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Photos from Music on the Bay 2013

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Photo Gallery from the 2nd Annual Music on the Bay at Whiskey Joe’s in Tampa, FL – March 2013

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February is for Trop Rock Lovers during BeachFront Radio’s 3rd Anniversary!

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Hey BeachBums…Tomorrow is the first day of February and it’s going to be a big month as BeachFront Radio celebrates it’s THIRD Anniversary!  There’s lots going on and we’ve got the 411 right here.

Trop Rock CD Giveaways All Month!
On February 17th, 2010 BeachFront Radio launched it’s very first broadcast with Sting’s “Brand New Day”.  We’ve had many, many great days since then and it’s all because of all of you, our loyal BeachBum listeners and our awesome sponsors.  Since that day, you have tuned in and listened over 810,000 hours, have visited our website over a quarter of a million times, and have “Liked” us on FaceBook over 8,700 times.  It’s our anniversary and to say thanks to our listeners, YOU get the presents! All month long, we’ll be giving away some great Trop Rock Music from such artists as Brent Burns ,  Don Middlebrook and more great Trop Rock artists.  Be sure to tune into The Amish Beach Party for YOUR chance to win!

Beachfront Radio Official Events
The only thing better than listening to all of these great Trop Rock artists on Beachfront Radio is to go out and see them live! We’ve added even more great Official BeachFront Radio Events to our calendar, be sure to check them out!

NEW! Music On the Bay
Tampa Bay, FL March 1st-3rd
John Frinzi, Jim Hoehn, Bry Harris & The Parrot Island Band, Trop Rock Junkies, The Frozen Gringos. Jack Mosley Band, Jimmy & The Parrots, Tropical Soul, The Sauce Boss, Jim Asbell & The Tropiholics, The Boat Drunks w/Mike Miller, Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24, Captain Josh & Banjody, Dani Hoy, Jimi Pappas, Mr. Myers Band, and Jim Morris & The Big Bamboo Band plus DJ Jeff and Capt’n Cali will be there!

NEW! An Aye For An Eye…a Matey’s Ball
Seaside Heights, NJ April 13
Benefitting the Choroideremia Research Foundation
Featuring Jimmy And The Parrots
and DJ Jeff Allen from BeachFront Radio

Phins To the West
Laughlin, NV May 16th-19th, 2013
10th Anniversary Celebration! You don’t want to miss this one!
Scott Kirby, Jim Morris & the Big Bamboo Band, Southern Drawl Band, Stars On the Water, Tropical Soul, The CalypsoNuts, Tall Paul & Kristie Bobal, Jambo Joe Bones & Amy M, Jimi Pappas & John Patti, Bob Karwin, Rob Mehl, Jim Hoehn, Crawdaddy, Sam Rainwater,and much more!

Laid Back Attack
Seattle, WA July 11-14th, 2013
Jerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef, Stars On the Water, “Sunny Jim” White, John Frinzi, Brent Burns, Mike Broward, Bob Karwin, Rob Mehl, Dave Calhoun, Ian Dobson, Dan Hower, and Dave Roberts. The weather is here!

BeachFront Shows
We’re proud to bring you the best and latest in Trop Rock 24 hours a day each and every day.  We’re also proud of the amazing line up of shows we’ve assembled for you.

The Amish Beach Party Weekdays 2 PM EST/11 AM PST
The four time TRMA Award Winning Radio Show Of the Year hosted by DJ Jeff Allen now in it’s twelth year.  Every weekday, DJ Jeff brings you the latest Trop Rock, shares interviews, and plays your requests live.  Our highest rated show and a BeachFront Radio exclusive! A HUGE thanks to the ABP sponsor, Built To Last Outdoor Furniture!

Beyond Jimmy’s Keys LPs Mondays 9 PM EST/6 PM PST
Hosted by former Radio Margaritaville disc jockey, DJ John Cody has expanded his series “Jimmy’s Keys LPs” and gone beyond to bring you the best in Buffett, Jerry Jeff, and others. Another BeachFront Radio exclusive!

Pyrates Behaving Badly Tuesdays 9 PM EST/6 PM PST
Hosted by Capt’n Cali & Cheeto Gyrl, this TRMA award nominated show comes to you live from our Channel Islands Beach, CA Studios and offers you a ‘slight’ twist on what’s going on the Trop Rock World as well as throwing a party on our FaceBook page during the show.  Our highest rated evening show and another BeachFront Radio exclusive!

Island Time Radio Wednesdays 9 PM EST/6 PM PST
This TRMA award nominated show just celebrated its thirteenth anniversary and we are proud to bring you replays each and every Wednesday night from one of the pioneers of Trop Rock Radio DK the DJ and his co-host Amo Bennett.

Trop Rockin’ Live Thursdays 9 PM EST/6 PM PST
Our newest show hosted by DJ Fred McFarlin.  Each week, DJ Fred brings you live tracks from your favorite Trop Rockers, many of these tracks unavailable anywhere except to hear them during the show.  Trop Rockin’ Live is another exclusive Beachfront Radio Show.

Friday Night Live Fridays 9 PM EST/6 PM PST
Every Friday night, the BeachFront Krewe digs out and dusts off a great live Trop Rock concert from its archives.  Tune in to get your weekend kicked off right.

Saturday Night Dance Party Saturdays 9 PM EST/6 PM PST
Once a month, DJ Jeff Allen steps back into his role of 30 years as a club DJ and takes a detour off the Trop Rock road bringing you a live mix of disco, funk, rock, and country so get your boogie shoes ready and keep an eye on the FaceBook page for specific dates exclusively on BeachFront Radio.

SPECIAL PROGRAMMING NOTE! Be sure to tune in this Sunday at 3 PM EST/Noon PST for a special rebroadcast of the Pyrates Behaving Badly Super Bowl Preview Special! We usually rebroadcast the show at 9 EST/6 PST on Sundays but this special encore is something you do not want to miss to get you ready for the big game later.  There’s a huge East Coast/West Coast battle going on between DJ Jeff rooting for The Baltimore Ravens and Capt’n Cali & Cheeto Gyrl cheerleading for the San Francisco Forty-Niners.  We hope YOUR team wins on Sunday but don’t forget this plethora from the Pyrate Girls- only 50% of teams that have gone to the Super Bowl end up winning.

Welcome, Poodle’s Island Wear,
BFR’s Newest Sponsor!

We would like to welcome Poodle and Poodle’s Island Wear as a sponsor of BeachFront Radio.  Poodle has long been part of the BFR Family as part of the Tropic Mall and is now expanding her  partnership by becoming the Official Sponsor of Pyrates Behaving Badly.  Poodle’s Island Wear has what you want and need to keep you in that island frame of mind. Lines include Margaritaville, Kahala, Fresh Produce Sportswear and other quality manufacturers. Tee’s, Gifts. Jewelry and more for the tropically minded.. Be sure to visit Poodle when you’re in the Wilmington, NC area at 18 South Water Street. Tune into Pyrates Behaving Badly on Tuesday night as we welcome her to the “krewe” and go visit and “LIKE” her Facebook page!

Without Poodle and the rest of our sponsors, we wouldn’t have been able to keep the lights on the past three years.  They all make BeachFront radio possible and we can’t thank them enough! Please show your thanks as well and be sure to visit and support all of our Official BFR Sponsors:


Featured Artist – Loren Davidson

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As an “escape artist,” Loren’s art inspires and encourages people to escape from whatever is bringing stress and distress to their life – job, traffic, rude people and frightening headlines – by helping them imagine life as it could be, sitting on a warm beach with a cold drink, even if only for a little while. Seen from this perspective, the problems of the moment don’t seem so bad anymore.

Loren’s fourth and current album, Island Standard Time, was released in November 2010 by Renaissance Island Music. Produced by Kevin Johnston, this album is already on several “best of” lists, and his song “Worst Day Sailing” was named to the all-time Trop Rock Top 40 on BeachFront Radio in May, 2011. The ten original songs on this album will take your escape to a whole new latitude!

Loren performs regularly in and around the San Francisco Bay area, at county fairs, art & wine festivals, yacht harbors, tiki bars, wineries, coffeehouses, and house concerts. He has also performed in other locations around the country including Los Angeles, Nashville, Las Vegas, and Key West.

Loren currently lives, works, and plays in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Great Article from

Grab your favorite boat drink and get ready to live on “Island Standard Time” with the latest release from Trop Rock crooner Loren Davidson. His likeable style, a cool a mix of contemporary folk and acoustic music with a good splash of tropical attitude, takes you on a virtual tropical vacation no matter what the season or where you actually are.

“Island Standard Time,” contains ten new original songs about enjoying life in a laid back way that makes him a popular choice of island loving Parrot Heads and Trop Rock fans everywhere. Loren sings about work, life, Mondays, the beach, sailing, and love …in other words…enjoying living life on “Island Standard Time.”

This CD is appropriately named because this is exactly how Loren lives. Making his home on the ‘left coast,’ near sunny San Francisco, CA. Loren pegs himself as ‘an escape artist’ as he entertains audiences with his engaging performance that gives folks a chance to escape for a few hours from their everyday stress and routines.

Every song on the new CD immediately transports you to a scenario that is played out in your daydreams and memories of time spent with good friends, in happy tropical places, with your favorite boat drink…just living on ”Island Standard Time.’

My personal favorite, “Beach Front Day”, where waves wash my cares away, is a salute to the ever popular need to take a mental day and head for your favorite shore! Loren actually wrote this song for the crew at Beach Front Radio, recently voted Trop Rock Radio Station of the Year at theAnnual Trop Rock Music Awards.

I really like the title track, “Island Standard Time” as well. I particularly like the story behind Loren’s inspiration for the track. Loren says he was inspired by a friend who told him that we need to remember what’s important. The sun rises in the morning and sets at night…and everything else is relative! Pretty profound, huh? Loren also received a watch as a gift that contained some sand and a piece of slate with the word ‘Now” written on it. So Loren’s inspiration is simple: It’s always now and we’re always here…and it’s always Island Standard Time…at least between our ears.

I could go on and on about Loren’s new CD about palm trees, pirates, parrots and boat drinks. It’s a virtual vacation where you can “dress down” for that island vacation you never seem to get around to taking or that you’re looking forward to next month.. It’s about a chance to make friends and hang out with people who know how to have a good time and aren’t afraid to live life on“Island Standard Time.”

Check out Loren’s video on the left of this article to get you in the island mood. You can buy “Island Standard Time here! I proudly salute Loren’s new CD and give it 5 out of 5 coconuts!

ALSO, due to release his Newly Designed Website designed by Coconut Networx this week.

Featured Artist of the Week – The Island Castaways Band

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The Island Castaways Band

Originally formed in 2008 as Jimmy Buffett tribute, The Island Castaways Band have evolved into one of New England’s most popular Trop Rock bands. Their live show features a balanced mix of originals and classics, all with their own Tropical touch of fun – bringing Summer to you, regardless of where you are or the time of year. “LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST” – The Island Castaways Band.

The Island Castaways Band are:

Paul Kane
Lead Vocalist and Guitar

Paul Kane has many years of playing in a wide variety of bands in New England. His smooth vocals and excellent guitar playing is the perfect fit for the bands “front man” position. Paul currently resides in Webster, MA.

Joe Holewa
Bass Guitar

Joe “Mai Tai” Holewa has played extensively in the New England area in many notable bands. Not only is he a fine bass player, he is the “Go To Guy” for the Island Castaways. Joe currently resides in Charlton, MA.

Scott Ciprari

Scott “the kid” Ciprari has been playing drums since he was… a kid! Not only is a great player, but he also makes the drums he plays – Scott is the owner of SJC Drums. Scott currently resides in Dudley, MA.

Roy Holliday

When away from the keyboards, Roy is a singer/songwriter and radio personality. In addition to his annual solo Christmas releases and holiday shows, he is the founding member of Sand Dollar Rodeo. Roy currently resides in Roanoke, TX.

Booking Information:

Please contact Joe Holewa at (508) 740-7147 or

Email the Band:

Paul Kane

Joe Holewa

Scott Ciprari

Roy Holliday

They can also be heard on the following Trop Rock Radio Stations:

BeachFront Radio
Palapa Mac Radio
Trop Rock WNY’s The Shore
Radio Margaritaville

The Island Castaways Band Website

BeachFront Radio BeachBum Update

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Hey BeachBums…it’s Cyber-Monday! Check out all of these online deals and make sure your loved one is kept Tropically Happy and Content this holiday season…Everything from trips to clothing to furniture to art…and check out all of the NEW and on-sale albums in The Music Hut!

Need Some Christmas Gift Ideas?
As a public service to our gentlemen BeachBums who are estrogen challenged-
Do you have CMD (Creative Marketing Deficiency)?
The Pyrate Girls are here to help!
They know you’re thinking about buying your sweetheart a new tacky terry-cloth robe or, worse yet, something with a cord attached to it for under the tree this year.
Before you make that mistake yet again, let The Gyrls guide you through your gift shopping!
For those shopping ideas that will make your honey happily speechless on Christmas morning,
write to Capt’n Cali & Cheeto Gyrl at
and let THEM make YOU look like a studly hero on 12/25.

Christmas Flip Flop Stockings
Whatever you get for that special someone this holiday season,make it extra special and stuff it in one of these fun Christmas Flip Flops! These stocking are HUGE and can hold a ton of booty including gear from Living Like a Pirate, glassware from Tiki Bar Art, a ton of Trop Rock CDs from Green World Gallery, a great Trop Rock book, and STILL have enough room to include tickets to your favorite Official BeachFront Radio event!

Official 2012 BeachFront Events
Time is running out to be onboard the Yeamon Cruise with Jimmy and the Parrots and the BeachFront Krewe! Contact us today at YeamonCruise2012@BeachrontRadio.comtoday!!!

Gentlemen, you will score big when you tell her on Christmas morning that you will be whisking her away to one of these incredible Official BeachFront Radio Trop Rock events-



Green World Gallery
ALL organic t-shirts and Trop Rock CDs
15% off regular price til Christmas
plus FREE shipping! (in the US)

Built To Last Outdoor Furniture
Rick and the gang continue to celebrate Meeting of the Minds with
11% off ALL merchandise!
 Use the Code “MOTM2011” when you call.

Living Like a Pirate
“Pirates in a Winter Plunderland’

Starting Monday, Living Like a Pirate begins its
“12 Deals Of Christmas”
A special offer every two days tied in with the
LLAP Video Song Of the Day
Stay tuned to the Living Like a Pirate FaceBook Page!

Tiki Bar Art
Dianne “Greenwoman” Wickes has become famous for her hand drawn pen and ink sketches of tiki bars done on the backs of coasters in Key West. Now, Tiki Bar Art is proud to present high quality, round, absorbent sandstone coasters and matching glassware imprinted with Greenwoman’s original art. This 4 design “Desert Island” set will bring the “tiki” to your bar.

BeachFront Trop Rock Music Hut
There are a TON of great new Trop Rock albums and Trop Rock album sales going on throughout the Music Hut…AND for a very limited time, FREE SHIPPING! (OK, so it’s always free shipping)Check out what’s Hot in the Hut…

Tropical Reads

Tropical Websites

50% Off ALL Websites until end of November!

‎2011 Trop Rock Music Award Winners

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‎2011 Trop Rock Music Award Winners:

1. Male Vocalist of the year: James ‘Sunny Jim’ White
2. Female Vocalist of the year: Michelle Becker of Latitude
3. Duo/Trio of the Year: Latitude
4. Band of the Year: Boat Drunks
5. Entertainer of the Year: Brent Burns
6. Songwriter of the year: Brent Burns
7. Album of the year: James ‘Sunny Jim’ White (KISS)
8. Song of the year: Rob Mehl (Waiting on Jimmy)
9. Horizon Award: Capt. Josh
10. Musician of the Year: John Patti (Steel Pan)/Jim Morris & the Big Bamboo Band/Other
11. Radio Station of the year (mid-size): Beachfront Radio-Internet
12. Radio Station of the year (small): Island Dreamz — internet
13. Radio Show of the Year: Amish Beach Party-DJ Jeff Allen (Beachfront Radio)
14. Live Music Venue of the Year: Nav-a-gator-Lake Suzy, FL
15. House Concert Venue of the Year: Mark Sharon Leverett/The Yard—Tampa FL
16. Event of the Year: Pardi Gras-New Orleans, LA
17. Fan of the Year: Dave & Carolyn McBride
18. The ‘I CAN” award (Formerly the WAVE Award): Sam Rainwater

Congrats to All the winners and nominees. Until Next Year… Trop On!

Collaboration of MOTM Schedules

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Until Next Time… Trop On!













Brian Roberts and Friends will perform at Sloppy Joe’s 11/3 to welcome Parrot Fans to Key West.

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Key West, FL – Sloppy Joe’s
Brian Roberts and Friends will perform at Sloppy Joe’s Thursday, November 3rd to welcome Parrot Fans to Key West.


Show Schedule:
Noon-1:00pm Brian Roberts
1:00 Jimmy Parrish
1:15 Ricky Hana
1:30 Nicky Fabbz
1:45 Jimmy & Jimmy
2:00 Mark Mulligan
2:15 Homemade Wine
2:30 John Reno
2:45 Jerry Diaz
3:00 Key West Chris
3:15 Tiki Thom
3:30pm-4:45pm Brian Roberts

This Trop Rocker show is presented by Sloppy Joe’s and Beach Front Radio


Trop On!

Featured Artist – Bob Karwin

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Bob Karwin began his music career in Boston, Massachusetts on June 4, 1990, playing to drunken mobs in the Irish pubs and college bars. He quickly made a name for himself in Beantown by being able to tame an unruly crowd fired by Guinness and Jack Daniels using only his guitar and a microphone.

In 1993, Bob packed up his Jeep and moved to sunny San Diego. His blend of humor and thoughtful songwriting struck a chord with Southern Californians and he began to develop a following at his rowdy one man shows.  Bob is now a full fledged Californian, strolling the beaches and vowing to never shovel a driveway ever again.

Bob has played along side of many members of Jimmy Buffett’s band, the Coral Reefers, including Greg “Fingers” Taylor, Amy Lee, Deb McColl, T.C. Mitchell, Doyle Grisham, and Jay Spell.  He has been a featured act at many national “parrothead” events, including Phins to the West (Laughlin, NV), Migration (Las Vegas, NV), Laid Back Attack (Seattle, WA), Six String Music (New Orleans, LA), Atlanta Parrothead Cruise, Angels in Tropical Shirts (Lake Charles, LA) and Meeting of Minds (Key West, FL) to the list. You should also ask him about the time he opened for Barenaked Ladies in Anaheim, CA.  That’s a good story.

The Bob Karwin Report Gets Nominated for a TRMA!

My radio show was nominated for a 2011Trop Rock Music Award for Best Radio Show.  I am so proud of this show and ecstatic that the listeners are rallying behind it.  If you are a Margarita Mafia member, please cast your vote for the BKR when you receive your final ballot.

If you haven’t heard, I am hosting a new, weekly show on the internet radio station Beachfront Radio.  It’s a one hour, trop rock talk show where I report and comment on current on News, Sports, and Entertainment.  I also play a bunch of my favorite trop rock music. Tune in to every Monday at 8:00 p.m. EST/5:00 pm PST.  There is also an encore presentation on Sunday nights at 9:00 pm EST/6:00 pm PST.

This week will be my birthday episode (9/26/11) I’ll tackle the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and, if I can get it done in time, debut a brand new Bob Karwin song.  Hope you can tune in.

I will soon be adding a “transcripts” page here on the web site with the transcript of each week’s BKR.  Stay tuned for that.

New Dates Added

I have updated the schedule page with new events including a visit to Rocky Point in Mexico on October 14-15 to play with Mark Mulligan, KD Moore, Rob Mehl and Sam Rainwater.

I have also posted the info on my two shows during Meeting of the Minds in Key West, November 5, 2011.

I also added info for my very first show at Trop Rock’s premier house concert venue, The Yard in Tampa, FL on April 21, 2012.

TropStock – New Year’s Eve Weekend

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New Years Eve Weekend

Dec. 30, 2011 – Jan. 1, 2012

Café Unique in Historic Cocoa Village, FL

Clarion Hotel on Merritt Island, FL



Jimmy Parrish and the Ocean Waves Band

Homemade Wine

Jimi Pappas

Tiki Thom Starkey

Brian Roberts direct from Sloppy Joes, Key West

Captain Nick Nicholson

Beachfront Radio’s

DJ Jeff Allen and Capt. Cali

Subject to Change


2 Nights of Concerts, New Years Eve Party, Spirit of Aloha Hawaiian Luau, Pirate Costume Party & Contest

Craziest Parrothead Costume Contest, Poolside Music




$79. per person

Service Charge Not Included




·     Admission to Friday Night HomeMade Wine Concert w/ Jimi Pappas

·    Pirate Costume Contest – Win a $50. bar tab and a ride back to your hotel. (Your $5. donation supports the MORGAN Project.)

·    Admission to Hawaiian Luau (Buffet Dinner and Entertainment by the Tiki Bar with Tiki Thom Starkey and the Beachfront Radio Crew.)

·    Admission to Saturday Night Jimmy Parrish Ocean Waves Concert and New Years Eve Party

·   Craziest Parrothead Costume Contest – Win a $50. bar tab and a ride back to your hotel. (Your $5. donation supports The MORGAN Project)

·    Free Champagne Toast at Midnight

·    Free Breakfast Buffet after the party.

·    Party Favors

  •  Admission to Sunday Music by the Tiki Bar and Pool with Jimi Pappas, Brian Roberts, Captain Nick, Tiki Thom and the Beachfront Radio Crew







Captain Music Enterprises, LLC

1193 US Hwy 1, Ste. #1

Rockledge, FL 32955 (Call 321 452-7737 for appointment)


Blue Sky Insurance Agency

In Historic Cocoa Village




This is the host hotel and location of the Hawaiian Luau and Tiki Bar / Poolside Activites. It is a 5-Minute ride to the concert venue, Café Unique.

$79.99 per night


Ask for the TropStock Rate

Local 321-452-7711
Toll free- 1-800-584-1482


For those looking to stay beachside, this is the place for you. The Comfort Inn is offering special TropStock Rates of $89.99 per night. It’s a 10-Minute Ride to the Clarion and 15-Minutes to the concert venue at Café Unique.


Ask for the TropStock Rate

 Local 321-783-2221



All Headline Concerts and the New Years Eve Party will take place at Café Unique in Historic Cocoa Village, the site of TropStock In The Village. The Hawaiian Luau and Sunday Morning Music by the pool will be at the Clarion Hotel on Merritt Island.




Wanna drive? spacerun: yes;”>  Didn’t think so.

Guests who are staying at the Clarion will need transportation to Café Unique for the concerts and New Year’s Eve Celebration, about a mile away. Guests staying at the Comfort Inn on Cocoa Beach will need transportation to all events. Manatee Transportation will provide shuttle service to and from all events for a modest rate. A sign-up sheet for shuttle transportation will be available each day at your hotel. You’ll need to sign up before 4:00PM for pick-up to Café Unique. Comfort Inn guests will need to sign up before 10:00AM for pick-up to the Luau at the Clarion Hotel. Shuttle service will also be available from the entertainment venues to take you back to your hotel.




FRIDAY Dec. 30


Emcees DJ Jeff and Capt’n Cali from Beachfront Radio

7:00PM – 9:00PM – JIMI PAPPAS


PIRATE COSTUME CONTEST–Win a $50. bar tab and a cab ride back to your hotel. Your $5. entrance fee supports The MORGAN Project.

Food Available on Limited Menu

Drinks Available for Purchase



 Tiki Bar and Pool   THE SPIRIT OF ALOHA



                                    MENU Endless Buffet       Whole Pig

Mahi W/ Mango Sauce

Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs

4 Assorted Side Dishes with Hawaiian Theme

Pineapple UpsideDown Cake


Fruit Platters

Macademia Nut Cookies

Drinks Available for Purchase


                                    Emcees DJ Jeff and Capt’n Cali from Beachfront Radio

8:00PM – 10:00PM – BRIAN ROBERTS


CRAZIEST PARROTHEAD COSTUME CONTEST–Win a $50. bar tab and a cab ride back to your hotel. Your $5. entrance fee supports The MORGAN Project.

Champagne Toast, Breakfast Buffet & Favors Included

Drinks Available For Purchase



Restaurant, Pool & Tiki Bar

10:00-12:00 – BRUNCH (Available for purchase.)



For the Full Details go HERE


Trop On!