Battery cable clamp

I did a battery swap in the dark while on our summer road trip and lost the clamp that allows one of the battery cables to grip the battery terminal with that bell shaped nut.

My Jeep dealership tells me this part is not available, as it’s part of a $650 wiring package, so I’m wondering if anyone has an extra. Perhaps someone whose installed a dual battery system with new cables (like I plan to do soon with Genesis). Or maybe if you know of a wrecked JK at a junk yard.

I’m happy to Paypal someone $20 if they’re willing to toss the little thing in an envelope and mail it to me. Otherwise, I’ll probably buy a new battery cable. Good job Chrysler in making a simple thing complicated.


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so this happened today

had to replace the heater core in a friends car today.

puddle of antifreeze over the ecm

the new heater core

and with it all put back together, in one day!

took about 8 hours from start to finish to do it. ups showed up today with the heater core around 10:30. with all of the bolts inside the car, away from the road salt, there was no rust to deal with! unlike the brakes i did on it about a week ago.

had to cut the front rotors off, and had to fracture one of the rear rotors to get it to clear the parking brake shoe.

and what do you see missing in the picture below???

thats right, there was no brake pad there when i pulled the tire off!

replaced all 4 rotors, calipers and pads.

the worst brakes i have ever seen on a car. they were so bad that the rear tires were completely locked up and driving the car forward or backwards couldn’t free them up!

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South Carolina JK Full Doors

Anyone looking for a set of full doors. Bought a Set of Half doors and since im in SC and it doesnt really get that cold Iv decided I like them enough to get rid of my Fulls.

-They are black however I had a kid in my neighborhood used a key on them
so they could use a repaint. I got a quote for 150 for both doors locally.
I was going to bedliner them if I decided to keep them.
-Manual Locks and Windows
-Glass is in decent shape.
-Everything is operational.
-The locks are removed so that they may be rekeyed to your ignition by a

Will drive and meet in Sc or can ship and buyers expense.

**upload pictures in the next day or so**

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BA 10/5

Thanks! I saw that video and I also saw some Ebay listing for BA/10 with linkage removed and it looks a bit different. In essence, AX15 has two holes where the pressure plate (or what ever) that grabs it and BA/10 seems to have beeds that runs the entire circumference of the linkage and at three different positions!! what a horrible design…

The other final option is to cut it, install the boot and re-weld.

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Hard door Glass replacement

I’d check out an automotive glass shop (or several). They may stock what you’re looking for or at least have some idea of where to get them.

I’m sure you’ve already tried a dealer parts dept. What I’ve found, is that if you go there in person, it’s harder for the counter person to lazily say “They’re no longer available” than to actually look them up. Try to go mid-morning or mid-afternoon on a weekday when they’re less likely to be so busy.

EG terminal has a good website for automotive hardware. I don’t know if they carry glass hardware or not, but as an outside chance, I’d try there….or perhaps Fastenal.

Where’d you buy the glass. They may have a source for the plastic gizmos.

Good Luck, L.M.

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ARB Freezer Slide in the Back of a JK

Good Evening,
Has anyone used this slide in the cargo area of their Jeep?

Did it work? I’m trying to find a good way to secure a 37qt Fridge in the back of my JK 2-dr.

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Having some issues

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How’s YOU

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98 TJ Crankshaft Position Sensor Part Number

Hey Folks,

Can somebody verify the correct Mopar part number for a Crankshaft Position Sensor for a 98 TJ 4.0 5 Speed?

68281273AA or 4897321AA

I believe it’s the first one. I have read that there are different models depending on whether you have Manual or Automatic and I want to make sure before I drop $100 ordering one.

Of course, if either of those part numbers are incorrect or have been superseded with something new please let me know.

As always, thanks for the help.

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