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On Island Time in Paradise

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On Island Time in Paradise

William Fair Roberts
November 25, 2011

Last night I was sitting in the family room of my sister’s house watching Texas and Texas A&M battle it out in a NCAA Football game.  The weather outside was around 40 degrees F by the time I packed my few belongings in my backpack.  After a couple of hours sleep and saying some good byes to my sister’s family, I “borrowed” an old hoodie out of the bag of clothes my sister and brother-in-law had put together to donate to the Salvation Army and I headed to the airport where I sit right now waiting for them to tell me I can board my jet for the first leg of my flight to Miami.  I should be there by noon.  From Miami I will make my way up to Key Biscayne where I am joining up with an old friend on his weekly run to Grand Bahama.  He ferries passengers to the islands in his 44 foot cruiser. While I think his “business” may involve more than just the transportation of snow birds to the islands, I never ask.  It is none of my business what he does to live the good life down there in the tropics.

If everything goes well, I will be in Marsh Harbor tonight’ or tomorrow mid-day at the latest, where I have made arrangements crew for a sailboat captain so I can  head south from there tomorrow evening.  It is enough to say that by the time the sun goes down on back tonight, I will be in the tropics where I belong.  It is cold here; too cold for me and I am headed to, as Harry Nilsson said, “where the weather suits my clothes.”

I sit here now in this crowded airport watching clouds of exhaust rise from the tuggers pulling the baggage carts along the tarmac. Off to the east the sun is struggling through a black and pink early morning sky to rise over the horizon.  From here I will fly to Atlanta and fight my way through the thousands of travelers there, all rushing to get back home, where I will board my plane back to the tropics.  If the gate at the terminal here is any indication this flight is not going to be full, I am not betting on a similar situation in Atlanta.

They have just call for the first class passengers to board, of which I am not one, but I better close this try to post this and try to post it before I am called to board.

I will update you on the reason for the long gap between posts, when I have time write a little more.  All is well, I just had some obligations and a little business to tend to up here in the Continental 48 but now I am done and will be back on island time by morning.

For now…

William Fair Roberts…about to be back…in island time in paradise.