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Featured Artist – Dani Hoy

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Dani Hoy, aka “TropiGal” is a perfect example of the adage “better late than never“. Her music paints a vulnerable and honest view of life in a beach-oriented spirit of fun and adventure.

danihoyThis all comes three decades after a year of guitar lessons, seeing her musician father in action, and spot opportunities singing in choirs, choruses, and theater. After years of listening to her favorite songs over and over again until she knew every line, her fans are doing the same with her songs and clamoring for more. The wait is almost over.

Dani Hoy’s widely anticipated 2nd full CD, “Songs of Love and the Ocean” has been released, once again in collaboration with Kevin Johnston. The two teamed up on her first project, “TropiGal”, which facilitated many opportunities in the Tropical Rock genre in the form of live performances and airplay. She has twice been nominated for awards by the Trop Rock Music Association ( in 2012 and 2013.

Her belated music career began four years ago, with Dani hitting the open mic circuit and performing in front of audiences with her guitar. Naturally the showboat side of her personality was front and center and shared a sense of fun earnest interaction.  She sang many nights away after putting in a full eight on her day job as a graphic artist. This made her transition to larger audiences rather simple.

After recently gaining some freedom from her day job, Dani Hoy’s passion for music is on full display as she tackles a full performance schedule around the country. Her crafty songwriting and stage presence shines through at multiple Trop Rock festivals, house concerts, collaborations, and gatherings.

There is no doubt Dani Hoy is on the move. It’s hard to escape hearing her music these days.

If you haven’t heard the music of Dani Hoy… an escape is only a listen away!

Dani’s Website

Quick Note From Dani Hoy

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It’s been a little while since I sent out a letter. Maybe that’s a good sign? The Summer has flown by, busy and crazy. Autumn is approaching and, happily, things are slowing down on the weekends. I’ve learned a lot this year about gigs and I’m going in a different direction next year, concentrating on events and concerts that will highlight my songs. I’ve written over 30 of them so I have plenty to play for you!

“Songs of Love & the Ocean” is doing very well having been released on August 22nd. I’m mailing out the pre-orders as quickly as I can and working on fulfilling the rewards for my Kickstarter folks. The CD Release party at the Big Owl Tiki Bar was a great success and I’m thinking the one at The Sandbox on September 14th is going to be a great time as well! I’ll be joined by Frankendread on percussion and Rudy Cox on bass. There is a a possibilty we will have a “celebrity chef” cooking for us and I’m excited about it! On September 15th we will have a brunch on The Deck on Perico Island just a short drive from The Sandbox. So, for $20 you get a night and a day of entertainment, my new CD, great food and a wonderful party! Get your tickets at this link!

This weekend I’m headed to Ohio for a house party at The No Name Yard on Sunday. Monday night I’ll be with Dennis King on Island Time Radio from 10pm-1am. Tune in for live music, songs from the CD and some giveaways.

At the end I head West for shows with Brian Fields in Albuquerque and then Sam Rainwater in Tempe in his backyard. Oh the tequila shots… &

Of course at the end of October I’m off to Key West for a week of music! I’ll be playing all over town between the last day of Fantasy Fest and the end of MOTM. I have lots of songwriter showcases and some other stuff in the works that will be coming together soon! Key West is my favorite place to be and where lots of great things happen for me. I wouldn’t miss Meeting of the Minds for the world!

Check out the links below to order your copy of “Songs of Love & the Ocean” if you haven’t gotten it already! Hope to see you down the road!

Hearts and waves,


Dani Hoy – Kickstarter

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I’ve decided to use the Kickstarter program to fund my CD. Last night I started the process of setting it up and creating rewards for those who contribute to the creation of “Songs of Love & the Ocean.” When you choose an amount to help pay for the CD, you’re basically getting an item or package of items in return. Starting at $15, the reward is a the new CD, signed! How’s that for fun? The rest of the rewards include mp3s, stickers, limited edition pendants by J&J Glass Designs, tickets to my CD release parties and even original art! You can even have me come play at your house for a group of your friends. Once I have it all ready and it goes live, you’ll see how the whole thing works and how much fun it is.

The CD production itself is going to cost me $4,000. That’s the base amount I need for time in the studio to produce all ten songs. With added musician costs (guitar, bass,keyboard, harmonica, etc.), CD replication and other fees it will most likely be closer to $6500. I’m planning on raising the $4,000 with Kickstarter and anything above that will sure help out.

The Kickstarter project will go live the beginning of June and run for 30 days. Thanks in advance for all your help and encouragement!


Hearts and waves,


Quick Note from Dani Hoy

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Songs of Love and the Ocean – Dani Hoy

As most of you probably know there’s a lot going on with me in 2013. I’m very excited about the new CD I’m working on again with Kevin Johnston at Orca Sound Studios. I’ve been working most of the day on a new website with a new, fresh look and getting my very busy summer schedule updated. Here’s the skinny:

The CD is called (at least for now) Songs of Love and the Ocean. It pretty much describes what the CD is about, for the most part. There are songs that have something to do with love, such as “Whiskey Kisses” and “Why Did I Say Yes?” plus songs about going to the ocean, like “I Like It Hot,” plus the title cut. “Gone Native,” “Last Day on the Island,” and “Hemingway’s Porch” were inspired from trips to Key West. Also, “Better Late than Never” speaks about starting anew later in life and “Summer Songs” is a fun song about getting through the winter with tropical music. “Walking in the Rain in New Orleans” is a song of introspection. The music is everything from raw country to pure pop with some Latin beats. It’s slated for release by the end of July/beginning of August. We did our first session last weekend, getting all ten songs down for Kevin to start cooking.

As my e-mail list, you’re getting the full details first. You can pre order the CD through PayPal at on my new website: Just look on the right and click the PayPal button. The CD is $15 and includes shipping. As soon as it’s delivered, I’ll get it in the mail to you!

By the way, I hope you like my new site. The schedule is much easier to read and has a much cleaner look.

I’m also looking into the Kickstarter program to fund the album. I’ll probably run it in June for a couple of weeks so look for more details in the near future. Kickstarter is a program that offers rewards for your contribution to helping me get my CD done. One of the perks I have in mind is a ticket to one of my CD release parties. I have one scheduled at the Big Owl Tiki Bar in Kent Narrows, MD on August 24th. There’s a limit of 40 people at the event, includes appetizers and every person attending will get a FREE autographed CD! More details to follow that and other CD release parties I have planned.


Let me know if you have any thoughts, ideas or questions! As always, I look forward to hearing from you.



Here We Go Again! Production begins soon…

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Here We Go Again! Production begins soon…

This has always been an exciting part of the year for me. Not only is my birthday this weekend, but Daylight Savings Time begins and Spring is just around the corner! Living up North, every sign of Spring is welcome to me. Out of the dark chocolate hoarding, Kleenex wringing month that is February, March means new life to me in a lot of ways. There are lots of things to look forward to this year musically and here are just a few:

Touring: Check my schedule! Lots of stuff going on through June so far. Soon I’ll be adding upcoming info about Lake Charles, LA in May and possible points west in the fall. If you’d like me to come play at your event or in your yard or tiki bar I’m available for that, too!

CD: Yes, TropiGal will be a year old on April 23rd. It’s time to start the next project. I have a pile of demos into my producer, Kevin Johnston, and we will be having a production meeting soon with plans to have the CD out by sometime in July. The CD is, as of yet, untitled. Along with a whole bunch of exciting new songs, plan on seeing a more interesting package this year with more artwork and info. I’ll be revamping my website and lots of other things, too. You can listen to some demos here:

MERCH: New Bottle Poppers are in and I’m working on designs for more clothing options for the summer. Bottle Poppers are only $8. They are available on the website and are available in hot pink and turqouise blue. The pink one is shown and I will update the website soon to reflect the new merch.

I just got back from having a blast in chilly Tampa for Music on the Bay  Next week I’ll be in Key West for a few days with temps in the 70’s. If you’re in town, you can catch Key West Chris Rehm and I at Pearl’s Patio and Green World Gallery on March 16th, the day of the big bar crawl. The event at Pearl’s is the Southernmost Coconut Castaways Jump Up with fun, music and drink specials and supports their Relay for Life Team. Check it out here: Just look for the Events Box and click on the Jump Up info.

That’s it for now! I hope it wasn’t too much. Always feel free to give me feed back, of course. And, thanks for reading!

Hope to see you at the End of the Road,



Groundhog Day from Dani Hoy

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OK. So, this email has nothing to do with Groundhog Day. From the land of Puxatawney Phil and Octarora Orphie, the subject of this email is just to point out that we are just six weeks closer to Spring! While winter hasn’t been especially heinous this year, it’s definitely been colder than the last two. Snowfall has been minimal in my neck of the woods and hopefully will stay that way! Up north this type of weather is necessary to make sure certain types of plants continue to thrive, among other things. Listen to my song “Paradise” and you’ll recognize the spirit it takes to get through the darker part of the Wheel of the Year.


I had a brief respite from the cold when I visited Southwest Florida for the first time. My short tour took me to Bonita Springs, Anna Marie Island, Arcadia and Lake Placid! You can read about it here on my

I’m traveling to Pittsburgh next weekend for Cabin Fever where I’ll be playing Saturday afternoon. The Calypso Nuts ( storm the beaches Friday night and Tropical Soul ( will transport you to your favorite island destination on Saturday. (scroll down to see the event.) February 16th I’m playing a showcase at the Blue Moose Bar & Grille in Harrisburg as part of the Millennium Music Conference and February 23rd is our Midwinter Tropical Day at Moon Dancer Winery in Wrightsville, PA. Look below to see more details!

In March I head back to Tampa for Music on the Bay and then, two weeks later, I’ll be in Key West with Key West Chris Rehm ( and Captain Josh ( at Green World Gallery, The party is on March 16th. If you can’t get there, you can watch it all

So far, 2013 is looking like an exciting year! There are plenty of irons in the fire right now. When I have more details you can count on me letting you know about them!

My songwriting for the next CD continues in earnest. I have quite a few done but need to work on a few more before I can get into the studio. I have ten completed so far, at least another five to get done (though, to be honest, I am going to work on more than that.)

OK! Happy Groundhog Day and I hope this email finds you healthy and hopeful!

See you someday at the End of the Road,



Just a quick note from the Tropigal

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I know I just sent you an email and I hope this isn’t too soon but I just wanted to let you know a couple of things:

First, my final installment of my MOTM adventure in my blog is done. You can read about it here:

Second, I’ve been nominated for, thanks to you, some categories in Beachfront Radio’s Top of the Trops. This is the final vote and you can vote for me for Female Vocalist, “TropiGal” as album of the year and either “TropiGal” or “Drunk on Mallory Square” as song of the year:

You may vote once per device, so you can vote on your home computer, work computer, your phone, your tablet and it all counts! The final winners will be announced on Beachfront Radio December 26 and 27 each day between the hours of 2pm-4pm during the Amish Beach Party with DJ Jeff Allen. You can listen on your computer and via a phone app such as Tune-in or Live 365. Thank you for voting for me and helping me promote my music!

While you’re visiting Beachfront Radio, you can download the CD “TropiGal” for only $7.99 from the Music Hut.

Music makes a great gift. If you want to order “TropiGal” the CD and not the download, visit my

Well, that’s it for now! In about a month I’ll be heading to Southwest/Central Florida for a short tour.

Thanks for your support again and see you at the End of the Road some day,


Message from Dani Hoy

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Greetings from Dani Hoy!

October is here, November fast approaching. Recently I was in Cleveland, where the above picture was taken. Dan and I performed at a house concert (thanks, North Coast Parrot Heads!) and had the honor and privelege of appearing on Island Time Radio with Dennis King, Amo Bennett and friend Darrell Russell. The photo was taken during our excursion to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (also known as the “Rock Hall”). Many interesting articles and artifacts are contained within, most of which you may NOT take a photo of. We got to see items from the Stones, the Dead, the Beatles and more, plus stood inside the Cash Family tour bus. Wow is an understatement.

The fun and traveling continue with gigs in the Poconos and Glen Gardner, NJ and points closer. I will be going to Key West the first week in November for the Parrot Head convention known as Meeting of the Minds or MOTM. Many wonderful things happen at MOTM including blood drives and fundraising but also it’s the biggest bash for Trop Rock enthusiasts. Lots of new CDs are out and lots of singer/songwriters will be there to entertain you just about everywhere.

The big honor for me this year is that I have been nominated for the Trop Rock Female Vocalist of the Year as well as the Horizon Award (best new artist) categories. It’s very exciting in my first year with a brand new CD to be nominated for such awards. The ceremony occurs during MOTM at the Casa Resort on Friday night. I have hopes but, of course, am happy just to have been nominated and recognized. I’ll also be performing in various points around Key West including two catamaran cruises as well as two showcases at T’s Bistro on Duval and a short stint at Green World Gallery. This year has been very exciting and MOTM feels like the culmination of a great year of growth and musical improvements.

I hope some of you are going to MOTM I get to see you around. I’m working on new tunes that I hope to share with you more.

Take care and see you at the end of the road!


P.S. Here is a recent interview you might enjoy. I come in around 41 mintues into the show.

Shorespondent Dani Hoy Reports from The Keys

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From Key West, FL to Marietta, PA:
Meet Me in the Keys & my CD Release Party
Waking up to a rooster crowing nearly every morning, when you’re not used to it, is a sure way for you to know you’re someplace different. You stumble out of bed, plant your feet on the floor and go in search of ibuprofen and strong coffee. How much fun did I have last night? Must have been a lot. (My apologies to anyone if I misremember or gloss over any important details.)
June 14th, around 11:30am, our 737 landed in the Conch Republic. My good friend J9, and I were here to participate in Meet Me in the Keys, a fundraising event for KOA Care Camps hosted by the Southernmost Coconut Castaways. This Keys-based club is an extension of Howard Livingston’s group of fans and friends from Iowa and was attended by the man himself, along with Cyndy, his lovely wife he affectionately calls “Cinderella,” and many other fine folk.
My “job” was to play the Meet and Greet that night, but our first stop was to hang out with John Friday at the Smokin’ Tuna. We had fun playing to the small group there and hamming it up for the Tuna Cam. After many previous Facebook chats, I finally met Key West Chris Rehm when he dropped by with his two lovely hounds. After a bit of Sam Adams and Ceviche, we scooted over to the DoubleTree for sound check (thanks for the use of your PA, Chris!) and the Meet and Greet from 6-8pm.
Marc and Tammy Hollander, and all of the Castaways, were a great audience and so much fun! Captain Josh, John Friday, Loren Davidson and a few other performers were there as they were playing over the weekend, too. The really cool thing for me was, after my gig and a few announcements, plus a song by Captain Ron, Howie came up to speak and play a few songs. Who’s guitar did he use? Mine, of course! For a lighter travel footprint, I brought a ¾ size Martin LXME. On me, it fits. On the guys, it looks like a toy. However, Howie played his wonderful songs on it, including “Meet Me in the Keys,” and proved that (wait for it), size doesn’t matter!
The following day there was a pool party and a beautiful fashion show featuring comfy, flowing outfits by Keykers. During the pool party, music was performed by Captain Josh, Jim Hoehn, John Friday, Loren Davidson, Paul Roush, C.W. Colt, and Thom Shepherd. After popping in to see the Barry Cuda show at B.O.’s, we caught Thom again, as he was appearing all week at the Tuna. Coley McCabe, a beautiful singer with wonderful music projects of her own, joined him on stage for a couple of songs such as “In Spite of Ourselves.” Thom blew quite a few strings over the weekend and, when one of his B-strings came apart, I lent him my mini guitar while I restrung the B on his. Tom got a lot of laughter when he asked, “Does this guitar make me look fat?” A few other musicians jumped up to do a number and, when Thom asked me to do one, I played “Meet Me on the Boardwalk.”
Saturday was a glorious, steamy day. After a dip in the pool at Casa 325 Guesthouse, we did a little shopping, then ended up at Artist Koz’s Green World Gallery. Captain Josh performed, and then I joined Jim Hoehn and Paul Roush for a little “round robin” on guitar in front of a great audience and the web cam. Later, we were back at the Smokin’ Tuna for more Thom Shepherd. He does a wonderful show, playing favorites like “Parrothead” and the hit song he wrote, “Riding with Private Malone.” He also performed “Djibouti,” which he wrote to entertain the soldiers when he visited there. This time, he was joined on stage by the lovely Gina Maseratti, a local celebrity.
After a brief downpour, Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24 hit the stage. In my opinion, you can’t beat a horn band for creating a big sound and they really blew us away. The other thing that blew me away was the appearance of the Johnson outboard motor/margarita maker. After a vigorous auction, a generous bidder spent $4,000 for that first margarita. As I mentioned earlier, this was a charity event and the money went to the pool, collected over the weekend. The Castaways raised over $10,000 for the KOA Care Camps.
Sunday dawned, another beautiful day. (Dawn? Did I say, “Dawn?” Never got up that early!) After breakfast at Pepe’s, J9 and I meandered over to Schooner’s Wharf to catch some Michael McCloud. We then headed to Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar, for more fun with the Castaways. The crown of the evening was the Sunset Cruise on the Fury catamaran. Thom Shepherd played for the cruisers while we noshed on snacks, and sipped champagne and margaritas. I played “TropiGal” during the inevitable string break. Later, Chris Rehm, Loren Davidson, Captain Josh, Jim Hoehn and Captain Ron also each did a song or two. I’m pretty sure Loren did “Pirate Vacation.” With the champagne and margaritas flowing, I vaguely remember him whipping out a bandana. Arr!
Monday came, and it was time to go. After a queasy breakfast of coffee and a fiber bar, we packed and made hasty preparations to mail some booty and swag home. J9 won a wall-plaque created by one of the castaways and commemorates the Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24 experience. I had a huge box of recently purchased cozies and t-shirts to get home. Marc Hollander (with thanks to Tammy for letting us “borrow him”) was kind enough to drive us to the UPS Store and Post Office. After he dropped us off, we made one last stop at Margaritaville, had a real meal and said, “see ya later” to Chris Rehm and his dogs. The plane flight home was fairly uneventful and I arrived home to temps in the 70’s and a fine rain. For the first time in five days I was cold.
Meet Me in the Keys was a great experience for me, and I highly recommend to anyone, to attend next year.
Original Article from WNYTheShore

Dani Hoy keeps summer in her heart and in her songs

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Key West has Jimmy Buffett.

California has the Beach Boys.

And Wildwood, N.J., has Dani Hoy.

“They call it trop-rock, a form of Americana music,” Hoy, a Baltimore native, says.

Tropical rock has a blend of rock and country elements mixed with Caribbean and reggae sounds, and it tends to incorporate a lot of beach and island imagery.

Think flip-flops, big sunglasses and fruity drinks.

“My music has a beach feel. A lot of it is about escaping and getting away to somewhere fun,” Hoy says. “Well, most of it is, anyway. I do have a few more introspective pieces.”

Hoy, formerly of Lancaster and Ephrata, now lives in York. She works in Lancaster as a graphic designer for Clipper Magazine.

She’s also juggling a burgeoning music career — an unexpected turn in her journey.

“I’ve pretty much been involved in music my whole life,” Hoy says. “I mean, I’ve always sung to the radio, just like any other kid.”

She’s sung in church and school choirs and has done a little musical theater. She was inspired, too, by her father’s “party rock” band when she was growing up.

Hoy started taking guitar lessons when she was 12, “but I was just noodling around on it,” she adds. “It was only three or four years ago that I started playing out, mostly at open-mic nights.”

Now 44, Hoy is releasing her first CD Saturday at Shank’s Tavern in Marietta.

“I didn’t expect this. I was just some girl playing at open-mic nights,” she admits.

A devoted Parrothead (Jimmy Buffett fan), Hoy was mostly playing for fun.

“We have these events, as most Parrothead clubs do, to raise money for charities. We call it ‘partying for a purpose,'” she says.

Then she got a call asking her to play on opening night at Spring Phling, an annual trop-rock event in Wildwood.

“I played for an hour. I played the two songs I had written by then,” she recalls. “I also played at the pool over the weekend, and a couple of people walked up and I asked if I had a CD. … Until then, I didn’t really consider myself that caliber of performer.”

But it got her thinking. So, with the support of her husband, Dan — also a musician, who sometimes performs with her — Hoy started recording.

The experience changed her.

“Putting together a CD has changed the way I perform,” she says. “I emote so much better when I’m singing a song in a public place.”

Being a Parrothead has inspired her music, Hoy adds — although she focuses on the Jersey shore more than on more humid climates to the south.

“I spent a lot of time in Wildwood when I was a child — going to the beach, going to the boardwalk,” she says. “A lot of my music is about keeping summer in your heart.

“That’s the idea behind being a Parrothead — we take the weather with us. We bring the tropics everywhere we go.”

She throws some covers into her show — Buffett, of course, and bands such as the Eagles — while working up a larger menu of original material.

“There aren’t a lot of women playing this kind of music,” she observes. “I’m a little unusual. … Maybe there’s a niche to fill.”

She also has a bit of a ’70s singer-songwriter vibe, she says. “You know, good vocal hooks that make you want to sing along and make you feel good. That’s the vibe I was going for.

“It’s a little bit about love, it’s a little bit about nostalgia.”

Meanwhile, she’s enjoying the adventure of reinventing herself as a performer.

“There are some things coming up I hadn’t expected for myself. But I’m having fun,” Hoy says.

“This is a start for me. It’s a brand new direction in my life. I’ve always enjoyed performing, but I’ve never done it to this level, where it’s just me and a guitar on a stage.”

There’s a learning curve, however. “Being an independent musician is very desirable, but it’s very time-consuming,” she says. “It’s taking over a lot of my free time …. Fortunately, I don’t have cable TV.”



Dani Hoy CD Release Party

Sat. 7-11 p.m. 21 and over. Free

Shank’s Tavern

Front and Waterford sts.

Marietta, 426-1205

Read more: