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Gulf Coast Cowboy: January 8

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“Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.” – Unknown

Click for KBEC 1390 Classic Texas Music - Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour

Welcome back for the first episode of Gulf Coast Cowboy of 2014! We’re excited to be back and trop-rockin’ through the year. This weeks episode is all about celebrating life! Sometimes we all take things a little too seriously and things can get us down. The best thing for that is to remember that life is all about enjoying it. So, do what you love and keep on doing it.


1. Getting Old Ain’t For Sissies – Bill Mitchell

2. Destined To Be Down Here –  Mark Mulligan

3. Working On My Tan – Bob Karwin

4. Shake Senora (Jump In The Line) – The CalypsoNuts

5. Traveler’s Journal – Don Middlebrook & Living Soul

6. Beaches Are Empty – Gary Seiler

7. Livin’ The Good Life – Cindy Walsh

8. T.U.I. (Texting Under the Influence) – Greg Dillard

9. Laid Back and Key Wasted – Jim Morris

10. Any Way The Wind Blows – Latitude

11. Everyday’s a Saturday – The Mango Man

12. Can I Give It Up Yet – Loren Davidson

Gulf Coast Cowboy October 16th 7:00-8:00pm CST

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Gulf Coast Cowboy – October 16th

Click for KBEC 1390 Classic Texas Music - Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour

1. Sand Dollar Millionaire / Mark Mulligan

2. In The Sand / Headin’ South

3. One Particular Harbor / Jimmy Buffett

4. We Got Our Beach Back / Mark Mulligan

5. Walk On The Beach / Rob Mehl

6. Sandbar Serenade / James White

7. Beachfront Town / Larry Joe Taylor

8. Bar On a Beach / Jambo Joe Bones

9. The Beach!!! / Key West Chris

10. Beach Bum / Donny Brewer

11. Beachcombin’ / KD Moore & Greg ‘Fingers’ Taylor

12. Island State of Mind / Kelly McGuire



Hello and welcome back everyone! This week, it’s all about laying out under an umbrella and digging your toes in the sand! Kick back and let us take you away. Mark Mulligan is first up with “Sand Dollar Millionaire” .  Then Headin’ South returns with“In The Sand”. The one and only, Jimmy Buffett joins in and sings his classic “One Particular Harbor ” for us.  Mark Mulligan returns with a tune off of his Back to Laid Backrecord with “We Got Our Beach Back”.  Up next, I think I need a drink. Wait, where am I? Ahh yes..  Ok now next, Rob Mehlchimes in with “Walk On The Beach”, and is followed by “Sandbar Serenade” from James White. “Beachfront Town” byLarry Joe Taylor is up next. I think I see something… Is it? I think it is! Now we’re going to the “Bar On a Beach” with Jambo Joe Bones. Key West Chris belts a tune with “The Beach!!!”. Donny Brewer even shows up with “Beach Bum”, which I’m pretty sure was written about me. KD Moore and Greg ‘Fingers’ Taylor take over and sing “Beachcombin'”. “Island State of Mind” by Kelly McGuire (the guy on your right) brings us to a close . If you would like to make a request or have any suggestions for artists please contact jp Thanks for tuning in with us, hope to see y’all next week!