Shrimp Fest 2017

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New front bumper

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3-way switches for lower dash panel

You should be able to use the Contura switches. Check out

I like the A pillar mount. They sell them for driver and passenger side.

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Lift Comparison- Metalcloak Gamechanger vs Teraflex CT3?

Originally Posted by TheGrendel
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Is this prevailing wisdom, is there evidence to this? I’ve heard shops RECO teraflex since Jeeps are their sole focus…

And with Metalcloak- what about the shock options?…-3-5-8416.html

Seems like depending on which shocks you pick you have different options. Some ask about what kind of backspacing you have, other ask about whether or not stock muffler. I’m not going to be doing anything extreme but want a solid quality kit that wont break the bank and won’t cause me problems if i do decide to do some more moderate off road stuff.

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next step!!!!

so im currently attempting to do the standard daily/mild offroader build

ive got the tires and lift on 2.5 lift on 35s (basic stuff)

but I don’t know what would be the next best build, a flashpaq retune (I don’t remember the official name, but I hope you guys know what I mean)

or save for ever and do the regear that is gonna be needed

i know the regear is pretty much 100% necessary to get any offroad respect
but with my current financial status, it will be a few months away before i could afford it (read as im broke as )

so what do you think, re tune sooner or save forever for regear and scrap the retune.

also im a 100% noob, learning on the fly how to do most work, i will not install the new gearing myself due to fear of blowing up the diffs.

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Do I NEED upper control arm heat shields?

These were taken off when I had my lift installed a few months back and I just kind of forgot about them. Looking back through my stuff I finally figured out that I had the heat shields from the front upper control arms.

Question is, am I okay leaving them off trashing them or should I put them back on?

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My Jeep Wrangler TJ 1998 Sahara Pics+Video

Hi guys, this is my 98 Sahara, hope you like it!

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It’s Britney B@%ch

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Yellowtail 2017

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Mopar headliner question

Hey all,

With some of the hotter data this summer it appears the adhesive used at the factory broke down a bit and now the corners of the cargo area headliner are coming unstuck from the roof.

So my question, for those of you that have dealt with this is – what have you used to re-adhere these things to the roof? High temp spray adhesive like Fast tak?



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