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Mighty Mighty Bosstones Release New Single, Announce New Album

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Ska-legends Mighty Mighty Bosstones announced that on June 15th they will release a new 14-track record, titled While We’re At It, with new single “Wonderful Day For The Race” leading the way.

To say there’s excitement for 47 minutes of new Bosstones music after a 7 year album absence would be an understatement. This is the groups 10th studio album in what front-man Dicky Barrett claims to be angrier than most!


We caught up with Bosstones saxophonist Tim Burton and when asked what made this album angry, he dished: “Donald Trump! I think we felt very motivated to make a record and it happened kind of quick. Dicky called me around the holidays and asked if I had any songs. There was definitely a feeling among us that we wanted to make a statement about whats going on.” Tim goes on to share: “I think its a really cool record, there’s a lot of really fun songs. It’s like a lot of the Bosstones stuff where its political but at the same time its done in a poetic way. I wouldn’t say the music is angry, its a really fun ska record… Dicky usually has a vision for the message behind a record and seeing it as a whole. We’re children of the 70’s, some of us, and we come from that era where records were a statement!”

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones tapped producer Ted Hutt who has now produced the bands last three records which has evolved into sort of a musical trilogy so to speak with each of the albums being a cohesive statement in working with the same producer inside the same studio.

The albums first single “Wonderful Day For The Race” is a title inspired by an old saying front-man Dicky Barrett’s Dad use to say as Dicky tells Billboard: “As a dopey kid, I would go, ‘What race?’ And he would always go, ‘The human race.’ It’s a tribute to him as well as a good message. We’re lucky to have what we have. We have this day, and we have who we are in ourselves. If that’s your starting point, that’s pretty damn good.”


Dicky, who also serves as the announcer on Jimmy Kimmel Live! goes on to share: “That song was based on the insignificance of what we truly are, up against the importance of what we are. Our place in the universe and who we think we are versus who we really are. It flip-flops back and forth between those two thoughts, ultimately landing on the importance of love and unity.”

The artwork was done by Yo Yo Yosef who shared on his Instagram (@Yo_yo_yosef): “This project was a heavy dose of nostalgia for me; digging deep into the 1970’s for art inspiration, influenced by things from my childhood in the 80’s, while creating something new for a band I have loved since high school in the 90’s.”

You can pre-order the While We’re At It now by clicking HERE! In the meantime, go stream “Wonderful Day for the Race”, watch the video, find upcoming tour dates and additional links below.

Dicky concludes: “You can talk about the current political climate—I think people want to feel good this summer. Ska music is a way to do that. It’s worked in the past. Is it a coincidence? Maybe. As a guy that’s in a ska-punk band, am I hoping there’s some kind of resurgence? I don’t know. I’m going to do it anyway. I don’t need it to be a trend or be popular or anything. The Bosstones make Bosstones music whether it’s fashionable or not.”

Watch: Mighty Mighty Bosstones – “Wonderful Day For The Race”

Mighty Mighty Bosstones – While We’re At It Tracklist:
MMB_WhileWereAtIt1.) Greenbay, Wisconsin
2.) The Constant
3.) Wonderful Day for the Race
4.) Unified
5.) Divide
6.) Closer to Nowhere
7.) Walked Like a Ghost
8.) The West Ends
9.) Here We Are
10.) The Mad Dash
11.) Absolutely Wrong
12.) In Honor Of
13.) Hugo’s Wife
14.) After the Music Is Over

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Article By: Mike Patti
Photos By: David Norris

Watch: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – “The Impression That I Get”

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Song Premiere: Iration – “2GÜD2BTRÜ”

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May 18th, Iration will begin their summer tour with Dirty Heads, The Movement and Pacific Dub. They will also release their 5th studio record, a self-titled release with 17 brand-new songs and we’re honored to have the first official leak of their new song “2GÜD2BTRÜ.”

One of our favorite songs on the record is the oddly spelled “2GÜD2BTRÜ,” pronounced “Too Good To Be True.” Guitarist Micah Brown tells The Pier: “I think we were just feeling real cheeky one day in the studio, and at one point our engineer asked us what the song title was going to be, and we started to get creative with the spelling, and after a lengthy discussion of the use of umlauts, we decided to go with it.”

It’s a progressively sounding Iration song with a pop surface and bouncy reggae foundation topped with melodic vocals. The song smells like sunscreen, ocean breeze and palm trees. The bassline is especially fun to follow around the beat and jumping keys. It’s a fun song, its fun to listen to and I’m sure it’s fun for the guys to play. The song itself is a tribute to the supportive women in their lives.

Micah goes on to tell The Pier: “‘2GÜD2BTRÜ’, to me, is an anthem for the wonderful women in our lives who sacrifice so much quality time and togetherness in support of our journey. Musically, it’s anthemic as well, kind of a feel-good, nostalgic, throwback singalong. It’s a personal song about the challenges of maintaining a healthy relationship while balancing life on the road. You always want to ‘be there’ for your loved ones, even if you can’t physically be there, and we are blessed to have found such strong, supportive partners who understand and embrace the path we’ve chosen.”

The album includes 17 tracks with guest appearances by Kyle McDonald of Slightly Stoopid, J Boog and Tyrone’s Jacket. You’ll be able to stream the album via most outlets on May 18th but you can own it by clicking HERE! Look out to hear their new songs on their summer tour that spans from May 18th – June 30th. You can find dates and links below.

Iration – Iration Tracklist:
IrationSelfTitled 1.) Already Gold
2.) Press Play
3.) Twisted Up
4.) Broken Promises (ft. Slightly Stoopid)
6.) Danger (ft. J Boog Tyrone’s Jacket)
7.) Losing My Mind
8.) Stay The Course
9.) Know Your Name
10.) Last To Know
11.) L.I.O.N. (Like It Or Not)
12.) Energy
13.) Hit List
14.) Borderlines
15.) Fly With Me
16.) Warm Waters
17.) All For You

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Article by: Mike Patti

Listen: Iration – “Danger” (ft. J Boog Tyrones Jacket)

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The Dirty Heads Pre-Show Lore

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You ever wonder what your favorite band is doing behind the curtain just before they come out on stage? Some bands have a pre-show ritual and as it turns out, the Dirty Heads are one of those bands who actually have a Pre-Show Lore courtesy of one particular member.

The Dirty Heads pre-show lore helps gets the fellas pumped up and ready to perform. Immediately before going on stage, most of the band grabs a glass and prepares for a shot, accompanied by a toast from Shawn Hagood, the band’s keyboardist. The toast has been referred to as a type of lore that is custom-written during the day of each show. The toast is often based on the locale of the upcoming show, a recent inside joke, or just something funny that gets the group loosened up.

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During a past interview with drummer Matt Ochoa, he tells The Pier: “Shawn does this lore every single day and we kind of have to do it now because if he doesn’t do it then we feel off and the show usually doesn’t go right.”


When asked if other members ever get to contribute or hear the toast ahead of time, Matty enthusiastically replied, “Oh no! He writes it during sound check, and then a few minutes before we go on stage, he says the toast. And that’s it, we’re ready to start the show! It gets everyone pumped and excited.”

Bassist, David Foral, goes on to tell The Pier: “Yeah, so he’s got a couple different characters that he’ll act out. One of them is more of a hip-hop guy, another one is like a medieval guy. And he’s pretty clever with it. We were talking about one day making a coffee table book. I think he has it all written down and he puts the date and where we were. They all rhyme and sometimes he’ll be, like, ‘Give me a beat!’ And we’ll put down a beat box and he’ll do the lore. I’ll pour shots, we’ll do that and then we’ll go onstage.”

The Pier was able to obtain one of the toasts that was used to ready the guys a show in Kansas City on July 19th, 2016:

“Smoldering fire
This Missouri heat
We rise from these ashes
Revenant defeat

Share your whiskey
For me – I’ll have three
One for me, KC
And my brothers, hail to thee!”

– Shawn Hagood, Dirty Heads, Keyboards

This summer, Dirty Heads will host Iration, The Movement and Pacific Dub on a national tour that includes 28 total dates across 23 states on a early summer tour that begins May 18th in Chula Vista, CA concludes on June 30th in Irvine, CA. Find dates and links below.

Watch: Dirty Heads – “Celebrate”

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Article By: Mike Patti
Photo By: David Norris

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Slightly Stoopid Announces New Album with New Single ft. Alborosie

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On July 13th, Slightly Stoopid will release their 9th studio album, Everyday Life, Everyday People via their own Stoopid Records. The album will include an all-star cast of guest appearances over 13 songs and one of those guests is Alborosie on the first single, titled “If You Want It.”

Alborosie stopped by The Pier to tell us: “Working with Slightly Stoopid was a great experience. I love their unique style and how they merge different genres and make it their own. The track ‘If You Want It’ is a dub-rub a dub song that caught my attention immediately. It was not hard to find a great melody and lyrics that fit. I’m very thankful to Slightly Stoopid for including me on this amazing track and great album. As people say in Jamaica… More blessings and big up Slightly Stoopid!”

In addition to Alborosie, the album will include guest appearances by Ali Campbell (of UB40), Don Carlos, Yellowman, Sly Dunbar (of Sly Robbie), Chali 2na (of Jurassic 5) and G. Love. The biggest surprise guest appearance has to be that of Ali Campbell who is featured on Slightly Stoopid’s modern day take of Peter Tosh’s “Legalize It.”

Ali tells The Pier: “I did that song originally with the Fun Loving Criminals. Then they went to the states and got Slightly Stoopid involved. It’s metamorphosed into another track, now. It was very much a reggae track before and then Stoopid put a new bass on it and turned it around. It’s kind of interesting, I like it.” Ali goes on to share that “I did a version of ‘Legalize It’ on one of UB40’s past ‘Labour of Love’ albums, so I had done it before and I was quite happy to do an experimental vibe with the guys. I like Slightly Stoopid, I like where they’re coming from and their attitude.”

When asked if there was any chance we could hear the modern day cover performed live, Ali replied: “I’d love to!”


Slightly Stoopid worked in collaboration with multiple producers, teaming up with Miguel Happoldt, James Wisner, Jerry Wonda, Colin York, and George Spits. It’s said that the group produced this record inside studios in San Diego, Long Beach Los Angeles, CA, as well as Miami, FL, New York, NY and Kingston Jamaica.

Early indications is this will be a bass-heavy record as you can hear from the albums first single with Alborosie with “If You Want It,” and Ali Campbell’s mention of Stoopids influence on the bass with “Legalize It.” When we spoke with Chali 2na regarding his guest appearance on “Higher Now,” the first thing he noted was how excited Stoopid vocalist Miles Doughty was to show him the bass on that song.

2na tells The Pier: “The bassline is extra boss! When Miles first played ‘Higher Now’ for me, he was like ‘YO! listen to this bassline! We were on the bus, and I was like ‘DUDE, whenever you need me to rap on that, I’m ready!’ And he asked me to get on it just before Closer To The Sun.” 2na goes on to tell The Pier “That bassline sounds like its shooting out of a fuckin’ cannon!”

The album’s title Everyday Life, Everyday People draws inspiration from their hometown of Ocean Beach, CA which lead to Stoopid further commemorating their hometown with a cover-art commissioned by artist Jay Alders. Alders tells The Pier: Kyle McDonald and I had a lot of brainstorming sessions to come up with the right concept. It was really important for me to do justice to one of the band’s favorite Surf spots, Sunset Cliffs. I spent about a month painting all the trippy details and when I FaceTimed with Kyle to show him, his reaction made all the time and effort worth it.”

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Everyday Life, Everyday People will be Stoopids first record in 3 years as we’ll most likely get to hear a lot of the new songs being performed live on their Schools Out For Summer Tour with Stick Figure and Pepper. You can stream the new single “If You Want It” and own it when you pre-order the new record by clicking HERE!

Slightly Stoopid – Everyday Life, Everyday People Track List:
SlightlyStoopid_ELEP_Cover_Web1.) Glocks
2.) Stay the Same (Prayer for You) [ft. Don Carlos]
3.) Fire Below
4.) If You Want It (ft. Alborosie)
5.) Too Late
6.) Livin’ In Babylon (ft. Yellowman)
7.) Higher Now (ft. Chali 2na)
8.) Legalize It (ft. Ali Campbell)
9.) No One Stops Us Now / Nobody Knows
10.) Talk Too Much (ft. Don Carlos)
11.) Punisher
12.) Every Day People (ft. G. Love)
13.) One More Night

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Article By: Mike Patti
Photo By: KZ of In The Barrel Photo

Listen: Slightly Stoopid – “Wildflowers” (Tom Petty Cover)

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NOFX, Fat Wreck to Bring Back ‘Live in a Dive’ with ‘Ribbed’

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NOFX announced the August 3rd release of a live version of their 1991 studio album Ribbed, as the newest addition to the Live in a Dive series. The live album includes the same tracking and same order as the 1991 studio album. Track 5, “Just the Flu,” is currently the only song available for streaming.

This will be the 8th addition to Fat Wreck Chord’s Live in a Dive series, which started in 2001 with a No Use For a Name compilation of live songs. Since then, the San Francisco-based record company has released Live in a Dive compilations for Bracket, Sick Of It All, Strung Out, Subhumans, Swingin’ Utters, and Lagwagon. Ribbed NOFX

Ribbed will mark the first Live in a Dive release since 2005, with Fat Wreck’s official website calling it the “triumphant return” of the live album series. There is no definite word on who will carry the torch after NOFX, but the possibility of more additions to the series seems likely.

In years past, Live in a Dive records have been compilations of songs from different albums, much like a normal show would go for a band of any genre. This live take of Ribbed will be the first time a Live in a Dive record covers an album in its entirety.

Ribbed was the last NOFX album to be produced by Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion, Epitaph Records). This is also the last album to feature Steve Kidwiller on lead guitar. Shortly after the release of Ribbed, NOFX would bring on Aaron Abetya, better known as El Hefe, to fill the void at guitar. He remains with NOFX today and is also responsible for trumpet, both on stage and in studio.

When released, the album will be available in digital, CD, and LP formats — Follow The Pier for continuing updates on NOFX and Fat Wreck Chords! Catch NOFX this summer at their Punk In Drublic festival, or on other tour dates that you can find below:

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Article by: Aidan Leddy

Watch: NOFX – “Just The Flu” (Live in a Dive 2018)

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Ballyhoo!’s 2018 Good Vibrations Summer Tour

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Summer 2018 just got more exciting with a tour announcement from Ballyhoo!. The Maryland reggae/rock group will hit the road with fellow Marylanders Bumpin’ Uglies and Cleveland, Ohio natives Tropidelic.

2018’s “Good Vibrations” Summer Tour starts in Ocean City, Maryland on July 2nd before looping through the South and West Coast through July, ending back on the East Coast in mid-August. There will be 25 total dates across 14 states with extended stays in California, Texas and Arizona. Good-V-Tour-Summer-2018

Ballyhoo!, with two 2018 singles already streaming, looks to rally their lifelong fans in preparation of their upcoming album. This album, still unnamed, will be their 7th studio release. In previous interviews, front-man Howi Spangler told The Pier be ready for a return to classic Ballyhoo!, with heavy rock and punk stylings laced throughout.

Bumpin’ Uglies, still riding the wave from the release of their 2018 full-length album Beast from the East, are excited to get on the road with two of the very bands featured on said album.

Bumpin’ Uglies’ front-man Brandon Hardesty told The Pier “there’s going to be a lot of jamming between the bands.” He went on to say these shows are “guaranteed to be some of the highest energy shows out there this summer.”

Tropidelic is expected to play brand new music and much of their latest release, Heavy is the Head (2017), which features 10 tracks and a sound unique to the reggae-rock scene, drawing heavily from funk and jam.

Tropidelic’s frontman Matthew Roads said this to The Pier about the upcoming tour: “We’ll be pulling out the stops with the live show and incorporating new material. We are super stoked to be teaming up with our homies from Maryland. Hopefully no one gets arrested. No promises.”

Together, all three bands add up to almost 30 years of touring and releasing music.

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Article By: Aidan Leddy

Watch: Ballyhoo! – “Walk Away”

Watch: Bumpin’ Uglies – “Hard Liquor”

Watch: Tropidelic – “Leviathan”

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Video: Raging Fyah – “Rebel”

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Jamaica’s Raging Fyah have released a new music video for their new song “Rebel.” The song is expected to be up on their upcoming album set to drop later this year via VP Records/Dub Rockers. The video was directed by Nicki Kane, featuring popular reggae DJ Yaadcore and his son Streme, both of whom were featured in Raging Fyah’s “Milk and Honey” video. The song was produced by Llamar “Riff Raff” Brown and written by the band. Here’s what the group had to say regarding the video: “This video is all about the youth of tomorrow fighting for their dreams. In the video you see how the kid has a daily routine, but it doesn’t always consist of what he loves, which is music. So, the moral of the story is that you should always fight to achieve your heart’s desire.” While details on a new album are forthcoming, you can find Raging Fyah on the road with The Green and Iya Terra — Click HERE for dates.

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Rihanna Tells Vogue She Plans To Make A Reggae Record

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Pop artist and actress, Rihanna, born Robyn Rihanna Fenty, was featured on the cover of Vogue Magazine in a cover-story that included her revealing plans to create a reggae album. I’m sure the news of this has reggae producers far and wide clamoring for her attention.

What’s not to say about Rihanna? She’s extremely talented; has a great voice, amazing rhythm and happens to be an emerging actress. I guess it’s become the norm to hear her name in the tabloids, topping charts or playing it cool in movie trailers. So when she says that she plans to release a reggae album for her ninth studio release, there’s a bit of flare from the white noise of her general news.Rihanna

The project has me intrigued what someone with her background can pull out of herself inside a reggae setting. As the article points out, Rihanna is from Saint Michael, Barbados and was discovered at 16 by music producer Evan Rogers who brought her to New York. This is why Bob Marley’s song “Buffalo Soldier” resonates with her the most, apparently. Her biggest inspiration is Bob Marley where it’s said that she has a shrine built in his honor inside her home. In her interview with Vogue she says “I’m gonna sound like a real tourist when I tell you my top Bob songs,” as she lists off “Three Little Birds,” “No Woman, No Cry,” and “Redemption Song.”

There’s no word on where she’s at in the production or process of this record and the only producer mentioned was Supa Dups, who has worked with SOJA, Rebelution, Dirty Heads, Sean Paul and (so many) more.

My guess is she finds her way into collaborating with one or more of the Marley brothers and I’d love to see her do something with Ziggy. Would a Bob Marley cover be a shocker? Probably not. If she does do a reggae album then there’s likely a tour to follow, and with her budget, most of any guest appearances on the record will be making an appearance in a full live production set-up unlike the typical reggae show.

As our own Andrew Aroche pointed out, it would be great to hear another layer of soul unfold in a reggae setting that allows her Barbados accent to come belting out. I’d love to see her full depth of what she can do inside a reggae genre working with authentic reggae producers, musicians and vocalists.

What do you think? Would you give a Rihanna reggae album a fair listen or dismiss it as mainstream trash? The great news about reggae is how adaptable it is to those that treat it with authenticity and respect. I think there’s more to be excited about than cautioned towards — Time will tell if this comes to fruition.

Watch: Rihanna – “Redemption Song” (Live from 2006)

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Article By: Mike Patti

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311 Discuss 2018 Summer Tour & Releasing a New Album

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We got to speak with 311’s Nick Hexum and SA Martinez regarding the upcoming summer tour with The Offspring and Gym Class Heroes. Plus they addressed all of that talk about releasing new music in 2018.

311 kicked off the year with live performances alongside acts such as Zebrahead, Save Ferris, Method Man Redman, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, not to mention their epic 311 Day performance with visits to Red Rocks performing on the sand in Huntington Beach. Their upcoming ‘Never-Ending Summer’ tour will span 29 dates, kicking off July 25 in Mountain View, CA and wrapping on September 9 in Wichita, KS. This year marks the 19th consecutive year of 311 hitting the road for a Summer headlining tour, each year seemingly bigger than the last.

Nick tells The Pier “We had a great time with Offspring on the Unity tour back in 2010 and we felt like that was a really good fit for a summer with tons of familiar songs from back in the day. Gym Class Heroes brings in more of the hip hop, you got the punk with Offspring and us with our reggae and all the different 311Live2018_PhotoByKeithZacharskistyles that we do. We’ve usually been the ‘Unity Tour,’ we’re kind of doing a different concept; ‘Never Ending Summer,’ it’s going to have a BBQ vibe, lots of vaping, craft beers, hot sauce and all the fun stuff we like to have on summer tour.”

This is the latest time of summer that 311 has ever started a tour with it commencing on July 25th. They haven’t been home for the month of July in more than 20 years, so there’s excitement for the members to see what its like to be home for the month with family.

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The band is still reeling from last June’s release of Mosaic. It was their 12th studio album and their 10th consecutive to debut in the Top 10 of US Billboard 200 at #6. It’s exciting to hear that the band is already in the process of wanting to have a new record out this fall. They’re back working with both Scotch Ralston and Goldfinger’s John Feldmann who both produced tracks for Mosaic.

In an interview with The Pier, Nick explains: “On This new album we’re kind of doing a 2 part production where some of the music with Scotch Ralston is very garage band with a bunch of guys noodling and figuring stuff out. Then some of the other stuff we’re doing with Feldy is more a modern production, simplified version and we really like both. It felt like a bit of a turning point where we cracked open a new style and we feel a lot of momentum now. That’s why we’re in the studio getting more than half-way done with this new album. We’re going to put it out later this year because we just feel a sense of momentum, excitement and we don’t want to wait so long between albums. There’s lot of ideas floating around, so its nice.”

In further describing the record, SA explains: “I would say its a continuation of Mosaic. We’re still working with Feldy and getting a little mix of everything. This record was a inspiration to sticking with that Feldmann flame to see where it goes next.”

There’s no confirmation of new material being performed live this summer, although Nick Hexum did tease: “A lot of times we like to keep it under wraps, because once you play it live, it winds up on Youtube. But we definitely like to stoke the excitement, and we’ll roll it out however it feels right at the moment. See where the groups conscience leads us.”

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Article By: Mike Patti
Photo By: KZ of In The Barrel Photo

Watch: 311 – “Too Much To Think”

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The Interrupters Announce New Album ‘Fight The Good Fight’

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It’s been since 2016’s Say It Out Loud that we’ve seen a new album from ska-punk favorites The Interrupters. The Los Angeles based band made their announcement during Back To The Beach Festival that their new record, Fight The Good Fight, will drop June 29th, 2018 via Hellcat Records!

The band consists of brothers Kevin, Justin Jesse Bivona who play guitar, bass drums respectively with lead-vocalist Aimee Interrupter belting out her signature punk raspy vocals. They broke out onto the scene in 2014 under the guidance of Tim Armstrong of Rancid with Hellcat Records releasing their debut self-titled record, followed by 2016’s Say It Out Loud. They’ve since toured with the likes of Green Day, Dropkick Murphys, Bad Cop Bad Cop will join NOFX, Bad Religion Mad Caddies on the Punk In Drublic 2018 Summer tour in addition to select dates on Warped Tour.InterruptersTable

The bands new single, “She’s Kerosene,” premieres with a new music video that was shot on (secret) location with direction by Tim Armstrong. The album, recorded at Shipwreck Recorders in Los Angeles, will include 12 brand new songs. One song on the album, titled “Got Each Other” features a guest appearance with vocals by every member of Rancid in Tim Armstrong, Lars Frederiksen, Matt Freeman, and they were able to sneak drummer Branden Steineckert in there on back-up vocals. The track is described as a street-punk, unity song.

The Pier had a chance to speak with the band as guitarist Kevin Bivona explains: “We’re definitely keeping the ska going but also trying to develop our songwriting and trying to grow. We had Tim Armstrong produce this record as well and it was all of us in the studio at all times. He brought a Studer 24 track tape machine in there and,” (as Aimee Interrupter adds) “– That was new, that was really exciting because it has a certain urgency and a lot of it is just 1 take! 1-take vocal, I’m singing live with the band, and produced old-school; It really captured some magic.”

Part of the urgency with recording to tape is the quality diminishes with each take, so its optimal to nail that first or second take which draws out that urgency and anxiety as a band to dial it in just right for the record. Whether that pressure equals a diamond of a record will be revealed on June 29th. They wrote 30-40 songs, recorded 18 to tape and decided on 12 for official release. Aimee tells The Pier: “That’s what was different from our other records was the amount of songs that we had to pick from.”

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You’ll be able to stream the record June 29th or you can pre-order it now by clicking HERE! Be on the look out next week to read our full QA interview with the band discussing their new album as well as Aimee’s guest appearance on Mad Caddies ska-punk cover album Punk Rocksteady.

Watch: The Interrupters – “She’s Kerosene”

The Interrupters – Fight The Good FIght Tracklist:
TheInterrupters_FightTheGoodFight1.) Title Holder
2.) So Wrong
3.) She’s Kerosene
4.) Leap of Faith
5.) Got Each Other (feat. Rancid)
6.) Broken World
7.) Gave You Everything
8.) Not Personal
9.) Outrage
10.) Rumors and Gossip
11.) Be Gone
12.) Room With a View

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Article By: Mike Patti
Photo By: KZ at In The Barrel Photo

Watch: The Interrupters – “Take Back The Power”

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