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Buffett’s new tour kicks off in Kansas City

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Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band kicked off the 2018 Son Of A Son Of A Sailor Tour last night at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO.

The set list from the show is now available. The show included six songs from the album “Son on a Son of a Sailor” which was released 40 years ago. Songs from the album included the title cut, “Fool Button”, “Livingston Saturday Night”, “Cheeseburger in Paradise”, “Cowboy in the Jungle”, and “Mañana”.

Some of the other highlights from the show included “Tampico Trauma” and “Sail On Sailor” (last played Aug 19, 2003). There was an instrumental break with featuring Robert Greenidge on steel drums and Peter Mayer on guitar performing “King Of Somewhere Hot”. Buffett and the Coral Reefers included a Bluegrass Medley with the songs “Grapefruit Juicyfruit”, “Manana”, “Fool Button”, and “Piece Of Work”.


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Magaritaville Hotel to open in Alabama

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From WAFF: “Margaritaville Hotel coming to Town Madison

A new hotel chain will make its Alabama debut in Madison.

On Friday, Breland Companies announced the arrival of Magaritaville Hotel at Town Madison. This will be the first Margaritaville project in Alabama

The 150 room hotel will be adjacent to the recently announced baseball stadium over the center field wall. It will feature food and beverage concepts,a 3,000 square feet meeting space, a retail store and a water park that includes a lazy river and volleyball court.

“We are proud to bring the Margaritaville lifestyle of fun and relaxation to Town Madison,” president and CEO Judd Bobilin said in a news release. “We see this as a great opportunity to integrate the Margaritaville experience into an exciting mixed-used project and with a state-of-the-art baseball stadium.”

The hotel is set to break ground in late 2018 and is expected to open in 2020. Chance Partners LLC will develop this project.

“This is a huge win for our city,” Madison Mayor Paul Finley said in the release. “Margaritaville is an international brand known for high-quality and fun projects. Not only will this hotel attract guests from across the region, but it will add multiple new dining and entertainment options for Madison residents.”


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Mighty Mighty Bosstones Release New Single, Announce New Album

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Ska-legends Mighty Mighty Bosstones announced that on June 15th they will release a new 14-track record, titled While We’re At It, with new single “Wonderful Day For The Race” leading the way.

To say there’s excitement for 47 minutes of new Bosstones music after a 7 year album absence would be an understatement. This is the groups 10th studio album in what front-man Dicky Barrett claims to be angrier than most!


We caught up with Bosstones saxophonist Tim Burton and when asked what made this album angry, he dished: “Donald Trump! I think we felt very motivated to make a record and it happened kind of quick. Dicky called me around the holidays and asked if I had any songs. There was definitely a feeling among us that we wanted to make a statement about whats going on.” Tim goes on to share: “I think its a really cool record, there’s a lot of really fun songs. It’s like a lot of the Bosstones stuff where its political but at the same time its done in a poetic way. I wouldn’t say the music is angry, its a really fun ska record… Dicky usually has a vision for the message behind a record and seeing it as a whole. We’re children of the 70’s, some of us, and we come from that era where records were a statement!”

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones tapped producer Ted Hutt who has now produced the bands last three records which has evolved into sort of a musical trilogy so to speak with each of the albums being a cohesive statement in working with the same producer inside the same studio.

The albums first single “Wonderful Day For The Race” is a title inspired by an old saying front-man Dicky Barrett’s Dad use to say as Dicky tells Billboard: “As a dopey kid, I would go, ‘What race?’ And he would always go, ‘The human race.’ It’s a tribute to him as well as a good message. We’re lucky to have what we have. We have this day, and we have who we are in ourselves. If that’s your starting point, that’s pretty damn good.”


Dicky, who also serves as the announcer on Jimmy Kimmel Live! goes on to share: “That song was based on the insignificance of what we truly are, up against the importance of what we are. Our place in the universe and who we think we are versus who we really are. It flip-flops back and forth between those two thoughts, ultimately landing on the importance of love and unity.”

The artwork was done by Yo Yo Yosef who shared on his Instagram (@Yo_yo_yosef): “This project was a heavy dose of nostalgia for me; digging deep into the 1970’s for art inspiration, influenced by things from my childhood in the 80’s, while creating something new for a band I have loved since high school in the 90’s.”

You can pre-order the While We’re At It now by clicking HERE! In the meantime, go stream “Wonderful Day for the Race”, watch the video, find upcoming tour dates and additional links below.

Dicky concludes: “You can talk about the current political climate—I think people want to feel good this summer. Ska music is a way to do that. It’s worked in the past. Is it a coincidence? Maybe. As a guy that’s in a ska-punk band, am I hoping there’s some kind of resurgence? I don’t know. I’m going to do it anyway. I don’t need it to be a trend or be popular or anything. The Bosstones make Bosstones music whether it’s fashionable or not.”

Watch: Mighty Mighty Bosstones – “Wonderful Day For The Race”

Mighty Mighty Bosstones – While We’re At It Tracklist:
MMB_WhileWereAtIt1.) Greenbay, Wisconsin
2.) The Constant
3.) Wonderful Day for the Race
4.) Unified
5.) Divide
6.) Closer to Nowhere
7.) Walked Like a Ghost
8.) The West Ends
9.) Here We Are
10.) The Mad Dash
11.) Absolutely Wrong
12.) In Honor Of
13.) Hugo’s Wife
14.) After the Music Is Over

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Article By: Mike Patti
Photos By: David Norris

Watch: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – “The Impression That I Get”

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Codename Coral

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Ocean Conservancy recently embarked on a partnership with Force Blue to support a coral restoration mission in Puerto Rico. Nathan Quinn, a member of Force Blue Team One deployed to Puerto Rico to assist NOAA, Sea Ventures and Puerto Rico’s Department of Natural Resources in October and has been there since. The Florida native and U.S. Army Veteran and Military Medic Instructor took some time to speak with us about his time in Puerto Rico. This is the second part of a four-part interview series. Click here to read the first installment and here for the second.

What does Force Blue’s diver training look like?

Nathan Quinn: After a rigorous selection process by our own Roger Sparks, Force Blue has an initial two-week training that includes courses from industry leaders like Lad Akins of REEF, Coral Restoration from Patti Gross Kirk of Coral Restoration Foundation, Underwater Photography from the world-famous Charlotte Church. There is some classroom instruction but there is simply no substitute for getting in the water and getting the work done. This kind of instruction is very familiar to those with experience in Special Operations; the best in the field tell you how it’s done and in no time flat you are in a controlled environment getting it done under observation—honing that skill to a sharp point. Everyone is fully focused knowing that soon enough it will be put to practice in the field. There is also continuing education, thanks to Force Blue’s Training Director Angelo Fiore, and these programs are only getting better. We come from a diverse background ourselves and have much to teach one another. When there are gaps in that, we find the best in the field to show us how it’s done. We’re lucky enough that they have said yes at every turn.

This effort requires local support and NOAA has been working with local dive company Sea Ventures on this projectwhat has it been like working alongside the locals who were most impacted by this storm?

Quinn: When you have a task at hand it can be easy to focus on that task and forget that the people working just as diligently at your side have a lot more going on. I remember building this house in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand after the Tsunami had demolished that otherwise idyllic island. As the sun set at the end of the long day it was just myself and the gentleman who would be living and working from the house. “I wish she could see this place, it’s going to be beautiful”. I let the phrase hang there for too long realizing that in focusing on the work I had forgotten why we were doing it. In the time it took us to split a warm beer I discovered that he had lost everything he owned and a staggering nine members of his family—including his wife. There’s a reason we call it a disaster.

27- Please credit @Jim Hellemn, forceblueteam.org27- Please credit @Jim Hellemn,
© Jim Hellemn

Here in Puerto Rico, we are lending a hand to the local projects but it must be said that the lion’s share of the work is being done by dedicated locals who have in some cases lost their homes, their cars, everything. They are working in the blistering heat to rebuild their island of enchantment and coming home to houses without power, feeding their families from stores with barren shelves. Everyone gets tired. It’s a brutal job in difficult conditions. When you look to your left and right and see that level of dedication and appreciation what can you do? You put on a new tank, grab a hammer and keep going until the sun comes down.

Coral reefs have been referred to as the medicine cabinets of the oceanswith your medical background, were you aware of that before your work with Force Blue? What types of medical advances can be assisted by coral reefs?

Quinn: For many, the idea of getting medications from natural sources sounds suspect or even a bit ‘granola.’ In fact, many of the medications we use every day come from the environment around us. Julius Caesar and Cleopatra used Aspirin gathered from tree bark. Many modern heart and sea sickness medications come from plant sources like foxglove and nightshades. We discovered these vital substances through centuries of experimentation. It was only the comparatively recent invention of Scuba that allowed us to similarly explore the opportunities that the near limitless biodiversity of the reefs provide. Unsurprisingly, the world’s oceans hold an equal if not greater trove of medicines. Coral in particular, with their tremendous immune systems, seem to offer a huge opportunity for afflictions that take a particular toll on modern societies – Autoimmune Diseases.

Dozens of such medications have in this way been discovered as a result of the exploration of 5% of the world’s oceans. Just imagine what wonder medicines are in the other 95%.

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Help Us Change the Tide of Plastic Pollution

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Picture a sea turtle. Perhaps a baby, crawling to the ocean for the very first time, or a mother who just laid her eggs on the very same beach she was born. These images should invoke the most beautiful emotions of hope and best wishes for these beautiful creatures and it’s likely that the shoreline or sea you’re imaging is pristinely clean, with crystal clear waters and miles of impeccably spotless sand.

But there’s something about this turtle you probably didn’t think about.

She has never used a plastic bag, a single-use fork or a simple straw. But because we use them, and they all too often end up on these beaches, her life could be in danger. These disposable habits of convenience constitute a monumental problem that is slowly but surely filling our ocean with plastic.

In fact, by the time you’re done reading this blog, an entire garbage truck-worth of plastic will have entered the ocean. An entire truckload of our plastic waste.

And this happens every minute of each and every day.

The worst part? Not only is it disgusting and disheartening, it is also a completely preventable problem.

Here at Ocean Conservancy, we continue to serve on the front lines of coastal cleanups. We organize worldwide campaigns to clean our seas. We advocate for policy that protects ocean life and supports safe, unpolluted waters.

Our victories are possible because of supporters like you who donate time and resources to save our precious ocean, and we couldn’t be more grateful. But our work is not yet done.

We all are responsible for the ever-growing tide of pollution in our ocean. It will take all of us working together, day in and day out, to stop it.

Your gift today can help our conservation initiatives lead the way in protecting our ocean and the precious wildlife that grace her waters and coastlines.

You can help prevent sea turtles from ingesting harmful plastics.

You can help ensure fish and marine mammals are able to swim freely without the threat of entanglement.

You can help show the world that it’s only if we all take responsibility for our actions that we can treat the ocean and its creatures with the care and respect they truly deserve.

Give today, and you will play an active role in protecting our ocean and the countless wondrous marine wildlife species that depend on it as their home.

It’s time to clean up how we think about pollution and single-use plastics.

Together, there’s no doubt in my mind that we can change the tide.

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ESCAPE TO MARGARITAVILLE nationwide tour to kick off in Providence RI

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Frank Marshall, the producer of Jimmy Buffett’s Broadway musical “ESCAPE TO MARGARITAVILLE”, announced on Twitter the musical will be heading out on a national tour set to kick off in October 2019 at the Providence Center in Rhode Island. More cities to be announced in the coming months.


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Song Premiere: Iration – “2GÜD2BTRÜ”

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May 18th, Iration will begin their summer tour with Dirty Heads, The Movement and Pacific Dub. They will also release their 5th studio record, a self-titled release with 17 brand-new songs and we’re honored to have the first official leak of their new song “2GÜD2BTRÜ.”

One of our favorite songs on the record is the oddly spelled “2GÜD2BTRÜ,” pronounced “Too Good To Be True.” Guitarist Micah Brown tells The Pier: “I think we were just feeling real cheeky one day in the studio, and at one point our engineer asked us what the song title was going to be, and we started to get creative with the spelling, and after a lengthy discussion of the use of umlauts, we decided to go with it.”

It’s a progressively sounding Iration song with a pop surface and bouncy reggae foundation topped with melodic vocals. The song smells like sunscreen, ocean breeze and palm trees. The bassline is especially fun to follow around the beat and jumping keys. It’s a fun song, its fun to listen to and I’m sure it’s fun for the guys to play. The song itself is a tribute to the supportive women in their lives.

Micah goes on to tell The Pier: “‘2GÜD2BTRÜ’, to me, is an anthem for the wonderful women in our lives who sacrifice so much quality time and togetherness in support of our journey. Musically, it’s anthemic as well, kind of a feel-good, nostalgic, throwback singalong. It’s a personal song about the challenges of maintaining a healthy relationship while balancing life on the road. You always want to ‘be there’ for your loved ones, even if you can’t physically be there, and we are blessed to have found such strong, supportive partners who understand and embrace the path we’ve chosen.”

The album includes 17 tracks with guest appearances by Kyle McDonald of Slightly Stoopid, J Boog and Tyrone’s Jacket. You’ll be able to stream the album via most outlets on May 18th but you can own it by clicking HERE! Look out to hear their new songs on their summer tour that spans from May 18th – June 30th. You can find dates and links below.

Iration – Iration Tracklist:
IrationSelfTitled 1.) Already Gold
2.) Press Play
3.) Twisted Up
4.) Broken Promises (ft. Slightly Stoopid)
6.) Danger (ft. J Boog Tyrone’s Jacket)
7.) Losing My Mind
8.) Stay The Course
9.) Know Your Name
10.) Last To Know
11.) L.I.O.N. (Like It Or Not)
12.) Energy
13.) Hit List
14.) Borderlines
15.) Fly With Me
16.) Warm Waters
17.) All For You

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Article by: Mike Patti

Listen: Iration – “Danger” (ft. J Boog Tyrones Jacket)

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Connecting Cultures Across the Ocean

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Karen Matsumoto and I are sitting in the Uwajimaya food court in Seattle’s International District. Throngs of people bustle around us and the smell of Japanese and Chinese food sizzling under heat lamps envelops me, conjuring up memories of home.

Matsumoto is the Climate Change and Environmental Science Educator for the Suquamish Tribe. Over a plate of jin dui, we reminisce about our childhoods and the particular experiences we both share as Japanese-Americans, despite being born on opposite ends of the country. Me in Hawaii. Matsumoto in Virginia.

I ask her how she navigates working in indigenous spaces and if it has influenced her own claimed identity.

“My dad never talked about it,” she pauses thoughtfully, “So it wasn’t until high school that I learned anything about the internment camps. That’s where I can really relate to the intergenerational trauma that a lot of our native students go through in feeling this shame from something that I didn’t even experience. I carried this weird guilt and shame and I was embarrassed to talk about it or think about it. Working with the tribes has actually gotten me closer and more interested in my own Japanese culture.”


She attended UC Berkeley, where she majored in Terrestrial Ecology and Forestry and was influenced by classes she took in Asian American Studies. This, along with her upbringing, inspired her to focus on multicultural education and on tackling the disparities of environmental justice for communities of color.

In 2010, she joined ten other scientists and educators at the remote Midway Atoll through a leadership program for Papahānaumokuākea Marine Sanctuary funded by NOAA. During the service learning program, she partnered with Carlie Wiener a research education project called Ecosystem Pen Pals.

It is a cultural and natural history exchange that brought together elementary school students from different regions in the Pacific Rim—the Hawaiian Islands, American Samoa, and the western coast of Washington State. Funded by the Suquamish Tribe, NOAA’s Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary and Bureau of Indian Affairs Climate Change Youth Engagement Grant, this program aimed to connect students to their local natural environment and cultural community.

The classrooms explored local ecosystems and worked collaboratively to complete a field guide based on their observations and research. They shipped the final product to their elementary school partner along with a suitcase that contained a sampling of artifacts unique to their culture and respective ecosystems. Each child was also paired up with a pen pal, and over the course of the program, exchanged four letters to help promote awareness and understanding of how climate change will affect indigenous ecosystems and traditional ways of life.

“I was talking to some of the kids who are now in high school and some of them were still corresponding with their pen pals, which I thought was a really cool thing,” Matsumoto shares. “The program brought kids together from different tribes. They were learning together, learning from one another, and sharing their respective stories.


Ecosystem Pen Pals is just one example of the many projects she’s spearheaded during her long career in multicultural education. During our conversation, she lists off multiple programs she’s helped create, each one focused on introducing underserved communities to the ocean sciences through their lived experiences and their cultural backgrounds.

“I think it’d be really helpful to train environmental educators to incorporate real multicultural perspectives in the curriculum,” says Matsumoto. “The material needs to engage the students by starting from where they come from and their experiences. For the past five years, I’ve been focusing on integrating traditional ecological knowledge, indigenous ways of knowing and indigenous learning systems into STEM education.”

For Matsumoto, it’s all about creating opportunities and opening doors for her students. Thanks to funding and programmatic support by NOAA, she has been able to accomplish that through projects like Ecosystem Pen Pals.

By incorporating indigenous knowledge into the curriculum, she hopes to support their curiosity by reinforcing their cultural connection to the environment and make science more accessible for them as a future career. Instead of focusing on assimilation and perpetuating the toxic “savior syndrome” in which indigenous communities need to “saved” or “educated” by outside forces, it’s about respecting these student’s innate potential and ability to succeed on their own terms.

“I think working for the tribal schools and working with the tribe has really, really opened up my eyes and taught me to look at situations from different perspectives,” Matsumoto tells me. “I’ve found that these are some of the smartest, most intuitive kids that I’ve ever taught. I think I learned a lot more from working with these kids than they would ever get from me. It’s been a real honor to work with them.”

After nearly 35 years in the multicultural education field, Matsumoto is thinking of retiring. But I get the impression that she’s too integral to the community for them to let her leave completely. We fall silent for a few moments, letting the cacophony of overlapping languages in Uwajimaya wash over us. It takes me back to my childhood days in Hawaii and I savor the feeling of nostalgia. As I reflect on our conversation, I think about how passionate and inspiring teachers like Karen Matsumoto helped me get to where I am today. I know that when the time comes, I’ll be able to pay that kindness forward to the next generation.

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Latitude Margaritaville coming to the Florida Panhandle

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Master developer Minto Communities USA, global lifestyle brand Margaritaville Holdings and The St. Joe Company have combined their resources to pursue the development of a new LATITUDE MARGARITAVILLE active adult community in Florida’s Panhandle region to be located in Bay County near Panama City Beach and the scenic 30A corridor. The community is projected to open in early 2020.

The LATITUDE MARGARITAVILLE Watersound location is in the heart of St. Joe’s Bay-Walton Sector Plan that is entitled for 170,000 homes. St. Joe owns approximately 15 miles of frontage on the Intracoastal Waterway connecting West Bay with Choctawhatchee Bay and it is expected that the community will receive the benefit from the spectacular vistas and recreational opportunities.

LATITUDE MARGARITAVILLE Watersound is the third of the communities to be developed. The first two LATITUDE MARGARITAVILLE communities have opened in Daytona Beach, Florida and Hilton Head, South Carolina.


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The Dirty Heads Pre-Show Lore

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You ever wonder what your favorite band is doing behind the curtain just before they come out on stage? Some bands have a pre-show ritual and as it turns out, the Dirty Heads are one of those bands who actually have a Pre-Show Lore courtesy of one particular member.

The Dirty Heads pre-show lore helps gets the fellas pumped up and ready to perform. Immediately before going on stage, most of the band grabs a glass and prepares for a shot, accompanied by a toast from Shawn Hagood, the band’s keyboardist. The toast has been referred to as a type of lore that is custom-written during the day of each show. The toast is often based on the locale of the upcoming show, a recent inside joke, or just something funny that gets the group loosened up.

[Related: Exclusive Interview: Matt Ochoa, Dirty Heads]

During a past interview with drummer Matt Ochoa, he tells The Pier: “Shawn does this lore every single day and we kind of have to do it now because if he doesn’t do it then we feel off and the show usually doesn’t go right.”


When asked if other members ever get to contribute or hear the toast ahead of time, Matty enthusiastically replied, “Oh no! He writes it during sound check, and then a few minutes before we go on stage, he says the toast. And that’s it, we’re ready to start the show! It gets everyone pumped and excited.”

Bassist, David Foral, goes on to tell The Pier: “Yeah, so he’s got a couple different characters that he’ll act out. One of them is more of a hip-hop guy, another one is like a medieval guy. And he’s pretty clever with it. We were talking about one day making a coffee table book. I think he has it all written down and he puts the date and where we were. They all rhyme and sometimes he’ll be, like, ‘Give me a beat!’ And we’ll put down a beat box and he’ll do the lore. I’ll pour shots, we’ll do that and then we’ll go onstage.”

The Pier was able to obtain one of the toasts that was used to ready the guys a show in Kansas City on July 19th, 2016:

“Smoldering fire
This Missouri heat
We rise from these ashes
Revenant defeat

Share your whiskey
For me – I’ll have three
One for me, KC
And my brothers, hail to thee!”

– Shawn Hagood, Dirty Heads, Keyboards

This summer, Dirty Heads will host Iration, The Movement and Pacific Dub on a national tour that includes 28 total dates across 23 states on a early summer tour that begins May 18th in Chula Vista, CA concludes on June 30th in Irvine, CA. Find dates and links below.

Watch: Dirty Heads – “Celebrate”

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Article By: Mike Patti
Photo By: David Norris

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