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Featured Artist – Sunny Jim

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James “Sunny Jim” White was born in San Antonio, Texas. His earliest memories of live music are steeped in the sounds of the Texas swing bands to which his parents danced. The Texas twang of his guitar is part of his sound even today. James spent part of his adolescence on the Texas Gulf Coast in Corpus Christi, which sparked in him a love for the beach, surf music and the mystery of the eternal sea.

The White family moved to Southern California during the height of the Psychedelic Era (1969) where he soaked up the FM radio sounds of the times, with Motown, Memphis, the LA sound, and of course the San Francisco sound adding to the mix. Around this time James first picked up a guitar, and soon developed a passion that turned into a career.

Several years later, while pursuing music in Nashville, TN, he joined a band headed to the Cayman Islands for a year-long gig. The band left at the end of the contract, but James White had discovered his Caribbean soul and stayed.

He landed a gig at the world-class Hyatt Regency Grand Cayman and Britannia Resort where he was artist-in-residence for more than a

decade. Life in the Caribbean was good! “Sunny Jim” soaked up the sights and sounds of the West Indies and put them in his music, and he even taught himself to play the pan (steel drum).

The Cayman Islands is a crossroads for travelers from all corners of the world, and real characters ended up in his songs. Friendships forged there remain strong today, so his circle of friends extends to several ports of call in the islands. In 2000 Sunny Jim left the expatriate life and moved to Florida’s beautiful Suncoast, where he is now at home.

He is a regular on Jimmy Buffett’s Radio Margaritaville, broadcasted on Sirius Satellite radio. Sunny Jim’s relationship with Radio Margaritaville began in 1997 when Radio Margaritaville broadcasted his show live via the internet from the Hyatt Regency Grand Cayman on Seven Mile Beach.

For the past ten years, Sunny Jim has been an invited performer for “Meeting of the Minds,” the annual national Parrot Head Convention held in Key West, FL. He has also hosted fellow tropical troubadors at his yearly Sunday Songwriter’s Showcase at Blue Heaven, which has become a “must-attend” event for many wrapping up a wild weekend in Key West. Sunny Jim is also host of the annual Six String Music Festival in New Orleans.

He enjoys performing for purveyors of the island lifestyle from coast to coast. His schedule takes him to cities such as New York, Seattle, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, Atlanta, Key West, Houston, Richmond and Phoenix among many others. His travels have also included going back to the Caribbean to perform in St.Vincent and the Grenadines, Jamaica, the Bahamas and of course his old home, the Cayman Islands.

A versatile performer and musician, Sunny Jim is available as a solo act or with a full band, for events large and small. From wild Parrot Head parties to intimate backyard concerts, he is “living what he loves and lovin what he lives.”


Featured Artist – Swim Skinny “Naked & Wet”

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A Note from Swim Skinny

I was recently asked to be interviewed for a book being written about Trop Rock singer/songwriters and their music…I was asked to talk about my background and where some of my songs originated…this is what I had to say!!

Click to Order The New CD "Naked & Wet"

Click to Order The New CD “Naked & Wet”




My life as a nationally recognized “Trop Rocker” began with a simple song….


“Hippy Farm” – This is the song that penned the name “Swim Skinny” and tagged me with it for life. Hippy Farm is a song about the transition from my childhood living “hippie” in rural Midwest communities to my suburbanite life as an adult in Indiana. It talks about how we “used to swim skinny in the hippy pond on the hippy farm”. After singing the song for crowds at shows throughout the Midwest, people would yell out to me on stage upon my return…”play that ‘swim skinny’ song”… Eventually it grew into a trademark song and the name alone has made me famous…Swim Skinny. The song remains the pivotal point of my music career, taking me from local singer/songwriter to national performer. The song is plainly about missing the simplicity of my youth as a hippie kid.


“Drunken Parrothead Blues” – Upon gaining regional notoriety under the name “Swim Skinny” as an acoustic performer and singer/songwriter, crowds began to grow as did my reputation for having FUN on stage (and selling lots of booze). Requests for me to play were pouring in from lakeside bars and island party events around the lakes of Indiana where I grew up. So, on the weekends I’d pack up the kids for the weekend, go to our tiny cabin on Lake Freeman, and I’d make some extra cash playing music in the evenings. One particular party I was invited to play was this annual Jimmy Buffett gathering at a bar near my hometown the week after Jimmy played in Indianapolis. Having been a fan for years, but never having seen a live Buffett show, I decided to get tickets and take my oldest son…he was 16. The week prior to the concert I was putting together my stuff for the parrothead party back home – people often brought gifts and I would display them on stage with me – and one of the items was this parrot I was trying to mount on my mic-stand. The problem was, everytime I’d move, the parrot would fall upside down hanging from the stand…staring right back at me. After a few times trying to fix the problem, the parrot fell upside down AGAIN and found it’s final resting place. My guitar was sitting there and with a big grin on my face I strummed a chord and said “like a drunken parrot hanging upside down, I’ve got my tail in the air and my beak on the ground”. By the time I made it to the Buffett concert and party on Lake Shafer, I had written the song “Drunken Parrothead Blues”. I played it at the party 3 times by request over the course of the 7 hour show. The song was video taped and released on YouTube and I quickly became a part of the Parrothead nation. A video with pictures portraying the lyrics was later released, solidifying “Swim Skinny” as a household name in the minds of parrotheads worldwide. The song talks about the debaucheries of a day following a Buffett concert and depicts the likes of my own brother crawling from my hammock by the lake after a much-too-wild night with friends.


“My Banana” – After being recognized as a ‘Trop Rocker’ by my fans, a term I didn’t know at the time, many of my other water-based party tunes began to be noticed…at which time the making of a CD arose. In collecting my original songs that fit the genre bill, I found myself writing more along those lines and people started labeling me as “tropical” and other similar terms. One night while answering my then hundreds of weekly emails, I was surprised by a chat box opening a conversation with an old high school girl friend…we were talking of meeting some day on a boat in the islands where we’d co-habitate, her braiding hair and me playing guitar. At the same time my youngest son, who was 14 at the time, was laying next to me in bed playing his new ukulele. Noticing the email that was on the screen at the time, and partially blocked by the chat box, my son looked at me and said out loud….”Dad look, she likes your banana”. Behind the chat box was an email where the sender had written…”Dear Swim Skinny, I like your Banana Republic style of music…”. As my son read the message to me, the chat box covered the words “Republic style of music…” leaving only the words “Dear Swim Skinny, I like your Banana” to be seen by my son. Needless to say we laid there with his uke and wrote my most popular and most requested song to date….”My Banana”.

“I’m Alive” – Over the course of my adult life, I have had great success and great challenges. I’ve been married twice, I have three children, and I am now single raising my two younger children at our very small lake cabin. I have accumulated great wealth, for a ‘hippie kid’, and have walked away from it all to gain inner peace. The choices and decisions have been hard at times, sometimes even putting me through what many would call a ‘living hell’. However, I have always remained positive and have tried not to count my loss…which has been tough…at least it was until just a year or so ago. In the midst of some of my hardest times, reminders of how fragile life is have crossed my path helping keep my mind clear and focused on living life free of false truths and drama. A couple years ago a close friend’s son was diagnosed with cancer at age 17 and pulled through after huge fights with the disease. At the same time another friend, acquaintance, and fellow trop rocker Troy Allan faught cancer eventually losing his battle at the end of last year…BUT, not before inspiring me and SO many others to live life to it’s fullest and to be thankful we are alive. With Troy on my mind and hope for my new freedom, I wrote “I’m Alive” as an anthem for my life. In the first verse I reference my relationship with someone very close to me when saying “you put your hands upon my chest and rescued me from cardiac arrest”….it describes also my relationship with God and the impact Troy has had on me. In the second verse I am talking to the many fans who have written me saying they wish they could be ‘more like me’ when I say…”sometimes you gotta close your eyes to see, reach down pull something out and show the world what you’re all about, raise your hands, raise ’em high, touch the clouds and feel the sky…say I’m alive and I’m free, there ain’t no place I’d rather be…’cause I’m alive”. If only my fans knew for themselves what it is that has brought me to this point in my life, maybe then they too would feel more ALIVE!! This song says it all for me….where I’ve been, where I am, and where I want to be.


“I’m Alive” is one of my favorite tunes from the new Swim Skinny double disc CD that is to be released July 7, 2012 titled “Naked & Wet”. The “Naked” CD has a very acoustic feel with very little production work…the CD is a look deeper into the person I really am and not just the SWIM SKINNY image…it is soft, soulful, ornery, and real…it’s “Naked”!! The “Wet” CD is a continuation of my first CD titled “At Your Own Risk”…the CD is filled with tropical sound, feel, and trademark Swim Skinny innuendo…”Booyah”, “Walking to New Orleans”, and “Too Drunk to See Jimmy” are sure to be hits in their perspective crowds…the soulful jazz sound of “The Roosters Call” and “Mallory Square” make you long for sultry nights in Key West… And “Back to Belize” just feels SOOO damn good….You’re gonna love this project!!

People often ask me what it is like to be a “Trop Rock Star”….and I never really know what to say….what I can say is this: You know, I am really just another guy who happens to play guitar…I’m a dad, a brother, and a son…I’m a friend to many and am lucky to have some great friends…right here at home and around the world…if there is one thing about me that makes me special, it’s that I follow my heart and keep trying where others might stop…I love my life and I wouldn’t trade it for any life around…my wish for you is the same!!


Peace and Love,




Until Next Time… Trop On!

Featured Trop Rock (Contributor) of the Week

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Mayor Gonzo Mays

Honorary Mayor Key West, Florida Keys USA

Most people try to break out of prison but this crazy not so demure Southerner actually broke into one! Sammie Mays earned rank as a gonzo reporter when commissioned by the notorious editors at the National Enquirer to snag a picture of baseball’s fallen bad boy, Pete Rose, while incarcerated in the infamous Marion, Illinois SuperMax Penitentiary. The lure of $100,000 proved too much for her to resist. The plan was only concocted after some dirty low-life broke into Sammie Mays’s saloon in the Navy shipbuilding town of Pascagoula, Mississippi and stole her blind. “The thieves didn’t only steal the money, liquor, and beer…they stole the pool table, barstools, cash register and even the air conditioning unit!” Mays then joked, “I’ve always heard a bad artist borrows and a good artist steals. I wonder what they named the new bar???” Sammie’s Key West Bar n’ Grill was the only bar in town deemed “resort” status which meant she had the only bar licensed to remain open after the 2am curfew for all other bars. A twenty-four hour hell raising honky tonk, it was the location where Jimmy Buffett played to his first audience (refer to his song Pascagoula Run). A regular at the bar was Jimmy’s one-legged Uncle Billy Buffett who struck a deal for his underage nephew to sweep and mop spilled swill from the floor in exchange for stage time. “Clever Uncle Bill drank for free!” The burglary devasted the saloon-keeper. Left flat busted and desperate for a quick fix, Mays weighed her options and briefly considered posing nude for Hustler but instead decided to take the lower road. A weekend entertainer in her own bar, Mays posed as a musician, hiding two identical 35 millimeter cameras inside an old worn-out speaker cabinet and sweet talked the warden and herself right into, at the time, the nation’s toughest penitentiary. It was literally through hook n’ crook that she managed to score the coveted $100,000 photograph of baseball great Pete Rose in the Pokey!

Meanwhile back at corporate headquarters in Lantana, Florida, National Enquirer marketing gurus aggresively worked through the night leaking word to the Associated Press of the beer-slinging reporter’s espionage operation. The media was primed and Hollywood’s curiosity peeked! Back in Marion, Illinois, the humiliated warden was being dismissed of his duties but didn’t step down until he issued this final statement to the press, “Where Sammie Mays is going she’s not going to be able to spend a dime of that money!”Trouble was beginning to mount for Mays. The morning after scoring the infamous prison shot she pulled into Denny’s for a quick bite of breakfast and from a row of newspaper vending machines bold black headlines screamed, “Pete Rose In Prison / National Enquirer World Exclusive!” Sammie’s immediate response was that she had been hung-out to dry and left to her on demise. Her personal photo and private information were being used by the tabloid to sell papers. Suddenly she began to fear for her own freedom and soon went underground. Long story short, when the smoke started to clear Sammie’s “Pete in the Pokey” photo had been named as Best of Year by Sports Illustrated. And when she finally thought it was safe to come out of hiding, British tabloid peers had begun referring to their new hotshot celebrity reporter as The Gonz. When the Coconut Telegraph first read the story I Shot Pete Rose and watched the remake on the t.v. series Tabloid, rumors of a big screen movie by the writers Of Mice and Men began to surface with Ellen Barkin playing Mays’s character. The Gonz homeport is Key West, Florida, USA where she hails as the Honorary Mayor Gonzo Mays and is celebrated by both locals and tourist for overtly giving as many free political favors as humanly possible and accepting all bribes, no matter how insignificant. And, yes, even the Keys county Sheriff carries one in his wallet. The Gonz eventually tired of the yellow journalism gig and of the tabloid prankishness and crazy Hollywood celebrities who “believed their own press” but, still, you can sometimes see the adventures of Mayor Gonzo Mays on Comcast Tourist Television, in the local newspapers and travel magazines.Note: At sunset you can usually catch the honorary mayor bellied-up and holding court with the locals at the tiki bars. Just look for the cigar, straw hat and sunglasses – even at night! Mayor Gonzo tells us that living in the islands and writing sordid adventures and drunken tales of characters she encounters along the way sure beats the hell out of working for Southern Bride Magazine. Says the famous writer and photojournalist, “Nothing, but nothing, is as bad or as painful as that gig with the bridal magazine. To this day I hate pink chiffon!”

When we probed into Mayor Gonzo’s 1982 arrest on corruption charges which resulted in her being deported from the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten (yet another entertaining adventure) she claimed to have only been trying to help enlighten the islanders. And, on that particular night, the law simply rounded up all high-profile locals because they were pissed off for having missed intercepting a substantial load of Jamaican Lamb’s Bread being distributed. “I unfortunately received none of it!” Mays said. Mays is a survivor of unconventional sorts, a prison break, deportation from a third world country, survivor of two direct-hit Category 5 hurricanes and thus far has managed to dodge a death threat from an old editor in chief at the National Enquirer. The Honorary Mayor of Key West is like no one you’ll ever encounter. When she showed up at the Pilot House Bar for this interview her presence was undeniable. She strolled in chomping on a real Cuban stogie and offered me a smoke. I politely declined which prompted the response, “Well why not? You probably smoke everything else!!!” When asked what first brought her in 1974 to Key West, in a charming offbeat Southern-ease she was quick to blame it on “that smugglin’, gun-runnin’, womanizin’, Captain Tony Tarracino!” And then added, “it’s as good a place as any to lay low while things cool down!” In a final question the Coconut Telegraph’s wrapped up the interview by asking what she had planned to do next. Without hesitating she declared, “Not a damn thing but sit right here and have another cold one!” However, to be more accurate, I do believe she had more than one. But then who’s counting.

Be Sure to check Mayor Gonzo’s Website

(Taken from the Coconut Telegraph interview)

Featured Artist – Kid Conch

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Let me tell you a story about a man named Kid… Kid Conch is mixed breed for sure. He is part beach bum, part hippie, part cowboy, part pirate, part rocker, part mountain man, part country boy. The music in his blood is part British, part Southern, part Latino, part Caribbean, and part Mediterranean. He’s a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll, with a little bit of Motown in his soul.

Kid Conch’s music blends Americana and Tropicana, country and western, reggae and calypso, Cajun and blues, rock and roll, R&B and soul into a tropical vacation for your ears. He’s as comfortable fronting a large show band with an electric guitar and he is strumming an acoustic guitar at a sidewalk cafe.

Although Kid Conch has been playing music since before he could talk, and has played in countless bands, he has only recently taken up his axe and brought his own brand of tropical rock to the public. With a couple songs under his belt The Kid plans to record as much as possible. He’s not a big believer in “albums” but when he gets some more songs together I’m sure he’ll be willing to press a CD for you. In fact Kid Conch is releasing his new sexy, soul-powered love song, “Take Me To Paradise” before the end of March.

The Kid loves to collaborate and add his soulful guitar stylings to other’s music. From time to you’ll see kid sitting in with some of his friends such as The Chris Sacks Band, Deserie, Dani Hoy, Charlie Imes, and Mike Mangum. In fact if you’re a travelling minstrel passing through Florida, look the Kid up. He love to accompany and he’s known coast to coast for his magical ability to play music he’s never heard before.

The Kid doesn’t live in any one place. He goes where the weather suits him. Some people want fast cars, some people want exotic vacations… The Kid just wants to go outside and play in the sunshine. He’s known to spend winters cloistered in a cottage on the Gulf Shores of Florida working on music like a mad scientist bent on creating life. But when summer rolls around, The Kid hits the road.

In 2013 look for Kid Conch in the Northeast in June and July, and the Southwest in August and September. And maybe a few places in between. Let him know if you’d like him to pass through your town.

You can visit Kid Conch online at or on Facebook at You’ll find a couple free MP3s on the website that some people with good taste actually like. They’ve gotten some honest to goodness rave reviews from some serious music folks and are being added to more and more internet radio stations each week.

Contact: Rick Schettino


The Doc Is In – The Island Doctor

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The Doc Is In – The Island Doctor

Hi friends, allow me to introduce myself…. Most folks know me as the Island Doctor, but just for the sake of relating, let’s assume we’ve known each other for sometime now. We’ve weathered a couple of hangovers, we’ve danced the night away at a few tropical island parties, we were even shipwrecked once on a deserted island. On top of that, you told me your most fantastic dreams and I shared with you my most deep and darkest secrets. Ok ? So we’re old mates, which means from here on out you can refer to me as your long
time friend, “The Doc.“


Here’s a few other things I’ve been meaning to share with you………….

I make my living as a traveling minstrel , performing, entertaining and mostly just enjoying those who have embraced the tropical mind set. Consider the Doc, as someone who likes to cure all the ailments of his fellow partiers with the likes of his upbeat island theme melodies.

Simply put…. I like my friends to forget about their daily grind, sip on a tropical drink at the tiki bar and then dance the night away to the sounds of the Island Doctor sending you on a well-deserved tropical vacation.

Maybe you belong to a yacht club, a marina or are just planning a party with friends down at the dock….. Shouldn’t you call the Doc?

Country clubs and resorts have island parties too.. I’ve been to a few…. Hotels, restaurants and bars with patios and decks……. what the heck!

Why not create the perfect island party ….

It’s all great fun….. When you provide the rum. So when you’re planning your next party……

How about considering entertainment that’s fun and exciting? Even better, how about an entertainer that actually encourages your guests to get involved in the party and the evening’s festivities. This is what the Doc is all about.. I provide my own unique island style party music by recreating some of the more popular island tunes along with my own tropical melodies creating the perfect beach party, luau and Caribbean party all wrapped up in one..

I’m able to customize my evening of entertainment to suit your needs and would be more than happy to accommodate your ideas and special requests. So to all my good mates and old salts that love to have parties and jam to the sounds of island style party music….

Isn’t it time for the Doc to make a house call ?……
The next time you’re planning a special event of any size…. whether it be a tropical theme party, business function, convention, grand opening, wedding reception, rehearsal dinner or any other type of special occasion that requires island style party music or any other style of music. Make an appointment with The Island Doctor…you’ll be glad you did.

* Doc’s musical remedy *

* Reggae * Soca * Calypso * Merengue * Ska * Island favorites

The Doc has played just about every style of music over the years but has always remained faithful to one of his truest loves:

“The music of the Caribbean“

You’ll enjoy the Reggae sounds of Jamaica from artists such as Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff to the Soca and Calypso sounds of Trinidad from artists such as Byron Lee, The Mighty Sparrow and The Troubadours. Let’s not forget the music of Harry Belefonte and a large variety of other Caribbean known artists. Jimmy Buffet ?…Too many great songs not to cover some of them..




Featured Artist Lightning Jack McGivern

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From ‘Lightning’ Jack himself.

Hello, I play Guitar,Steel Drum (Lead Pan),Bass,Piano,Percussion and Sing and have Pro DJ equipment for Break Music. I perform Music for Wedding Ceremonies,Cocktail Hour Music,Receptions,Corporate Parties,Clubs and Festivals.Music has filled my life for as long as I can remember.  I grew up in rural Illinois near the Mississippi River listening to Elvis, Johnny Cash and 70’s rock.  At about age 15 I picked up a guitar and started playing rock and roll and then discovered blues and jazz.  I studied locally at Blackhawk College in Moline Illinois.  Later I moved to Hollywood, California to study with some of the top studio musicians in LA at the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT).  From there I traveled all over the United States playing in various blues and classic rock bands.  Eventually I made my way to Florida where I finally settled on Treasure Island.

A friend had a Steel Pan, and let me play around with it. I had always loved the sound of Pan music and now after playing one I knew I had to get one. I bought my first Pan from Tommy Rey at .  My heart was set on learning the steel pan so I signed up at St. Pete College to study under Joe Braccio.  Playing with Joe and the whole SPC Steel Drum Orchestra was the perfect stepping stone into steel drum music.  Joe not only taught me the basics but also opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that steel pan can add to my music. The powder coated pans I use were custom made for me in Trinindad from Merlin Gill’s Pan Shop. You can for more info. Also check out Steel drums at .

For years I had been writing my own songs….just recording ideas on my acoustic guitar at home.  Now with the addition of the steel drum I had finally found that perfect blend of sound that I had been looking for.  It inspired me to finish writing my original songs and start working on the production of my first CD.  In April, 2009 my debut album, Treasure Island Blues, was completed. In 2011,I finished a Steel Pan Christmas Cd. My band is in the studio working on an Intrumental Island CD and new original Trop Rock CD which should be finished in 2013!Playing and writing music is without doubt one of my favorite things in the world. I hope to continue making music for years to come. -Jack


Featured Artist – Rich McGuire – Schooner & The Wharf Rats

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 Schooner – the colorful frontman of top-rated trop rockers Conch Republic – went solo in 2012 after following his heart to the beach. Happily calling Sarasota his new home port, Schooner brings his own unique style of trop rock to beach bars and crab shacks all along the Gulf Coast.

Schooner has lived and played in some of America’s mostexotic and notorious ports of call, from Key West to Captiva, Miami to Memphis, as well as Cincinnati, Nashville, St. Louis and Beaufort, SC, among many others. He’s played bars, backyard barbecues, ball parks, beach parties, country clubs, wineries and corporate events all over the South, Midwest and Florida.

But his first true love remains bringing the beach to Parrot Head Clubs!

Schooner entertains with a mix of Jimmy Buffett classics and tropical tunes from Zac Brown, Kenny Chesney, Harry Belafonte, and some lesser-known tropically tinged performers. (Do You Like Piña Coladas, anyone?) We’ve posted a sample of his song list, but that’s just a start.

Schooner released his debut solo CD in the fall of 2012, Mid-Life Vices, featuring seven original songs including In Arrears Drinking Beers, Pier Pressure and Shit Hit the Fan.

And if you’re looking for a bit of the beach to liven up your party, he’s your mon!

The follow up project to Mid-Life Vices, called Footsteps in the Sand, has an expected release date of August 2013. It will include ten original trop rock tunes plus original cover art by Koz, of Koz’s Green World Gallery in Key West, Florida.

Come out and catch a show! You won’t regret it!

Schooner’s Website

Song List

This is just a sampling of the songs that Schooner performs.
Schooner Originals — In Arrears Drinking Beer©, Shit Hits the Fan©, Pier Pressure©, Mid-Life Vices©, Thar She Blows©, The List©, Keep a Weather Eye©, I Did What?©, and more…
Buffett Songs You Know By Heart – A Pirate Looks At 40, Boat Drinks, Changes is Latitudes/Changes in Attitudes, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Come Monday, Fins, Margaritaville, Pencil Thin Mustache, Son of a Sailor, Volcano, Why Don’t We…
“Old” Jimmy Buffett – Cowboy in the Jungle, Defying Gravity, Distantly In Love, Havana Daydreaming, In the Shelter, Mañana, Migration, No Plane on Sunday, Tin Cup Chalice, Trying To Reason With the Hurricane Season, Nautical Wheelers, Jolly Mon, and many more…
“New” Jimmy Buffett – Bama Breeze, Boats to Build, Five O’clock Somewhere, Breathe In Breathe Out Move On,  Piece of Work, and many more…

Kenny Chesney — Key’s In the Conch Shell, When the Sun Goes Down, No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem

Beatles — I’ve Just Seen a Face, You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away

Zac Brown Band — Knee Deep, Toes, Where the Boat Leaves From, Free

Tracy Byrd — Ten Rounds (with Jose Cuervo)

Harry Belafonte — Jamaica Farewell, Jump in Line/Shake Senora

Stephen Bishop — On and On

Garth Brooks — Two Piña Coladas

David Alan Coe — You Don’t Even Call Me by My Name

Sam Cooke — Another Saturday Night

Crosby, Stills & Nash — Southern Cross

Billy Currington — People Are Crazy

Del Shannon — Runaway

Drifters — Under the Boardwalk

Frankie Ford — Sea Cruise

Steve Goodman — City of New Orleans

Bertie Higgins — Key Largo

Rupert Holmes — The Piña Colada Song

Toby Keith — Red Solo CupI Love This Bar

Van Morrison — Brown Eyed Girl

Harry Nilsson — Everybody’s Talking at Me, Lime in the Coconut

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band — American Dream, Dry Town

Blake Shelton — Some Beach Somewhere

Simon & Garfunkel — Loves Me Like a Rock, Me You & Julio

James Taylor — Mexico

The Who — Squeeze Box

Jessie Winchester — Gentleman of Leisure

Ringo Starr — The No No Song

Dion — Run Around Sue

Knoxville Musicians Win Trop Rock Music Awards – Southern Drawl Band

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 Knoxville Musicians Win Trop Rock Music Awards

 Music Awards from BeachFront Radio out of Southern California

Southern Drawl Band: Mike Nash, Melanie “The Djembabe” Howe, Larry Dunsmore, Paul Wray, Tommie John and John Kunz  


Knoxville, Tenn. (December 28, 2012) –  DownHome Records Inc. is proud to announce the Beachfront Radio Trop Rock Awards have been released., the number one Trop Rock station in the United States for the last three years, has released some exciting news for Knoxville, Tennessee.  The ballots were unveiled and many of East Tennessee’s finest local musicians made their way into the nomination categories. Knoxville’s Southern Drawl Band walked away with some hardware from their first year on the scene.  Southern Drawl won best Trop Rock Album with their EP release of “Another Day in Paradise.”  They won song of the year, beating out notables like the Zac Brown Band for “Another Day in Paradise” which can be found on their original album “Against the Grain” and the Trop Rock EP “Another Day in Paradise”.  Southern Drawl also was voted the best Trop Rock Band for 2012.

Southern Drawl’s percussionist, Melanie “Djembabe” Howe finished second in the category of Trop Rock Musician of 2012, behind Knoxville’s Michael “Crawdaddy” Crawley who won those honors.  Southern Drawl’s headman, Mike Nash was voted fourth in the category of Trop Rocker Male of 2012.  Trop Rock legend and Nashville’s, Tall Paul won that category for Best Trop Rocker Male of 2012.

Tropical Rock, known as “Trop Rock”, is a quickly growing music genre that seems to be gravitating to the East Tennessee area recently. With major label artists like Jimmy Buffet & the Coral Reefers, Kenny Chesney, and Zac Brown Band, Trop Rock is a laid back relaxing style of country music that’s growth has sky rocketed in today’s market.

Results for the awards were released December 26th & 27th to the public.

Other Tennessee Bands and Musicians that were honored:

-Knoxville’s Homemade Wine won Best Trop Rocker Live Performers of 2012.  (SDB was 3rd)

-Nashville’s Kristie Bobal was voted number three Trop Rocker Female of 2012.  Nadirah Shakoor of Jimmy  Buffett’s the Coral Reefer Band won Top Trop Rocker Female of 2012.

-Knoxville’s Andy Wescott of Homemade Wine was fifth in Trop Rock Musician of 2012

-Southern Drawl Band & Tall Paul’s feature song “Floriday” placed number thirteen in the Trop Rock Top 20

-Ramajay Intercoastal placed at number fourteen with “Mountain for Two”, right above Bonnie Raitt’s former bassist- Freebo.

The Trop Rock community gathers several times a year where many of the major label artists attend and showcase as well as up and coming artists. The number one event for the Trop Rockers was voted “Meeting of the Minds” in Key West, Florida where all of these artists have had the opportunity to showcase their music.

About & Trop Rock

Tropical Rock, commonly referred to as “Trop Rock,” is genre of music that blends other genres including Rock, Reggae, Country, Caribbean and Latin with island/tropical instrument arrangements and song themes.  Although Trop-Rock has its roots in the beach music scene from the 60’s, Jimmy Buffett is often credited as putting Trop Rock “on the map”.  Crossover music stars like Kenny Chesney, Zac Brown Band and Jack Johnson have brought the Trop Rock music genre into the mainstream public, resulting in a growing popularity that has opened the door for a whole new generation of island-inspired musicians.  We invite you to explore our list of popular Trop Rock artists, visit their websites and listen to their music, and you just might find yourself in a “happy place” you never want to leave!


Twitter: @BeachfrontRadio

How to find the winners

Tall Paul: Facebook-   Twitter- @TheTalPaul

Southern Drawl Band:      Twitter- @SouthernDrawlTN

Ramajay Intercoastal:    Twitter- @RamajayIntercoastal

Melanie “The Djembabe” Howe:   Twitter- @DrumNDance

Mike Nash:

Kristie Bobal:

Andy Wescott:

About DownHome Records Inc.

Knoxville based company working with local band Southern Drawl Band and Gates Music Management.   Twitter: @SouthernDrawlTn

Phone: 865-771-1821




Featured Artist – Rudy Cox & Preston Hamilton (P&R Project)

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Rudy Cox & Preston Hamilton

“taking over the world, one party at a time”

Preston’s originally from California and grew up outside of Bakersfield…this was obviously a big musical influence. Growing up seeing many of the great guitar players come through town had a huge impact and made guitar playing an absolute must!

I grew up in the Ft. Lauderdale area singing and playing bass or acoustic guitar in clubs, studios and tiki bar from a young age. Always looking for songs with stories and great vocals. When something is relatable people respond. That’s the key!

We’re an acoustic duo playing throughout South West Florida. We play a mix of trop rock country blues and classic rock designed to get you moving, grooving and having a good time! Our focus is on songs to interact with the audience and evoke a response. Irish Pub meets the beach!

We first got together a year and a half ago in a band project and have been friends and band mates ever since. Our musical influences range from Haggard and Jones to Buffett and Marley. It’s all feel good music and that’s what gets you moving and helps to get the party started.

We’re working on our first CD together and hope to have it pressed in the next several months. Hopefully, a digital release before that.
Booking: Rudy Cox – 239-699-7754

Featured Trop Rock Artist – Mike Broward

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Mike Broward is a solo entertainer and a recent transplant to the Nashville, Tennessee area. He works in a nation-wide niche of music that caters to the Tropcrowd. He does club dates and many fundraisers, concerts and songwriter shows. His latest journey began in 1999 with the the San Diego-based group, Koko Loco as a lead guitarist and vocalist. Koko Loco produced one CD and started touring to local and national Parrothead fund raisers and gigs. In 2005 the group reformed under the name of Stars On The Water, continued to tour and recorded 2 CDs, “Stars On The Water and “Under the Covers”. The SOTW released in 2005 contained Mikes’ song , “Happens In Key West Never Happened” awarded by Bar as Song Of The Year. This song has grown a life of it’s own with many releases on compilation CDs, and DVDs, and has been recorded by several different artists. It was most recently used in episodes of The MTV Reality shows, “Made” and “Rockers”.

In addition to the band CDs, Mike has released his music on solo CD efforts that spotlight his song writing in the 2000 release, “Sampler”, the 2006 “My Adventure”, his 2009 release, “Parrothead Rehab” and his most recent effort “Margarita’s And Moonshine”. His music is played daily on a variety of terrestrial radio, college radio and internetradio formats.

After relocation from San Diego to Nashville, TN , Mike has pursued songwriting and a solo entertainer career, netting nominations from The Margarita M.A.F.I.A. for “Musician Of The Year” in 2008 and “Album Of The year” in 2009. The 2009 release, “Parrothead Rehab” has struck a nerve in the Parrothead world that has resulted in a nation-wide niche-following of Mikes’ efforts. His latest release, “Margaritas And Moonshine” explores the collision of troprock and country music.

Mike has been associated with ASCAP since 1991, as a writer and publisher, and through the years has been awarded popular panel awards 7 times. In addition to a fulltime musicians schedule, Mikes’ music-personality articles and product reviews have been featured in Premier guitar Magazine. He has had a long career in music merchandising, running many high-end guitar shops and serving as a showroom manager for the Carvin Corporation in San Diego. He remains an endorsed artist and user of Carvin guitars, Taylor guitars, Gibson guitars and Line Six products.

Mike also wrote the music to the musical play, Tenderfoot.

All Information is available from Mike’s website.