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Buffett talks about appearance on Hawaii Five-0

Posted in Trop Rock Artists, Trop Rock Happenings | Comments Off on Buffett talks about appearance on Hawaii Five-0 has an interview with Jimmy Buffett about his appearance on Monday’s epissode of Hawaii Five-0.

Hawaii Five-0 continues to reel in marquee names as guest stars. Tonight’s episode included the Margaritaville man himself, Jimmy Buffett – as a character he created but never expected to bring to life on TV. Who better to bring that island attitude to Hawaii Five-0 than the Prince of the Parrotheads?

“It just worked out perfectly that I was headed over here, anyway, for a little vacation,” says Buffett, “and I didn’t mind doing two days of work like this in the middle of my vacation!”

The 65 year old singer-songwriter-author-actor-producer-entrepreneur is still very selective about his projects. He wanted to guest star because he’s been a Five-0 fan since the 60′s.

“I like the way, in going to a 2011 audience, they honor the authenticity and the legacy of the great Hawaii cop show,” explains Buffett.

Buffett plays Frank Bama – a veteran pilot who helps the Five-0 team rescue one of its own. Frank Bama is actually a character in Buffett’s 1992 novel, “Where is Joe Merchant?” Show writers thought it’d be interesting to bring Bama to life.

“I always thought he was a great character,” says Buffett, “so I was really pleased when Paul, the writer, contacted us about this character that they were looking for me to play.”

Castmates say Buffett’s got a great vibe. Terry O’Quinn recalls meeting him at a party. “He introduced himself and I knew that name, but I didn’t think he’d be standing in line behind me to get a drink! Jimmy Buffett. And I’m thinking, ‘Wow, I know a guy who sings by that name!’”

Scott Caan laughs that he once got the singer mixed up with billionaire “Warren” Buffett. “I was like, ‘The guy with all that money sings those songs, man? I don’t get it. Like, how did he make all that money singing?’”

After being in several scenes together, there’s no confusion now. Buffett says he’s had a ball on set and in the islands. “I came here many, many years ago and fell in love with Hawaii and love coming back here.”

The welcome mat’s always out, Jimmy – even beyond Margaritaville.