Buffett performs in St Barts

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Jimmy Buffett performed at a surprise concert last night in St Barts. Buffett, this year’s US ambassador for Les Voiles de Saint-Barth, treated the regatta to live music dockside in the Race Village. Some of the songs played included “Chanson Pour Les Petits Enfants” and “Southern Cross”.


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311 Announce ‘Never-Ending Summer’ Tour with The Offspring

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Perhaps one of the most anticipated summer traditions is none other than what is historically referred to as 311’s Summer Unity Tour. Full steam ahead following their epic 311 Day, the Omaha-native rock favorites have revealed that they’ll be hitting the road for the Never-Ending Summer Tour alongside The Offspring with support from Gym Class Heroes.

Thematically, the tour headline works flawlessly – set aside the fact that “Never Ending Summer” was one of the more pleasing tracks from 311’s Uplifter in 2009, but they’ve also been longtime pioneers of Summer gatherings. And although the banner won’t read 311 Unity Tour, it will still certainly feel that way. This year marks the 19th consecutive year of 311 hitting the road for a Summer headlining tour, each year seemingly bigger than the last. The tour will span 29 dates, kicking off July 25 in Mountain View, CA and wrapping on September 9 in Wichita, KS. 311-Offspring-Tour-Banner

2017 proved to be quite the banner year for 311. The band released their 12th studio album Mosaic, which charted on the US Billboard 200 at #6, marking 311’s 10th consecutive Top 10 debut. Following a huge tour supporting the new record, the band played shows well into late 2017, and are still reeling from the monumental 311 Day 2018 which featured a behemoth 86-song set-list across two performances. Fans traveled far and wide from all 50 U.S. States and 17 countries to catch the show for a total of 12,000 tickets across the sold-out performances. Simply put, 311 shows are far from your run-of-the-mill rock concert. Couple that with the fact that 311 has been doing this for nearly 30 years, and the argument can be made that they’re in their own league of live performances.

The Offspring aren’t strangers to a healthy tour regimen by any stretch, either. Sure, its been a while since their musical inception in 1984 and when they stormed onto the scene with the glory that was Smash in 1994. However fast forward another 24 years, and they seem to still be firing on all cylinders. The Offspring has confirmed that they’re putting the finishing touches on their 10th studio album and first since 2012’s Days Go By – confirmations surfaced that they’ve finished tracking their drums in February, and that they’re once again working with acclaimed producer Bob Rock on the record (who also produced 311’s Uplifter and Universal Pulse in addition to Metallica, Bush, and many others). The Garden Grove, CA natives have also toured with 311 prior – most recently the 311 Summer Unity Tour in 2010.

Following the tour, the belief is that 311 will head back to the studio to make a huge dent and potentially complete their new album and follow-up to Mosaic. Word on the street is they have a healthy batch of songs already written, and The Pier was informed that 311 is once again working with the same tandem from their previous release – longtime 311 producer Scotch Ralston and Goldfinger frontman and studio guru John Feldmann. We might get more news sooner than later, so check back again soon at The Pier for more details.

Watch: 311 The Offspring – Never Ending Summer Tour

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Article By: Brian Glaser

Watch: 311 – “Creatures (For A While)” (Official Music Video)

Watch: The Offspring – “Self-Esteem” (Official Music Video)

Watch: Gym Class Heroes – “Papercuts” (Official Music Video)

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Tomorrows Bad Seeds Release Music Videos Ahead of ‘Illuminate’

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Ahead of their new album, Illuminate, which is expected to feature 12-14 tracks, Hermosa Beach, CA natives Tomorrows Bad Seeds have dropped another single entitled “Trinity.” They’ve released a music video for the song in addition to a video for the single “Frequency” that dropped last month.

Much to our liking, Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds has developed a steady habit of feeding our ears with new singles over the past few years. “War Letter” debuted in 2016, and last year they brought us “Tell Me Mary” in tbs2addition to “No Matter What” – it has not yet been confirmed, however each of the tracks are expected to be on their new album Illuminate due later this Spring. Their new full-length album (and first since 2012’s The Great Escape) is also expected to include their most recent addition “Frequency.”

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Similar to its recent predecessors, “Trinity” is more pop-reggae in nature, while adding hip-hop elements throughout the track. TBS offered up some insight behind the thematic meaning of the song:
“Trinity is a comeback song. Like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes into a new more mature body paying respect to life and love. Life is the mission and love is the message. The message is living life over everything respecting each other and remaining humble in this concrete jungle.”

The music video was shot to capture the street side of Hermosa Beach and at the Roadium in Gardena, CA where frontman Moi Juarez spent lots of summers helping his father sell at the swap meet. As for “Frequency,” the music video is shot completely in a blue-grey scale for more of an artistic approach capturing what appears to be studio sessions from Island Empire Studio in Carson, CA — it was confirmed that they have been working with Chaz “Rox” Toney for their new record.

Watch: Tomorrows Bad Seeds – “Trinity” [Official Music Video]

While the full track-list and official release date of Illuminate is still undisclosed, there is plenty to be excited about from the samples we’ve been able to fire up in the meantime! Much has changed over the years, including the line-up and quite naturally the sound. Moises tells The Pier: “Since our last album, there’s been a few changes. As many of you know, guitarist Sean “Chaps” Chapman is no longer a part of Tomorrows Bad Seeds so we’ve been readjusting to the new dynamics of the band. This, along with spending more time with family, has helped us expand and re-discover the love of our art.”

You can find Tomorrows Bad Seeds on their Illuminate Spring Tour alongside Sun-Dried Vibes and Roots of a Rebellion.

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Article By: Brian Glaser

Watch: Tomorrows Bad Seeds – “Frequency”

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Buffett’s Support Helps St. Barts

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From the New York Times: “Jimmy Buffett’s Support Helps St. Barts Move Forward

It has been 40 years since Jimmy Buffett traveled on a whim to the French island often known as St. Barts.

He liked what he saw then from the deck of his sailboat, and he has continued to return: surfing off its beaches, writing books and songs and celebrating many a holiday, including Christmas, which is his birthday.

He is 71 now, as much business mogul as entertainer, branding Margaritaville to sell everything from pool floats to retirement homes.

But he has also used his clout and voice to support St. Barts after Hurricane Irma, sending private planes to help ferry supplies in the early days after the storm and giving a benefit concert in the port of Gustavia in December. He is one of the ambassadors for Les Voiles de Saint Barth, the annual sailing regatta that will take place this month despite the challenges posed by the island’s recovery efforts.

He is in the process of building his latest home on the island and plans to race aboard a friend’s yacht during the regatta. He did this interview from his boat in the Bahamas. It has been condensed and edited for clarity.

Why was it important to you to be involved in this race?

I think anything we can do to make it known that St. Barts is on the way back is good, and as my friend said, “I guess your house will be ready just in time for the next storm.”

And I was going, “Please God, don’t let it be a big one.”

I think there’s a little bit of that apprehension in everybody there who went through Irma but you’ve got to keep moving on forward, breathe in and breathe out and move on. That’s kind of the way I think about it.

Read the full article

Les Voiles de Saint Barth – April 8th – 14th, 2018


Article source: http://www.buffettnews.com/2018/04/08/27492/

Buffett postpones Charlotte NC show

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CHARLOTTE PARROTHEADS – Due to forecasted rain and extreme cold weather, the Jimmy Buffett concert scheduled for this Saturday 4/7 at PNC Music Pavilion Charlotte has been rescheduled for Friday 4/27. Tickets purchased for the 4/7 date will be honored on Friday 4/27, no exchange necessary. Refunds available at point of purchase. Tickets are on sale now here: http://livemu.sc/2psfJdX


Article source: http://www.buffettnews.com/2018/04/06/27489/

Review: Bumpin Uglies – Beast From The East

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Bumpin Uglies – Beast From The East
bumpin-uglies-beast-from-the-east1.) Could’ve Been Great
2.) City by the Bay
3.) Crazy
4.) Hard Liquor (feat. Oogee Wawa, Sun-Dried Vibes Ballyhoo!)
5.) Budtender (feat. Gary Dread)
6.) The Waiting Game
7.) All in Stride (feat. Passafire)
8.) Officer O’Herlihy
9.) Radio (feat. Tropidelic)
10.) Show Must Go On
11.) Apathy
12.) Optimism in F#

The Pier Album Rating:
Stand Out Tracks: “Crazy”, “The Waiting Game”, “All In Stride”, “Optimism in F#”
Release Date: April 6th, 2018
Record Label: Space Duck Records
Official Website: Bumpin Uglies Website

Artist Background:
Bumpin Uglies is a four piece band from Annapolis, Maryland. Their music catalog goes back to 2011, with 10 releases that include full-length albums, EPs, and one live album. Their music is a style of its own: a lyrically-driven mix of reggae, ska, punk, and rock. The band consists of Brandon Hardesty (guitar/vocals), Dave Wolf (bass), TJ Haslett (drums), and Chad Wright (keys/guitar/vocals).

Album Review:
Beast From The East wastes no time, opening with its foot on the gas pedal in “Could Have Been Great.” This riff-driven, reggae-rock song is definitely more rock than reggae, a path taken by few in this genre. The addition of Wright on keys adds a new layer to not just this song, but the entire album.

This album has something for everyone, from hip-hop to harder rock, with stripped-down ballads in between. The range on this album is a testament to the talent of this group. “Apathy,” for example, opens with an acoustic guitar, has rapped verses, and closes with an instrumental breakdown that borders on synth rock and heavy metal. Likewise, “All In Stride” rides on a tight bassline from Wolf and flourishes with guest vocals from Ted Bowne (Passafire), a mid-song tonality shift, and incredible horn work from Tropidelic’s Derek McBryde and Frank Toncar. “The Waiting Game” plays a similar hand tonality wise, with minory verses and a bright, catchy chorus.

Anyone who knows Bumpin Uglies knows one thing for sure: Hardesty knows how to write lyrics. Beast From The East is no exception to that maxim. Some of the rapping seems repetitive, but the lyrics remain fresh and topic-oriented. For a white dude from suburban Maryland, known for his acoustic guitar and harmonious voice, Hardesty has a definite flow (see his second verse in “Hard Liquor”).

The album closes with the brutally honest “Optimism in F#,” a track where Hardesty held nothing back. His level of complete introspection in this song is admirable, and opens it up as a sort of modern day, relatable anthem on hard times and pushing on.

It’s hard to talk about Bumpin’ Uglies without Ballyhoo! finding their way into the conversation. Both bands are out of Maryland, both bands mix reggae with elements of ska and punk, and the bands play together often. Howi Spangler, Ballyhoo!’s frontman, produced and is even featured on this very album (“Hard Liquor”). Musically, Beast From The East is the record that separates the Uglies from their big brother Ballyhoo!. Although the Ballyhoo! influence is still there, it’s not as patent and ubiquitous as it was on Keep It Together (2016).

Overall, Beast From The East is a solid album. Named for the many features of East Coast reggae artists (Howi Spangler, Ted Bowne, basically all of Tropidelic, Gary Dread of The Movement, Zach Fowler of Sun-Dried Vibes, and Jesse Lee of Oogee Wawa), this album is not one to overlook. Play it in your car, and play it loud; those basslines bump.

Written Reviewed By: Aidan Leddy

[Editors Note: All reviews are reflective of the album in it’s entirety, from start to finish. These reviews are the honest opinion of each writer/reviewer expressing their feedback as a genuine fan of the music. Each star rating reflects their review of the album, NOT the band. Music is subjective. Regardless of the review or star rating, we encourage you to listen to the music yourself form your own opinion. Spread the awareness of all music in its art contribution]

Listen: Bumpin Uglies – “Hard Liquor” (ft. Howi Spangler of Ballyhoo!)

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Good News for Alabama Sea Turtles and Dolphins!

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Eight years ago, this month, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded and sank in the Gulf of Mexico, unleashing the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history. That summer, BP oil killed hundreds of thousands of sea turtles, while more than 28,000 sea turtle eggs were relocated from their nests in Alabama and Florida to the Atlantic Coast where they could hatch on safer, unoiled beaches.

Today, we have great news. Alabama has chosen to spend over $7 million of the fines paid by BP and other responsible parties to help marine life, like sea turtles and dolphins, recover from the BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster. A new draft restoration plan from the Alabama Trustee Implementation Group (made up of state and federal agencies) identifies 22 projects to restore wildlife and habitats damaged by the BP oil disaster. This plan makes it clear that Alabama places great value on their marine species.

I am especially excited to see seven of these projects for sea turtles and marine mammals. Both the sea turtle and marine mammal restoration projects include enhanced capacity for the stranding networks, which we know are critical to respond and rehabilitate injured and stranded animals. There are projects to increase education efforts and enhance enforcement of existing laws to better protect sea turtles and marine mammals. In addition, one of the projects includes a study to determine where beach lighting is most problematic to wildlife and how to reduce it. Beach lighting can be very dangerous for sea turtles, because when they hatch on the beach, they are guided into the water by the light of the moon, and artificial lighting can confuse them and even encourage them to crawl the wrong way.

Beyond reducing known sea turtle stressors like beach lighting and strandings, the Trustees took their plan one step further and funded a study to better understand sea turtle populations in coastal Alabama. This project is raising the bar for restoration planning, because it helps us understand where sea turtles are and how they’re using the environment. This helps scientists better understand what is causing sea turtle populations to decline, and how we can address that decline with specific management action. In other words, it helps us figure out how we can invest future restoration dollars that have the biggest impact on sea turtles. We praise the suite of projects identified for sea turtles in coastal Alabama, because they not only address known stressors but also set out to answer key questions about these animals that will help plan future restoration projects.

If you would like to weigh in on the draft restoration plan, comments are due by May 4th, and if you’re in Alabama and want to learn more the Trustee Implementation Group is holding a public meeting on April 18th. Find out more here.

Our work to restore the Gulf beyond the shore has only just begun. Speak up for fish and corals as well—ask the Trustees to support even more projects to ensure that our Gulf marine life recover from this disaster.

Article source: https://oceanconservancy.org/blog/2018/04/06/good-news-alabama-sea-turtles-dolphins/

New Ballyhoo! Single: “I Don’t Wanna Go”

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Ballyhoo!’s newest and second single of 2018, titled “I Don’t Wanna Go,” is available for streaming today, Friday April 6th. Two months after their January release “This Chick Is Wack,” “I Don’t Wanna Go” is a slight shift in genre, making the up and coming release of a full album even more exciting for longtime fans of the band.

In a recent Instagram post, Ballyhoo! said the song is about “feeling like an exhausted puppet while the people around you are reaping the benefits of your labor.”

The song is more ska-punk than “This Chick Is Wack,” which was a slow-paced, sunny-day-on-the-beach reggae song. Lead singer and guitar player Howi Spangler cites his personal hardships over the last year as inspiration for the band’s turn back to old-school rock.Ballyhoo_IDontWannaGo_Cover

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“Now both of my parents are gone and a good handful of the songs touch on that in some way,” Spangler tells The Pier. “I knew that pop reggae wasn’t the right medium for that. The only way to express these emotions were to beat up my guitar and for Donald (Spangler) to slam the drums. I wanted us to rock again.”

Howi went on to say that the rest of the album follows suit, “heavy with punk rock, ska and metal breakdowns.”

“I Don’t Wanna Go” fits the sounds of Daydreams (2011) and Pineapple Grenade (2013) more than Ballyhoo!’s latest album Girls. (2017), which lacked the hard rock edge the first two embodied. Sound engineer Mike Stebe, who engineered both Daydreams and Pineapple Grenade, is behind this album as well, in part to help the band capture the same level of power.

Knowing many of Ballyhoo!’s original fans caught on years ago for their punk rock spin on reggae, Howi wanted to make sure not to alienate those fans, as he was afraid Girls. might have. He has assured The Pier that the upcoming album is classic Ballyhoo!.

Ballyhoo! is currently on tour with Fortunate Youth, a band more known for their rootsy style of reggae. Despite the obvious differences in sound, Spangler said the harder, punk-influenced sound of some Ballyhoo! songs, including “I Don’t Wanna Go,” have gone over well in concert.

“I Don’t Wanna Go”‘s single cover-art was designed by Passafire’s Nick Kubley! Spangler told The Pier to expect another single from Ballyhoo! in or before June, although no release date has been set for the full album — In the meantime, you can now stream the song via Spotify by clicking HERE!

Listen: Ballyhoo! – “I Don’t Wanna Go”

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Article By: Aidan Leddy

Listen: Ballyhoo! – “This Chick Is Wack” (ft. Eric Rachman of Rebelution)

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Watch: Ziggy Marley – Rebellion Rises (Lyrical Video)

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Today, eight-time GRAMMY® award-winning musician and artist, Ziggy Marley, announced that on May 18th he will release his seventh full-length solo studio album, “Rebellion Rises,” via Tuff Gong Records. The announcement comes accompanied with a lyrical video for the album titled track that you can enjoy below. You can pre-order your copy of the album on vinyl, tape, CD or reserve it on your favorite streaming platform by clicking HERE!

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Buffett to perform at Hattiesburg’s Saenger Theater

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From the Sun Herald: “Jimmy Buffett is playing a rare show in South Mississippi

Pascagoula native Jimmy Buffett is playing a rare, small show in South Mississippi. Buffett will play the Saenger Theater in Hattiesburg on Thursday, April 26.

Tickets to the show go on sale Friday at 10 a.m. at the Saenger Theater box office and at Eventbrite.com. There is a two-ticket limit per person.

He will be joined by his Acoustic Airmen — Coral Reefers Mac McAnally, Robert Greenidge, Eric Darken, Nadirah Shakoor and Tina Gullickson, along with special guests Sonny Landreth and ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro.


Article source: http://www.buffettnews.com/2018/04/04/27482/