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Featured Artist of the Week – Chris Sacks

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Hailing from Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Chris Sacks has found the warm sands and blue waters of the tropics calling to him and developed an entertaining songwriting style that leaves one to wonder if he has red American blood or blue Caribbean seawater running through his veins. Taking his love of the lower latitudes and his straight-shooting, no-holds-barred style of songwriting, Chris gives you a clear handle on who he is, and what he wants out of life. His musical style, a creative blend of breezy Country Beach Rock, Americana and folk, finds him writing about life experiences as he shares stories that are rich with escapism, life and love.

“I just wanna make people smile with the music that I play. Artists like Jimmy Buffett, the Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, and Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers really hit the bulls-eye for me,” says Chris. “It’s good music that really moves you, whether you’re away on vacation, or away for years. That’s what I think about when I pick up my guitar: songs that convey true emotion and tell a story that takes you away from it all for a while.”

A former member of the Captain Quint Band, Chris is currently touring and promoting his first solo CD titled “Nowhere.” In addition to his solo career, Chris has formed The Chris Sacks Band and is also busy working on his second album titled “Tropical Recharge”, scheduled for release in June ‘12. Just back from Key West, FL where he hosted the “Chris Sacks Artist’s Jam” in November, Chris is already planning to return to the places that call out to him and are the inspiration for much of his songwriting. You will find Chris touring from Maryland to Florida this year with plans to soon extend his tour to the west, as well.

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Influences: Jimmy Buffett, The Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, and Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers


The Yard Tampa 2012 Trop Rock Schedule

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Please check out the new schedule for TheYard Tampa! We have more announcements to come as dates are confirmed! Hope to see you all at The Yard soon! Don’t forget to update your calendars so you don’t miss anyone!

We are starting the year off with a bang! John Friday will be first up on January 21st at 4:00pm!! Chris Sacks will be next on February 25th at 5:00pm!!







1/21 ~ John Friday 4:00 pm
2/25 ~ Chris Sacks 5:00 pm
3/31 ~ Brent Burns 7:00 pm
4/28 ~ Bob Karwin 2:00 pm
5/12 Jimmy Parrish & OWB 7:00 pm
6/30 Sunny Jim 7:00 pm
7/21 Jimi Pappas 7:00 pm
8/4 Dennis McCaughey 7:00 pm
10/13 ~ Hugo Duarte 7:00 pm
10/21 ~ Jim Morris & BBB