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On Island Time in Paradise – Cayman

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William Fair Roberts

January 23, 2012

I never stay in any one place for very long, and I think I had let my reasoning behind that slip away from me, but I think I may have reminded myself of it over the past few days. I came to the Caymans the week before Christmas and have been wandering the island, tasting its culture and making new friends.  Among them are natives from the islands, expatriates from almost everywhere on earth and other wanderers like me.  Through my years of traveling and wandering I have found that locals whether they are natives or expats are generally a blast to be around, but when all is said and done, a pretty “safe” bunch.  It is the wanders I have to look out for.

I know this.  It is a fact.  I know this really well, but still from time to time I have lapses in my memory and I forget that I should show some restraint.  I know this, but I lose myself in the momentary excitement.  I really do know it , but about a week ago, I became acquainted with a two couples sailing around the Caribbean in a beautiful 45’ Leopard Sloop.  They are from Australia and they are in the islands on holiday.  They decided to take some time off from their lives down under and come to the other side of the world for some rest and relaxation.  They definitely are on the other side of the world, but I don’t think anyone could say they are resting and relaxing.

I met them a week ago last Thursday at the Cracked Conch in West Bay.  I was there for one drink with a friend and the next thing I knew it I was sailing away with the sunset to my back.  I shared my bottle of Tortuga Rum with them and one thing led to another we were sailing away.  That bottle lasted about an hour between us and then we began to indulge in their private, onboard stock.  Before morning we had polished off a couple of more bottles, at least two dozen limes and who knows what else. We sailed most of the night and just before daylight anchored at the east end of the island, about a mile off of Gun Bay in 31 feet of water.  Behind us were the sunrise and the deep blue waters of the Caribbean and in front of us were the protected waters of Gun Bay in almost every shade of blue you can imagine.  We had been awake all night and the party was just beginning.  We watched the sun rise over the water and then all donned snorkels and went exploring beneath the waves.  Later, I borrowed their  kayak and a fly rod to fish the flats.  At the edge where the water drops from about one foot of depth to about six feet, I hooked a pretty good sized permit.  He played with me for a while but I finally got him in the kayak for our ride back to the catamaran.  I paddled my way back boat with my prize only to find I wasn’t the only lucky fisherman on board.  They had prepared a fabulous conch ceviche’ which we ate while the permit was fileted and grilled on the small grill at the stern of the boat.

By the time our coffee cups were empty we evolved to drinking beer.  We all rested on the deck to the sound of some CDs they had on board.  We listened to Capt. Nick, Sam Rainwater, Bob Marley, Brian Roberts and little classic Buffett.  After a while, we went ashore at in Gun Bay and I think I know what it felt like to be a pirate.  We went ashore a vengeance to party. We went from place to place teaching everyone in our path to celebrate and drink and sing and forget what inhibitions are.  For three days we stayed ashore, eating when we wanted to, sleeping when we needed to and celebrating life constantly.  At the end of a week with them, when we all boarded the boat for our next journey, there were eight of us ready to set sail for new horizons and new adventures.  Friday morning we set sail for Little Cayman .  With our bow pointed NE we began the 60+ mile trip. The following morning we were dropping anchor 1/3 of a mile of Blossom Village in about 10 feet of water.  I had stayed up all night with Gardner and Nessy  while they sailed the boat across the dark sea under the veil of stars.  I watched as the depth finder which marked us at 31 feet at the beginning of our voyage, sounded out readings which quickly went from 300’ to at times 7,800’ as we sailed the waves above the depths as we approached the Cayman Ridge about midway across our route.

Night sailing is magnificent and Gardner and Nessy, both good sailors give an assurance of safety as they effortlessly maneuver the craft among the waves to her destination.   Anchored next to us was a 52’ Jeanneau out of a port in Florida.  As I said, we were anchored off Blossom Village when I made a Freudian slip calling it Bosom Village, and everyone kidded me because the two women on the boat next to us were working on their “full-even suntans.” I pretty much took the joking in stride.  The weather has been great all week and the scenery has been even better.

I haven’t been on dry ground since last Friday when we left Cayman.  Yesterday we left little Cayman for Cayman Brac and we made the 14 miles in short order with favorable winds and clear weather.  Write now we are anchored less than 1,000’ from the beach in water that is so clear it looks like our boat is floating in air.  In about an hour we are all heading ashore to see what is awaiting our arrival on this tiny piece of land in the sea.  We ran out of beer on Sunday, so I am looking forward to finding a cold one with name on it and a lime to shove down its neck.

I know I have almost overstayed my welcome in the Caymans so I am thinking about charting a course farther south.  I don’t know where the wind will take me, but know I like it.

I hope you are enjoying yourself as much as I am enjoying mine here in this corner of paradise.

William Fair Roberts…on island time in paradise

Featured Artist – Actually A Book of Stories Told by Trop Rock Artists

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These are the stories as told by the singer/songwriters in their own words about their songs. What they were thinking about or what inspired them or what happened that caused them to write the song. Sometimes the inspiration is described as “Research”, when you’re out partying a little too much and wind up in an awkward situation. No problem, it was just “Research for a new song I’m trying to write”. This book is just a whole lotta phun!


The book was inspired by Sunny Jim and his Research song. I heard his song one time, I believe it was at the Boatyard  Bar and Grill in Annapolis, MD and after he had been telling stories about his other songs, I thought to myself, there has got to be a book in all these stories. And I was right. With Michelle Becker’s help I sent out the initial poll for stories via email to all the Margarita M.A.F.I.A. singer/songwriters. I got an immediate and positive response and from there, started looking for more singer/songwriters who had some great songs and stories. I ended up with about 59 of some the most well known singer/songwriters and even an actor and TV producer in the book. Including, Peter Mayer, Will Kimbrough, Sunny Jim, Scott Kirby, Howard Livingston, Brent Burns, Jim Morris, Tall Paul, Crawdaddy, Gary Seiler, Jerry Gontang, Richie Saccente (Young Rebel Goombas), John Reno, Del Suggs, Rob Miller (TV Producer, twentysixmiles), John Schneider (Star of twentysixmiles), this was the interview that was done by Jimmy Pirate for the Margarita M.A.F.I.A. May 2011 artist of the month featuring Rob Miller and John Schneider for the TV Series. Also in the book is Scott Nickerson, founder of PHiP, Inc. and many regional and local artists as well. We only have three female artists in the book, Michelle Becker, Cindy Walsh, and at the last minute I was able to include Lenore Troia. Of course there were a lot that didn’t make it in this book, not by choice but because I didn’t have their email or web site or perhaps they just didn’t have time to fill out the forms and write up the stories. But maybe in the next book you’ll see them.


Each of the singer/songwriters have about 4-7 songs in the book along with the stories behind the songs and the lyrics. And lots of pictures of them at their shows or with other singer/songwriters and even a few celebrities. Many of the artists sent me their stories/lyrics/pictures but for about 25 I had to do live face to face interviews or phone interviews, recorded the interview and transposed everything. Then had them check it to make sure it was what they wanted in the book. (what a long process that was!)

This book has been a lot of phun to put together and I’ve gotten to know them a lot better than I ever would have otherwise. They are just a great bunch of people.


We are planning a second book and have 45 people that I’ve either contacted or have on my list so we’re hoping to get something started around the first of the year towards the second book. I’d like to find more females for the second book and some younger artists like the 15-year-old kid, Nicky Fabb that Swim Skinny found. The future of any musical genre, sport, hobby, etc is dependent on getting young people involved.


Speaking of the second book, we are holding a contest in the first book, where whoever gets the most signatures in the book from all the featured artists will win a free full color copy of the second book and a full page picture of them holding the first book with all the signatures. They will have 2 years to get all the signatures. It’s all explained in the book.


The book will be released in Key West for the MOTM 2011 Don’t Stop The Carnival, 20th Anniversary.

I will be at various venues and will have my locations posted to our web site and Facebook so people will know where we will be. There will now only be one version of the book. A Color soft back. It is 8×10 and 463 pages. It will sell for $70 and $10 of the color book will go to charity. There will only be 2000 printed so be sure to order yours online to make sure you get one. We are also putting together a composite CD of 19 of the singer/songwriters. These will sell for $15 and $3 goes to charity. If you purchase the Color Book and CD it is only $80. You can also buy 5 books together on-line for the same shipping cost (USPS Flat rate medium box $10.95).  So if 4 of your friends get together you can save on shipping.


The other important part of the sale of the book is the singer/songwriters will be sharing in the profits. They can sell the book and CD at their events and reap the rewards as well. Books can be ordered via email or purchased via the website through PayPal. Many of the singer/songwriters will be posting the book on their website so you can go to their website and the link will take you to our website. Or they may offer the book directly from their site as well.


The main purpose of the book is to promote Trop Rock music to people who may not have ever heard of this wonderful music before and to help raise a little more money for the charities that the singer/songwriters support.


Contact: Contact Us 

Facebook: TropRock Songs

PayPal: Purchase the Book
We are pround members of the Chesapeake Parrot Head Club, the Washington Area Parrot Head Club, The Eastern Bay Parrot Head Club, and the Margarita MAFIA.

TropStock – New Year’s Eve Weekend

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New Years Eve Weekend

Dec. 30, 2011 – Jan. 1, 2012

Café Unique in Historic Cocoa Village, FL

Clarion Hotel on Merritt Island, FL



Jimmy Parrish and the Ocean Waves Band

Homemade Wine

Jimi Pappas

Tiki Thom Starkey

Brian Roberts direct from Sloppy Joes, Key West

Captain Nick Nicholson

Beachfront Radio’s

DJ Jeff Allen and Capt. Cali

Subject to Change


2 Nights of Concerts, New Years Eve Party, Spirit of Aloha Hawaiian Luau, Pirate Costume Party & Contest

Craziest Parrothead Costume Contest, Poolside Music




$79. per person

Service Charge Not Included




·     Admission to Friday Night HomeMade Wine Concert w/ Jimi Pappas

·    Pirate Costume Contest – Win a $50. bar tab and a ride back to your hotel. (Your $5. donation supports the MORGAN Project.)

·    Admission to Hawaiian Luau (Buffet Dinner and Entertainment by the Tiki Bar with Tiki Thom Starkey and the Beachfront Radio Crew.)

·    Admission to Saturday Night Jimmy Parrish Ocean Waves Concert and New Years Eve Party

·   Craziest Parrothead Costume Contest – Win a $50. bar tab and a ride back to your hotel. (Your $5. donation supports The MORGAN Project)

·    Free Champagne Toast at Midnight

·    Free Breakfast Buffet after the party.

·    Party Favors

  •  Admission to Sunday Music by the Tiki Bar and Pool with Jimi Pappas, Brian Roberts, Captain Nick, Tiki Thom and the Beachfront Radio Crew







Captain Music Enterprises, LLC

1193 US Hwy 1, Ste. #1

Rockledge, FL 32955 (Call 321 452-7737 for appointment)


Blue Sky Insurance Agency

In Historic Cocoa Village




This is the host hotel and location of the Hawaiian Luau and Tiki Bar / Poolside Activites. It is a 5-Minute ride to the concert venue, Café Unique.

$79.99 per night


Ask for the TropStock Rate

Local 321-452-7711
Toll free- 1-800-584-1482


For those looking to stay beachside, this is the place for you. The Comfort Inn is offering special TropStock Rates of $89.99 per night. It’s a 10-Minute Ride to the Clarion and 15-Minutes to the concert venue at Café Unique.


Ask for the TropStock Rate

 Local 321-783-2221



All Headline Concerts and the New Years Eve Party will take place at Café Unique in Historic Cocoa Village, the site of TropStock In The Village. The Hawaiian Luau and Sunday Morning Music by the pool will be at the Clarion Hotel on Merritt Island.




Wanna drive? spacerun: yes;”>  Didn’t think so.

Guests who are staying at the Clarion will need transportation to Café Unique for the concerts and New Year’s Eve Celebration, about a mile away. Guests staying at the Comfort Inn on Cocoa Beach will need transportation to all events. Manatee Transportation will provide shuttle service to and from all events for a modest rate. A sign-up sheet for shuttle transportation will be available each day at your hotel. You’ll need to sign up before 4:00PM for pick-up to Café Unique. Comfort Inn guests will need to sign up before 10:00AM for pick-up to the Luau at the Clarion Hotel. Shuttle service will also be available from the entertainment venues to take you back to your hotel.




FRIDAY Dec. 30


Emcees DJ Jeff and Capt’n Cali from Beachfront Radio

7:00PM – 9:00PM – JIMI PAPPAS


PIRATE COSTUME CONTEST–Win a $50. bar tab and a cab ride back to your hotel. Your $5. entrance fee supports The MORGAN Project.

Food Available on Limited Menu

Drinks Available for Purchase



 Tiki Bar and Pool   THE SPIRIT OF ALOHA



                                    MENU Endless Buffet       Whole Pig

Mahi W/ Mango Sauce

Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs

4 Assorted Side Dishes with Hawaiian Theme

Pineapple UpsideDown Cake


Fruit Platters

Macademia Nut Cookies

Drinks Available for Purchase


                                    Emcees DJ Jeff and Capt’n Cali from Beachfront Radio

8:00PM – 10:00PM – BRIAN ROBERTS


CRAZIEST PARROTHEAD COSTUME CONTEST–Win a $50. bar tab and a cab ride back to your hotel. Your $5. entrance fee supports The MORGAN Project.

Champagne Toast, Breakfast Buffet & Favors Included

Drinks Available For Purchase



Restaurant, Pool & Tiki Bar

10:00-12:00 – BRUNCH (Available for purchase.)



For the Full Details go HERE


Trop On!