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Meet Me In The Keys 2014

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Meet me in the Keys 2014 registration is now open!  Read registration instructions first, then Click here to register.

Here is the preliminary daily schedule for the event. Remember that you must be a member of one of the Castaways clubs in order to register and attend.


Wednesday, June 4
Goodie bag stuffing
Pre-event outing at Smokin’ Tuna Saloon
Thursday, June 5
Check in/credential pick up
“P-Jammin’ Pajama Party” at Doubletree Ballroom – music by the John Patti Project, with opening act Roger Jokela
Friday, June 6
Pool party all afternoon – music by John Patti, Jimi Pappas and John Frinzi
Fun, relay-type pool games
You can sign up for Kokomo Joe’s Off Duval Bar Crawl, which involves stops at 5 bars where you will receive a free drink at each. A portion of the proceeds from this outing will be donated to Care Camp. For more details and to sign up for that, please go to It’s a fun night!

Saturday, June 7
Annual Hangover Classic Walk to Hurricane Hole – music by Frankendread, followed by Dennis McCaughey of Tropical Soul
While there, attendees can rent jet skis, paddle boards, kayaks, speed boats and more
Snorkel trips, trips around the reef and other fun available
Food and drink specials
Private, attendees-only concert at the historic San Carlos Theater by Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band!

Sunday, June 8
All-day outing to Snipe Point – includes lunch, free beer, wine and rum punch – concert by Howard Livingston’s trio.
The San Carlos and Snipe Point outings are limited seating so register early to assure your spot! Registration is now open.


Photos from Music on the Bay 2013

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Photo Gallery from the 2nd Annual Music on the Bay at Whiskey Joe’s in Tampa, FL – March 2013

11633_4087063069318_804236650_n 150457_10200200047098129_853849796_n 166713_4087063189321_1165320768_n 226405_10200442716857701_166020341_n 542640_4087019948240_254425301_n 577338_4850734024530_1688750348_n 20130301_141640 20130301_141643 20130301_141828 20130301_153714 20130301_160433 20130301_160623 20130301_165519 20130301_201228 20130301_201728 20130301_202036 sb sb1 20130302_173545 20130302_183416 20130302_183425 20130302_193656 20130302_193833 20130302_194225 20130302_194237 20130302_205630 20130302_205649 20130302_213234 20130302_213257 20130302_213403 20130302_214711 20130302_214715 20130302_214727 20130302_215153.mp4 20130302_220628 20130302_220633 20130302_221042 20130302_221135 20130302_221149 20130302_223322 20130302_223330 20130302_223504 20130302_223517 20130302_224439 20130302_230106 dave dk

Computer Rants, Meet Me In The Keys, Gigs and Places to Stay in Key West!

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Computer Rants, Meet Me In The Keys, Gigs and Places to Stay in Key West!

Computer Rants, Meet Me In The Keys, Gigs and Places to Stay in Key West!
Computer Rants
 photoIMG_7929_zpsa087ce05.jpgIt’s good to be back! My old computer fried the motherboard, which destroyed it. I was able to save the documents out of the hard drive to my new computer, thanks to the computer store here in Key West (Office Max) but I’ll be damned if I know where they ended up! I had a blog started when the old computer crapped out, but I haven’t a clue if I know where it is. Adding insult to injury, I now have Windows 8. As I explained to a friend of mine: Going from Windows 6 to Windows 7 was like moving from Alabama to NYC. There are big, but surmountable differences. Going from Windows 7 to Windows 8 is like moving from Wall Street NYC to a brothel in Bangkok. It’s an entirely different language and look indeed. What a pain in the ass. Today I find a file named “Mikel Allen”… hummm what’s that? I open it and it’s a bunch of pictures of men in tight bathing suites. Huh? I guess Mikel Allen is a gay employee of Hewlett Packard? Why is this shit in my brand new (?) computer? I deleted the file, but now, where is the recycle bin?
I also went to buy an iPod. I looked around and found the best price at site called Rakuten. I ordered it second day a week ago Saturday. So I should have gotten it Tuesday, or maybe Wednesday, if it shipped Monday. I keep checking the order and it says “Processing”. Tuesday and Wednesday roll by and no iPod. I sent several e-mail enquiries to them Monday through Wednesday, but no reply. On Thursday I finally get an e-mail from them asking me to contact them, so I called. The representative at their end of the phone was unable to explain anything whatsoever as to why my order wasn’t filled, only that I had to listen to my phone message they left to expedite the order. “Well, I’m on the phone now with you now, Rakuten having suggested me to contact you to expedite the order. What can you tell me?” He goes again “Well you have to check your phone message”. At the moment, I can’t access my phone messages, I explain. He can’t go further than that. “Really? You can’t tell me what’s the issue with my order? Your company asked me to call you to resolve this and you can’t tell me what to do?” This went on for 15 minutes and finally I told the idiot at Rakuten to cancel my order.
Two days later I get an e-mail from them stating that THEY had to cancel my order, due to the fact that they couldn’t verify my address? The address is the exact same as the billing address, what’s the problem? I volunteered that information to their idiot on the phone two days before, suspecting that maybe there was an issue there, but he said nothing. So now I get an e-mail from Rakuten saying they cancelled my order.
Frankly, I suspect that if they say they cancelled the order due to lack of contact from me, it looks much better than me canceling an order because of their sheer ineptitude, bearing in mind I’m talking of a customer satisfaction rating. Let’s make no mistake about it, I cancelled my order with them due to their ineptitude. They didn’t cancel my order, I cancelled my order. Over the years of writing this blog, I’ve never taken the opportunity to rant like this and I’ll try not to do it again! However, I urge everyone to avoid like the plague.
Enough ranting! Got that off my chest!
Meet Me In The Keys!

The annual event that the Southernmost Castaways hold every year, Meet Me In the Keys went off without a hitch! Club President Tammy Hollander and her husband Marc “The Gopher”, put in tireless hours in order to make sure everything goes off without a hitch, in addition to their monthly jump ups and meetings. This year’s event was no exception either. Everything went like clockwork. One doesn’t have to be Einstein to see all of the potential hoops of fire these people and their able assistants must have to jump through. It has to be a full time job!
 photobf5e6d91-72ef-48d5-abc0-2aa326470b66_zpsa8e056c8.jpgI was honored to be in this year’s event and I pulled a surprise in that I dragged Allen “Frankendread” Holland along with me to play steel pans! We played poolside at the Doubletree portion of the event, following Jimi Pappas and John Patti. As I said, I did it as a surprise. When I was asked to play, I was a solo act. Adding Allen was on me, for fun and a good treat for all who attended. Naturally I split my fee with Allen, of course.
A lot of people hadn’t heard Allen before. He uses a different pan than John Patti does, so in addition to being different players with different styles, they are also playing different pans, John with a C pan and Allen with a D pan. The notes are all in different places as well, further changing the overall style. I think everyone enjoyed hearing both players!
The night before was the meet and greet and after that a few of us ended up in room 236 and I had the pleasure of having a great, very long conversation with Jimi Pappas, whom I had never met before. My biggest disappointment was I sent him a message to get together the following week when he was at Margaritaville, only to learn that he had been there the week before! I’m looking forward to his return to the island!
I also had brief conversations with Mike Broward and Paul Roush, who played in the event. In situations like this, schedules often get in the way, so we didn’t get to chat things up as much as we may have liked. Hopefully next time they’re in town we can spend a bit more time together!
Howard Livingston was generous enough to actually cut his gig short at Schooner Whatf, in order to have a songwriter’s showcase of performers in the Meet Me in the Keys event. Had a great time too. What a blast! Thanks Howard! I was on with local performers Ericson Holt and Roger Jokela. Ericson really surprised me. For those of you who are familiar with my song “Island Blue”, which Misty Loggins sang for me, Ericson played keyboards. Ericson is an exquisite piano/keyboard player who made Key West his base about two years ago, by way of Nashville. Imagine my surprise when Ericson arrived with a guitar!
The event closed out on Sunday with a sunset cruise featuring new Keys arrival, Eric Stone. Let me say, if you are ever in Key West, don’t pass a chance to get out on the water! I have several songs about it, as it’s such an inspiring peaceful event. The sunset cruises go for around $35/$40 . There are all sorts of boats that go out, just head down to the waterfront area and do yourself a favor!
A quick shout out to all the readers in Italy! Thank you so much for your interest in this blog! I hope you all head to Key West and when you do, be sure to read below!
Gigs and Places to Go!!!

I’ve been playing Thursday afternoons at the Sunset Tiki Bar, 2 – 5pm. The July schedules have not been posted as of yet, however as soon as I know, I’ll be sure to post it here. What an amazing, laid back place with a true Keys attitude! The Sunset Tiki Bar is privately owned and sits in the back of The Galleon Resort with an incredible view of Westeria Island (nic-name:  Christmas Tree Island) and Tank Island (nic-name: Sunset Key). A great place any time of day! A circular Tiki Bar, right on the water and also chaise lounges you can sun out on, right on the dock! Swing by and check it out!

 If you are planning on coming to Key West, be certain to check out Southernmost on the Beach! It’s a beautiful establishment with several pools and a true joy with a great Keys atmosphere! It’s in the more quiet section of Duval, so it’s great to be close enough for easy access to all of Duval, but far away enough to be able to enjoy a quiet night’s rest!

I’ll be playing there this Friday at their Pineapple Pool on June 28th noon to 3, then in the month of July every Friday at their Pineapple Pool, noon to 3 and every Saturday at their Shore Pool, again noon – 3.
If you’re coming from out of town, be sure to book at Southernmost, the concerts there are exclusive to guests!
To obtain my music, be sure to check my website for downloads and physical CDs!! This site also has material not available on other sites.

Also available on iTunes, CD Baby, CD Universe, Rhapsody, and Beachfront Radio.
Search: Key West Chris

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A Winter Update from Howard Livingston

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Hello Friends,


Last night started with the best of intentions on my part. My plan was to sit down and write a short newsletter from the porch, have dinner with my lovely wife and perhaps finish a few tasks she had been asking me to complete. (Changing bulbs, fix stuck door etc.) As I started writing and staring at the ocean I soon realized the sun was probably going to set prior to completion of my informal memorandum. With this new important information at hand, I realized a decision had to be made. Do I continue writing or stop midstream to enjoy our daily ritual, open a bottle of wine, grab a couple glasses and get front row seats for the evening light show. Well, as you probably guessed the sunset and wine won out and I never got back to writing or any of those important responsibilities.


Once settled in our yellow chairs, Cynderella and I were treated to an incredible sky as the sun made its way into the ocean. I love sunsets, they bookend the day and somehow touch my soul. No two are ever the same but each one is beautiful. However, once in a while they take your breath away.  These usually happen in the winter months for some reason. Last night was one of those treats, a painted sky that no artist could ever reproduce. Then as quickly as it illuminated the clouds and the ocean, it disappeared.


At that point I still had the opportunity to do something constructive but instead decided to come to the aid of my Cynderella. Sitting in her chair I could tell she was a little chilly, so I threw on some logs and lit up the fire pit. The evening somehow just slipped away.


Dinner turned out being a raid of the refrigerator for anything already cooked and edible. Smilin’ Bob’s fish dip, leftover ribs, turkey sausage, cheese etc. However, I have to say that was one of our best meals in a long time. A warm fire, the dogs, Cynderella and a winter sunset, it just does not get any better than that.


We have a fun week coming up and if you are in the Keys we’re hoping you can join us.

Friday January 25th, Sugarloaf KOA Resort  7:00 PM

Join us for a party at one of our favorite spots. This show is free and open to the public. Also come hungry cause they will have the grills fired up. They also have a great full bar. Sugarloaf KOA 251

County Road 939 (turn at mile marker 20 ocean side) Sugarloaf Key, FL.


Sunday January 27th  Habitat For Humanity Island Grass Music Festival at Boondocks

The festival starts at 1:00pm  and goes until 6:00 PM with great music all day. Terry Cassidy, The Doerfel Family, Billy Blue and many more musicians will be there to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity. Rick Cleaver and I will take the stage at 4:30 for an acoustic show. Hope to see you there!


Tuesday January 29th Bingo Fundraiser for Peaches (Tanya) from US1 Radio. 5:00 pm at Boondocks. Our dear friend Peaches lost everything when her family home burned down. Come out and play some bingo, have some fun and help raise some money for one of our own. I will be calling bingo starting at 7pm and will probably play a song or two in the process. Who knows what might happen. Boondocks Grille &

Draft House 27205 Overseas Hwy Ramrod Key (mile marker 27 1/2)


Everyone have a wonderful weekend and if you are going to be in the Keys we would love to see you. If you are in a faraway place, we will send you warm tropical breezes and winter sunsets. May the sun shine upon you and the tide always pull you back.




Our Schedule



Joy To The World  Three Dog Night is coming to Key West for KeysStock at

The Truman Waterfront  Saturday, February 16th 11am-9pm

Great line up of musicians including Howard Livingston & The Mile Marker 24 Band

Tickets VIP call 305-745-1079 or general admission online



Our newest cd Six Pack And A Tan, along with our other cds available on our website

Also available at CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, Beachfront Music Hut and at retail stores throughout the Florida Keys and Key West


Follow us on Facebook


Our Tees SELL YOUR STUFF KEEP THE DOG LIVE ON AN ISLAND now available at Koz’s Greenworld Gallery 712 Duval Street Key West, FL and online


Coconut Castaways Friend/Fan Clubs


Southernmost Chapter

Southwest Florida Chapter


Tonight’s Sunset


Key West Web Cams – MOTM

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Don’t miss anything. Web cam listings for Key West

Smokin’ Tuna Saloon Cam

Rum Barrel Cam

The Green Parrot Cam

Hog’s Breath Saloon Cam

Featured Artist Interview with Howard Livingston

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Our sit down interview with this week’s Featured Artist – Howard Livingston

Howard Livingston

(TRB)Where are you based these days?
(HL) We live in the fabulous Florida Keys

(TRB)Do you have a Regular Gig where your fans can always find you?
(HL) We play many festivals and have concerts at several venues in the Keys and across the country.

(TRB)Do you have any current projects in the works?
(HL) Yes, we are just finishing our new CD project “Six Pack And A Tan” which will be released October 13th.

(TRB)What was your major influence for pursuing a career in Trop Rock?
(HL) I all started when I started visiting the Keys and the Caribbean, I realized that I wanted to live in the tropics. It took a while but I left the corporate world and picked up my guitar. Best choice I ever made.

(TRB)And the question everyone asks, with such a variance of answers. Who are/were your musical influences now and getting started?
(HL) I have a ton of folks that have influenced me. Hank Williams, Elvis, The Beatles, Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley, Lyle Lovett, and the list goes on and on. I love all types of music and appreciate great songwriters.

(TRB)Who, if possible, would you like to perform with?
(HL) I have been so very blessed to play with so many wonderful performers that it is difficult to say who would top the list of folks I have not played with. I would loved to have played with Bob Marley. I think he was probably a pretty cool dude.

(TRB)What is the one place that you have on your Bucket List of Venues to play?
(HL) I want to perform at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, so much history there.

(TRB)Tell us about your most memorable performance.
(HL) That is a tough one because we have played at so many wonderful venues. If I had to decide on a couple it would be The Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa. This was the last show that Buddy Holly did and his signature is in the dressing room along with everyone you can imagine. Yes, I had to put my John Henry there too. Quite an honor. The second place would have to be a concert we did on an island in the Keys. We were on a house boat and a couple thousand of our friends brought their boats out and joined us. Impromptu moments are the best.

(TRB)What is the best way for your fans to stay in touch?
(HL) You can reach us on Facebook “Howard Livingston and The Mile Marker 24 Band” and our website is


Trop On!


Shorespondent Dani Hoy Reports from The Keys

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From Key West, FL to Marietta, PA:
Meet Me in the Keys & my CD Release Party
Waking up to a rooster crowing nearly every morning, when you’re not used to it, is a sure way for you to know you’re someplace different. You stumble out of bed, plant your feet on the floor and go in search of ibuprofen and strong coffee. How much fun did I have last night? Must have been a lot. (My apologies to anyone if I misremember or gloss over any important details.)
June 14th, around 11:30am, our 737 landed in the Conch Republic. My good friend J9, and I were here to participate in Meet Me in the Keys, a fundraising event for KOA Care Camps hosted by the Southernmost Coconut Castaways. This Keys-based club is an extension of Howard Livingston’s group of fans and friends from Iowa and was attended by the man himself, along with Cyndy, his lovely wife he affectionately calls “Cinderella,” and many other fine folk.
My “job” was to play the Meet and Greet that night, but our first stop was to hang out with John Friday at the Smokin’ Tuna. We had fun playing to the small group there and hamming it up for the Tuna Cam. After many previous Facebook chats, I finally met Key West Chris Rehm when he dropped by with his two lovely hounds. After a bit of Sam Adams and Ceviche, we scooted over to the DoubleTree for sound check (thanks for the use of your PA, Chris!) and the Meet and Greet from 6-8pm.
Marc and Tammy Hollander, and all of the Castaways, were a great audience and so much fun! Captain Josh, John Friday, Loren Davidson and a few other performers were there as they were playing over the weekend, too. The really cool thing for me was, after my gig and a few announcements, plus a song by Captain Ron, Howie came up to speak and play a few songs. Who’s guitar did he use? Mine, of course! For a lighter travel footprint, I brought a ¾ size Martin LXME. On me, it fits. On the guys, it looks like a toy. However, Howie played his wonderful songs on it, including “Meet Me in the Keys,” and proved that (wait for it), size doesn’t matter!
The following day there was a pool party and a beautiful fashion show featuring comfy, flowing outfits by Keykers. During the pool party, music was performed by Captain Josh, Jim Hoehn, John Friday, Loren Davidson, Paul Roush, C.W. Colt, and Thom Shepherd. After popping in to see the Barry Cuda show at B.O.’s, we caught Thom again, as he was appearing all week at the Tuna. Coley McCabe, a beautiful singer with wonderful music projects of her own, joined him on stage for a couple of songs such as “In Spite of Ourselves.” Thom blew quite a few strings over the weekend and, when one of his B-strings came apart, I lent him my mini guitar while I restrung the B on his. Tom got a lot of laughter when he asked, “Does this guitar make me look fat?” A few other musicians jumped up to do a number and, when Thom asked me to do one, I played “Meet Me on the Boardwalk.”
Saturday was a glorious, steamy day. After a dip in the pool at Casa 325 Guesthouse, we did a little shopping, then ended up at Artist Koz’s Green World Gallery. Captain Josh performed, and then I joined Jim Hoehn and Paul Roush for a little “round robin” on guitar in front of a great audience and the web cam. Later, we were back at the Smokin’ Tuna for more Thom Shepherd. He does a wonderful show, playing favorites like “Parrothead” and the hit song he wrote, “Riding with Private Malone.” He also performed “Djibouti,” which he wrote to entertain the soldiers when he visited there. This time, he was joined on stage by the lovely Gina Maseratti, a local celebrity.
After a brief downpour, Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24 hit the stage. In my opinion, you can’t beat a horn band for creating a big sound and they really blew us away. The other thing that blew me away was the appearance of the Johnson outboard motor/margarita maker. After a vigorous auction, a generous bidder spent $4,000 for that first margarita. As I mentioned earlier, this was a charity event and the money went to the pool, collected over the weekend. The Castaways raised over $10,000 for the KOA Care Camps.
Sunday dawned, another beautiful day. (Dawn? Did I say, “Dawn?” Never got up that early!) After breakfast at Pepe’s, J9 and I meandered over to Schooner’s Wharf to catch some Michael McCloud. We then headed to Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar, for more fun with the Castaways. The crown of the evening was the Sunset Cruise on the Fury catamaran. Thom Shepherd played for the cruisers while we noshed on snacks, and sipped champagne and margaritas. I played “TropiGal” during the inevitable string break. Later, Chris Rehm, Loren Davidson, Captain Josh, Jim Hoehn and Captain Ron also each did a song or two. I’m pretty sure Loren did “Pirate Vacation.” With the champagne and margaritas flowing, I vaguely remember him whipping out a bandana. Arr!
Monday came, and it was time to go. After a queasy breakfast of coffee and a fiber bar, we packed and made hasty preparations to mail some booty and swag home. J9 won a wall-plaque created by one of the castaways and commemorates the Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24 experience. I had a huge box of recently purchased cozies and t-shirts to get home. Marc Hollander (with thanks to Tammy for letting us “borrow him”) was kind enough to drive us to the UPS Store and Post Office. After he dropped us off, we made one last stop at Margaritaville, had a real meal and said, “see ya later” to Chris Rehm and his dogs. The plane flight home was fairly uneventful and I arrived home to temps in the 70’s and a fine rain. For the first time in five days I was cold.
Meet Me in the Keys was a great experience for me, and I highly recommend to anyone, to attend next year.
Original Article from WNYTheShore

Meeting of the Minds November 1, 2012 Entertainment

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Thursday, November 1st, 2012. Key West, Florida. Meeting of the Minds! Here is your schedule for the day as promised!

Here is the link to the Wednesday and Thursday schedule which is now up on the web:

It’s registration day. Thanks to our awesome registration chair Rick Fyffe and his co-chair Kathy Pfister as well as the many MOTM volunteers we are going to get you through that line in a record time. In the meantime we are going to make sure you have some awesome entertainment to listen to as well as a cold drink in your hand.
I should mention that all those gift bags have nice things in them thanks to PHiP board member Pege Wright and hard working volunteers like Robert “Bojo” Johnson. We also have a new person helping this year by the name of Rae Anne Swan. When you see these folks be sure to thank them for all the hard work. They work hard for YOU! And yeah we are all going to have a great time!

Brent Burns will be keeping everyone smiling throughout the morning as you register and visit with your friends. Music Ambassador of the Alabama Gulf Coast Convention and Visitors Bureau.” in 2008, Burns won three awards in the first ever Trop Rock Music Awards. Burns won “Entertainer of the Year,” “CD of the Year (for “Ragtops and Flip Flops”)” and a special WAVE award for his charitable work. 2010 brought more Trop Rock Music awards, CD and Song of the Year for “I’ve Got A Beach in My Backyard” and Songwriter of the Year.
Burns was all over the national scene with his songs and videos, “Pain At The Pump” and “Drill, Drill, Drill.” After the videos were posted on You Tube, CNN interviewed Burns and used “Pain At The Pump” in their special “4 Bucks! What’s Next? America’s Fuel Crisis.” When the BP oil spill struck his beloved Gulf Coast in April 2010, Burns took the oil giant to task with his song, “Drill, Drill, Drill.” The song and video were featured on CNN’s Headline News. Burns first tapped into the American public’s anger over rising fuel costs in response to the oil shortages of the 1970s and 80s. Burns wrote the hit song, “Cheaper Crude or No More Food.” The song sold 200,000 copies the day it was released and climbed the Billboard Charts after radio commentator Paul Harvey played it three times. It is the first and only song ever played in Harvey’s nearly 50 years of radio broadcasting.
A portion of Brent’s CD sales goes to charities including the American Cancer Society, Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, and Habitat for Humanity. Brent is a great guy to listen to and to meet! Be sure to shake his hand as you go through the line for your credentials…in between songs of course!

Mark Mulligan who hails from Mexico is up on the beach stage by 11:00. Here’s what Mark will tell you: And God knew JUST what he was doing when he denied me fame and fortune. Cause I ended up south of the border, singing and writing songs, raising my kids in a place I love, spending time on the beach instead of in traffic, singing for people who dance to my tunes one night and the next day join me for charitable work with the “Castaway Kids”. Just think, had I scored that hit record, I could be in rehab by now…or maybe off trashing a hotel room and getting arrested for the tenth time. In the meantime you can visit his web site for more hints about his talent. I will tell you Mark skipped the part about being a great entertainer. Be sure you check him out and pick up a couple of his cds!

Thom Shepherd! Thom is not to be missed. If you have heard “Redneck Yacht Club” you know Thom’s music. He has written Grammy nominated songs and has a long list of artists recording his songs from George Jones to Montgomery Gentry, actually the list goes on and on.

He has moved from Nashville to Texas and we are pleased to have him at MOTM. His current single is “Band Aid On a Bullet Wound” and you can check that out on his web site.
I think this taste of his music will only wet your appetite for some more of his music. Be sure to check him out and take home a stack of his cds. I’ll see you there!
Jerry Diaz! Jerry Diaz is a songwriter, solo performer, and founder of the band “Hanna’s Reef”. The son of a merchant marine (R.L. Diaz) from the coast of Venezuela, and an artist (Irene Rivera) from Mexico, Diaz has both the nautical spirit and the gypsy flair running through his veins. Born and raised on the upper Texas coast, Jerry gives listeners a glimpse of the coastal lifestyle in just about every song he writes. From songs about Key West, Florida, to songs about New Orleans, and the Texas beach towns that he’s grown up in, Diaz takes you on a musical journey of boats, beaches, and bars.
As a songwriter, Diaz has accumulated quite a catalog of songs that have been enjoyed throughout the Gulf Coast, for the last several years. Jerry founded the band “Key West” in 1993, and performed with that band until April of 2002. During that time, Key West recorded three albums, which featured many Diaz originals. It is with Key West that Jerry developed his trademark high-energy “tropical” songwriting style that folks have come to know and love.
The story continues but you should know Jerry will be on our beach stage and YOU will enjoy it. If you haven’t registered you might want to consider doing that now before reading on!

At 5:00 on the main stage you will find the local favorite “Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band
Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 band are the real deal. They are an original tropical island band who has recorded five studio CDs filled with over fifty all originals that always please the crowd. The music of Mile Marker 24 offers universal appeal with an easy going lilt and sway that celebrates the human spirit while being underscored by steel drums, guitars, marimba and subtle strings.
Howard and company have become known as a Portable Party Machine! With the 1952 Johnson outboard motor – turned margarita maker – that became well known when making margaritas with Al Roker (Today Show), Dave Price (CBS Early Show), Sam Champion (Good Morning America), and Samantha Brown (The Travel Channel), Livingston performs all over and we are fortunate to have him on our stage once again at MOTM! He has shared the stage with the likes of Mac McAnally, Little River Band, Cowboy Troy, America, Jerry Jeff Walker, Hank Williams, Tim McGraw, Big and Rich, and Keith Urban. You will have fun so be there and be the one smiling while talking about this experience the next morning!

Homemade Wine! This band made quite an impression when they graced the stage at MOTM so they are back again this year!

Some say Homemade Wine is a tropical rock band. Some say Homemade Wine is a country band. Still others insist Homemade Wine is a southern-rock acoustic band. While any or all of these could apply, it is safe to say Homemade Wine is intent on creating a new genre of music, their own genre of music.
Be there for this band. Thursday night, we are going to have a great time!

John Frinzi and Friends!
Well all I can say is this is a MOTM tradition. John always attracts some of the cream of the crop musicians who are down for MOTM each year and they manage to pull off some really cool jam sessions.
I will let a little secret out. Coral Reefer Band member Doyle Grisham will be there on pedal steel guitar and you are sure to hear some really cool sounds from this gig.
There are other possible special guests due to come by and this show is not to be missed!
The friends on this stage in the past have been people like Freebo and others who have played on many of your favorite albums in homes all across America. Be sure to hang out for this one! I’ll see you there.

That’s it as by the time all this music stops it will be Friday morning in Key West and the moon will be high over the water.
Next up! Another fabulous MOTM Friday Streetfest!

I should mention two new PHiP board members who are working hard to bring MOTM to you this year…Your President Chris “Papa” Zuest and Secretary David Cohen.
Tomorrow I will introduce the rest of the PHiP Board but the point is they all work hard to make sure YOU and I both have a great time. And they Rock!

Remember to go register. This will be a party you can’t miss!

See you Friday at 6:00 PM EDT for the next MOTM schedule update!

Until Next time, I’ll see you, down the road.

Andrew Talbert
PHiP Director of Conventions
Meeting of the Minds 2012
“Another Trip Around the Sun”

Featured Artist of the Week – Howard Livingston & the Mile Marker 24 Band

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Howard is a native of the mountains of eastern Kentucky. His mother spawned his love for music by introducing him to the guitar at age five. While the love of music never did leave him, his career pushed him in a different direction. While building his business, he traveled to the Florida Keys, where he developed a severe case of “Keys Fever” He never wanted to leave. The more he visited, the more music, and the keys called out to him. Finally, he surrendered. The islands called both he and his guitar. He teamed upo with this group of talented musicians and Mile Marker 24 was born and the island music goes on and on.

Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 band are the real deal and an all original tropical island band capable of supporting both small and large events. The band has recorded five studio CDs filled with over fifty all originals that always please the crowd. The band is also flexible and fully functional from an intimate two-piece to a ten-piece including a horn section. Howard is also available as a solo performer. The music of Mile Marker 24 offers universal appeal with an easy going lilt and sway that celebrates the human spirit while being underscored by steel drums, guitars, marimba and subtle strings.

Mile Marker 24 has been on the fast track, growing in popularity from the most popular band in the Florida Keys to clearly a favorite nationwide.

Livingston’s self-released fifth album, Tunes in a Tropical Key, provides the latest example of this carefree caress. Like his four earlier efforts, Livin’ On Key West Time (2005), Meet Me In The Keys (2006), Blame It On The Margaritas (2007), and I’m Living on an Island (2008) much of the new album is based on Livingston’s life – the life he loves in the Florida Keys. Songs that share his love for the Florida Keys (It’s A Pretty Good Life), to the humorous (Get Your Own Cousin & Tropical Nightmare). This album joins Livingston’s other albums as a soundtrack to a lifestyle – the lifestyle of flip flops and tank tops!

Livingston and company have become known as a Portable Party Machine supporting corporate events, weddings, and tropical parties. With the 1952 Johnson outboard motor – turned margarita maker – that became well known when making margaritas with Al Roker (Today Show), Dave Price (CBS Early Show), Sam Champion (Good Morning America), and Samantha Brown (The Travel Channel), Livingston performs many events in the Florida Keys, fairs and tropical parties in the Southeast US, and tours the Midwest and Eastern USA. He has shared the stage with the likes of Mac McAnally, Little River Band, Cowboy Troy, America, Jerry Jeff Walker, Hank Williams, Tim McGraw, Big and Rich, and Keith Urban. Livingston has also been a headliner act at Meeting of the Minds (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011), Jimmy Buffett’s annual international fan club convention.

All Information copied from Howard’s Website

Trop Rock Lyrics – Howard Livingston “Staycation”

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I sat down and made a list, of the things I wanna do
This is important, and I need to talk to you
We’ve been runnin’ seems like every day
I think we need to get away
Let’s go on staycation, just you and me
I know a great place to go, it’s right by the sea
Room service straight from our fridge, every day
I’ve made our reservation, let’s go on staycation
I know the owner fairly well
He said we could have the place all to ourselves
The dogs can come along too
Seems like the perfect spot for me and you
Let’s go on staycation, just you and me
I know a great place to go, it’s right by the sea
Room service straight from our fridge, every day
I’ve made our reservation, let’s go on staycation
Searched around the world to find this place
Think it’s the perfect getaway
No need to pack your bags my dear
Cause we’re already here
Let’s go on staycation, just you and me
I know a great place to go, it’s right by the sea
Room service straight from our fridge, every day
I made our reservation, let’s start our staycation.

Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24 Band