Review: Robert Ledesma

Robert Ledesma – Any Moment
Track Listing:
1.) Right Now
2.) By My Side
3.) Llego el Dia
4.) Give Me Love
5.) Thank You
6.) A Way
7.) Can’t Hold Me Down
8.) Sunny Daze
9.) Running from Your Love
10.) Un Dia Al Reves
11.) Seek the Truth
12.) You Know We All Relate
13.) Knock Down My Door

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: March 31st, 2017
Record Label: Dangermuffin Music, LLC
Official Website: Dangermuffin Website

Artist Background:
Originating from Berkeley, Robert Ledesma has been mastering his musical craft for years. Originally contributing to the “island feeling” vibes from reggae hip-hop outfit Clear Conscience, Robert Ledesma has recently branched out to release his debut solo effort entitled Any Moment from his self-owned label Reggae Speaks. In addition to his music, Ledesma offers pro audio services and artist development through his label as well.

Album Review:
Any Moment is an ambitious debut effort from Robert Ledesma, clocking in at around 50 minutes featuring 13 tracks. For the most part, this album flows well featuring a few standout tracks. However, after several listens some of the tracks can start to feel redundant and ordinary.

“Right Now” leads things off with some solid instrumentals and almost feels jazzy at certain parts, moving right into “By My Side” which is featured as one of the top tracks on the album. The song portrays imagery of taking you away somewhere to your own personal paradise on the water, without a care in the world coupled with romantic lyrics and more solid instrumentals. “Give Me Love” is another fun track with some prolific horns on the intro for the track and dub accents throughout.

“Can’t Hold Me Down” was featured as a highlight single for the album -– and rightfully so. Distorted guitars set the tone nicely on this one and Ledesma flows with some added notes of hip-hop. Keys and a mixture of stylistic instrumentals piece together “Running from Your Love” which adds itself to the list of highlighted tracks. For the most part, the remainder of the songs felt one-dimensional at times and struggled to separate themselves from one another.

This highlights for Any Moment are spearheaded by the solid instrumentals throughout the album in its entirety. Fire this one up if you’re out on the water for an afternoon and you’ll definitely get some enjoyment from it. The album doesn’t have too many layers however, so if you’re looking for a musical journey you might not leave completely satisfied. But in summary this is a fun record to jam along to and the release date fits perfectly with the summer.

Written Reviewed By: Brian Glaser

[Editors Note: All reviews are reflective of the album in it’s entirety, from start to finish. These reviews are the honest opinion of each writer/reviewer expressing their feedback as a genuine fan of the music. Each star rating reflects their review of the album, NOT the band. Music is subjective. Regardless of the review or star rating, we encourage you to listen to the music yourself form your own opinion. Spread the awareness of all music in its art contribution]

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Interview: 311


The much-anticipated arrival for the forthcoming 311 album MOSAIC is here and features 17 brand-new tracks oven-baked for your speakers. Mosaic will be the 12th full-length studio album from the alternative-rock kingpins, and will officially be made available on June 23, 2017. The Omaha-native quintet is comprised of Nick Hexum (lead vocalist and guitarist), Doug “SA” Martinez (vocals and turntables), Tim Mahoney (lead guitarist), Aaron “P-Nut” Willis (bass), and Chad Sexton (drums).

Seldom will you find an artist of any form who maintains the ability to preserve their roots and quintessential sound while continuing to expand and adapt, reaching new heights without fail upon each new release. A more extreme rarity lies in finding an artist who continues to blaze the trail in doing this for 27 years. Consistently blending a melting pot of various styles and elements into their own unique sound machine, 311 has etched themselves several times over into their own legacy. From igniting the masses with each live performance, to creating truly memorable experiences for their incredible fan-base far and wide, 311 has been “Livin Rockin” since their musical inception.

We had the opportunity to connect with Nick Hexum for an in-depth discussion in anticipation of the band’s forthcoming album Mosaic, in which he was also able to provide insight and shed some additional details regarding production for the album, a couple of the tracks and the overarching theme centered around family, fans and community. We also chatted about their recent TV appearances, writing collaborations on Mosaic as well as collaborations with Dirty Heads and Rome Ramirez, longevity within their musical career and more — Read the full QA below!

Interview: Nick Hexum of 311

The Pier: Congratulations on the new record! Everything we’ve been able to hear thus far sounds incredible — It features that classic 311 feel but noticeably expands and explores new territories as well. From a production standpoint, what was it like working with John Feldmann of Goldfinger who produced five of the tracks? How has that relationship materialize?
Nick: Well, we’ve known Feldy for 20 years now –- Goldfinger went on tour with us back in like ’97. And we’ve been friends as L.A. songwriters and producers, and we’ve just crossed paths a lot and our families are friends. Generally, we’ve kept a lot of what 311 does in house, but the guys had become more open to having different collaborators. With Mosaic, we kind of felt like we were getting to the end of the line with the 12 songs we had done with Scotch (Ralston). At the last minute I was like, “Hey Feldy, you wanna write a song together?” And we got together and cranked out “Too Much to Think” in literally, like an hour. He and I just work so quickly together. And then we agreed to do another one! NickHexum_LiveHe’s just a force of nature –- he works so fast and drinks so much espresso [laughs]. He just makes your head spin, so we really had a super-fast output for those last five songs. The first 12 took maybe a couple of years, the last five took a couple of weeks. So, it was cool to work much more intensively than we normally do — we normally just kind of let things evolve.

The Pier: Some of the tracks we were able to sample, that really stuck out to us, included ‘Hey Yo’ — and I believe you debuted that for 311 Day 2016. The heavy outro and instrumentals on that one are pretty powerful! How long had that track been written and what was the overall theme behind it?
Nick: “Hey Yo” was definitely early on in the writing process. “Wildfire” was the first rocker, and then “Hey Yo” came quickly after that. Both of those songs you can hear the very modern transition –- where you have a build which is kind of a looping vamp that builds up, and builds up, and builds up to a drop. I like that, I like that tension and then the release. It’s a very 2017 kind of thing that is satisfying, so “Hey Yo” is one of the early blue prints of that style. And when you get to the end, sometimes you just want to rock out with a riff, totally instrumental –- so that was a fun song to make.

The Pier: ‘Places That the Mind Goes’ also caught our attention, it’s an epic track and slows things up a bit in what seems to be a pretty rock-driven record from what we’ve been able to hear so far. It’s a warmer, soothing track — What can you tell us about that one?
Nick: I like songs that have a twist. It seems kind of like a love song, but it’s also more shining the light back on your own insecurities. Like when I don’t hear from you, the places that the mind goes… it may be jealousy or that kind of thing that everyone can relate with. It’s not a finger pointing thing at all, it’s more of an introspective look in the mirror. So, I found it to be really revealing — and it was fun to write with my friend Alan Hampton. He’s Andrew Bird’s bassist and really good! More of a jazz kind of player, but also a great songwriter. I’ve known him through my brother for a while, and we got together and wrote that. It feels like a breakthrough to me.

The Pier: ‘Mosaic’ will be your 12th full-length studio album, and captures the overarching theme of community, family and the fans as noted from the album cover, including nearly 10,000 photos submitted by fans! At what point in the process of making this record did you determine that was going to be the overall theme for the album or did it happen organically as things continued to take shape?
Mosaic - Album CoverNick: You know, we’ve always felt that diversity in all areas of life is the way to go. Whether it’s culturally, what is great about America with having all these different cultures together, but more specifically, musically in our band to have all these different styles somehow congealed into 311. And then to have our fan-base, for Mosaic, on the cover is about the humility that we feel that this isn’t just about us. This isn’t about the band members, it’s about the larger community that we’ve fallen into together and been so blessed with.

The Pier: We’ve heard that you’ve been getting more involved in production, and have recently been collaborating with Rome Ramirez and the Dirty Heads on a track. Are you able to share any details regarding that collaboration and the track itself?
Nick: Yeah! We had started a song over a year ago, and then I went in and finished it with them about three weeks ago. And it was just with vocalists Jared (Watson) and Duddy B. from Dirty Heads on the first session. The second session was at Rome’s studio and he was involved as a producer and collaborator. So that was a fun session, good friends of ours that we’ve done a lot shows with and we’re very friendly with –- I like to mix up the experience of where I record and who I record with. But yeah I’m pretty sure they’re gonna use that song on their album and I’m going to be guest vocalist on it, so that’s cool.

The Pier: Another topic that definitely caught our attention –- you’ve recently had the opportunity to be featured on a couple of TV shows with ‘The Eric Andre Show’, and the HBO show ‘Animals’ -– and they were great! How did those come together?
Nick: You know, I had some young journalist call me and say “As a millennial, the thing that me and my friends know of you guys is Eric Andre.” He’s very dialed-into that world of crazy, extremely on the edge of offensiveness, humor -– both ‘Animals’ and Eric Andre -– we had heard they kept making references to us in their show. And then we found out that they’d maybe grown up on us or were just big fans. So, it’s cool to have a generation doing a tip of the hat back to us for whatever we meant to them in the past, and then therefore kind of tipping their viewers to us. Both of those were fun –- I don’t think we quite knew what we were signing up for with ‘The Eric Andre Show’ [laughs]. I mean, they said he’s going to harass you and stuff while you’re playing, but I left it with a good sense of humor, because we’ve always enjoyed shows like ‘Jackass’ and stuff where people are ready to endure pain and embarrassment in the spirit of humor.

The Pier: The 2017 Unity Tour kicks off in just a couple of weeks, the day before album release day! In what has now become a tradition and the experience of the summer, can you talk about adding New Politics and The Skints to the lineup for this year?NickandPeanut
Nick: We were ready to bring in some new sounds. The Unity Tour has had a lot of great bands, but we’ve kind of been in the reggae lane for a while. Though The Skints is a good reggae band, they’re from England. New Politics is of sorts a brand new kind of sound of people that we haven’t toured with before, with more of that modern, electro and dance influence, but still definitely alternative. I haven’t seen them live yet, but I hear the show is a riot. Really high energy with acrobatics, break-dancing, so it’s always nice to be influenced by our opening bands and to be inspired. This summer’s going to be a good one!

The Pier: Along with album releases, 311 at times has also dropped some supplementary releases to include DVDs, B-Sides, etc. It had been announced that another edition of ‘Enlarged to Show Detail’ was in the works, do you have any updates regarding the release date for ETSD3?
Nick: I don’t have any dates to estimate, but I will definitely say that it’s making progress!

The Pier: In regards to collaborations, it seems as though there were several guest contributions behind the scenes on ‘Mosaic’ from a writing perspective. Has 311 ever considered bringing on another artist to be a guest feature on a track or has that been something over the years that you’ve collectively decided to not pursue?
Nick: It’s something that we always say that we wanna do, it just never kind of comes together. For me personally, both me and Tim, one of our favorite guitarists of all-time is John Scofield. He’s one of the three great jazz guitarists that are playing today –- that would be kind of like a dream collaboration to come in and have him play with us. We have gotten a lot more into collaborations, but it’s been more on the behind-the-scenes with having different people come in and write. It’s good, it’s a way to keep it fresh, to keep new influences coming –- we’re secure in ourselves that we know that even if we bring in new people to come in and write with us, it’s still going to be distinctly 311, just because it’s coming through us.

The Pier: Diving back into album covers briefly, one other album cover that has really peaked our interest over time is the album art for ‘Evolver’ -– it’s pretty rad! Definitely has a psychedelic vibe with the floor pattern, but we noticed everyone is kind of scattered and separated and you’re also holding your guitar in the reverse direction. Can you talk about the creation and ideas behind the cover?
Nick: Very observant of you to notice that! That was shot at the Ambassador Hotel, which is where Robert Kennedy was killed. It was closed then, it’s been boarded up – I think it’s torn down now, but it definitely wasn’t functioning as a hotel anymore, we just rented it to do the photo-shoot there. We were inspired to have the type of cover that you could sit there NickandTimand look at for a long time and pick up little things, like there’s that huge blackbird over Chad’s head and he does not like blackbirds whatsoever [laughs]. It’s a very complex, staged photo that’s kind of a nod to classic album covers that give you a lot to look at. And also in weird settings, like Morrison Hotel or different classic rock things. To us, it felt like a throwback to a more psychedelic era, so I think you’re summary of that was definitely correct.

The Pier: This weekend marked 27 years as a band for 311. 9 million albums sold, 9 consecutive Top 10’s on the Billboard 200 Chart — you guys show no signs of slowing down and continue to raise the bar with each release. When thinking back on the longevity and success you’ve been able to achieve, what is your top moment or favorite memory at this point in your musical career?
Nick: Man, we’ve had so many. We did this one hometown show in the Memorial Park which is in the middle of Omaha, where estimates ranged from 40,000 to 60,000 people showed up. It was this huge free show, that was about 10 years ago and that was one of the biggest crowds that we’ve played for. Every event show we do, we find a way to top ourselves. This last cruise was the best cruise that we’ve had. This last 311 Day we hit new heights with having a gospel choir come sing with us and rearrange the songs that really highlight the more spiritual, inspiring side of 311 –- that was kind of a tear-jerking thing for us to be a part of as well as for a lot of our fans.

The Pier: One last question – what do you hope is the key takeaway and lasting impression for fans when they listen to MOSAIC?
Nick: I just hope that people listen with an open mind. I think we ask a lot of the listener to go through a song like “Wildfire” with so many different movements and sections, and so little repetition. So we ask people to have an open mind, not judge quickly, give it multiple listens. I think diversity is what makes life great and art great. Having all the different random elements and bringing in a bunch of new ones on this album. I hope that people feel we take them into new territory, because that’s what it felt like to us.

We cannot thank 311 and Nick Hexum enough for taking the time! If for some reason you haven’t already ordered the album, make moves and pick it up on iTunes by clicking HERE!

Watch: 311 – “Too Much To Think”

Watch: 311 on The Eric Andre Show

Watch: 311 on HBO’s Animals



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Interview by: Brian Glaser
Live Photos by: David Norris

Listen: 311 – “Perfect Mistake”

Listen: 311 – “Too Late”

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The Black Seeds Reveal Details for New Album ‘Fabric’

Fresh off their latest release of their new single “Better Days,” the New Zealand based reggae ensemble The Black Seeds have dropped more exciting news, announcing that their sixth full-length studio album will be released to the masses September 8 via Easy Star Records for all to enjoy! The album, entitled Fabric has been made available via pre-order and will feature 12 new tracks…

Almost 20 years into their musical career, The Black Seeds have become favorites across the reggae community gaining notoriety with each passing year. Their latest release from 2012, Dust and Dirt, was also released via Easy Star Records and notched their highest charting position for an album across multiple countries. They’ve also had one of their tracks, “One by One,” featured in the award-winning TV series Breaking Bad.

Following the release of Dust and Dirt, The Black Seeds have kept a progressive touring schedule and spent the last couple of years extremely focused on creating their new record. To the delight of many, they’ve already offered up the first single from the forthcoming album entitled “Better Days” -– if you haven’t heard it yet fire up the video below.

[Related: The Black Seeds Release New Single ‘Better Days’]

Fabric will feature 12 tracks in its entirety, and is expected to expand further sonically from previous releases from the New Zealand phenoms. It has been reported that recording sessions for the album took place at engineer and producer Lee Prebble’s Wellington Studio The Surgery –- Prebble has been a long-time collaborator with The Black Seeds. The result will surely feature their classic dub reggae style and plenty of jams to add to an already impressive catalog. Check out the full track-listing below for Fabric and pre-order your copy today via the Easy Star Records web-store by clicking HERE!

The Black Seeds – Fabric Track-list:
TBS_Fabric-1024x10241.) Better Days
2.) Everybody Knows
3.) Freakin’
4.) Lightning Strikes
5.) Moving On
6.) Ride On
7.) Back To You
8.) Fabric
9.) Beleza
10.) Wake Up
11.) The Weaver
12.) Lost In The Bush

The Black Seeds On Tour:

The Black Seeds are currently in the midst of their west coast and Canada Tour –- playing select dates and cities through June 24, including the renowned Sierra Nevada World Music Festival. At this time, no other dates have been announced. Check back closer to the release date in September for Fabric as more dates are expected to be announced soon!


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Article By: Brian Glaser

Watch: The Black Seeds – “Better Days” (official lyric video)

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Mykal Rose Announces New Album ‘Strategy of Rome’

Reggae icon Mykal Rose is set to release his latest solo album Strategy of Rome on June 23rd, 2017. The former lead vocalist of Black Uhuru has been on a songwriting tear, releasing his 3rd album in a year’s span. The 11-track album was produced by Adil “Jahdil” Nadri and Søren “Pharfar” Schou of Ice Drop Records in Denmark.

Mykal Rose has been a leading force in reggae music for nearly 40 years. Widely credited with originating the “tu-tu-tweng” vocal style he made famous, Mykal Rose has one of the most distinct voices in reggae history. Rose wrote dozens of reggae’s all-time greatest songs during his time Mykal-Rose-smallerwith Black Uhuru, including staples like “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?” and “Shine Eye Gal.” His influence played a critical role in earning Black Uhuru the first ever Grammy Award for Best Reggae Recording (now called Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album) back in 1985. Since departing Black Uhuru, Rose has forged an illustrious solo career, marked by his prolific songwriting and superb collaborations with the likes of Damian Marley, Easy Star All-Stars, Alborosie, Tribal Seeds, and many other top reggae artists.

The Pier last spoke to Mykal Rose after the release of his 2016 album Rasta State. Rose talked about his factory-like production of new songs and his overall love of reggae music, saying, “I record every day! I write songs and make music every single day,” adding, “I and I, rootsy roots. It’s roots music, man! I love what I do, and I share the love with the people out there. One love. Jah Rastafari.”

His latest project, Strategy of Rome was primarily recorded in Denmark during a week-long break from his European tour last summer. The forthcoming album promises heavy drums and bass, with harmonies reminiscent of his days with Black Uhuru. True to form, Rose’s album mixes together feel-good songs, political takes, and weed anthems.

For more exclusive updates on Mykal Rose’s upcoming album and future tour dates, be sure to check back with The Pier shortly — You can find Mykal Rose’s music on iTunes by clicking HERE!


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Article By: Brian Winters

Watch: Mykal Rose – “Sidewalk Steppa” [Official Video 2016]

Watch: Mykal Rose – “Mr Collie”

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Video Premiere: The Happys – “Trippin’”

The Happys are a Bay Area based rock-band that started in 2012 by lead singer Nick Petty. This new music video is the title track for their album Trippin which was released on 4/20/2016. “Trippin” is a breakup song that comes from the point of view of laughing at the pain and not letting it take you out. The video was directed by the band and shot by filmmaker Will Rushton all along the California coast and at San Francisco’s annual 420 Fest at Hippie Hill. You can catch The Happys live on tour by viewing their upcoming tour dates with the Mad Caddies by clicking HERE! Grab their album inside iTunes by clicking HERE! Enjoy the song and video…

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Updated Album Reviews!

Catch up on the last 3 Album Reviews published with new records released by Kash’d Out, Morgan Heritage and Satsang. Join the discussion and read up and our latest reviews and star ratings…

Coming up, we’ll have new reviews on new albums from Mike Pinto, 311, Dirty Heads, Chronixx, Collie Buddz, Dangermuffin and more!

With album reviews, everyone has an perspective/opinion and no one is right or wrong, but the discussion is what we look forward to; as long as there is a discussion, people will continue to discover the music and listen for themselves. We want to hear your perspective and how the music speaks to you in contrast to our written reflections. The topic is always up for discussion as we want you to reply in a comment with a review rating of your own!

Remember to stop by the site every Monday as we post new album reviews from both new past releases from around the reggae-rock genre. You can view all of our Album Reviews under our Editorials tab by clicking HERE

Kash’d Out – The Hookup

“The albums stand-out tracks would have to be “The Dream,” “So Blessed,” and “Baby Don’t Go.” The latter has the albums best start-to-finish production in my opinion as I enjoy how they occasionally drop the beat out of the hook before bringing it back to drive home the spirit of the song’s sentiment in pleading his love not to go. “So Blessed” is another song that’s a great first impression to hook new listeners and I love the vocal delivery during the chorus on “The Dream”, almost reminding me of something delivered by…” READ MORE

Written Reviewed By: Mike Patti


Morgan Heritage – Avrakedabra

“As a whole, Avrakedabra features a wide variety of song types, typically tied together with reggae, pop, or both. Morgan Heritage wasn’t afraid to embrace pop music on this album, which may turn off a certain demographic, while introducing them to another. The production quality is top-notch, with crisp vocals, loud and precise percussion, and timely sound effects. For what it’s worth, Avrakedabra is almost…” READ MORE

Written Reviewed By: Brian Winters


Satsang – Pyramid(s)

“The tone of these songs, matched with the albums lyrics, can pull out some inner-perspective with music that enables nostalgic-reflections. The are no bad songs on the album and the production is good. It’s a bit softer and slower for those looking for something more upbeat and energetic and while it’s a great album for a road-trip, rainy days or camp-fires, it may be left-out of consideration for…” READ MORE

Written Reviewed By: Mike Patti


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MP3 Leak of the Week: Collie Buddz

After 10 years, Collie Buddz finally released a brand new, 10-track album on May 19th with Good Life. Still reeling from that release, we’re honored to feature track 10 on that record with “Glass House” that’s available for FREE this week only.

You can download Collie Buddz new song “Glass House,” for FREE on our home page under the MP3 Leak of the Week on the right hand column! This Download will only be available until Saturday, June 17th, 2017.

Collie Buddz – “Glass House” — Download HERE (on The Pier homepage)

Collie Buddz “Glass House” Background:

Produced by legendary producer Supa Dups, Collie Buddz first album in 10 years features the smooth vocals and familiar dancehall sound that led to Collie Buddz’ rise. Supa Dups was behind some of Collie Buddz’ biggest hits to date, including “Blind To You,” “Tomorrows Another Day,” and “Sensimilla.” The album was officially released on May 19th via his own label, Harper Digital.

Buddz elaborates on the album, saying, “Good Life is an album that is a reflection of my life the last 10 years. Regardless of the obstacles we deal with in our day to day lives the glass can be looked at as half empty or half full. Ultimately it’s about perspective, perseverance and working towards a solution. I have been blessed with the best fans in the world who have supported me for years and are patiently waiting for new music. I’m really excited to unveil this project to them and already working on the next one.”

As for the song we’re featuring, “Glass House,” I was talking to our own Brian Winters, whose also reviewing the album as of this writing, and he was telling me how he enjoyed this track the most. It’s a hard reggae track with gunshot sounding snare drops, bouncing keys rounded out by some deep bass. Buddz tells The Pier: “The riddim for Glass House is one of my favorites and even now I listen to the beat on repeat. The song itself helped me get a few things off my chest and I felt like it was the perfect final track for the album.”

You can purchase Collie Buddz new album, Good Life, via his own website by clicking HERE!



Collie Buddz Background:

The New Orleans-born Bermuda-bred singer and producer known as Collie Buddz, incorporates influences from Hip-Hop to Soca, but has a rock-solid foundation in Reggae. Collie Buddz has done something not impossible but something once seemingly very implausible. In the summer, 2007, Collie Buddz’ Columbia Records self-titled debut album stormed the charts entering the Billboard Reggae Chart at first position. The Reggae sing-jay became an international star when this album then went on to debut across the world at the top of every chart from Japan to Germany. With much of the production coming from Collie himself, he delivered a solid debut with contributions from Supa Dups, Shea Taylor, Bang Out, Screwface, Bobby Konders and Crown N Kah-So-Real to name just a few.

As a producer, Buddz was the most comfortable in the studio. But he couldn’t find any artists that could really pull off the sound he desired so Buddz far too often found himself just running back and forth from the vocal booth to the mixing booth as he layered his own vocals for his production work. After a while, it just became easier for him to just do it all by himself. At this juncture, Colin Harper became Collie Buddz.

With his independent spirit guiding his journey Buddz has toured the world. He’s toured in support of several artists such as Cypress Hill, Rebelution and Matisyahu. He’s performed in front of thousands at the largest music festivals such as Lollapalooza, Boomtown, Summer Jam and the California Roots Festival.

While touring, Buddz still found time to record new material and release original music independently on his own record label, Harper Digital. He’s even managed to launch a new radio station back home in Bermuda (Vibe 103) and become a father!

Collie Buddz Tour Dates

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Collie Buddz Facebook

Huge thanks again to Collie Buddz for allowing us to share his new track “Glass House” to post up for FREE download. Free music is a privilege that we’re grateful for and we appreciate the work these artists do! Please feel free to download this song for FREE and spread the awareness to your friends!
Enjoy the FREE track on the homepage!

Article By: Mike Patti
Photo By: Keith Zacharski

Listen: Collie Buddz – Good Life

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Video: Passafire – “Longshot”

Following Passafire’s sixth studio album drop of Longshot via Easy Star Records on May 12, the group has released a music video for the albums leading single and album titled-track, “Longshot.” The video was shot near a river on location about an hour and a half north of St. Petersburg, FL and directed by bassist Will Kubley in addition to the Sugarshack Sessions film crew. Guitarist/vocalist Ted Bowne breaks down the video shoot for The Pier in an exclusive interview that you can read HERE! Enjoy the song and video…

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Kabaka Pyramid Drops New Single “Can’t Breathe”

Kabaka Pyramid is gearing up for the release of his debut album, Contraband, set to drop later this year. While there’s no release date for the record, as of this writing, he has released the albums leading single with “Can’t Breathe.”
Kabaka Pyramid Cant Breathe
From the streets of Kingston, Jamaica, Keron Salmon, better known as Kabaka Pyramid, is a rising artist and producer known for his reggae melodies and hip hop lyricism. He’s released a slew of singles, two mix-tapes and a 10-track EP in 2013 called Lead The Way. Apart from that, he’s also a regular guest vocalist as being featured on new albums this year by Nattali Rize with the song “Generations Will Rise” and Morgan Heritage with “We Are” in addition to collaborations with Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon and Major Lazer’s Walshy Fire with “Be Inspired”, as well as Chronixx on “Chalice and Roots” and Protoje’s “Warrior.”

His body of work has been building momentum for the release of his official debut album, Contraband. Little is known about the record other than its anticipation to be released later this year via Bebble Rock and Ghetto Youths. Not sure if and who will be guest featured on Contrabrand but we do have a taste of the records sound with the albums leading single, “Can’t Breathe.” The track, along with the album, was Produced by Genis Nadal along with Executive Producer Damian Marley.

In describing the track, we were told that it was inspired by Lauryn Hill, while rhythmically paying homage to Fatis Burrel of Exterminator. “I was watching Lauryn Hill Unplugged and I was struck by the emotions she put in her songs and I wanted the people that listen to this song, get that same feeling,” says Kabaka Pyramid. “The stress and strain of the system and the mental pollution we are fed day to day reminds me of feeling claustrophobic and suffocated.”

Listen to the song below and find it available for purchase on iTunes by clicking HERE!

Kabaka Pyramid on Tour:

Kabaka Pyramid will be busy all summer long touring the U.K., Jamaica and the U.S. He arrives in America for his first show on July 27th at Los Globos in Los Angeles, CA before performing a few music festivals with North West World Reggae Festival in Oregon on July 29th, Reggae on the River August 3rd and 4th as well as the Rhode Island Reggae Festival in East Providence, RI and a RastaFest Reggae Festival in Toronto, Canada on August 19th! Stay tuned as I’m sure fall dates will be announced soon but you can find all upcoming dates below.

Kabaka Pyramid Tour Dates

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Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Kabaka Pyramid – “Warrior” feat Protoje

Watch: Kabaka Pyramid – “Well Done”

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Review: Morgan Heritage – Avrakedabra

Morgan Heritage – Avrakedabra
avrakedabra album coverTrack Listing:
1.) Want Some More (feat. Mr. Talkbox)
2.) One Life to Live
3.) One Family (feat. Ziggy Marley Stephen Marley)
4.) Golden
5.) Tribute to Ruggs (feat. Bunny Ruggs)
6.) Reggae Night (feat. Drezion)
7.) Selah
8.) Ready for Love (feat. R. City)
9.) Pineapple Wine
10.) We Are (feat. Kabaka Pyramid Dre Island)
11.) Dream Girl
12.) Ride and Roll
13.) Harder Than You Know
14.) Dancing in the Moonlight
15.) Reggae Night (feat. Chubb Rock, Stylo G, Timaya, Bunji Garlin, Stonebwoy, Drezion Jaheil) [Global Remix]

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: May 19th, 2017
Record Label: Cool To Be Conscious Music Group
Official Website: Morgan Heritage Website

Artist Background:
Morgan Heritage, often referred to as The Royal Family of Reggae, is a 5-piece Grammy Award winning group formed by the children of famed-Jamaican reggae artist Denroy Morgan. Strictly Roots (2015), the band’s 10th studio album, released independently on their CTBC Music Group label, notched Morgan Heritage a Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album. The band has performed with unrivaled energy on stage and consistently churned out top reggae albums for more than two decades, earning themselves a global fan-base along the way.

Album Review:
Avrakedabra, Morgan Heritage’s follow up to Strictly Roots, continues their trend of blending RB, hip-hop, and dub-step, with their classic recipe of pop roots reggae. Once again, Morgan Heritage’s latest album features a wide range of sounds and a long list of collaborations. Avrakedabra leans heavily on pop hooks and song structures, but powerful roots riddims keep it rockin’ throughout.

This latest slate of music from Morgan Heritage is chock-full of songs with radio potential. Whether you view that as a good or bad thing depends on your appetite for popular music, but there are several undeniably catchy songs on Avrakedabra. A few tracks, such as “One Life to Live” and “Dream Girl,” stray a bit too far on the pop spectrum. However, Morgan Heritage thrives on songs like “Want Some More,” where they combine Peter “Peetah” Morgan’s smooth vocals, a classic roots reggae rhythm, and some understated background vocals from Mr. Talkbox.

The Morgans meet the Marleys on a song fittingly titled “One Family.” The track begins with a simple chord progression on an acoustic guitar, which leads to the low octave piano riff that continues throughout. Peetah Morgan, Ziggy Marley, and Stephen Marley play off each others verses wonderfully, creating one of the album’s top songs. “One Family” is contrasted well by “We Are,” a song about the youth and the future. Jamaica’s next in line, Kabaka Pyramid and Dre Island, deliver killer verses over a quick-paced, EDM-style beat.

Morgan Heritage’s musical versatility is on full display on the tracks “Golden” and “Pineapple Wine.” “Golden” is a straight up RB love song, with an intro quite reminiscent of T. Pain, while “Pineapple Wine” in many ways resembles a pop-country hit by the likes of Kenny Chesney or Jason Aldean. Much like those sort of country songs, “Pineapple Wine” is very much a guilty pleasure. “Ride and Roll” also fits snuggly into this category.

Despite the pop leanings of Avrakedabra, there are a few roots heavy tracks on the album as well. “Tribute to Ruggs” featuring Bunny Ruggs has a slow, skankin’ rhythm, and contains a terrific exchange between Peetah Morgan and Bunny Ruggs. “Selah,” my favorite track on Avrakedabra, has the lyrical depth and powerful message that most of the other songs fall short of. “Lies and propoganda, they speak of Africa. I trod from Nairobi to Addis Ababa, and find. Find the truth for myself,” sings Peter Morgan. It’s a compelling message about uncovering Africa’s history and beauty in person, and ignoring the media fed stereotypes, stories, and images of the continent.

As a whole, Avrakedabra features a wide variety of song types, typically tied together with reggae, pop, or both. Morgan Heritage wasn’t afraid to embrace pop music on this album, which may turn off a certain demographic, while introducing them to another. The production quality is top-notch, with crisp vocals, loud and precise percussion, and timely sound effects. For what it’s worth, Avrakedabra is almost certain to get another Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album, potentially adding to the veteran reggae family’s growing list of accomplishments.

Written Reviewed By: Brian Winters

[Editors Note: All reviews are reflective of the album in it’s entirety, from start to finish. These reviews are the honest opinion of each writer/reviewer expressing their feedback as a genuine fan of the music. Each star rating reflects their review of the album, NOT the band. Music is subjective. Regardless of the review or star rating, we encourage you to listen to the music yourself form your own opinion. Spread the awareness of all music in its art contribution]

Watch: Morgan Heritage – “Selah”

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