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On Island Time in Paradise with WFR – St Lucia

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February 18, 2013

St. Lucia

Yesterday, we spent most of the day at Spiaggia di Santa Lucia a wonderful beach.  And for this time of year it was not all that crowded.

We woke up around noon and hung around in the room for an hour or so and then went for fruit, a salt fish sandwich and a Piton beer.  A great night and a better start to a new day yesterday invigorated us and got us on the road to new places.  There are so many places on St. Lucia that I love I want to show her every one of them.  Spiaggia is a great place to do nothing on a Sunday afternoon and we did a lot of that.  The weather was fabulous and we spent the entire afternoon with our feet in the water, holding hands listening to a mix of Buffett, John Reno, Jambo Joe Bones and a little bit of Hugo Duarte.

As the sun went down we switched to Marley and we lay there on our beach sheet as the stars filled the sky.  Soon we were alone and a warm breeze covered us like a blanket.  I don’t really know how long we were there, but I do know it was long after the last person left the beach that we left.  We found a small local place to eat and enjoy a bottle of wine and each other’s company as the night went on.  Last night was not nearly as long a night as Saturday night was but it was enjoyable and very quiet.

As for today we headed north to a place I have written about before…Rodney Bay.  We went to one of my favorite places for lunch in Gros Islet. The Eagles Inn has to be the model for every Caribbean hangout wannabe restaurant along the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Coast.  It is a place to remember.  I guess you will have to forget everything I ever said about me not liking touristy places.  Eagles Inn is a tourist destination but it is still a fun and interesting place.  There is a cross section of world humanity in there. If I were a betting man I would bet more than twenty countries were represented in the restaurant  today for lunch.  Each table was its own little socio-economic micro-nation.  We enjoyed the company as usual and the food was great, though we really only ate appetizers as we watched the traffic on the water just feet from our outdoor table.   On your next trip, find your way here.  I am sure you will enjoy it.

St. Lucia never seems to be as touristy as other islands but this year it really seems less so than others.  I don’t know if the economy has slowed the travel or if people just aren’t here.  What ever the reason, I am happy to have more space and less snow birds.

We decided to celebrate a week of Valentines’ this year so we are heading to the beach to work on our tans but I think we plan on heading back to The Eagles Inn around dark to pick up where we left off with an entrée and a little more celebrating before we go to our room.

William Fair Roberts…on island time in paradise.

On Island Time in Paradise with WFR – Virgin Islands

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August 17, 2012

It has been a while since my last post and I would like to say I am
sorry but, I am really not.  I have been having a blast.  If I had
known that owning my own boat would mean that I had more independence
and not less, I would have tried to buy one before now.  We have been
moving from place to place through islands.  I was not sure of my
ability as a sailor a few weeks ago but now I have much more
confidence in my ability to stay on top of the ocean and not end up
beneath it.  I am not yet comfortable in really rough weather but I
have learned when I should find a safe port and dash for it.
Since I last wrote to you we have sailed from the U.S. Virgin Isles to
Marigo, Anguilla, Sin Maarten, Saint Barthelemy, Antiqua, Montserrat,
Basseterre and today we have been moored off the coast of Dominica and
the town of Roseau.  In the morning we will be leaving for Martinique.
I have been looking forward to arriving in Martinque for a good while.
The weather has been sort of “iffy” down here but, it is hurricane
season.  The storms that have passed us have been just strong enough
to be a real wakeup call for us but not frightening enough to change
our minds about being on the water.  The strongest winds we have been
in were about 40 knots and the biggest seas about nine feet.  Honestly
our vessel handled it well and protected us when we needed it.
Sailing and the peaceful, relaxing motion of the water is the perfect
backdrop for the music of the tropics.  I have been watching and picking up a few ideas for our listening pleasure
while we are at sea and in port. The other day, John at
featured Hugo Duarte and I listened to a few of his tracks and, I have
to tell you.  His music reminded me of some of the time I spent down at
the Florabama when I was in high school and college and probably too
many times to count since then. I think the drunkest I have ever been
was a month I spent there one night.
Anyway, we spent several days in safe harbor while we were waiting out
a storm that didn’t quite materialize.  There were some heavy rains
but we took the opportunity to enjoy a little wine while watching a
listening to a storm on the deck of the boat. When the rain was not
playing her music on the deck above us we were listening to the sounds
of the islands on our onboard ipod system.
I learned a long time ago that every day is a story waiting to be
told.  Each day, as boring as it may seem at the time is full of
stories that should be remembered, saved, embellished and told to
those willing to listen.  My life is definitely that way.  Every day
is unique and I wish that I could share them all with you.  This
paradise I call my life is being lived in the Caribbean but, if I were
kayaking down the Colorado, hiking a trail in the Smoky Mountains or
sitting on a pier on a lake in Wisconsin, I know that my life is worth
living.  We may be pretty insignificant when you think about our size
compared to a mountain, an island or the ocean but we are a part of
this great universe and as we are passing through it our part is not
insignificant.  We are here for a reason even if it is just to enjoy
our own little space on this earth.  Well, I am enjoying mine and
trying not to take even one second of it for granted.  I am blessed to
be where I am and sharing my moments with Sweet Pea and my words with
William Fair Roberts…on island time in paradise.

Featured Artist – Hugo Duarte

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Like good Cuban food, Hugo’s music is a combination of a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a whole lot of down-to-earth ingredients that come together in an adventure of the senses. You can’t really describe it; you just have to try it in order to understand and appreciate the flavors and subtleties of whatever it is that you’ve just been presented.”

Such are the elements of this remarkably talented Singer/songwriter/storyteller. Duarte blends of a bit of Country, a pinch of Bluegrass, a handful of Southern rock, a cup or two of Blues, a dash of Island music, occasionally sprinkled with some American history, or tales of the sea, to form an eclectic style that doesn’t fit into the traditional definitions of the Rock and Roll world, the Tropic/Island sound, Blues, Country or any other particular genre.

Born of Cuban, Chinese, and Scotts-Irish ancestry, Duarte’s music is as diverse as his origins. His early childhood years were spent in Tigerville, South Carolina, an extremely small community in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was there he came to understand the basics of life in that close-knit, rural community where life was simple, where everyone’s parents parented everyone else’s kids, and music and song were an integral part of everyday life.

Somewhere along the line, Hugo’s family moved to North Carolina where Duarte’s musical influences drifted away from the native Bluegrass and traditional country music that had been so much a part of his life and began to take a new direction. He began to focus on the Allman Brothers, the Marshall Tucker Band, Poco, the Eagles, Billy Joel, Elton John, Pure Prairie League, the Outlaws, Loggins and Messina, and many others. And that focus didn’t stop there. It also included Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Led Zeppelin, Glen Miller, John Phillip Sousa, Aaron Copeland, and other equally divergent styles.

A defining moment in Duarte’s young life occurred when his long-time friend, Darrell Stafford, loaned him a guitar; an old Stella that had once belonged to Stafford’s grandmother. At a formative time in a boy’s life, when dreams take root, when idealism is at its strongest, when words and melodies trigger the search for self, the loan of that old Stella marked a pivotal point on the compass in Hugo’s young heart and mind.

Visualize a 14 year old boy, with that loaned Stella, sitting by the radio or dropping LPs onto a turntable and teaching himself to play along. This is the point where Hugo began developing his own brand of music, a style he dubbed “country music” because it wasn’t that big a departure from what he’d grown up with. It was also during this time period that Hugo wrote his first song called “Dance For Me”, a song about a ballerina.

As Duarte continued to develop his music skills using various music styles as his guide, whether it was Soul, Country, Beach music, Rock ‘n Roll, Classical, a unique blend emerged and began to meld together into his brand of “All Music”. Hence the origins of Hugo’s eclectic style… a style that really began to surface while at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Growing increasingly serious about his music, Duarte left college and began playing clubs in Charlotte, North Carolina and then on the road in places like the ‘Tween Waters Inn in Captiva, Florida and Crow’s Nest in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. It wasn’t long before he realized he could make a living doing what he loved the best.

A few years later as he drifted down that music highway playing gigs with his ever expanding group, The Full Sail Band, he found himself as far south in the US as one can go. Searching for a connection to his Cuban heritage, he arrived in the Florida Keys and fell immediately in love with the area.Hugo and The Full Sail Band strummed and sang at Rick’s, Sloppy Joes, the Hog’s Breath Saloon, Turtle Kraals, The Bull, The Top, and Casa Marina. Name it, Key West fans, and he’s most likely played there.

It was in those early Key West years that Hugo met and developed a professional friendship with the Calypso Poet, Jimmy Buffett. Over the years Buffett would call or stop by when he was in town, often sitting in with Hugo and the band. They occasionally shared the stage at a locally owned bar called Del Rios, which today is the site of the original Margaritaville Bar and Restaurant.

Sometimes other friend-musicians stopped by as well. Anyone happen to be there on New Year’s Eve when Hugo Duarte and The Full Sail Band made room on stage for Jimmy Buffett, Steve Winwood, and Steve Cropper. Other Key West on-stage collaborations have included the likes of Sam Clayton, Russ Kunkel, Billy Dean, Fingers Taylor, Michael Utley, Robert Greenidge, and Larry Michael Lee. Larry Michael Lee is also the producer of Hugo’s CDs, Another Day In ParadisePlaces Along the Road, and Don’t Be Fooled By The Hat.

Yes, Hugo Duarte’s music is unique. It demands something of the listener, especially if the listener really wants to “get it”. Yes, you can put it on in the background and it will sound great, or you can choose to listen closely and that’s when a door to a truly unique awareness really begins to open.

So……Why settle for standing outside and peering through the window? Open that door and step inside…really inside, where you will hear, see, and feel the magic.

All Information is from Hugo’s website:

The Frozen Gringos 2012 Finale: May 20th 2012

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The Frozen Gringos 2012 Finale: May 20th 2012

The story goes something like this…….. Hugo Duarte was playing Hog’s Breath in Key West when Ole’ Jeff Pike crossed in front of the stage…. The sound shook and rattled Jeff as Hugo said “You’re Jeff Pike!”….History was in the making. But it would take another meeting for these two fine young guys to get together.

As time went by these two artist crossed paths again. That my friends is when they pulled out their guitars and had a picking contest. They played till they decided they were both great.

Well we can all say Thank You Hugo for having an idea and bringing it to life. These two are living a life of Friendship, Laughter and Love for music lovers everywhere. House Concert Roadsters they are. They will tell ya the have played alot of states and towns with The Frozen Gringo Tour. They have never played for strangers… They have added to their music family.

We were so excited to be The Frozen Gringo finale. Don’t worry if ya missed them this year, because these two are gonna stay on our Wanted List. Thats right TRockers…. The Frozen Gringo 2013 Tour is coming to a Town near you… If I were you I would not wait too long to add your name to the booking list.

To continue reading the rest of the great article click here.

Featured Artist of the Week – Jerry Diaz

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Jerry Diaz is a songwriter, solo perfomer, and founder of the band “Hanna’s Reef”. The son of a merchant marine (R.L. Diaz) from the coast of Venezuela, and an artist (Irene Rivera) from Mexico, Diaz has both the nautical spirit and the gypsy flair running through his veins. Born and raised on the upper Texas coast, Jerry gives listeners a glimpse of the coastal lifestyle in just about every song he writes. From songs about Key West, Florida, to songs about New Orleans, and the Texas beach towns that he’s grown up in, Diaz takes you on a musical journey of boats, beaches, and bars.
As a songwriter, Diaz has accumulated quite a catalog of songs that have been enjoyed throughout the Gulf Coast, for the last several years. Jerry founded the band “Key West” in 1993, and performed with that band until April of 2002. During that time, Key West recorded three albums, which featured many Diaz originals. It is with Key West that Jerry developed his trademark high-energy “tropical” songwriting style that folks have come to know and love.
After leaving the band Key West, Diaz formed his current band, “Hanna’s Reef”, in July, 2002. Hanna’s Reef features the songwriting of Diaz, including both familiar favorites from the earlier years, plus new compositions. Hanna’s Reef recorded a live album in the summer of 2002 called “Reef Madness”. The band released their first studio CD, “Deja View”, in 2004.
In addition to songwriting, and playing lead guitar with Hanna’s Reef, Jerry also performs regularly as a solo entertainer, and with other songwriters and musicians. In his solo performances, Diaz mixes a combination of original tunes, Jimmy Buffett favorites, and other “tropical” tunes. Jerry covers songs by well known artists, as well as songs by fellow Texans, and coastal songwriters. When Diaz performs solo, he does so with an acoustic guitar only (no backing tracks!)
Diaz has performed in several “songwriter’s showcases”, with fellow songwriters, and good friends. Some of the folks Jerry has performed with include Kelly McGuire, James “Sunny Jim” White, Larry Joe Taylor, Brent Burns, John Reno, David Waugh, Kelly Brown, Jim Hoehn, Sonny Russell, Gordon Price, Jerry Gontag, Jim Morris, Matt Hall, Hugo Duarte, Wes Loper, Eric Stone, Gene Mitchell, Robert Frith, Gary Seiler, Mark Mulligan, Don Burke, and Rick Steffen.
Jimmy Buffett Tribute Show

Having a party,and want to make it a “Margaritaville” themed event? Then Jerry has the perfect solution for you! At your request, Jerry can do a 2-3 hour show consisting of all “Buffett” favorites.

If you are anywhere in the United States, you’re within our travel area. Contact Jerry for rates and availability We’d love to be a part of your event!

Current Schedule

To Book Jerry Diaz:

Wanna have Jerry perform at your venue, poolside party, or three hour cruise? You can contact Jerry directly, to check for availablity, rates, details, etc. You can do so at:

CELL 409-728-0033

(MARY D.) 409-893-8488



Jerry and Mary Diaz (his wife) are also owners and operators of Sail Away Promotions and Entertainment. Sail Away presents several promotions throughout the year, including the annual event PARDI GRAS In addition, Sail Away presents several selected shows by other artists, in the Houston, Texas area.
Jerry & Mary Diaz reside in Nederland, Texas, near the upper Texas coast. They have two daughters, Danielle, and Casey. In addition to the music business, Jerry & Mary are also the local distributors of Pepperidge Farm products in most of Southeast Texas.

All Information is from

Sail On, Gordon Price 02/27/49 – 01/30/12

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The answer to this age old question is that I started out as an amateur musician at age 9 or 10 playing the drums and piano in grammar school ! As a teenager growing up in Atlanta Ga., I moved to St.Petersburg Fl. at the ripe young age of 15 and took up the 6 string guitar in that time frame. I played the drums in the high school band and the guitar after school until my mother would scream! I only had a Sears acoustic Silvertone guitar and got my first electric guitar just before going to college at the University of Florida in Gainesville, where I played for part of one year in the “GATOR MARCHING BAND”, until I discovered the finer aspects of college life, women and beer and frat parties!

My first really good guitar was purchased around 1971 and it was an Italian EKO, which is not made anymore. I struggled with it for 10 years until I bought and Ovation wide body “Balladeer” 12 string in 1981. Musically, I started picking up speed about that time. I don’t really remember exactly when I performed in public the first time, but it was probably around a camp fire at Lake Tiger near Lake Wales Florida with 10-20 drunk redneck mothers sprawled out under the live oak trees after a long day fishing for bass and specks. Those were the days and that is how music should be played in my opinion, with friends!

As the eighties progressed, I touched bases with some great neighbors on Tierra Verde, and one old fraternity brother from college, Bob Carter, and we tried to get together and play once a year for the “BEACH BUM’s ANNUAL LABOR DAY PARTY”, at my house. The saying, “the more you drink, the better we sound”, was truly coined by these events. As it goes, Bob Carter and Pat Best and Rob Hough and Wayne Goodwin, could never get our timing together, and the “AVERAGE BEACH BAND” died a miserable death in HELL.

Well these were the good old days, and I remember them with fond memories. I started playing solo beach parties somewhere around 1990 from St.Pete to Key West, depending on where the winds blew us, and started getting a little more serious and intent on becoming a better musician of sorts. I worried if I would always be an amateur, or was I good enough for the big leagues? The thought that has carried me forward is “some day I will”.(Thanks Jimmy Buffett!)

In the mid nineties, you would find me playing with Jack Rigsby and Lonesome Dave Dubouis at the Wharf on Pass-A-Grille Beach, on certain Friday and Saturday nights, when I was not out diving on the “CABO WABO”, my boat. These were impromptu events but the crowds sometimes approached Mike Anderson’s structural dock limits on rare occasions.

I remember doing a wedding on my boat, “CABO WABO”, in Key West in the pouring rain, for my good friends Cindy and John Pike, on New Year’s eve, 1995?? How could a marriage survive such a strange start?? God bless you both! “Love Will Keep Us Alive”, was the only thing I could come up with that seemed appropriate.

My sister Carol and her husband Jon started getting back into music in the nineties also and started a band called the “DOUBLE COUPLE BAND”, with Mike and his wife. They still play in St.Pete with my dad. Jim Ponder, who is also an accomplished musician from the fourties.

Other beach type venues I performed ranged from Frenchmen’s Reef and Lattitude 18 in St. Thomas USVI, Negrill Jamaica, Grand Caymen, Loretto Mexico (Baja), and most recently, San Diego CA. In 1999, I founded a website for independent musicians named “BARMUSIC.COM”. This is my current passion in life, beyond scuba diving and flying and electronic engineering.

For the last 12 years I have been producing radio shows for BARMUSIC.COM and Jimmy Buffett’s Radio Margaritaville on lucky occassion. Steve Huntington, the station manager/director, has been kind enough to air the shows on Radio Margaritaville from time to time. I have done shows with greats such as: GARY SEILER, JERRY GONTANG, TAYLOR HARVEY, JOE RATHBURN, DAVE ZOBL, HUGO DUARTE, MEXICO MARK MULLIGAN, STEVE WHITE, RICK STEFFEN, KELLY McGUIRE, T.SCOTT WALKER, BOB KARWIN, PATRICK FOY, CAPTAIN JOSH, and STEVEN YOUNGBLOOD. I have also done live shows in Key West from 2002-2004 at the Key West Hyatt during MOTM with countless impressive musicians, too numerous to mention.

In the summer of 2006, I was lucky enough to join up with Jason Webb of the CARIBBEAN CHILLERS, and played with them at many major shows from Homestead Florida on the 4th of July to Tampa and Minneola in the fall of 2006! The CHILLERS experience has had a profound impact on my musical career and I still play with them from time to time, especially the annual Palm Harbor Parrot Party every June

I bought a house back in Florida in 2005 and transitioned living from San Diego to Port Richey over the next 3 years. I now live in Port Richey Florida full time. I currently play around Florida as both a solo and band performer. I have a local band known as the STORM CHASERS. I also manage BARMUSIC.COM and produce internet radio shows for the station. I have made a big transition over the last 6 years from an amateur to a professional musician. I have had a very active professional career for the last several years.



The Yard Tampa 2012 Trop Rock Schedule

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Please check out the new schedule for TheYard Tampa! We have more announcements to come as dates are confirmed! Hope to see you all at The Yard soon! Don’t forget to update your calendars so you don’t miss anyone!

We are starting the year off with a bang! John Friday will be first up on January 21st at 4:00pm!! Chris Sacks will be next on February 25th at 5:00pm!!







1/21 ~ John Friday 4:00 pm
2/25 ~ Chris Sacks 5:00 pm
3/31 ~ Brent Burns 7:00 pm
4/28 ~ Bob Karwin 2:00 pm
5/12 Jimmy Parrish & OWB 7:00 pm
6/30 Sunny Jim 7:00 pm
7/21 Jimi Pappas 7:00 pm
8/4 Dennis McCaughey 7:00 pm
10/13 ~ Hugo Duarte 7:00 pm
10/21 ~ Jim Morris & BBB

MOTM Hog’s Breath Saloon Web Cam Schedule

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Tall Paul & Crawdaddy – 1:00-5:00

Tropical Soul – 5:30-9:30

Hugo Duarte – 10:00-2:00


Tall Paul & Crawdaddy – 1:00-5:00

Tropical Soul – 5:30-9:30

Hugo Duarte – 10:00-2:00


Rob Mehl & Friends – 1:00-5:00

Tropical Soul – 5:30-9:30

Hugo Duarte – 10:00-2:00


Rob Mehl for SBPHC – 10:00-12:00

Rob Mehl & Friends – 1:00-5:00

Tropical Soul – 5:30-9:30

Hugo Duarte – 10:00-2:00


Rob Mehl & Friends – 1:00-5:00

Tropical Soul – 5:30-9:30

Hugo Duarte – 10:00-2:00


Rob Mehl & Friends – 1:00-5:00

Tropical Soul – 5:30-9:30

Hugo Duarte – 10:00-2:00


Tropical Soul – 5:30-9:30

Hugo Duarte – 10:00-2:00

Hog's Breath Saloon - Key West

Hog’s Breath Web Cam

Trop On!