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Kenny Chesney FREE Concert 8-16-2014 Flora-Bama

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-NASBrd_08-30-2013_Tennessean_1_E001~~2013~08~28~IMG_nasdc5-6b8qk5sc82c1e_1_.jpgKenny Chesney took the past year off to focus on making his new album, but now he’s ready to hop back on stage for the first full concert since his No Shoes Nation tour ended at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass., in August of 2013. It will be Chesney’s only concert in 2014. And, it’s free.

Good news: Kenny Chesney shares new album title, release date

New single: Hear Kenny Chesney’s ‘American Kids’

Dubbed the Flora-Bama-Jama, Chesney will play a beach concert Aug. 16 at The Flora-Bama, located on the state line where Orange Beach, Ala., meets Pensacola, Fla.

“I’ve been holed up making a record for the last year … and anyone who knows me knows how much I miss playing, miss the fans, but especially miss the culture of the people who love this music bring with them,” Chesney said in a statement. “Obviously, this isn’t going to be one of those huge shows we do, but it’s gonna be a long day, a whole lotta music and even more fun.”

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Kenny Chesney Releases New Music After Year Off

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Kenny Chesney definitely deserved the yearlong sabbatical he took from the business, and we kind of suspected that when he came back, it would be with a bang.

So the lead single, “American Kids,” from Kenny’s next project is about to make some noise. Written by Rodney Clawson (Frankie Ballard’s “Helluva Life”), Luke Laird (Lady Antebellum’s “Downtown”) and Shane McAnally (Kenny’s “Come Over”), Kenny heard the tune during a writers’ retreat with Shane. “When I heard it, I knew I was gonna cut it,” Kenny says. “It was unlike anything I’d ever heard, and I listen to a lot of songs. The rhythms, the images, the way the melody moved . . . it just grabs you and holds on, but even more importantly, it feels really good.”

A teaser video has been released to give fans a hint as to what to expect, but the only lyric we hear is a little messed up, but we’re all alright. Kenny explains, “Hey, life is hard. People work long hours, have all kinds of stuff going on in their personal lives. But if there’s one thing I’ve seen over the last 10 years, looking out at the face in the crowd: you can’t keep my fans down. These are people who, no matter what, are in love with life, and they’re gonna find the good times no matter what.”

“American Kids” will be at radio on June 20 and available for digital purchase on June 23.

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Kenny Chesney Confirms New Orleans Show

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Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney will perform a one-hour acoustic set in New Orleans on May 17 to help raise money for the charities of two of his friends — actor Matthew McConaughey and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

“Having spent the last five or six months in the studio, I am so ready to get out there and play,” Chesney toldThe Tennessean, Nashville’s daily newspaper. “Even though we’re making music, it’s not the same, and I can’t wait to be in a room with the energy of the people … have that feeding back at me, getting all that coming back at me.”

Chesney expects to release his new album this fall. He’s been working on it since October, the newspaper reports. Chesney’s previous album, Life on a Rock, was released in April 2013.

Tickets to the New Orleans charitable event are $350 for general admission. Proceeds will benefit McConaughey’s Just Keep Livin’ Foundation and Brees’ charity, the Brees Dream Foundation. 

“Drew and Matthew set the bar — for working hard, for giving back, for inspiring others,” Chesney said. “They inspire me. And if I can go play songs and help them raise money for their foundations, which do so much good, I’m happy to.

“When you factor in that I’ve been cooped up, not really playing, and I’m ready to get out there with some people. … it’s a little selfish ’cause the audience makes me feel so good! But having done this, I already know we’re gonna have a ball, and no one will get out of there without a smile on their face.”

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Kenny Chesney to open COTA’s new Austin 360 Tower Amphitheater

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Austin’s newest concert venue will open at 8 p.m. on April 5 with an inaugural performance by country superstar Kenny Chesney.

20130316_121611The Austin 360 Tower Amphitheater is located in the center of the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) race track underneath the iconic 220 foot tall observation tower. Show capacity at the theater is about 15,000 with just over 5,000 seats and a large grass berm for general admission. COTA calls it the largest permanent stage in Austin.

The show represents one more step in COTA’s plan to make the circuit a 365 day events destination. Last week COTA made a bid to host the ESPN X Games from 2014 through 2017 and is looking to add tennis to their sports schedule. In addition to sports and concerts, COTA is hosting a number of conventions and last month began hosting gala events.

Chesney, the biggest ticket seller in country music and four time CMA “Entertainer of the Year,” is set to kick off his “No Shoes Nation” American tour March 16. He just added 26 new dates to the tour, expanding to 46 stops including Austin. Kacey Musgraves will open for Chesney.

“We’re thrilled to open our new Tower Amphitheater, which will be the largest outdoor entertainment venue in Central Texas, with the No. 1 ticket seller in country music today,” Circuit President Steve Sexton said in a press release.

“Kenny Chesney is a remarkable and engaging performer, a true fan favorite and one of the elite touring artists in the world. The Tower Amphitheater will showcase the biggest names in music, and for our very first show, it doesn’t get much bigger than Kenny Chesney.”

Tickets for the show start at $45, which does not include parking — and you will need parking — that will cost an additional $12.

Kenny Chesney Turns Negatives to Positives

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Kenny Chesney“We live in a world that, if you let it, can be an insanely negative place,” Kenny Chesney said. “We wanted to write lyrics that would be as positive as we could get.”

He was talking about “Spread the Love,” a new song he’s singing which includes the chorus, “We’ve got to spread the love, spread the love all over the world.”

It’s a song Chesney wrote with Brett James, and the way he described each part of the song in new country special issue of People magazine makes me want to believe in all the good in the world.

As for the opening lyric, about how we’re all God’s children, Chesney says he really believes that.

“I’m spiritual in that way. We’ve all heard the saying, ‘Love is the answer,’ but I wish we could learn to love everybody a little better,” he told the magazine, adding that he thinks music is the most powerful thing in our lives. “It helps us heal our hearts and our souls.”

The song is straight-up reggae. He collaborated on it with the late Bob Marley’s band, the Wailers, which is very obvious about three seconds in. And Chesney told People it “really ended up being a gospel song.” So I guess you could call is reggae-gospel fusion? But if you were expecting a new country song from Chesney, this ain’t it.

The proceeds from the song’s downloads go directly into the Spread the Love Fund and will help people who were severely injured in the Boston Marathon bombing.

“Not every song you record gets to help people. That’s why I’m insanely proud of it,” Chesney admits. “When I hear it, it puts a huge smile on my face.”

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Wildwood seeking proposals for more beach concerts

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WILDWOOD — City officials want concerts like Kenny Chesney and the alternative rock show earlier this year to become regular events on Wildwood’s beach each summer.

To make that a reality, commissioners unanimously voted on a resolution to begin accepting qualified proposals for music festivals and concerts during a special meeting Oct. 17.

Ryan Troiano, who described himself as the “main person coordinating what will be done on the beach moving forward,” said that since the resolution was passed, about five packets had already been picked up from City Hall.

“Wildwood’s not a secret anymore,” he said.

Troiano, who is the son of Mayor Ernie Troiano, was hired in June as the confidential secretary of the commissioner of revenue and finance. He is also a city firefighter. He makes $30,000 in the new position, in addition to the $59,328 he earns as a firefighter.

He explained that the city chose to use requests for qualified proposals to give anyone the chance to pitch their ideas to the city. By doing that, he said, the city could then judge which events will be the most beneficial to the city’s taxpayers.

According to the resolution, “it is in the public’s interest to provide for events and activities on the city’s beach.”  It also states that the value of the concessions is dependent upon the proposals received by the city.

Troiano said that the bid packets explain that there is a $15,000 minimum flat fee to be paid to the city for use of the beach for a music festival or concert. The resolution also states that “there should be no cost incurred by the city because the concessionaire shall compensate the city for any public services required by the event.”

After the proposals are received, the city will then determine which events to allow on the beach. Some of the criteria officials will weigh, Troiano said, include how the city will benefit financially, as well as the aesthetic of the event. He added that the city hopes that the events will help add to the image of Wildwood’s beach as “world-class.”

To help attract potential proposals, Troiano said the city plans to spend the winter working on cleaning up the beach. One small aspect, he said, was power washing all the trash cans and repainting them, as well as other low cost clean ups and fixes.

To keep taxes stable, Commissioner Pete Byron has repeatedly said the city has to further investigate new revenue sources. In Wildwood, that means looking to its expansive beach.

“The beach is the greatest untapped source for potential new revenue,” Byron said earlier this month.


Kenny Chesney Helps Build Two Reefs in Jacksonville’s St John River

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Kenny Chesney Helps Build Two Reefs in Jacksonville's St John River Kenny Chesney’s love of the ocean, the islands and being out on the water inspired the Luttrell, Tennessean to get involved with the Coastal Conservation Association’s project to place two man-made reefs in the heart of St John’s River, less than half a mile from the downtown I-95 bridge. Teaming with the national Building Conservation Trust, Kenny is matching the funds raised to help CCA complete their project.

“When you can have a hand in stewarding the health of the ocean,” Kenny said, “you’re insuring the survival of something very necessary for all of us, whether you’re a beach person or someone that won’t go near the water. The ecological balance is very delicate, especially in Florida, so I am honored to help them achieve this goal.”

The reefs – which will measure roughly 200 feet by 200 feet – will be composed of more than 30,000 cubic feet of concrete rubble.  Less than a mile from the nearest boat ramp, Jacksonville University will spend the next two years studying the impact of these structures on the surrounding areas.

“The material is going to be carefully arranged so that there will be no issues with clearance from the surface, but there will be areas with three to four feet of relief from the bottom intermixed with open spaces to create an ideal habitat for fish,” said CCA’s local  project spearhead Peyton Scheppe. “The area now is basically just an open sandbar so the transformation is going to be fascinating.”

These reefs are easily accessible by small boats and will provide much needed habitat and improved fishing in this section of the river, which is approximately 20 miles inland from the Atlantic.

“Costa asked me what I wanted to do with the money raised through our sunglasses last year,” said Kenny, “and I told them I’d like what we do to be something that renews the waterways, so people can enjoy them the way so many of my friends and fans do. To protect the oceans, bays and rivers is our responsibility – and I’m glad we can make a difference in the St. John River.”

Drawing inspiration from life on the water, the 8-time Academy of Country Music/Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year hopes to insure the future of the oceans and beaches. Earlier this year, Kenny donated a portion of the sales from Life On A Rock, his 7th Billboard Top 200 Albums No. 1 debut, to the Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park to help defray the costs of nature preservation.

Now that his No Shoes Nation 2013 Tour has played to over 1.25 million fans at 19 stadiums, Kenny is taking a hiatus before releasing his “Spread the Love” video, shot with the Wailers across historic Jamaica. The clip – along with downloads of the single track, unisex and girly t-shirts – support Chesney’s Spread the Love Fund to benefit the amputee victims of the Boston Bombing.

“Just because I’m taking a minute to exhale before getting back to music,” says Kenny, “doesn’t mean I’m any less committed to the world I live in! In some ways, when I pause I feel even more connected – and certainly more able to invest in some of these projects that we might miss in the rush of all the business.”

The Unique Way Kenny Chesney Needs Your Help in Getting Alzheimer’s Patients to Remember Memories

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Kenny Chesney’s music has helped shape memories for all of his fans, and now, the country star wants your assistance in helping those with Alzheimer’s or dementia remember the memories they have lost. In an effort to bring awareness to the non-profit Music & Memory, Chesney recorded a PSA asking fans to donate used iPods to the organization, which it then personalizes for patients with songs that can help trigger lost memories. Over 140 care facilities around the U.S. and Canada are participating in Music & Memory’s project, with the aim of helping patients remember moments from their past, communicate more effectively, and ultimately lead an improved quality life. To learn more about how you can donate, or to volunteer, visit


Kenny Chesney Sits In with Grace Potter at Grand Point North

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Kenny Chesney Sits In with Grace Potter at Grand Point North

Grace Potter and The Nocturnals got some help from a surprise guest Friday night at their Grand Point North Festival in Burlington, VT. The band was joined by country music superstar Kenny Chesney, who took the stage for “You and Tequila,” a duet that he recorded with Potter in 2010, as well as a take on Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire.”

This year’s Grand Point North Festival featured performances by a number of acts including Gov’t Mule, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires, City and Colour, The Felice Brothers and Shovels & Rope.

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Kenny Chesney “Marley” Lyrics and Video

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“Marley” by Kenny Chesney

I’ve seen so many places and so many faces,
Left behind so many traces of my soul.
I carry all these voices with the ringing in my ears,
Some girl’s tears and the rhythm of the road.
Sometimes my life takes more than I can give.
That’s when I gotta goWhere no one’s around
But the silence and the sound
Of “Three Little Birds” for company.
I got a sip of something strong,
A secondhand “Old Man and the Sea”,
Out here with me,
Me and Marley,
Me and Marley

God knows I love my life and I thank Him every night
But sometimes I feel the knife of responsibility.
And the struggle and the strife, what’s wrong and what’s right
Has got me searching for the light and my place of peace.

Where no one’s around
But the silence and the sound
Of “Three Little Birds” for company.
I got a sip of something strong,
A secondhand “Old Man and the Sea”,
Out here with me,
Me and Marley,
Me and Marley

We all live in chaos, noise and negativity
But I still believe in one love bigger than you and me,
You and me,
You and me and Marley,
You and me and Marley

I hear redemption’s song,
A whisper on the sea,
Out here with me,
Out here with me,
Me and Marley,
Me and Marley,
Me and Marley,
Me and Marley

I hear redemption’s song,
Me and Marley,
Me and Marley