can stream Jungle Man Sams music on all the platforms or own it via iTunes by clicking HERE!

Watch: Jungle Man Sam – “Dive Deep” (Live Acoustic – SugarShack Sessions)



Jungle Man Sam Background:

Jungle Man Sam is an international musician and world traveler originally based in Toronto, Canada. Be it solo or backed by a full band, Jungle Man Sam’s dynamic sound can be described as a blend of pop, dance, and world music that incorporates elements of Dancehall, Soca, Reggae, Reggaeton, and Hip Hop. With international influences such as Major Lazer, Machel Montano, Sean Paul, and of course the legendary Robert Nesta Marley, with inspiration from his personal adventures throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, Jungle Man Sam has crafted a collection of songs that capture both the energy and mystery of the exotic locations of his his travels. As an influencer, Jungle Man Sam strives to inspire a sense of wanderlust, taking his followers “there” by sharing the various cultural flavours from the places he’s explored and the stories of the people he meets.

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Huge thanks again to Jungle Man Sam for allowing us to share new song “Dive Deep” to post up for FREE download. Free music is a privilege that we’re grateful for and we appreciate the work these artists do! Please feel free to download this song for FREE and spread the awareness to your friends!
Enjoy the FREE track on the homepage!

Article By: Mike Patti

Listen: Jungle Man Sam – “Dive Deep”

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A Social Celebration of Our Ocean at Work

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I am so thrilled that 2017 closed on a high note
for ocean planning!

One year milestones always seem to hold a special significance—whether it’s a first birthday, a one year wedding anniversary, or simply your first year in a new city. It exemplifies 365 days of first experiences, first challenges and first triumphs.  December marked the one year anniversary of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Ocean Plans. Here are some of our favorite tweets celebrating the success of a common-sense, collaborative approach that keeps our ocean working for all of us.

We all love the ocean. It is not only where we go to find adventure, relaxation and recreation, it is one of America’s greatest natural resources. Did you know, the ocean economy touches 30 coastal and Great Lakes states? It contributes $352 billion annually to the U.S. economy and supports 3.1 million jobs nationwide. That’s equivalent to the economy of the entire nation of Norway, and that’s more jobs than the entire population of Iowa! I’d say that’s worth celebrating and protecting for this and future generations.

If you read the stories around Our Ocean at Work, perhaps one of the most outstanding aspects of ocean planning has been access to rich, new data about how we use the ocean. Avoiding conflicts between the needs of various ocean users starts with a common understanding—and in the case of ocean planning, that is taking place through open dialogues based on clear, reliable information.

A huge reason why I also celebrate ocean planning is because it brings diverse stakeholders to the table. In an excellent conversation with Kelsey Leonard of the Shinnecock Nation, she talked about how tribes have a seat at the table when it comes to this process, noting, “Our ability to bridge western and indigenous knowledge and science is at the heart of innovation for this planning process.”

At Ocean Conservancy, we are celebrating  the common-sense, collaborative approach of regional ocean planning that has been embraced by industry, fisheries managers, tribes, coastal communities and agencies.

What it comes down to is, ocean planning just makes plain sense. Ocean Conservancy is delighted to see it succeeding in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. The support it has generated is already inspiring the West Coast to work on its own ocean plan.

Ocean planning gives America one of the best tools to­ keep our blue economy strong from sea to shining sea – let’s celebrate that!

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