The ‘Go Kart’ look

Hi all. Anyone out there running the ‘gokart’ type look? Id like to see some pics and specs, im not a fan of massive tyres but i really like this kind of look.

Im guessing it must be around a 2-3″ lift, with flat flares or tubes and 33 tyres. But it would be great to have some more inspiration to follow.

The pic is not my ride, its just an example of what i mean.

Thanks all.

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Rear sway bar link suggestions

Hello all,

I’m looking for suggestions for my rear sway bar. I just finished doing a 1″ drop skid on a 04′ Rubicon that has a 2.5″ spring lift which technically puts about 6″ of lift on the drivetrain. What do you think? Adjustable or can I get away with extended links like those that metalcloak offers?

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Got some Jeep parts for my birthday

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New to the forum

Nice rig!

Welcome to the forum!

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New to the forum & hopefully new JK owner soon.

Hello everyone,

Guess I’m officially the new girl on the forum. I signed up to learn more about the Wrangler in particular the JK. I am working on parting out my current ride which is a crazy modified 2009 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Long Box (DCLB) TRD Sport with leather heated seats.

I am hoping to order a 2017 JK Unlimited Rubicon in the next few months or next spring at the latest. I don’t plan on doing anywhere near the same amount of modifications to my jeep as I did to my taco but have a few ideas already floating around my head.

I’m sure I’ll have lots of questions once I get a chance to have a more detailed look around the forum.

Thanks for having me while I’m still a Toyota owner

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North Carolina 5 Brand New Rubicon Wheels & BFG K2 Tires

Western North Carolina – 2017 Rubicon Wheels and New Tires.

Less than 200 miles on these brand new Rubi Wheels with the BFG K2 Mud Terrains (32″). $1000 Firm.

I also have the Springs and Shocks as I did the Mopar lift on my new JKU. $200 for the set. They are 18/59s.

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1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler Radiator L4 2.5L for Models with Barbed Transmission Cooler F

SHOP HERE FOR GREAT PRICES 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler Radiator L4 2.5L for Models with Barbed Transmission Cooler Fittings

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Looking for rock slider / steps

I am looking for a rock slider that mounts directly to the body (not the body mounts), and that has a step surface that is NOT above the bottom of the lower edge of the body below the door. Examples are Body Armor and N-Fab – they make ones that would be acceptable except they mount to the body mounts.

I am just getting into my New To Me 2006 Rubicon as a replacement for my 99 SE. I had the DPG Ultimate kit on the SE and liked it enough to want to do it again. Problem – it uses a body lift which makes for a big gap between the body and the slider on both frame mounted and body mount mounted sliders – I have this on my SE and hated the gap it leaves.

Am I the only one looking for a useable step on a body mounted slider? My wife has bad knees and I carry a folding aluminum step for her already. A useful step would really help her out.

Getting old sucks but it beats the hell out of the alternative….

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Gobi jku 45

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? to the Teraflex Level kit folks

To those who have the TF install kit with the two included sway bars I have a question.

I decided to check them out after having a few hundred miles after installed by the 4×4 center I used.

The top of the sway bar has no zerk fitting but rather a rubber boot sleeve so to speak that feels like it is a empty bladder. I assume on this unit it is just for keeping dirt and debris out and is not meant to have a zerk fitting since there is not one nor a hole for one?????

Also, the bottom of the unit where there is a zerk fitting that is on the ball joint so to speak will not accept any more grease nor ooze out the side like I am accustomed to when applying a lith grease to my mower or tractor. Any idea why this would be????

Now reason I ask this about the top end of the sway bar is that I have seen pictures of TF kits that have zerk fittings on the top????? Mine however does not.

Please feel free to chime in and I posted my pictures I took of each end to see.

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