Dirty Heads’ David Foral Releases New Single “Crash Over Me”

While we wait for the Oct. 13th release of Dirty Heads new album Swim Team, bassist David Foral is continuing to release music of his own. Following up on the drop of his most recent single, Paved The Way, featuring Hip Hop MC Big Nes, Foral returns with “Crash Over Me” alongside female vocalist Rebecca Arscott and Long Beach Dub Allstars horn-player, Tim Wu.

“Crash Over Me” has been released to Spotify, Amazon Itunes, and is a part of Foral’s Stone Soup Mixtape Vol.2 that will drop August 31st, 2017. The Mix-tape is one long mix of various songs from various artists, producers and DJ’s curated by David to the sameDavidForal_CrashOverMe tempo and produced to be one long mix that you can vibe out to for whats expected to be 30minutes.

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Rebecca Arscott is a solo female artist from Albuquerque, NM who performs a fusion of Reggae, Pop and Soul alongside her backing band One Heart Fyah. In 2016 she released the debut EP Fyah Rising.

Foral tells The Pier: “Last year I was going down the wormhole of endless YouTube videos and stumbled across a video of Rebecca doing a Rihanna cover. Her soulful voice caught my ear and I reached out to her. I wanted to do something in the vein of Sade and thought she’d be a perfect fit.” Foral adds that “‘Crash Over Me’ is a sea of emotional soul that blends current sounds with rhythms of the past.”

David Foral and Tim Wu have been friends for many years and have collaborated on quite a few projects in the past, making this another entry to their joint-catalog. The Stone Soup Mixtape Vol.1 was released August 2016 and came in at 26minutes setting the tone for what is expected to be a series of volumes to be released each year by Foral.

As for the Stone Soup Mixtape Vol. 2, it will feature guest appearances by members of Sublime, Dirty Heads, Easy Star All-Stars, Passafire, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Ballyhoo!, Hirie, The Movement, Tatanka, DJ Jace One, Big Nes, Rebecca Arscott and more.

You can purchase his new single, “Crash Over Me,” featuring Rebecca Arscott on iTunes by clicking HERE!

Dirty Heads Tour Dates

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Article by: Mike Patti

Listen: David Foral – “Paved The Way” feat. Big Nes

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Common Kings & Matisyahu Reveal ‘The Broken Crowns Tour’

The touring landscape for the upcoming fall season is starting to take shape – Matisyahu and Common Kings have joined forces, setting the bar early for can’t-miss-shows. The artists recently announced The Broken Crowns Tour will kick off in October and opening up the show will be the Matisyahu produced group, Orphan

Common Kings, who will be touring in support of their latest album Lost In Paradise, provided some historical context for The Pier on how the tour came together, stating that: “We met at Cali-Roots Festival, earlier this year. There was an instant ‘family’ connection while we were chilling backstage and vibing to some music. We talked about going on tour, and Matisyahu made it happen.”

Further, when asked if fans can expect any collaboration during the tour in addition to a joint track to be released in the near future, and the band informed The Pier that: “fans will definitely see some onstage collaborations throughout the tour, and let’s just say we can expect some ‘fire’ from these two acts to drop soon.”

Matisyahu is fresh off his latest release Undercurrent which dropped May 19 via Fallen Sparks. A heavy dosage of the music for the record was reported to have been written by Matisyahu’s band over several improv sessions, and only featured eight tracks (some of which however chimed in at over 10 minutes).

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Orphan was handpicked and produced by Matisyahu himself. He offered up some insight on the Brooklyn-based trio: “Orphan is a new band I signed currently living and making music out of my home. All three core members Menachem, Nissin, and Chaim are sons of Lubavitch Rabbis and met in Yeshiva. They formed a bond around my release at the time (Live at Stubbs 2) and began to study the sounds of Dub Trio. Of all the music I’ve come across over the years, these 22-year-old boys manage to retain the spirit of their Lubavitch heritage while creating music with a fresh Brooklyn edge that is an outgrowth of the Matisyahu sound. I am proud to introduce to you, Orphan, the soundtrack to a generation who never met their rebbe and have had to blaze a new trail.”

The Broken Crowns Tour will kick off October 6 in Maine will span 21 dates, closing out at Stubbs Bar-B-Q Outdoors in Austin TX (perhaps a tribute to Matisyahu’s Live at Stubbs album from 2005). Check out the full listing of tour dates below…


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Article By: Brian Glaser

Watch: Common Kings – “Lost in Paradise”

Watch: Matisyahu – “Step out into the Light”

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Tropidelic To Release New Album with Law Records

Tropidelic is a Cleveland, OH based reggae-rock-hip hop-funk group that is the newest addition to the Law Records family as they’ll release their sophomore album, Heavy Is The Head, on Oct. 27th, 2017. Read what Pepper drummer Yesod Williams tells The Pier about the signing along with additional information from vocalist Matthew Roads
Tropidelic has been around since 2008 and released their debut album, All Heads Unite, in 2012 and have since released 3 separate EPs. Heavy Is The Head is the first album for Tropidelic in 5 years and was able to catch the attention of Law Records. In a recent interview with Yesod Williams, he tells The Pier: “We played with them and just remember them from being out on the road… Brett’s the one who brought Tropidelic in. We knew them as a band and Brett had kept in contact with them. He brought it to the table and then we ended up doing a deal with them.” Yesod goes on to say “What I’m really excited about is we have nothing like them on the label. They’re filling a void on Law Records because they’re a little bit more of that hip-hop reggae, in a nutshell.”

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The album title, Heavy Is The Head, alludes to “Heavy is the head that wears the crown” and Roads tells The Pier: “Its a reflection of the sacrifices, struggle, pain endured on route to the top, or when you reach the top.” The artwork, seen below, was designed by Pierce Maratto. The album was recorded at RCR Recording in Cleveland, OH and produced by Roads and co-producer, Cary Crichlow.

Roads continues to tell The Pier that, “The album is the first cohesive writing effort as a band and features song’s written by several members. “Heavy Is The Head” is a culmination of all the styles and personalities of the group, varying from reggae/rock, to hip-hop, funk and more.”

You can find Tropidelic performing live on the road from August 17th – September 24th on tour with Pepper and Tribal Seeds for the summer Nice Dreams tour. Stay tuned for more details on their upcoming album as you can find track-listing, links and videos below.

Tropidelic – Heavy Is The Head Track-list:
TropHeavy_Front1.) Leviathan
2.) Hey Now
3.) Highs Lows
4.) Dollar Saved
5.) Offer It Up
6.) Festival Girl
7.) The Recipe
8.) Church
9.) Lorain Lorain
10.) Heavy Is The Head

Pepper Tour Dates

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Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Tropidelic Announces Their Signing to Law Records

Watch: Tropidelic – “Police State”

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New Sublime Documentary In The Works

It’s been since the 1998 independent release of Stories, Tales, Lies Exaggerations or perhaps the late 2001 drop of VH-1’s Behind The Music that a proper telling of Sublime‘s story was documented. 2018 will be the year we see a new documentary on the beautifully complicated band that we continue to celebrate in Sublime.
The documentary will be written and directed by two-time Academy Award-winning director Bill Guttentag and created with the full cooperation of the Sublime members and the Nowell Estate. The film is set to begin production immediately. Guttentag will produce, along with Peter Paterno, Sublime managers Dave Kaplan and Scott Seine (DKM/Surfdog), and Nayeema Raza.

Drummer, Bud Gaugh, from Sublime says, “I can’t wait to hand deliver our story to our fans. It has been a long-time coming and now there are literally two more generations of fans who never had the opportunity to see us perform, or don’t know the whole story. I am excited to work with Bill Guttentag, as I am a big fan of his work as well.”

It’s been said that Guttentag will be granted unprecedented access to Sublime’s archives, including rare music and never-before-seen footage. The film will even have a soundtrack with cuts from the band’s catalog and feature rare, unreleased gems, as well as music from the era and songs that were influential in molding the band’s sound.

Guttentag shares that: “Sublime is an iconic band — and I feel honored to be directing this film. Few bands have had the enduring, electrifying appeal of Sublime. With our film we hope to bring Sublime’s amazing story and incredible music to their long-time devoted fans, and also connect to a new generation — who have also embraced their singular, powerful sound.”

My Take:

The late (great) Josh Fischel did a fantastic job on ’98’s “Stories, Tales, Lies Exaggerations.” Josh was the man behind the lens for all of Sublime’s Warped Tour footage and for the time-period, he did research in releasing a great story and interviewing everyone that was associated with the band. I imagine Josh’s documentary would be an immediate blueprint for Guttentag to reference when getting to work on this film. If you’re a Sublime fan and not familiar with Stories, Tales, Lies Exaggerations, go search it out right now!

As a die-hard fan of the band, this new documentary needs to tell, in detail, how intricate both Josh_Sublime_DocumentaryMiguel Happoldt and Marshall ‘Ras MG’ Goodman were to the sound we know as Sublime. While Sublime was famously marketed as 3-white guys, the contributing players played such a huge role in their diverse sound. Ras MG was behind the drum-kit on “Date Rape” as well as most of the 40oz to Freedom album including hit singles, “What I Got” and contributed production DJ cuts for “Doin’ Time” from the self-titled record. Miguel was the glue that kept the band together, but was not on the official contract that Sublime signed, so on the surface Miguel has only been credited as a producer.

I just hope the true depth of the band is finally revealed and not just sold as 3-white guys making music — The story is so much deeper than that based on my talks with Miguel, Marshall Opie Ortiz. The more you dig into that story, the more complex it is, but without it’s complexity, I don’t think we’d have the depth we hear in Sublimes music. So in short, Bill Guttentag better Oscar-Award his way into a well told fucking story of Sublime that matches the depth of their music and background!

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Documentaries can often times be viewed as a precursor to a major motion picture, where perhaps a movie is done on the group that loosely follows the documentaries script. It would be awesome to see Sublime’s story spread to the big screen to the likes of a Straight Outta Compton or The Doors. When I spoke to Josh Fischel, just before his unfortunate passing, he offered his input for a Sublime movie, saying it’d be best told as: “a series of vignettes, these little scenes of how all of this stuff was put together. You don’t need an ulterior motive or a subtext necessarily to tell a rock roll story. Just tell it viscerally and as true as you can… 100% John Goodman could play Jim Nowell, Brad’s dad, Papa Nowell.”

[Editors Note: Guttentag, if you’re reading this, go ahead and reference my Interviews with both Miguel Happoldt by clicking HERE as well as Ras MG, HERE!]

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Article By: Mike Patti
Photo of Josh Fischel By: David Norris

Watch: Sublime – “What I Got”

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MP3 Leak of the Week: The Ellameno Beat

Debut full-length records are fun because, as a band, you can only have one! The Ellameno Beat is celebrating their first with the Aug 11th drop of Surface and we’re giving away their new song “One Of Us”

You can download The Ellameno Beat’s new song “One Of Us,” for FREE on our home page under the MP3 Leak of the Week on the right hand column! This Download will only be available until Saturday, August 19th, 2017.

The Ellameno Beat – “One Of Us” — Download HERE (on The Pier homepage)
The Ellameno Beat

The Ellameno Beat “One Of US” Background:

The Ellameno Beat’s new album, Surface, is 10 total tracks setting elements of multiple genres atop reggae-fueled roots. One of the eye-opening factors that sticks out about this debut album, aside from the music, is that the group plans to donate the first month of proceeds to the Mauli Ola Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing hope and confidence to individuals living with genetic diseases. The organization aims to “[harness] the healing powers of the ocean” and to use “surfing and ocean-based activities as natural therapies.” — That’s an incredible gesture considering the bulk of sales for most albums come in the records first month of release.

Track 2 on the album is “One Of Us” that features a more funk approach as frontman Reggie Froom tells The Pier: “Everyone in the group loves funk and soul, and we are all very enamored with the impact of call and response. As we were toasting around ideas on this song, we found a pocket that consisted of rhythmic finger picking complementing the lyrical melodies, and horn elements. As I had personally been listening to a lot of Earth Wind and Fire at the time, the disco-funk infused reggae approach just felt natural!”

The song is said to be an invitation to express yourself by shedding the weight of insecurity to just be. It’s the only song on the record to feature a 3-piece horn section and is considered to be the most soul/groove oriented. “The cadence of this song inspired me to express my honest love, belief, and commitment in the synergistic life that I have begun with my significant other,” Froom shares.

Grab the song, “One Of Us,” for FREE on the homepage of ThePier.org before it expires and you can purchase The Ellameno Beat’s debut album, Surface, via iTunes, by clicking HERE!

Watch: The Ellameno Beat – “One Of Us” (Live)



The Ellameno Beat Background:

The Ellameno Beat started in 2012 in the small South Florida beach town known as Jensen Beach. The group is now a 5-piece made up of front-man Reggie Froom (guitar/vocals), James Rosenblit (drums), Dylon Hixon (bass), Matt Diamond (trumpet/vocals), and Walker Brantingham (keys).

The band released their first material of music back in April of 2015 with the drop of the Party Wave EP that includes 6 tracks that peaked at #3 on the iTunes Reggae Chart and #11 on the Billboard‘s. The bands new album Surface sees them continuing their pursuit in establishing themselves with their music.


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Huge thanks again to The Ellameno Beat for allowing us to share new song “One Of Us” to post up for FREE download. Free music is a privilege that we’re grateful for and we appreciate the work these artists do! Please feel free to download this song for FREE and spread the awareness to your friends!
Enjoy the FREE track on the homepage!

Article By: Mike Patti

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The Dirty Heads Announce New Album ‘Swim Team’

On October 13th, (Friday the 13th) Dirty Heads will release their 5th album in 5 years with Swim Team. It features 11 total tracks and will be released via Five Seven Music. The album will drop just before their fall tour with The Unlikely Candidates and Tyrone’s Jacket beginning October 24th.

While we’ve yet to hear the entire album, the press release reads that Swim Team moves between pop, alternative, hip-hop, reggae, and rock. They’re working with a slew of guest producers that include the return of Rome Ramirez in addition to Jonas Jeberg, Blueprint, Oren Yoel, Heavy and The Score.
What stands out the most is the amount of music Dirty Heads have released since putting out Cabin By The Sea in 2012, which comes to 5 albums and 1 EP amounting to approximately 66+ songs in 5 years with the addition of Swim Team!

The first single from Swim Team, “Vacation,” was released as a 2017 summer-time anthem and was followed by a music video that saw the group bringing in Dennis Haskins to loosely represie his role as Mr. Belding from the ’90’s hit TV-show Saved By The Bell. Haskins also made a guest appearance at Dirty heads Sublime with Rome’s High Mighty Festival in southern CA on Aug 5th where he came out and helped sing the song live!

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No word yet on the official meaning of the album or if there will be any guest appearances, but we do know that the group was working with Nick Hexum of 311 on a track. When we spoke with Nick Hexum earlier this summer, he told The Pier: “We had started a song over a year ago and it was just with vocalists Jared (Watson) and Duddy B. on the first session. The second session was at Rome Ramirez’s studio and he was involved as a producer and collaborator. I’m going to be guest vocalist on it, so that’s cool.”

The album will drop in time for their month-long fall tour that will span from October 24th to November 24th as they’ll be accompanied by The Unlikely Candidates and Tyrone’s Jacket. You can find relative dates and links below. Stay tuned for more information.

Dirty Heads – Swim Team Track-list:
High tea
Mad at It
Diamonds and pearls
Get Somewhere
So Glad You Made It
God Damn Liar
West Coast


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Article By: Mike Patti
Live Photo By: David Norris

Video: Dirty Heads – “Vacation”

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The Supervillains Release New Album ‘Nice Things’

11 years have come and gone since the debut album from Orlando, Florida’s The Supervillains. Always embracing their “swamp rock” party mentality, the band has long since become a favorite across the reggae-rock community. With plenty of hype and anticipation, the versatile ska-rock-reggae quartet have returned with their latest studio album Nice Things, which dropped on August 4 via LAW Records featuring 10 tracks.

The new album from the Floridian four-piece will be released by LAW Records, as the group returns back to the label after releasing recent records under their own Rah Rah Rah Records. Nice Things also marks their first full-length album in four years as the follow-up to their most recent record Volume 8 – the album had a few highlight moments baked in, including a cover of The Pixies with their own rendition of “Where Is My Mind.” Volume 8 also had noticeably more collaborations and guest features than we’ve been accustomed to seeing including the likes of Leilani Wolfgramm, Charlie Bender, Jeff Ritchie, Smally and several others. Their latest effort will not follow suit, as the new record features no collaborations.

The new album offers plenty for fans of The Supervillains and new listeners alike. Drummer and vocalist Dom Maresco caught up with The Pier last year leading up to the early stages of development and production of the album – the band had originally targeted the beginning of 2017 as the release date upon the release of their first single from the album entitled “Political Porn.”

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However, Nice Things come to those who wait and The Supervillains were able to drop a few additional tracks leading up to the release last week as well, including their own rendition of Nine Inch Nails’ “Head Like a Hole,” and the latest single and lead-off track “I Will Destroy You” which can be heard below. The album offers a steady mix of up-tempo, punch-you-in-the-face moments, while other tracks utilize the classic reggae-rock, horns-driven sound The Supervillains have been delivering to your speakers for so many years.

Grab your copy of Nice Things on iTunes today by clicking HERE!

The Supervillains – Nice Things Track-list:
SPV-Album-Cover1.) I Will Destroy You
2.) Nice Things
3.) It’s Been So Long
4.) Bermuda High
5.) The Sweat
6.) Helping Hands
7.) Tcob
8.) Off the Grid
9.) Political Porn
10.) Head Like a Hole

The Supervillians on Tour:

Tour dates for The Supervillains have been choppy this year, playing a few shows here and across various locations in their home state of Florida. However, fans will have plenty of chances to check out The Supervillains in all their glory throughout the rest of the summer, as they are well underway with their latest tour which just recently kicked off alongside Authority Zero. Most of the dates between now and September are a good mix between east and west coast dates — check out a full listing below to see the closest show near you and grab your tickets today!


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Article By: Brian Glaser

Listen: The Supervillains – “I Will Destroy You”

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Interview: David Foral of Dirty Heads


David Foral is a Long Beach, CA resident who has called Dirty Heads his employer since 2009 when he was brought on to play bass. His history goes far beyond his joining the band as Dave grew up going to school in the ’90’s during the height of the respected southern CA Hip-Hop and Ska movements. From crashing house-parties to see Sublime at night to appearing in a Reel Big Fish music video by day, Dave was inspired by the cultural melting pot of Long Beach’s musical diversity from hip-hop to punk rock and ska which led him to his first band, Chapter 11.

We had a chance to hear a bit of Dave’s background that has led him to where he’s at today, playing bass with Dirty Heads as well as producing his own music — “Paved The Way” is his latest single that speaks to this background as narrated by Hip Hop MC Big Nes. [You can find the song available below to stream]. Coming up, Foral will release Volume 2 of his new mix-tape series, STONE SOUP, that features a slew of guest musicians, DJ’s producers that Dave curates into one long production you can vibe out to.

Outside of music, there are still many artistic layers to Dave with much of his background rooted in silk-screening, graphic design, drawing painting, in addition to taking up tattoo work. You can find a lot of the art he has drawn and quickly sells out of at DavidForal.com. Press Play on Stone Soup Vol. 1 and enjoy getting to know a different side of David Foral with this QA below.

Interview: David Foral of Dirty Heads

How did you get started in music?
The Long Beach music scene was alive and flourishing back in the early-mid ‘90’s. There was an indie record store called Zed’s and on Thursday or Friday you could go there to pick up flyers for weekend activities. You’d see photocopied flyers for acts like No Doubt, Sublime and even house parties. I started religiously going there and it was a great place to hear live music and meet people that listen to similar music. I had a couple of friends that were also doing bands in High School. One of my good friends, Mike Long, was the bass player in a group called Pocket Lent; Which some of the guys in there went on to do Long Beach Dub All-stars; Tim Wu, Ikey Owens along with his brother Aaron Owens, who both unfortunately passed away. I would DavidNorrisDirtyHeadsMattressFirm7-14-17 (18)always go with Mike to shows. I would carry his bass into the gig because I figure if you come with a musician and you carry their equipment, they’re stoked and you get into the show for free. I think, just from going to so many shows and watching friends play music, at some point I thought “Maybe I want to try music.” The reason I picked the bass was because it had the fewest strings [Haha]. So I thought that learning an instrument with 4 strings as opposed to 6 strings on a guitar would probably be easier. But little did I know, it’s all the same struggle. So I just started teaching myself. I got into a bunch of noise-rock, experimental bands. We’d play shows and get kicked out of places [Laughter]. It was just a fun time to have a local music scene and there was a ton of places to play in LB like Fenders, The Orphium, The Golden Sails Hotel and The Seaport Marina as well as little hole-in-the-wall dive bars.

When you were going into Zed Records, you’d pick up a flyer to find the local show or party –- This is where you discovered Sublime?
Yeah, Sublime was “Long Beach.” Growing up here, you’d see them at a warehouse or a backyard party. These would be the type of events that Sublime played at. Five dollars at the door, five kegs and the cops would most likely show up and bust up the place. I was fortunate because I went to school in downtown Long Beach but I lived on the east side and my brother went to a high school that was on the east side. So at any given time, I had many options to choose from on a Friday night. Some nights there’d be two or three parties that we’d hit. I think there are five major high schools in Long Beach and we had friends that went to each one so they’d tell us where it was going down.

And Sublime would be playing at a lot of these parties?
Yeah, Sublime, One Eye Open, Suburban Rhythm, Reel Big Fish and many other local groups.

You were in Reel Big Fish’s first music video, right?
Yeah -– It was for “Sell-Out.” I was friends with Danny Regan and Tavis Werts, which were two of the original horn players for RBF. I remember they hit me up and asked what I was doing later and if I wanted to be in their video. Of course I said yes. The video was about the mystique surrounding record labels. They had all this power and you would sell your soul just to get on a roster to be a “Signed Band.” They DavidNorrisDavidForalDH-(1)needed musicians from different genres. Because I was from Long Beach they gave me a jumpsuit that said, “Rap Group” on the back. It was a silly video that we all had a lot of fun making.

That’s funny! So you eventually picked up the Bass and taught yourself to play, but you eventually went into DJ’ing as well, right?
Correct. I grew up in the inner city and back then it was called House Music — it’s not the House Music that you hear today labeled EDM. It was more like the RB and Hip Hop that DJ’s would spin at house parties. I remember we had one High School dance and we hired DJ Jazzy Jeff to come in and DJ and everybody lost their minds. [Laughter] Most of the parties I went to in high school were just DJs. This was a big influence on my music path. When I graduated high school, as a gift to myself, I bought a bass guitar. I started thumping around on that but at the same time, the next thing I bought was two turntables and a mixer. That led to DJ lights and a set of speakers. Then I had to get a truck because it wouldn’t fit into my car. We also had to lug around crates of vinyl.

Was it not long after you got set up that you got involved with Chapter 11? Was Chapter 11 your first foray into the Reggae-Hip Hop world?
Yes. While growing up in Long Beach, there were three big albums that really changed what people listened to. The Chronic by Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg’s Doggy Style and Sublime’s 40oz to Freedom. That kind of set the tone for the music that I was getting into. I think what resonated with me so much about Sublime was I understood exactly what they were doing. I had friends in so many different scenes that had influenced my music listening habits. I was into punk, reggae and hip-hop. The minute I heard Sublime, I got it. I thought to myself, if I started a group, that’s what mine would sound like also.

So my noise-rock group broke up and I joined Chapter 11. We were listening to Sublime, the Fugees, a lot of different hip-hop acts like Gangstarr and A Tribe Called Quest. There were 4 people that DJ’d in Chapter 11 so we were very open to music. We never said we’re gonna come out and make one type of music. Chapter 11 David Foraldidn’t even have a guitar player for many years, but when we would start to write songs, it would just come out as a Reggae-Hip Hop song. Josh Barlow, the drummer, is really good at producing and making hip-hop tracks so we’d always gravitate toward using sampled beats. You didn’t have to go rent out a studio and set up drums. Because of that, I bought an MPC2000XL and started messing around with beats and samples.

Is that where it started with Chapter 11 in writing a lot of the production, because it wasn’t just for Chapter 11 back then, you were doing production with other artists as well as graphic design…
I think one of the bad things is I was going in so many directions that I wasn’t able to focus on one thing. I started a t-shirt printing company and anyone who’s started a small business understands how time consuming it is. Then after that I started a design business doing websites and graphic design. I was doing that for a while up until I joined Dirty Heads. That was a trip because I finally started to focus on one thing and all of the sudden I was touring with the Dirty Heads.

You were with Chapter 11 for a long time. You guys put out a few albums, but you ultimately left the group it wasn’t long after you left that you joined Dirty Heads?
I had been with Chapter 11 for ten years, from 1998 – 2008. We all started when we really didn’t know how to play instruments. It was just more of a hobby and getting together with like-minded people to create art and experiment. We saw it build. We started selling out local venues that held a thousand people. We thought this could turn into something. I think the band just hit an expiration point. It took years to build that following. We never did extensive touring and that was part of the reason we plateaued. After awhile – That was my jumping off point. At the time, I was handling a lot of the band’s business and I started to take a step back and realized I’m not getting out of this what I’m putting into it. I decided I would leave and within 3 months, I got a call from Duddy B.

How did that come about exactly? I remember at that time, around 2008, Dirty Heads were touring with a DJ and the line-up included Duddy B, Jared, Jon Jon DJ Rocky Rock. Then they decided they wanted to tour as a live band – and somehow you meet them and you do a try-out following your departure from Chapter 11?
I think they tried out a few bass players but it’s not just being able to play the bass, you have to connect with people. I had an audition with them, but my name was dropped from a couple different people through my workings with Chapter 11. I feel that me coming from a reggae-hip hop background made a big difference. I remember leaving my old band, thinking “I’m done playing live music” but when I got the call, Dirty Heads was the only band that I would have agreed to go back and revisit the whole live music scene with. Had it been any other group in the scene, I would have probably declined. They were the one group since day one that I actually believed in the music they were making. There was something different about them.

I understand the tour life back then wasn’t as comfortable as what you guys have earned today? You’d never really been on the road with Chapter 11 before so tour life was somewhat new to you.
My first tour with Dirty Heads, we were in a van and trailer, driving ourselves. We did a North American tour in the winter, driving through blizzards. It was rough. You get out of the venue by midnight or 1am and you take shifts driving through the night. Your reward for driving through the night would be to sleep in the driver’s chair. But I never complained about anything because I realized we’re building something. DavidNorrisDavidForalInterviewsocialmedia (2)We were investing time with a focus. But I held myself accountable for growth. And it didn’t matter how big the growth was, there just had to be growth. With Dirty Heads you could see the progress. Even to this day, every year it grows.

When was that first tour you referenced, 2009?
Yeah, I got linked up with Duddy in December 2008, and then it was the ensuing February we did the Mishka tour. That was a month and a half long tour. After that, we did the Warped Tour that Summer. We wrote “Lay Me Down” right before that.

And “Lay Me Down” was the first song that you wrote with the band, right? It eventually goes Gold but not before setting a record for an independent release at 11 straight weeks #1 on the Billboard Alternative Rock charts. Sounds like a good start to a new band…
Yeah, that was cool, too, because we were about to go on Warped Tour and it was the week before we left. We had just gotten a sponsorship from Hurley and they had a studio at their headquarters in Costa Mesa. They asked us, “Hey, we’ll give you a free day of studio time if you guys want to come in here and record something.” We were getting ready to go on tour. We had nothing written. I remember we were going to go in on Thursday to record and on Tuesday we were scrambling, like, “Let’s just get together at Duddy’s and we’ll write some songs.” I brought my laptop over and set up a mic in his backyard. We were messing around with ideas and we got a couple of guitar licks and Rome Ramirez humming a melody. I took it home, created a simple beat, wrote a bassline and sent it out to the rest of the guys on Wednesday so everyone could write verses to it. On Thursday, we went in and cut it out at the Hurley studio. Then we left for Warped Tour, we came back and listened to it and thought, we can get better drum sounds. And then we went to 17th Street Recording Studio and re-cut drums, bass and vocals.

Fast Forward to present day and you’re producing music with a mix-tape series titled Stone Soup. Volume 1 was 26 minutes and featured members from Ballyhoo!, Passafire, you had Josh Barlow from Chapter 11 with some production. How did the concept of Stone Soup come about?
I wanted to make an EP consisting of 6 or so songs. I thought, “You know what, instead of doing just six songs, I want to do a mix-tape, and blend stuff together.” Now, I know DJs do this all the time but they’re taking music that is not written in the same key or even at the same Beats Per Minute (BPM). Nowadays you can alter Stone Soup the BPM, you can slow stuff down, speed stuff up to make it all fit. So, realizing that, I thought, “Let me just make everything at the same tempo.” And then the more I started thinking about it, I was like, “I’m going to open this up to other people.”

I have friends that are DJs, producers, musicians and they’re always working on something, some sort of scratch pad of ideas. And I’m sure every producer or musician can attest to this – you have a back catalogue of a ton of stuff that will never see the light of day. I mean Prince had how many thousands of songs that they said that he had written?

And what exactly is Stone Soup? How did you come up with that concept for this mix-tape?
I don’t know if you’re familiar with the story Stone Soup but it’s a children’s book. It’s about a starving homeless man, who comes upon this town. He asks people for food but nobody wants to give any. He then has a great idea. He finds this pot and he puts a couple of rocks in it. And he goes down by the river and he fills it up with water. He goes back to the town and he creates a little fire and he sticks the pot on the fire. Now people are veering out through their windows, and this one guy walks over and asks, “What are you doing with this pot?” And the guy’s, like, “Oh, I’m making Stone Soup.” And he’s like, “Really?” He’s, like, “Yeah, it’s the best soup that you’ll ever have.” And so the guy goes, “Let me taste that.” So he gives him a little sip and he’s, like, “You know what this soup needs? Salt! I’ll be right back.” And so he goes and grabs some salt and he puts some salt in the soup. Well, other people from the town start seeing what’s going on and starts to make this commotion. And, one-by-one, people start coming up, the whole town, with potatoes, and carrots, and it turns into the best pot of soup that anyone has ever had.

That’s awesome! I love the correlation and how you applied it to this sort of project because it’s a great analogy for what you’re doing with Stone Soup!
I knew going into the project that maybe a lot of people weren’t going to be open to give out free music. But if I just get a little bit from here and there, it’ll build into this one thing that is a little bit larger than what I started out doing. So it’s the same thing with Stone Soup, people kept throwing stuff in. I’m not asking, “Hey, send me a whole album worth of free music.” I think Mike from Passafire just sent me a key-line and everyone started putting in – then it was some of those samples that I got; Joe Tomino, the amazing drummer from Dub Trio, he sent me a song that didn’t have any bass in it but it was drums, a couple samples and piano. I was able to take that, beef up the drums a little bit, do some extra production, and add a bassline. So it was everything from full songs to just a sample of a keyboard. I don’t think a lot of people knew what I was doing. They just sent songs. And now that it got done, people were like, “Oh, I get it now. This is actually pretty cool.”

DavidNorrisDavidForalInterviewsocialmedia (7)I wanted something where you can put it on in the background; it’s just like ambient. A lot of people have been saying it’s good driving music and that’s what I wanted.

It wasn’t vocal heavy at all. It’s more accenting the song to where their vocals are almost another instrument… What can you tell us about Volume 2?
I had such a positive response with Vol. 1 in 2016 that I knew I had to follow up with a Vol. 2. Hopefully I can make this a yearly release. This new mix-tape will drop in late Aug 2017. Over 25 musicians and producers have collaborated to create 16 songs running over 32 minutes long.

Who all were you able to collaborate with on Vol. 2? Are there any other production projects you’re working on?
I’ve was able to work with so many gifted artists from bands like: Sublime, Dirty Heads, Easy Star All-Stars, Passafire, Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad, The Movement, Ballyhoo!, and Hirie; as well as other producers and solo artists like Big Nes, Rebecca Arscott, Jace One, Ginjah, Maggie Kubley and Jenni. I’ve been spending much more time in my studio this past year and will be releasing music with a few other artists. Follow me on IG or Soundcloud to stay updated on new releases.

Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us your story, we certainly appreciate your time! You can find relative David Foral links, songs and videos below.


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Interview by: Mike Patti
Photos By: David Norris

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Video: Sublime – Doin Time

Sublime’s self-titled record is officially 21-years-old. It’s quite amazing to see how the legacy of Sublime continues to grow as it matures becoming a household brand. Sublime has re-released its entire catalog onto vinyl, has merchandise inside Spencers, Wal*mart, KMart, and as of this month will be debuting their presence inside liquor stores nationwide with their new Mexican-Style Lager beer courtesy of Alesmith. All of this makes us happy and as a result, we wanted to share one of our favorite music videos and the perfect summertime jam from Sublime’s 1996 self-titled release! Follow all of our Sublime related content inside our exclusive Sublime Blog by clicking HERE! Enjoy the song and video…

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David Foral of Dirty Heads Releases New Single!

Bassist, DJ, Producer, Graphic Designer Tattoo Artist, David Foral, has released a new single featuring Hip-Hop MC, Big Nes. The song is called “Paved The Way” and is the first of many tracks Dave plans to release in the future, outside of his contributions to Dirty Heads

Last August, Dave released a 16 song mix-tape called Stone Soup that plays 26minutes featuring an array of guest appearances. This was the first of many volumes to whats expected to be a series of Paved_The_Way_Admix-tapes that fall under the Stone Soup umbrella. Volume 1 featured members of Sublime, Dirty Heads, Dub Trio, Ballyhoo!, Passafire to hip-hop MC Big Nes as well as DJ’s Producers such as a Jace1, LD and Jungle Josh. There’s a Volume 2 that is expected to drop later this summer, early fall.

Aside from mix-tapes, David Foral has a history of releasing music as a producer. With his latest track, Foral tapped longtime friend collaborator, hip-hop artist, Big Nes. Their history goes back to the late ’90’s when Dave was a bassist/DJ producer for the Long Beach based reggae hip-hop group Chapter 11.

“I’ve been making music with Big Nes for over 15 years now,” Foral tells The Pier. “He was featured on Stone Soup Vol. 1 last year and I was able to get back into the studio with him this year and work on some more projects. I’ve always been a fan of his steady flow and wordsmithing. This song is reminiscent for both of us and showcases some of the people that have influenced us over the years.”

In addition to Big Nes, there was guitar was provided by Kirk Ellingsen and the song mixed by Sean Kellett. You can pick up the single on iTunes by clicking HERE!

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Article By: Mike Patti

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