One Year Later: Withdrawal from Paris Agreement Was a Dangerous Mistake

Posted on Friday, June 1st, 2018 at 4:49 pm
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One year ago today, President Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Agreement—undermining the important work being done to protect millions of Americans who depend on the ocean for their businesses and livelihoods from the threat of climate change.

The impact of carbon emissions on the ocean isn’t an abstract danger. Coast communities are already feeling the impact. Fishermen are struggling as fish stocks migrate as the ocean warms. Oyster growers on the West Coast have already suffered massive losses because of ocean acidification. Communities in Alaska are bracing for a future where they will have to abandon their homes and rebuild their communities.

Despite this administration’s actions, Ocean Conservancy is encouraged to see many states, from the coasts to the Midwest, pledging to follow the standards set by the Paris Agreement.

As we begin National Ocean Month, we urge President Trump to reconsider the withdrawal of the United States from this important international agreement. Climate change—and protecting our coastal communities from its effects—shouldn’t be a partisan issue.

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