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Featured Artist of the Week – Harbor Knights

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Harbor Knights

(TPM) Hi Dave, We are looking forward to seeing you here in SW FL. You are new to many of us, how do you describe your music?A fun enthusiastic mix of anecdotal mischief with a Classic Rock/Trop Rock feel. If it’s not fun music, we won’t do it. Sometimes the people that hire us want a lot of Buffett, sometimes they want Classic Rock, and sometimes they want Originals, it all depends on who we’re playing for. (TPM) IF MORE THEN 1 MEMBER PLEASE INTRODUCE THEM We are a three piece band right now: Myself, Jim (Mr. Jimmy) Scriven, and Bill (Billy Mon) Moran will be the line up for our little vacation/ South Florida Mini Tour. Then Jim will be leaving the band. He is retiring down in Punta Gorda to live the good life and pursue his dreams. He is a founding member and has been with the band from the very beginning. He’ll will be missed. He’ll be replaced by Kris Buryta; we don’t have a nickname for him yet, but we will soon. (TPM) Where are you based? We are based in Western New York State, Chautauqua Lake Region.

(TPM) How did you end up performing in SW Florida?I must give credit where credit is due: Steve & Debbie Johnson are two of your biggest fan/advocates and are known well through out the Trop Rock circles. A year ago they “convinced” Nancy Kirk at the Nav-A-Gator to give us a try and the gig went great. So we’ll be back there this year on March 15th as part of our Farewell to Mr. Jimmy Mini Tour. They also helped us with a show for the Charlotte Harbor Parrotthead Club. “Thanks to them both”


We do as many Originals songs as we can get away with and still keep the crowd in the fun zone.

TPM) How long has the band been together? band been together? I guess we’ve been playing for about five years now. I don’t remember for sure, but it’s been a long time (longer than most bands I hear). (TPM) (TPM) Do you have original music or mostly covers? We do as many Originals songs as we can get away with and still keep the crowd in the fun zone. (TPM) You have an interesting name Harbour Knights, what is the story behind it? My wife, Charlene, came up with the name. When Jim and I first got together, we were planning to market ourselves as a Jimmy Buffett Cover Band. We had a whole list of names that just didn’t seem to convey the right idea. It was getting down to print time for our first posters and we still hadn’t decided yet. That’s when my wife said “Harbor Nights. We live here by Lake Eire and you’re out all night”. Then a light in my head went off and I thought “Sure we’ll spell Harbor like Buffett does (Harbour) and make a play on the word Night. Thus. Harbour Knights”. I’m glad we did; the spelling is unique enough that when you Google it, we’re actually the first thing you find.


(TPM) Do you travel much?? As much as it takes to keep this crazy thing we do going to the next Tiki bar. That old adage “Have guitar will travel” fits now more than ever. I’m going to become a snowbird for the first time this year and I hope to expand the musical adventure to the tropics for five months out of the year.

(TPM) What do you do in your down time? CATCH FISH!! CEAN FISH!! EAT

(TPM)TPM) Do you have a CD out? If so what inspired it? 2009, “Everything’s Alright” featuring twelve new original songs. 2010, “Pink Fingernails” with the single “The Lawn Chair Song” and the title track “Pink Fingernails”, inspired by a friends battle with Breast Cancer.

(TPM) What is your favorite part of being a performer? I’d have to say meeting new friends and playing for old ones. I feel very fortunate to be able to play and sing my songs and have them appreciated. Life is Good!


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