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Don Middlebrook – Featured Artist of the Month

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Starting in 1991, Don Middlebrook and Living Soul began a musical quest up and down the west coast of Michigan with little idea of where it might lead. Always directed by a new song, a new adventure, and an occasional cold beer, what began as fun and frolic has turned into thirteen years of travel and musical bliss. Looking back over those last thirteen years, eight CDs have been recorded and over 150 dates played each year. Airplay has becomecommonplace, like that found at WCSX FM in Detroit, and internet web play has had international activity. Don and the band have performed on national radio with Mitch Albom and G. Gordon Liddy, and the last three years, they have toured and recorded with Greg “Fingers” Taylor, Jimmy Buffett’s harmonica player for twenty-six years. In 2004, Don had two compositions in a Showtime original movie.

Don button2

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Have you heard the legend of how Don stole Jimmy Buffett’s TV Guide?

While performing at Sloppy Joe’s in Key West, Florida, Saugatuck’s local musician, Don Middlebrook and a friend thought that they would take a moped ride around the island. What started out as an innocent joy ride soon became a hunt to find Jimmy Buffett’s house. Based on local information they had gathered, they thought they were close, but were not convinced. That’s when Don peeked into the mailbox and spotted Jimmy Buffett’s TV Guide. Contradictory stories exist as to what happened next. Don wrote a song to apologize, claiming he found the TV Guide on the ground. Witnesses say that he stole it out of the mailbox.

Years later Don recorded and toured with the most famous Coral Reefer of all, Greg “Fingers” Taylor. Greg claimed that Jimmy was aware of the theft and wanted his TV Guide back. Don’s song of apology claimed that he did not have it. Friends say it is in his house. No charges against Don were ever filed and the existence and/or the whereabouts of the TV Guide that inspired this song have never been validated. Jimmy Buffett has since moved from that home in Key West and now has a P.O. Box. As the song goes, you can always steal from a pirate. Don website is


Jo Mersa Marley – Biography

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JoMersaJO MERSA is the second generation offspring of reggae legend, Bob Marley and eldest son of Stephen Marley. In the same tradition as his father and grandfather, Jo Mersa‟s music has been deeply influenced by the reggae culture, family and spirituality.

Growing up as a youth in an atmosphere filled with conscious musicians, Mersa naturally began exploring his own musical journey. During his impressionable years, the musical youth would observe his father and uncles Damian Marley and Julian Marley produce music at the Lion‟s Den studio in Miami, which was the catalyst to Jo becoming an accomplished, self-taught musician, perfecting the craft of how to build his own beats and riddims.

In 2010, Ghetto Youths International released Jo Mersa‟s first single entitled, „My Girl‟, a cross-over reggae / pop collaboration between Mersa and his cousin, Daniel Bambaata Marley, which was produced at the Lion‟s Den in Miami by Stephen Marley.

In 2012, Ghetto Youths released Jo Mersa‟s second single and music video entitled, „Bad So‟. The dancehall track hit international air-waves to heavy acclaim, and finds the once fledgling artist rising to the top of the radio charts in major markets, including London, Jamaica, New York City, Boston and Miami.
The inspiration of Jo Mersa‟s lineage has harnessed his organic, creative energy, and affirms his natural passion for creating music and performing on stage. But regardless of his heritage, Jo Mersa has forged his own identity with a style that ranges in a variety of categories, including roots/reggae, pop, dancehall and hip-hop.

In 2013, Jo Mersa can be found working on new music and touring internationally with his father, Stephen Marley. Mersa notes, “I feel Blessed to have the opportunity to spread the messages of my grandfather, and through my own musical visions I hope to continue on with my father‟s musical legacy.”

Michael Franti – Biography

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All the freaky people make the beauty of the world!

Michael Franti knows all about the power of music. He knows how it can inspire, uplift and make people want to dance or cry. He felt it firsthand recently when he heard the children’s chorus at New York’s PS22 elementary school singing “I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like),” the celebratory first single from Franti’s tenth studio album, All People.

“It moved me to tears, to hear these kids singing, ‘Everybody wants me to be who they want me to be.’ That’s who I wrote ‘People’ for. To let them know, your mission in life should be to be yourself and to embrace the diversity of others.”

It’s a rule the barefoot, 6-foot-6 San Francisco based singer-songwriter-guitarist and philanthropist has diligently followed over the past two decades, proactively creating and supporting numerous environmental, humanitarian and social causes. It explains the evolution of sound on All People, colossal dance beats and dizzying electronic effects taking the fore, as well as a lyrical sincerity that has always had Franti singing about what moves him most.

All People is the follow-up to Franti’s wildly successful 2010 release, “The Sound of Sunshine”, his highest charting album to date. Recorded primarily at his home with guitarist J Bowman, the two recorded some 35 songs before settling on the final track list for All People. For the first time, Franti reached out to collaborate with various writers and producers.

“It was like speed dating,” Franti says. “You’ve got a limited amount of time to write the greatest song you’ve ever heard. But when it works, it’s magic.”

The chemistry is evident on collaborations with multi-platinum Australian producer/songwriter Adrian Newman, who co-wrote “Long Ride Home,” “Closer To You,” “Say Goodbye” and “I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like)”, as well as with the seven-time Grammy-nominated Canadian production team The Matrix, who produced and co-wrote the tracks “11:59” and “On and On.”

Sam Hollander, another collaborator who has worked with chart-topping acts like Train, One Direction and Katy Perry, came on for the songs “Wherever You Are” and “I Don’t Wanna Go.” Franti says, “He also comes from a similar musical experience as I do, growing up when rap, punk and reggae were merging. But he also really knows the pop realm.”

Not that Franti has completely left behind the world of the 24-hour news cycle. His outrage can be heard on tracks like “11:59” and “Say Goodbye,” which was inspired by the Trayvon Martin shooting. Instead, Franti has both widened his scope of the world and pulled in closer for his most intimate moments.

Many of the love songs on All People are born from his relationship with his partner Sara. “These songs are about the power of unconditional love, born out of tough times. It’s rare to find someone who accepts you being your own authentic self. In the past I didn’t always give space for the broad spectrum of emotion, but this time I made an effort to write about everything I experience.”

More than ever, the songwriter looked to his primary influences for inspiration, referencing the wide range of work by music icons like John Lennon, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, Marvin Gaye and the Clash. Of the sound on All People Franti says, “My favorite artists were great at pop form. I don’t think I’ve changed what I do. I just realized I can do it simpler and more direct.”

Franti and his band Spearhead are known for the communal spirit they create with their extraordinary live shows. The singer regularly brings down the barrier between the performers on stage and the people in the audience; whether venturing into the crowd to slap hands or pulling fans up to dance, sing and play along with the band. He’s a dynamic performer who effortlessly moves tens of thousands of people with his invocations. Watching him, you can’t help but think about how much he delights in every moment.

From his beginnings in the post-punk band the Beatings and critically acclaimed hip-hop group Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy (who toured with U2 and Public Enemy) Franti has remained a devoted defender of the underdog.

For a decade, Franti hosted the Power to the Peaceful free concerts in San Francisco, at first to support incarcerated political activist Mumia Abu Jamal, then as a platform to speak out against escalating violence around the globe. He’s made several trips to hot spots in the Middle East to see war’s human toll with his own eyes. In 2005, he made the film “I Know I’m Not Alone” about his travels through Iraq, Palestine and Israel.

“I made a commitment to myself years ago that I wouldn’t just read about what was happening in the world,” he says. “I needed to go and experience it.”

It was on these trips that he realized people don’t necessarily want to hear songs that bluntly address the ills of the world but rather songs that will offer them some escape from their difficulties.

“I wouldn’t want to live in a society where anger is a force that gets things done,” Franti says. “Some people react by throwing a trash can through a window. I’d rather go play music in a school, prison or war zone. Those are the ways I choose to affect change.”

The same week his 2009 smash “Say Hey (I Love You)” broke, eventually selling over 2-million downloads, Franti’s appendix ruptured and put him in the hospital close to death. It was another moment that changed his perspective on songwriting, leading to the triumphant tone of All People.

“I want to make music that is timeless,” Franti says. “At this point in my life when I turn on the radio and hear my song it means a lot to me. When I was a kid I would go on these long drives with my family and I still remember the songs we would listen to in the car. It means I’m part of somebody’s life passages. As an artist, I cherish those moments.”

Contents found on Michael Franti’s Web Site – HERE

Mishka – Biography

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Hawaiian based Reggae Pop star Mishka has always been a traveler.  A man on a conscious musical mission, his Journey has now come full circle.

Born in Bermuda and raised in the Caribbean, Mishka is a traveler and a sailor at heart.  A free spirit, whose lyrics melodies and grooves, are reflections of the roots and culture in which he grew, Mishka’s music is Caribbean at the core, and yet it’s an eclectic sound that contains many elements and genres.  From bass heavy roots reggae, to mellow acoustic ballads, songs of love, songs of social justice and consciousness, you have to hear for yourself and experience the music. 

Mishka’s Journey has taken him full circle, from an independent singer songwriter, to major label fame, through the bright lights of Hollywood, and finally right back home, where he is at his best, in the Islands, creating his own sound, with artistic integrity and full creative control over his craft.

Since his last studio release Mishka has reworked and re-issued several of his early albums. He also was invited to travel to Key West Fl., where he recorded at Jimmy Buffet’s Shrimp Boat studio. The Key West recordings resulted in an EP entitled Ocean is My Potion. Order Ocean Is My Potion

All along Mishka has been writing, performing, and rehearsing the songs that would become The Journey. Returning to his creative roots, fully independent and totally in control of his art and career, The Journey is a statement of where Mishka has been but also where he is going. The Journey was released on Jimmy Buffett’s Mailboat Records, November 19, 2013. Order Journey

Mishka has released four full length Albums to date including the eponymous Mishka  in 1999, One Tree  in 2005, Above the Bones in 2009, Talk About in 2010, and EP’s Anything Anytime Anywhere (2011) and Ocean Is My Potion (2012), all of which have received critical acclaim around the world. In 2009 Mishka released a special digital only collection of acoustic songs entitled Guy With a Guitar which iTunes named the Best Singer Songwriter Collection of the Year.

Mishka, has performed with a wide cross-section of top acts including Anuhea, Dirty Heads, Michael Franti, Matisyahu, John Brown’s Body, Burning Spear, Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, Luciano, Sly and Robbie, The Roots, The Cat Empire, Gregory Isaacs, Donovan Frankenreiter, Jimmy Buffet, Kenny Chesney, Zac Brown & many more.

Mishka’s releases have charted around the globe including his last three releases reaching the #1 spot on Billboard Magazine’s Reggae chart.  Mishka continues to tour extensively both solo and with his band playing clubs, theaters, and festivals all over America, Canada, the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Japan.

Content from Mishka’s Official Web Site – HERE

Featured Artist – Captn Jac

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Welcome to the Tiki Bar“A boy growin’ up in the heartland, surrounded by acres of grain.”  So goes the lyric from one of the songs on Captn Jac’s new album.  As the grandson of a Midwest farmer and son of a small town construction worker, he spent his youth learning how to plant crops and build homes.  By the time he’d turned 18, he decided on a different chosen career.  Music was to be the driving force in his life.  Since those early days, he has performed as a musician and entertainer in many styles of music.  He has played for crowds large and small all over the United States.  He attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music and performed on master recording sessions in New York, Memphis, and Nashville, TN.  The years spent in school and on the road finally lead him to discover his own voice as a songwriter.  In 2006 during a visit to the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, he was inspired to begin writing the songs that would eventually become the ‘Livin On The Hard’ album.  Released in 2010 by Pilothouse Music, it has been well received in concert and is widely available on most all the Internet music outlets. These days, the Captn and his “Crew” are performing in Florida playing music from the album as well as the “Gulf and Western”, “Trop Rock” and “Conch Country” sounds of other artists.  When the Captn is not performing, he loves sailing, diving, and spending time in the Florida Keys. Check out Captn Jac’s Site HERE


Featured Island Artist – Jack Johnson

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JackJohnsonBefore Jack Johnson became the 21st century kingpin of beachside pop/rock, he was a champion surfer on the professional circuit. The sport was second nature to the Hawaiian native, who began chasing waves as a toddler and, by the age of 17, had become an outstanding athlete on the Banzai Pipeline. However, Johnson was also testing other creative outlets — specifically film and music — and a serious surfing accident during his first professional competition convinced him to devote more time to those landlocked hobbies. After studying cinematography in college, he turned his full attention to music, writing breezy pop songs punctuated by an unassuming voice and a mellow, beach-bum demeanor. The combination proved to be particularly commercial, as Johnson’s first five major-label albums all climbed to platinum status.

While studying film at the University of California in Santa Barbara, Johnson partnered with friends Chris Malloy and Emmett Malloy to produced a surfing documentary entitled Thicker Than Water. Although the project spotlighted Johnson’s talent as a director, it also showcased his flair for songwriting, and the accompanying soundtrack featured several of his own tunes. Thicker Than Water was deemed 2000’s Video of the Year by Surfer magazine and paved the way for a second surf flick, The September Sessions. Meanwhile, Johnson began receiving similar notice for his songs, one of which was covered by G. Love & Special Sauce on the band’s 1999 album, Philadelphonic. Shortly thereafter, Johnson’s demo material piqued the interest of J.P. Plunier, a French producer who had helped launch Ben Harper‘s career several years prior.

With Plunier’s help, Johnson recorded and released Brushfire Fairytales in 2001. The debut album featured a cameo by Ben Harper, thus sparking a friendship between the two musicians. Moreover, its casually spun folk songs attracted an audience that stretched far beyond Johnson’s own surfing community, and Brushfire Fairytales went platinum as a result. After touring throughout the early half of 2002, he returned to the studio and issued On and On one year later. Despite its musical similarity to Brushfire Fairytales, On and On found Johnson delving into social commentary, resulting in a number of songs that paired worldly, insightful lyrics with a sunny surf vibe.

Jack Johnson toured heavily in support of his growing catalog, taking frequent breaks to surf and spend time with his family. When it came time to return to the studio, he resumed his partnership with Mario Caldato, Jr., the same producer who had helmed On and On, and decamped to Mango Trees Studio in Hawaii. In Between Dreams was released in 2005, sporting a mango tree on the album’s cover (in tribute to the studio) while offering a familiar mix of tropical songwriting and conscious commentary. The album peaked at number two, Johnson’s highest chart position to date in America, and sold more than two million copies stateside. Oddly enough, it was Johnson’s next project, the kids-oriented Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George, that finally sent him to the top of the charts. The soundtrack debuted at number one in February 2006, selling 149,000 copies during its first week and making Curious George the first animated film sincePocahontas to have a chart-topping soundtrack. Like the four albums before it, it climbed to platinum status.

Help Support Florida Parrot Rescue by Purchasing from Trop On and Living like a Pirate

Despite such continued success, however, Johnson was dealt a sharp blow in 2007, when his cousin Danny Riley succumbed to brain cancer. That death, coupled with the decision to record outside of Hawaii’s familiar environment, lent a moody ambience to Johnson’s next record, 2008’s Sleep Through the Static. Nonetheless, the bulk of the album retained a warm, sand-scrubbed feel, and Sleep Through the Staticwent platinum within five weeks. Johnson traveled throughout Europe that summer, playing some of his largest shows to date, and the resulting footage was captured for the 2009 CD/DVD release En Concert. Johnson released his fifth studio album, To the Sea, in June 2010. Covering a nine-year span, the Jack Johnson & Friends: The Best of Kokua Festival compilation appeared in 2012 and featured performances from Johnson’s benefit concert for the nonprofit, environmental education organization the Kokua Hawaii Foundation. Johnson returned to his Mango Tree studio with Mario Caldato, Jr. — who produced his 2005 release In Between Dreams — to record his sixth studio album, From Here to Now to You. The album, which was scheduled for release in September 2013, was preceded by the single “I Got You.” ~ Andrew Leahey, Rovi

Featured Artist – Dani Hoy

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Dani Hoy, aka “TropiGal” is a perfect example of the adage “better late than never“. Her music paints a vulnerable and honest view of life in a beach-oriented spirit of fun and adventure.

danihoyThis all comes three decades after a year of guitar lessons, seeing her musician father in action, and spot opportunities singing in choirs, choruses, and theater. After years of listening to her favorite songs over and over again until she knew every line, her fans are doing the same with her songs and clamoring for more. The wait is almost over.

Dani Hoy’s widely anticipated 2nd full CD, “Songs of Love and the Ocean” has been released, once again in collaboration with Kevin Johnston. The two teamed up on her first project, “TropiGal”, which facilitated many opportunities in the Tropical Rock genre in the form of live performances and airplay. She has twice been nominated for awards by the Trop Rock Music Association ( in 2012 and 2013.

Her belated music career began four years ago, with Dani hitting the open mic circuit and performing in front of audiences with her guitar. Naturally the showboat side of her personality was front and center and shared a sense of fun earnest interaction.  She sang many nights away after putting in a full eight on her day job as a graphic artist. This made her transition to larger audiences rather simple.

After recently gaining some freedom from her day job, Dani Hoy’s passion for music is on full display as she tackles a full performance schedule around the country. Her crafty songwriting and stage presence shines through at multiple Trop Rock festivals, house concerts, collaborations, and gatherings.

There is no doubt Dani Hoy is on the move. It’s hard to escape hearing her music these days.

If you haven’t heard the music of Dani Hoy… an escape is only a listen away!

Dani’s Website

Featured Artist – Brittany Kingery

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Brittany Kingery – Featured Artist

It’s about the beach. It’s about the people. It’s about the language. And it’s about the music.

Edge of the Ocean, the debut solo recording of the Olympia, Washington based vocalist Brittany Kingery, is about all that and more. The album will pick you up by your ears and transport you to Mexico’s Pacific coast for an audio vacation with its tropical and Latin-flavored acoustic sounds and its picturesque lyrics about life at the edge of the ocean.

BrittanyKingeryBrittany and her supporting cast, vocalist Derek Harris and vocalist-songwriter Rob Morgan Hill of Game Six, have all adopted the Riviera Nayarit, a sunny coastal stretch North of Puerto Vallarta, as a vacation home away from home, and have been performing periodically in the area since the release of Game Six’s 2009 recording “God, Love and Mexico”. Brittany is slated to release “Edge of the Ocean” with a headlining performance at the 7th Annual Festival de San Patricio (St. Patrick’s Day Festival) in Bucerias, Nayarit, an event fast becoming the the largest and loudest celebration of the day South of the border. The official release party will be followed by performances in other cities in the Jalisco-Nayarit states of Mexico followed by a US release party and concert in her home town of Olympia, Washington on May 3.

“There’s nothing I enjoy more than singing and no place I enjoy more than the Mexico coast”, says Brittany. “So it’s very satisfying and exciting to be able to celebrate the release of this recording in Mexico.”

Brittany and her record company are taking their commitment to the area one step farther. All of the proceeds from sales of the disc in Mexico and a portion of sales and downloads elsewhere are being donated to Mexico-based charities. Brittany says the charities are being selected in part by the event promoters and in part selected by her and Exit 104 Records.

“Even though I am just a visitor, I feel a very strong connection to the area and want to be involved in the community,” says Brittany, who hopes one day to live in Mexico, at least part time. “We want to support the people there who are doing the important work of providing housing and education to underprivileged kids and improving the quality of life and economic opportunities for families.”

Raised in the rural Washington town of McCleary, in Grays Harbor County, Brittany received musical training as a child as a drummer but did not start singing publicly until adulthood. After studying music and performance art at Grays Harbor Community College in Aberdeen, she left home for New York City, where she completed her college education and musical performance training at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Manhattan.

Not long after returning home from college, Brittany was introduced to Rob and Derek, who were then performing regularly as “Campfire Karaoke,” a performance in which amateur singers would perform with live accompaniment. After a couple of years, the trio took a year-long break from live performance to record “God, Love and Mexico”, an album on which Brittany played a supporting role.”

“We were always thinking in the back of our minds that Brittany was ultimately a solo performer rather than just one member of a trio,” says Rob. “After we did that record, we started noticing that the people coming out to hear us play live were mostly coming to see her. And we’ve been evolving since then, to the point that today, Britt sings lead on most of our songs. When Derek or I is singing lead, it’s usually just to give her voice a rest.”

Of the eight songs included in Edge of the Ocean, Brittany sings or shares the lead vocal on all but “Shamrock Bar”, a song imported from “God, Love and Mexico” and one of a few songs on the CD about the coastal village of Bucerias, the unlikely location of an Irish pub. (The pub, the song, and its YouTube video have all become icons in Bucerias.)

Although she speaks very little Spanish, Brittany sings two songs in mixed Spanish and English and two entirely in Spanish on “Edge of the Ocean”, including a hypnotizing, lullaby-ish interpretation of “Cielito Lindo”, perhaps Mexico’s most beloved traditional song, typically played in a ranchera or Mariachi style. Brittany says she was nervous about the challenge of recording the song.

“I am in love with the song,” she says, “and I hope that my interpretation of it calls attention to just how beautiful it is. But, for sure, it is a little bit scary to be singing a song that is so revered in Mexico, in a way that it is not typically heard, in a language I don’t speak.”

Brittany says she had Spanish coaches with her in the studio for the recordings of “Cielito Lindo” and “El Amor de mi Vida”, the other Spanish language song on the album.

“I told them not to let me get away with anything,” she recalls. “I love singing in Spanish, so it’s really important to me to get it right, not just as an artist, but as a matter of respect for the language and the song.”


Find Her Here:


Featured Artists – The CalypsoNuts

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The CalypsoNuts – Entertainment Without a Net

For years, people have begged for entertainment- not just music, but entertainment. Since 1998, The CalypsoNuts have delivered just that. Audiences from Key West to Put-In Bay, and all along the Caribbean itineraries, have been delighted by the duo with the island twist.

“Sure it’s steel drums,” says Robbie Meade, “but we look at them a little differently. We take the drums where we want them to go instead of allowing the drums to force our musical hand.”

Sponsored by Corona Extra, Corona Light, and Kokomo Island Traders, The CalypsoNuts are more than just a steel drum act. The “Entertainment Without a Net” approach guarantees that each show is custom tailored to fit the event. With no shows identical, The CalypsoNuts have the freedom and flexibility to switch gears in the middle of the show and take the audience in a new direction and to a completely different mood.

The nightly menu consists of Pop and Rock, Reggae and Soca, Acoustic and Electric; all different, but all the perfect ingredients to a great bowl of musical gumbo.

“So, pack your bags and let The Nuts’ music take you to your favorite island”

Mike Lindsay, past President
Washington Area Parrothead Club

At 11 years, The CalypsoNuts are the longest running act at “The Meeting of the Minds”, the week-long National Parrot Head Convention held every November in Key West, Florida. As of March 2009, The Nuts are now Musical Alumni of the Atlanta Parrot Head cruise, a 7 night, annual caribbean cruise to benefit cancer research.

In 2008 and 2009, 4 contracts with Disney Cruise Lines were packed with shows that were said to have raised the bar for any subsequent duos that sail with them. Meade says, “More than a just feather in our caps, the time spent with Disney taught us the important lessons of how to “Do it right…every time!”

The CalypsoNuts CDs “Six More Weeks” and “No Lifeguard on Duty” and rare live shows receive regular air play on Radio Margaritaville and several other internet and sattelitte radio stations. Numerous local and regional “Best of” awards further confirm The CalypsoNuts’ ability to take you to the sunshine of the islands no matter what the weather is like outside. Fondly known as The ‘Nuts by friends and clients, these two entertainers have a way of making the whole crowd feel special and connected to the event.

“Robbie and Lynley are superb entertainers. Fun, talented, wacky and a taste of the islands – they’ve got it all.”
Cindy Ely
President, Parrothead Club of Richmond

Booking and working with The CalypsoNuts may very well be the easiest thing you’ve ever done.
Call or Email for more information and availability
Lynley Tolls
Phone: 757-583-7646

Recent Article about their show at LandShark Landing at the Margaritaville Beach Hotel


Featured Artist & Bio – Mishka

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Born in Bermuda and raised in the Caribbean, Mishka is a traveler and a sailor at heart. A free spirit, whose lyrics melodies and grooves, are reflections of the roots and culture in which he grew, Mishka’s music is Caribbean at the core, and yet it’s an eclectic sound that contains many elements and genres. From bass heavy roots reggae, to mellow acoustic ballads, songs of love, songs of social justice and consciousness, you have to hear for yourself and experience the music.

Mishka’s journey has taken him full circle, from an independent singer songwriter, then signed to big record labels like Creation and Sony, through the bright lights of Hollywood working with Matthew McConaughey and his jk livin label and finally right back home, where he is at his best, in the Islands, creating his own brand of music, in total artistic control of his songs and his life. Having just come off a summer long tour of North America, with a stop in Japan he is about to head to St Croix in the Virgin Islands, to finish recording songs for his upcoming album to be released this fall.

Warren Wyatt of WorldSound, the exclusive global representative of Mishka, comments: “He’s a musical force of good and righteousness, a positive power for change in an increasingly negative world. Mishka has a lot to say and it’s worth listening, his songs open eyes and hearts and change people… for the better .”

Mishka, who recently toured over 40 North American venues with Maui born Female Hawaiian Superstar Anuhea has performed with a wide cross-section of top acts including Dirty Heads, Michael Franti, Matisyahu, John Brown’s Body, Burning Spear, Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, Luciano, Xavier Rudd, Sly and Robbie, The Roots, The Cat Empire, Gregory Isaacs, Donovan Frankenreiter, Jimmy Buffet, Kenny Chesney, Zac Brown & many more.

Mishka has released four Albums to date including the eponymous Mishka in 1999, One Tree in 2005, Above the Bones in 2009, and Talk About in 2010 all of which have received critical acclaim around the world. In 2009 Mishka released a special digital only collection of acoustic songs entitled Guy With a Guitar. This led to iTunes naming the release the Best Singer Songwriter Collection of the Year.

Mishka’s releases have charted around the globe including his last three releases reaching the #1 spot on Billboard Magazine’s Reggae chart. Mishka continues to tour extensively both solo and with his band playing clubs, theaters, and festivals all over America, Canada, the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Japan.